The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Early Contact

I grew up on a farm in western Tennessee. My first UFO experience was when I was nine years old.

We had just gone to bed… it was somewhere around nine o’clock at night. It was summer and we slept with the windows up as we had no air conditioning back then. The house was dark, when all of a sudden there was a bright light in the sky. It was only visible in an upper corner of the window at first, then soon we could see what looked like a huge Red round object slowly descending toward the ground. As it became more visible, the bedroom my brother and I shared and my parents bedroom lit up like we had turned on the lights. My brother and  I yelled to our parents to see if they were seeing this and they confirmed that they were. This red object continued to descend for what seemed like five to ten minutes until it looked as though it was going into the ground.

The next day I ran to my uncle’s house which was about a quarter mile from us and asked my cousin if he had seen this. His bedroom faced our house, and he too had seen the same huge red object. We went to look for burnt marks or some sign of this strange object, but there where none.

A few months later a different cousin and I were playing in the dinning room in our house. This room had been added on, so the windows were rather close to the ground. I had my back to one of the windows when there was a noise. I turned to look at the window and there looking at me was a large pale face with huge dark eyes. I looked at my cousin and he was shocked to see this horrible face in the window. We both took off for the living room where my dad was watching T.V. We told him what we had seen, but he didn’t believe us. This happened in 1964, and at that time I had never seen pictures of aliens or ET’s, but I will never forget that face.

When I was fourteen, in the summer of 1969, a friend of mine and I were camping out one night in the same pasture I’d  had seen the huge red object five years before. We were sitting around the camp fire around one a.m., shooting the breeze, when out of nowhere this object flew just above the trees in front of us. It was round with rectangular lights that flashed in sequence round the bottom. We could see from the lights on the bottom that there was a larger round part of this craft above the smaller part. The larger part had no visible lights. It made only a faint humming sound and disappeared into the night. We didn’t remember standing to our feet, but when we looked at each other in shock, we were standing. We left the fire and the camp and ran to my house and went to bed. Afraid people would think we were lying or nuts, we didn’t talk about our experience to anyone else… not until I got home years later from an enlistment in the Army. I then discovered that other people had seen this craft around the same time frame we had witnessed it.

I have no idea if the things I’ve seen were extraterrestrial or not, but I do know they were not like anything I had ever seen then or since. They will always be in my mind and I think about them almost daily.


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  1. Wow! Everyone else seems to have these ‘out of this world’ manifestations, why not me? I sort of envy you. I think they are the ‘watchers’.

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