The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Are Some Illnesses Connected To Alien Contact?

The other night on the Coast to Coast Show they had a guest who investigates some thing he seems to think is new! Children who come to an individuals door and knocks not using the door bell rather a knocking. Then the person of the house comes to the door and they see these children some times children what makes them different? Huge big black eyes! And the huge big black eyed children and some times teenagers want into your house.

Needless to say the house-holder doesn’t let them inside and if you have direct contact with them as was the case with a human boy it left him with several illnesses! He finally got well! I have in my numerous studies read about people having contact with aliens and again having illnesses! So, this isn’t any thing new!

Let us bring this down to earth! When Columbus and the others started having direct contact with the Native Americans look what happened to the what was called Indians! White mans disease killed them! This happens in the USA currently.

I had some neighbors whose mother would wash the telephone if some one else would use it! Her two boys one my age the other younger a butterfly could fly by them yup you guested it! Always sick! No resistance by the way. I also hung around their cousins living a normal life they and me for the most part were never sick! Why did I mention this? Again some type of an connection!

I wonder when the aliens abduct humans do they get sick from humans you might ask? No! When reading the abduction cases they remove the humans close and a fog or other means would be passed around that individual! Why? Simply to remove any diseases! This isn’t some thing new you know!

They use in medical and even barbers business violet lights and etc. Is some thing going down you might be asking me? Good question! What I’m starting to gather is Y E S! Several different things are happening more now then we’ll say 10 years ago!

So, what do I suggest? Do like me read study do individual research keeping abreast on things! One thing is for sure more floods, wild fires, droughts, tornados, killings by weapons. The community I reside in is a suburb to a larger city – about every week on the TV local news a shooting! This is getting to be a common factor now!

Written by Jerry Biddle USA, Copyright 2013

  1. Are these illnesses identifiable? One assumes they were caught from the ‘black eyed’ kids if these beings exist at all and that is questionable.

    Yes Jerry there are many written accounts of these ‘black eyed’ kids and for that matter -- adults too.- and, I should add ONLY in USA where I understand there are scare mongering black eye fittings which can be purchased in hallowe’en shops. However, one shouldn’t discount offhand these stories particularly as one Jerry Biddle claims he is part alien and when angry is able to display the same attributes.

    I believe disinfecting one’s telephone receiver regularly is good practice especially if the instrument is used by strangers because it’s one of the many ways one can catch a sore throat or even viruses relating to colds. I wash my hands with soap and water after visiting a super market or entering a lift or climbing stairs as trolley handles door handles and bannisters are human viral receptacles.

    On the question of aliens disinfecting their human abductees before touching them, it makes sense as we a covered with organisms which feed on us, surely the aliens wouldn’t like these bugs transferred from humans to their environment. We do that when we visit the moon -- don’t we?

  2. Pat: My eyes haven’t turned black for years now. Most likely because humans haven’t made me mad enough to have this done. Also, Pat I never did say my eyes turned black rather it was a friend and too an individual that I worked with. So, I was taken their word for it. Because the two of them which by the way do not know one another. Both are very honest individuals. Yes Pat on the Coast to Coast Show they talk about children and even MIB’s Men In Black with huge large black eyes. In recent years on TV programs not having any intent on this I have noticed some adults and children with again black eyes. Now about aliens causing sickness yes Pat you’re correct this happens. This is one of the main reasons why the Native Americans (Indians) and too Mexican died because the Spainish brougt them small pox and etc. Today in the USA if a child has some of the sickness they had back in the 19th Century they are either sick for a day or so but rarely die from it. Several years ago, not so much now humans being abducted ‘to rid of any human sickness etc. Pat I give you and Sara the impression I don’t like both of you but the truth being is this: I don’t know you two in person and for the most part may never. I find some of you’re remarks outdated especially those on me. Why? Again you two do not know me in person. I only post on this sight and some others limited amount of information. Why? Several reasons! Do I fear the MIB’s? Noooooooooooooo, I knew a young one I get the impression that most people think ALL MIB’S ARE OLDER LOOKING. I once thought this until I met this young MIB. This could bring up several issues: Do they turn old looking like the other MIB’s? Where do they come from? They have made claim that the Bible talks about them I believe the Bible calls them watchers. MIB’s date back thousands of years ago. They want us to get the impression they come from another dimention. Could be?(!)Again too many questions not enough answers yes I know. I have found out by the guest on the Coast to Coast Show why these things are here like werewolfs, vampires, zombies, dopper-gander etc. This start long before humans came into play why simple Yin Yang Good/bad a huge battery has’t to have + and -- or it won’t work! Jerry Biddle from the USA

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