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Black Helicopter And Strange Craft Appearing As A Blue Light

We just received a report about an event that happened yesterday. It was sent in by ‘Kevin’ who didn’t say where he was located. It seems that a black helicopter may have been pursuing (or accompanying) a strange craft which appeared to be a blue light and could travel very fast.

Hopefully Kevin will reply here with more information and particularly where this occurred. I understand that since it happened above his house he wouldn’t want to give the exact location but it would be good to know at least the area in case there are others “out there” who may have seen something similar.

Anyway, here is what Kevin wrote:

Black helicopter running full tilt directly over house shook house like an earthquake.

Ran outside to view — but was distracted by blue light traveling east to wsw at extremely high rate of speed.

Chopper was deafening, but blue spot was silent, and much faster.

Total episode lasted maybe 10 seconds.

Dec 7, 2013 (about 8:55pm)


  1. Can you please tell us, where is the location of this event?

  2. This occurred in Piedmont area of Virginia. First visual was approx. 3-5 mi.north of Rappahannock River and disappeared in the distance wsw.(25 mi.?)

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