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Golden Yellow UFO Sighting in Puerto Rico

The following happened to me when I was 14 years old. Previous to this age I did not believe in UFOs or Extraterrestrials, much less in Bigfoot. It was on an April 26, a week after I saw the TV show: “Hangar 1” that I witnessed at 7:10 pm, a golden yellow UFO light that moved slowly across the sky in a straight line.

I remember I was alone on my backyard playing soccer against the wall for some time, then in one of those ball kicking’s, my peripheral vision caught something unusual, I stopped and stood still while watching this ball of golden yellow light move slowly across the sky in the distance from East to the South East (left to right) until I could not longer see it past a grey cloud. The light did not pulsate or blink, it was a … Read the rest

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I Channeled Star Beings, Fallen Angels, and Watchers

I channeled these star beings. The New Age and spiritualists alike have already made contact. They already work through us, have possession over aspects of our mind/body/soul/spirit. I was saved and delivered in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yashuah Ha’Machiach.

These aliens are fallen angles, aka Watchers. I’ve dealt with them and their offspring Nephilim (giants and demons).

Jesus says, “a thief comes to kill, steal and destroy but I have come to give you life and give you life more abundantly.” (this isn’t financial abundance people, lets not get this twisted but freedom from bondage and various forms of true abundance from Holy Spirit). These fallen angels (aliens) and demons (their offspring) all have judgement coming and are using/abusing people to escape what is coming to them.

It is a war for our souls and IF you don’t have Yahuah Read the rest

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Flying Saucer In Sioux City Iowa

One night November 1997 at 409 Fawcett St. in Sioux City, Iowa my friend his girl friend and I came out of the house and started to get in the car when we all noticed some thing right directly above the house. Three feet above a one story house plain as day a flying saucer. We were all shocked and amazed.

It hovered for enough time to just stare at and realize what we were looking at. Then all of a sudden it maneuvered a couple feet in one direction then another direction very fast like zip this way and zip that way. Then it took off not up but away.

So we all jumped in the car and chased after it until we came to a cliff and couldn’t go any further. We got out and looked into the sky. But no trace … Read the rest

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Possible Alien Scan

Possible Alien Scan

Long story short. About 2 years ago I had something very strange happen to me. One night I went to my girlfriends apartment, we were having an audible fight when suddenly I blacked out. Next minute I was seeing a countdown like in the old movies but counting down from 7- 0 with a purple background. There were beeps along with it.

As it was happening for the first few seconds my thought was blank but at about 4 I remember thinking, “how could this possibly be happening?” and as I had that thought I felt energy get taken away from my heart.

When my vision came back to seeing what was in front of me, I was standing outside the apartment having no idea how I got there. The first thing I remember was feeling extremely different, my heart felt blocked; I wanted … Read the rest

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Is Remote Viewing Plausible?

Is Remote Viewing Plausible?

Firstly I want to say that I am not in favor of the mainstream culture of Psychics and Telepathy etc., but I do believe that there is the possibility that some sort of phenomena or unknown science exists in the field of neuroscience and the conscious.

I will be talking about Remote Viewing and why it is possible that it could be a genuine thing. It all starts with Ingo Swann who is a self proclaimed psychic and a “Conscious Researcher”, During the 70s Swann and some other developed and experimented with early forms of Remote viewing at the Stanford Research Institute which prompted an interest from the CIA.

Project Star Gate

From 1978 to 1995 the CIA and US Army experimented and developed more advanced Remote Viewing methods under a program called the “Star Gate Project“.

Before Stargate In 1973 6 … Read the rest

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The Blue Beam Project And The New World Order

The Blue Beam Project And The New World Order

The infamous Blue Beam Project has four different steps in order to implement the new age religion with the Antichrist at its head. We must remember that the new age religion is the very foundation for the new world government, without which religion the dictatorship of the new world order is completely impossible. I’ll repeat that: Without a universal belief in the new age religion, the success of the new world order will be impossible! That is why the Blue Beam Project is so important to them, but has been so well hidden until now.

Blue Beam Project Step 1

The first step in the Blue Beam Project concerns the breakdown of all archaeological knowledge. It deals with the set-up, with artificially created earthquakes at certain precise locations on the planet, of supposedly new discoveries which will finally explain to all people the “error” … Read the rest

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The New Models ~ Non Classic UFO Types

The New Models ~ Non Classic UFO Types

We have all become familiar with the traditional “flying saucer” and the rocket shaped cylinder flying craft. The speedy, high flying spheres and even the bell shaped UFO’s have been reported occasionally throughout the past. But in the last fifteen years there have been several very striking new models appearing in the skies over our planet and especially the United States.

The black triangular craft have been spotted repeatedly as hovering over and following along the Interstate Highway System and near large well populated cities. When seen cruising at a low altitude it is apparent they are fairly large objects, usually estimated at one hundred or so feet long.

The triangles seem to issue no sound other than a few reports of an extremely low frequency hum. They have been witnessed as not only hovering but demonstrating the ability to put on a great … Read the rest

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Alien Hoax Coming to a Sky Near You

Alien Hoax Coming to a Sky Near You

The History channel along with others, is starting the global panic directive. There will soon be an all-out initiative to set the people of the world in a paranoid confusion through media reported alien invasions. They have been subtly setting us up subliminally for years now with all the doomsday movies about end of days apocalyptic scenarios from space invaders to meteor strikes to zombie diseases that decimate mankind, etc. You must have seen it and I wager there are few people that have not scratched their heads and wondered at this.

The Disclosure Project’s Dr. Stephen Greer (google it) has been bringing this to light for over two decades and has taken the Disclosure project to Washington along with about a hundred highly acclaimed scientists to get our government to spill what they know about extraterrestrial beings and technologies.The good Doctor and his … Read the rest

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Scanned By UFOs Thin Blue Light

First encounter I once seen a UFO flying over my block me and my family seen it. I was still small.

Second encounter probably the scariest thing I’ve experienced, to begin it was 2 o’clock at night.. I was with my friend breezy in my car talking it started by me seeing a light in the sky it was high but you can still see it almost like a star light. We were in the back of my house in the alley there’s the middle alley and the alley straight from my house the light happen to be on top of the alley straight from my house but my car was parked in the middle alley I seen the light and  I was wondering if it was a pain but it didn’t move. It stayed at its same spot for 10 minutes, after 10 … Read the rest

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Documentary or Reading Suggestions?

I don’t really have any experiences other than a couple odd things here and there that make me wonder and then after some time passes I just completely blow off as nothing.

I do have a memory of when I was a kid maybe 8 or 9 years old sitting at home by myself and somehow I knew that there was a time lapse or that I was missing a short period of time but other than that nothing BIG has ever happened. I had some serious bedtime anxiety issues for a LONG time but not so much anymore.

I have experienced a couple of sleep paralysis issues in my late teens and early 20s. One time as I was falling asleep I had felt static feeling over come my body once and then what I only describe is some type of suction and … Read the rest

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Alien Presence Helped Me Choose Life Over Suicide

Here are my 2 stories, 1 that I have shared on ParanormalQA. I think about the 2nd story almost everyday, hoping one day whoever or whatever was in that UFO would see me face to face for me to give them a big thank you.

So here’s the story:

I’m a kid in elementary school and I just took an interest in ESP, the paranormal basically, and aliens. One night, I watched a show about aliens that we rented from a video tape renter. I began feeling this weird, mean, being watched feeling from my room. In my mind, it was as if there were about two people or aliens outside my room watching from outside but they made me feel uncomfortable. I went to sleep anyways.

In the middle of the night, I woke up, which was highly unusual at the time … Read the rest

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Strange Sighting Near Moraga California

I have to ask if anyone has seen what I did? It was around 1990 and I had just finished working in Moraga, Ca. around 9pm. It was already dark for some time and I was driving down Ivy Dr. A very windy road and in Moraga there are very few street lights. It was dark as possible. None where I was.

I was in a new small pick up and myself and two others in the cab and one man riding in the back with the equipment. Right from the time we left, the man in the back began hitting my back window hard. He stopped and started again every few minutes till it got so bad the window was going to break and I had to pull over. At this time the man in back jumped out and ran into the dark. … Read the rest

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1986 UFO Sighting Central Victoria Australia

In Late 1986 I was living in Central Victoria Australia (near Moe ) and was working on my car in the garage, in the evening. I finished up at approx 9.00 p.m. and had started walking into the house, when I noticed a strange phenomenon. A perfectly rectangular patch 0f the night sky had Zero stars in it, on a cloudless night.

I stopped to quiz myself about the concept, and realized that there was a totally black object of unknown size moving slowly, and silently from west to east.

I was a tad unnerved, so called my wife out to have a look, but she was too late to observe it properly, as it was by now moving into the distance.

I cannot determine size, as I do not know its altitude, or its speed, as I have no reference points to even … Read the rest

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UFO Sightings At Air Force Bomb Scoring Detachment Near Hastings Nebraska

I was in the Air Force stationed at a Bomb Scoring Detachment near Hastings, NE. I was at my girlfriend’s house listening to KOMA radio.

It was in the summer of 1965. At about 7:30 PM the station broke into the music program to report on a UFO sighting near Oklahoma City. A few minutes later another UFO report came in.

By about 8:00 PM the music stopped and the station was taking calls from people all over the area seeing UFOs. The station reported that someone at Tinker AFB had seen a UFO near the base. They called the base and talked to someone, probably an information officer who confirmed the sighting. He then said a UFO had landed at the end of a runway and Jets were being scrambled to go after it.

At this point my attention was fully on what … Read the rest

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Early Contact

I grew up on a farm in western Tennessee. My first UFO experience was when I was nine years old.

We had just gone to bed… it was somewhere around nine o’clock at night. It was summer and we slept with the windows up as we had no air conditioning back then. The house was dark, when all of a sudden there was a bright light in the sky. It was only visible in an upper corner of the window at first, then soon we could see what looked like a huge Red round object slowly descending toward the ground. As it became more visible, the bedroom my brother and I shared and my parents bedroom lit up like we had turned on the lights. My brother and  I yelled to our parents to see if they were seeing this and they confirmed that … Read the rest

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Is An Alien Presence Entering My Head?

For most of my life now I’ve known this realm not to be quite what it seems… Or perhaps I’m the one who’s not quite right?

I’ve had many ghostly?/physic/alien?/telepathic experiences.

The last few years I’ve been really researching the whole web relating to all this sort of stuff, and it’s pretty much all I think about for obvious reasons.

Anyways, it’s not been until fairly recent (few years) that I’ve been noticing something odd.

Basically it seems as if some ‘presence’ is entering my head & reading my thoughts.

I believe it to be from ships flying around above me. I can ‘feel’/hear them.

My most recent ‘scans’ were scary. In one morning they must have scanned my mind on 4 different occasions.

They fly over scan me, fly away, then return an hour/45 mins later and do it again.

It feels to … Read the rest

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UFO Sightings At Kaiser Lake?

One night, on July 5, 2009, me and my boyfriend and another couple decided to go fishing at Kaiser Lake.

Well I got got tired and decided to lay back and watch the stars. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this tiny bright light looked like a star but was flying across the sky faster than the speed of light so I knew it was not a star.

I kept looking and made my girlfriend who was with us lay down to see if she saw it, she also seen it by that time it seemed more and more were coming and doing some kind of formations in the sky and would take off fast across the sky way up by the star’s. Our men didn’t believe us so we had them lay down and look out of corner of eye … Read the rest

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UFO Sighting Like A Star Moving

Hello, I would like to share my experience with A UFO sighting, to make it easier to follow I’ll begin from the start.

Okay so one night I was just in the front of my house. I started seeing bright noiseless flashes. Minutes afterwards I saw a star moving, I know that this was not an optical illusion as for an optical illusion such as this you must look at the star for about a couple minutes or so.

Anyway I noticed out of the blue that this star was moving at quite a speed then it would stop and start again. It did so supporting a pattern of a circle. It would do all of this for around 10 minutes and then just travel across the night sky within an impossibly short amount if time. It was noiseless.

Many birds that night were … Read the rest

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Experiences With Something I Can Only Imagine Were Aliens

I have had two experiences with something I can only imagine were aliens. I thought maybe there was another explanation until I saw a woman on TV describe the same experience to a physic.

Although I can’t find anything about it on the Internet. She told her it wasn’t ghosts and that they hadn’t hurt anyone, ….yet! That they need physical space to stand. They won’t be partly in a dresser for example. They look like people with old fashioned clothes, two men, a woman and a female child held by the woman’s arm against the front of her body. They appeared twice when I was waking up. Once standing right next to me while I was sleeping on my couch. The other time at the foot of my bed. Where they usually appear to other people. So I wake up, see them, I’m … Read the rest

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Three Strange Extraterrestrial Encounters

The First Visual Contact

While growing up in a small CT shoreline town outside New Haven, I never really believed in anything. I guess I was a child atheist. I believed what I was taught in school: logic and science. Ghosts, aliens, magic and even God were all made up things… Until one day the universe decided to let me in on some big secrets. It seems that everything I learned in school wasn’t the whole truth. Now that I’ve written my book and have spoken to others in the world of ufology, I found out that my extraterrestrial experiences beginning at such a young age is common. Often people who become contactees have their first contacts as children…

The first lesson the universe had for me was to take away my foundation of reality! It began in my childhood home on one ordinary … Read the rest

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