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Alien Hoax Coming to a Sky Near You

Alien Hoax Coming to a Sky Near You

The History channel along with others, is starting the global panic directive. There will soon be an all-out initiative to set the people of the world in a paranoid confusion through media reported alien invasions. They have been subtly setting us up subliminally for years now with all the doomsday movies about end of days apocalyptic scenarios from space invaders to meteor strikes to zombie diseases that decimate mankind, etc. You must have seen it and I wager there are few people that have not scratched their heads and wondered at this.

The Disclosure Project’s Dr. Stephen Greer (google it) has been bringing this to light for over two decades and has taken the Disclosure project to Washington along with about a hundred highly acclaimed scientists to get our government to spill what they know about extraterrestrial beings and technologies.The good Doctor and his … Read the rest

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Through The Wormhole: Theology

Through The Wormhole

There’s been a lot of excellent science shows on television, many available on DVD and/or on YouTube. Carl Sagan’s Cosmos immediately comes to mind and MythBusters while highly entertaining has a lot of solid science content too.

However, IMHO, the cream of the crop, the best of the best, has been the Through the Wormhole series hosted by actor Morgan Freeman. Each of the episodes examines one of those nebulous Big Questions.

Here are the questions asked on topics associated with theology, and my personal opinions on each.

Through The Wormhole Season 1: Is There A Creator?

If by that one means an infallible supernatural deity or deities and a creator of so-called Intelligent Design, the answer is “No”, IMHO. However, if we exist in a Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe, then that had to have been created, but a creation by … Read the rest

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Ancient Aliens: A Reasonable Hypothesis Supported By Facts

Here’s my outline of why the concept of ‘ancient aliens’ or ‘ancient astronauts’ isn’t one that should be readily dismissed by scholars and academics without due consideration to the following.

REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS: There exist technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations well in advance of human civilization with the ways and means to boldly go. Whether it is ten or ten thousand such ET civilizations is of no consequence for the scenario that follows.

FACT: There is nothing in the laws, principles and relationships of physics that could prevent boldly going interstellar space travel.

FACT: The time it would take any one technologically advanced ET civilization to explore, even colonize, the Milky Way Galaxy (our galaxy) at subluminal velocities is but a small fraction of the age of our galaxy.

REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS: Artificially intelligent probes can be the trail-blazers reporting back to their biological masters (assuming the … Read the rest

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Flat Rectangular UFO On Kentucky Interstate

Rectangular UFO in Kentucky?

I was driving south-bound on I-75 near Richmond, Kentucky. It seemed to get really cloudy. I mean to say it was a fairly sunny day and suddenly it seemed over-cast. Then I noticed some sort of shape up in the sky above the highway. It looked like a huge flat rectangular shaped ‘thing’ was just sliding across the sky. I couldn’t tell how big it was exactly but it appeared to be much wider than the Interstate, which is 6 lanes in that area. Traffic was fairly heavy too so there had to be a lot of other people who saw it!

It stayed in that position, going south-bound over top our heads, for a few minutes. I cant really say how long it was but it wasn’t any more than 3 or 4 minutes. Anyway, it appeared to rise

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Should We Try To Contact Extraterrestrial Life?

Should we be trying to contact extraterrestrial life? What would happen if we did make contact with an intelligent life from out there is space?

Which of the following would be more likely?

  1. Contact is made with a beautiful, benevolent extraterrestrial life form. Everyone will be great friends and soon aliens will be working on TV sitcoms and helping out on the front line at McDonald’s.
  2. Contact is made and the extraterrestrials invade the Earth. They loot and pillage and strip the Earth like we would a forest or a coal field. Those who survive will be slaves or food.

There are other possible scenarios. But basically I am saying will they be friendly or will they not?

There has been a lot of “talk” about the discovery of an Earth-like planet 560 light years away. I have read a few articles around the … Read the rest

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Where Are The Aliens Coming From?

I have heard several times not only on the Coast to Coast Show but other sources that the UFO/alien say they are either from the planet Mars or Venus yet our Science on earth states these two planets can not sustain life. Some people think that aliens are coming from another dimension. I want to share some thoughts with you those who read my postings.

“I’m from Mars,” said the aliens to the human! I’m not saying for sure but here might be an answer to this:

If the aliens have the abilities to time travel and yes eons of years ago their planet Mars, Venus did have life then this statement would be true they once lived on either Mars or Venus. I have read that when they say “I live on Mars and Venus” again they might be telling the truth. How … Read the rest

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What Is The Truth About The Pleiadians?

What Is The Truth About The Pleiadians?

I have been reading mostly and doing some research on a group of aliens called Pleiadians. I have some issues I’m going to share them with you those who read my postings.

The Pleiadians for the most part believe in creation without a God!(?)

Then when I dig into this more how do they think the planets got started this is what I get = wow! I sure learned a lot on that one avoiding the subject!

Then if this isn’t bad enough! They make claims they come from another Universe so many light years away!

Then you read they come from another dimension!

What? Let us keep our stories in order here!

If you ask you or me I could tell you these things: I live on earth! I’m from this dimension! I believe in a Creator! I talk to other people besides Read the rest

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UFO/Aliens Discussions Sooner Or Later Turn To Religion

I have noticed that every time one talks about UFO/aliens sooner or later the subject of religion comes into play. Is there a connection? I want to share some insights with all of you! Yes religion is very important and I would be the first to state this. I want you to read my weird yet truthful comments.

A lot of you are too young and you don’t remember Russia after World War II (2). They didn’t like religion for the most part of any kind. This would take a long time telling this but I believe for the most part you might know this in you’re history lessons, etc. For fun yet being serious let me post this and it might shed some idea on the religious issue:

A UFO/alien lands in Russia and the alien talks to a Russian leader:

Do you … Read the rest

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Ancient Aircraft Legends and Theories

Generally when one thinks of historical aircraft, names such as the Wright Brothers come to mind. Those who stepped up to attempt manipulating a vehicle through the skies led to those who were successful in that achievement. Today, we as a human race have far surpassed the airplanes in this universe and have now seen aircraft that travels through space. But is this happening for the first time in our generation – or is it possible that it happened once before?

In reading the legends of ancient gods and goddesses from different areas of the world, one common theme comes up – chariots that would fly across the sky. While it may seem to many that those descriptions are simply ancient man’s way of trying to explain what couldn’t be understood at the time, others maintain that it is quite possible they haven’t been … Read the rest

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Alien Implants Are Extraterrestrials Abducting and Implanting Humans?

Imagine what it must be like for someone that truly believes they have encountered an extraterrestrial or been abducted. It isn’t like this is something that can be talked about with friends over coffee or shared at the work water cooler.

Worse yet, imagine having an X-ray done for some unexplained discomfort only to discover there is something inside the body that should not be there. Implanted by aliens… the stuff of science fiction novels and conspiracy theorists? Or is there something more to it?

The idea of extraterrestrials kidnapping human beings really does sound like something that is saved for an “X-files” episode or another form of entertainment and not to be taken seriously at all. Yet, there are those who have taken the time to study and work with those who believe they were abducted and objects – actual, tangible pieces of … Read the rest

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The Zone of Silence Mysterious Phenomenon in Mexico

The stories of the Bermuda Triangle are well known and discussed in depth as to possibilities of vortexes causing such issues as equipment malfunctions, reported disappearances, and time loss. The theories abound as to its connection to other dimensions or possibly extra-terrestrial life. However, there are other places that have similar issues that give people pause to wonder if we have actual connections on earth to places beyond.

Located about 400 miles from the Mexican/US border within the limits of Durango, Mexico by the town of Cebellos is an area known as the Mapimi Biosphere Reserve. Overlapped in this region is a parcel of land that has brought much speculation and theory due to reported malfunctions with electricity and communications.

It is simply known as Zona Del Silencio or the Zone of Silence.

Reports of radio signals being “silenced” or unable to transmit have … Read the rest

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Vimana Ancient Flying Mystery Machines

It has often been said ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. Ancient civilizations have left remains that give credence to the theories of advanced technologies centuries before they were ‘invented’ as we know them. Were stories of gods and goddesses actual representations of powerful kings and leaders of societies that fell under the weight of their own power? Or are they simply myths and legends passed from generations to explain ancient mysteries? As with many unknowns, there are answers we will likely never find, however the clues that are often discovered lend credence to societies being much more advanced in the years before recorded civilization than previously assumed.

One ancient society in particular seems to have captured the interest of many, especially those who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theories. The Rama Empire of India has its roots in the Hindu epics of … Read the rest

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The Real Men In Black Famous Cases and True Stories

I am sure that most of you have seen the movie Men In Black, but did you know that there really is such a thing as the Men In Black? It is true! the first time that the term was used was in 1953.

Of course The MIB movie isn’t really based upon true facts (or is it?), but the creators of the movies did get their ideas from reality.

During the 1950s and 1960s there were many reports of people who were visited by the Men In Black. These mysterious MIB often paid visits to people who had reported UFO or alien sightings. The witnesses were urged (intimidated) to stop talking about their experiences.

Why would a group of “men” all dressed the same visit someone who had seen a UFO or encountered an alien and warn them not to talk about their … Read the rest

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Ancient Astronauts ~ Alien Influence of Mankind?

Ancient Astronauts ~ Alien Influence of Mankind?

How did we get here?

For thousands of years, religions have attempted to answer the question of what we, as human beings originated from. These religions have many themes and stories in common, indicating that each one has their own piece of a much bigger puzzle. Science of course says that it was a process of millions of years of evolution, however they cannot even find the missing link that started the chain of humanity. The entire subject is open for thought and debate because so much has been lost to time. In that spirit of free thinking, some rather unusual theories have come about, one of the most controversial being paleocontact, or the “ancient astronaut” scenario.

This theory, in essence, says that humankind was either created by extraterrestrials who came to Earth or they descended from them. The proponents of this belief point … Read the rest

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Ancient Aliens and Gobekli Tepe

The “Ancient Aliens Theory” holds that at some point in our distant past extraterrestrials interacted with human beings. These ancient aliens taught humanity about medicine, mathematics, science, astronomy and much more. The evidence out there that extraterrestrials did in fact visit and interact with human beings is immense. The mysterious structures unearthed at Gobekli Tepe may have been planned and constructed with the help of ancient aliens or some as-of-yet forgotten/undiscovered technology used by mankind in our distant past.

Gobekli Tepe is certainly an interesting place and whether you believe in ancient alien involvement or not this is a fascinating glimpse into our own ancient past. ~ David Slone

Gobekli Tepe: The Greatest Story Finally Told?

The beginning of civilized humankind  has been studied by archaeologists, historians, and theologians for centuries. Generally though, it has been assumed that civilizations began to evolve long after … Read the rest

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Do Reptilians Control the World We Live In?

Could the Anunnaki be a race of reptilian beings from another planet?

Let’s go back to the Sumerian clay tablets. Could the Anunnaki be a race of reptilian beings from another planet? Could David Icke be right, that an extraterrestrial race of reptilian aliens are in control of this Earth? That they may have been in control of mankind since the beginning of time?

I must admit it is interesting on how in the Ubaid culture, which existed between 5000 BC and 4000 BC, their gods are represented as reptilian looking.

Why did so many ancient cultures depict their gods as reptilian?

We have reptilian gods in Central America to the American Hopi Indians to East Indians. There is even an ancient serpent mound in Ohio. The Egyptians had their serpent god Kneph and the Phoenicians had their serpent god Agathodemon. Let’s not forget … Read the rest

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