The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Early UFO Sightings the Bible and Columbus

“What IS that up there?”

Earth is but one planet in a vast universe. It is thought by many that it would be egotistical to believe that we are the only life forms in that universe. The existence of these life forms has been hotly debated for centuries. The alleged cover-ups by the government of any contact or sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) under constant scrutiny by those who are convinced that “the truth is out there”. For some people however, their opinions are firmly set on the subject… because according to them, they have actually seen these crafts for themselves.

It has been theorized that Ezekiel was speaking of otherworldly spacecraft with his writings in the Bible. In the passage Ezekiel 1:16…”This was the appearance and structure of the wheels: They sparkled like chrysolite, and all four looked alike. Each appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel.” (NIV). The writings themselves do indicate seeing a UFO… he certainly saw something that he didn’t understand. Was it angels from heaven… or something else? Some of the descriptions actually sound like the results of blade motors running… when their “wings sounded like the roar of rushing waters”.  Most of the first chapter of the book of Ezekiel can be interpreted as a UFO sighting.

Ezekiel's Wheel a UFO?

Ezekiel’s Wheel can be Interpreted as a UFO Sighting

As mankind continued throughout the centuries to look to the skies, more

The Planet Earth

Home Sweet Home

sightings continued. Many are of the belief that the interest in UFO’s took off in the years following WWII… there certainly have been a number of them since then. However, there is evidence, not just in the interpretations of Ezekiel’s Wheel, but in paintings throughout the ages…that the belief in extraterrestrials has been a strong one for much longer than that. It is not corroborated by the archaeology community at large, but paleoastronomics studies “out of place” technology. Quite simply, it is thought by some that it was the advanced technology of another species entirely that spawned the creation of some of the world’s oldest monuments… such as the pyramids of Egypt.

Sightings of unexplained craft in the skies continued as the fascination for the vastness of the universe grew. Christopher Columbus reportedly saw something in the skies that appeared to be a bright light that covered a great distance during his famed (and often misinterpreted) voyage on the Santa Maria in October of 1492. Edmond Halley, for whom Halley’s Comet is named is said to have seen “a vast body larger than the moon” going across the sky in England in 1676.

Windsor Castle UFO

UFO Sighting at Windsor Castle in England

In 1783, Thomas Sanby founder of the Royal Academy of London and his brother Paul were guests at Windsor Castle in England. When they had retired to the terrace, they looked up in the sky and saw a bright, luminous light that was just under the clouds… heading in an easterly direction it got increasingly brighter before it inexplicably changed it’s course and lit up the sky and ground below completely before disappearing.

One notable case at the turn of the 20th century was in February of 1904.  Just off the coast of San Francisco, three members of a ship’s crew saw three egg-shaped meteor-like objects hovering just below the clouds and moving toward them.  They were able to see them clearly for approximately two minutes.  Once again, reports of the objects changing course were given… which made it doubtful that it was a meteor, as they don’t change direction.  It was later thought that it may have been meteor fragments.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2009

  1. Hi Angela:
    Yes, I am so glad you wrote this excelent topic, I like to read the Bible, and do so about two times a year. When ever I read the chapters of Ezekiel I take my time, and re-read it, looking for I don’t know what, it’s just that it’s so futuristic/ancient. lately I have been searching for some answers for me only…and I realize during my readings, that the angels are not just powerfull, but they are light, radioactive, electricity, light, light that you can get burn, and the kind of light that will navigate a spaceship…they are in the wheels like the bible states. and they carry it…if that’s not awsome I don’t know what could be. So like you said about Columbus, and seeing this bright light moving, and all of the others coming down the line up to us, How can some people still cannot see ufo’s out there. it’s in history, and now if you notice, and I’m sure you have, more and more are seeing what was seen, but this time much more modern ships flying at high speed.
    bye and thanks

    • To most people, if it’s strange/out of this world and, most importantly, if they themselves haven’t witnessed it and also have no real interest in the topic nor read up on the subject, it is dismissed out of hand. I’ve learnt over the years, this world is stranger than fiction -- always keep an open mind.

    • Hi Gloriagirl,

      My interest in angels, ufos, apparitions etc. both biblically and otherwise has also provoked much thought. If one marries or compares these biblical characters ie. angels, apparitions etc. with modern up-to-date technical and cyber-space advancements and developements, there are very interesting points which emerge.
      ** Take for instance your description of angels and I quote ‘not just powerful but they are light, radio-active, electricity and have the capacity to penetrate and burn one’s skin’. (One assumes the harsh radio-activity emitted from the ufo craft).
      It is not the angels per se who do the seering but the emissions from the craft. Biblical angels are basically messengers who, to all intent and purposes, ressemble human beings in everyway. take for instance, the angels who visited Lot outside the walls of Sodom and Gomorrah. The bible called them angels yet they ate, washed themselves and were subjected to physical abuse like any of us. What about the one who wrestled with one of the male biblical characters all night long in what appeared as a test of strength between the two. These were not angels as we understand them to be today, yet the bible refers to them as angels.

      ** What about the ‘light beings’ which are without doubt spiritual beings and not physical and can neither eat nor wash themselves. These beings are supernatural and can manifest themselves before you through solid walls and glow/shine so brilliantly yet one is able to inexplicably observe them with the naked eye and have no adverse eye injury -- awesome!! What do we call these beings -- and believe me -- THEY DO EXIST.

      ** This brings me to biblical apparitions ie. Moses and the burning bush. The fire burnt, yet did not consume the bush and a voice spoke from within the burning fire. With modern technology today, I’m sure through holograms, this sort of display is possible. I’ve seen films where this technology was displayed.

      ** Similarly, Daniel as a little boy -- nominated by the biblical God to take over his father’s duties of serving The Lord within the tent which housed the Ark of The Covenant. The bible clearly states that someone had to be on standby at all times -- even sleeping beside the Ark in case The Lord needed to communicate. It was mainly vocal communications and at times the Lord manifested himself. According to the bible, there was open communication only when the red light was alight somewhere on the Ark and this light was controlled by God. Why only when the red light was on? It’s akin to one’s TV using a remote control device -- keep the light on so comms are all but instant. And the manifestation of the Lord from time to time could have been a hologram.

      From the description of the instructions given by God to build the ark with its contents, it was established, it was without doubt a communications device.

      There are many other biblical incidents which are thought provoking. Could the ‘Light Beings’ also be a powerful projection of a hologram???

  2. hi, in the bible Jesus said: there are a lot of things we do not know and see, but by having god in your heart things will be seen. what he mean about that I only can imagen…so we can’t say, that we are christians and don’t believe this things that are out there..this world lately has been giving up certain segrets, I’m affraid to know what next will come out, and yet excited.

  3. Another sigthing is in the book of Moses on Mount Syni. ” The lord descended in fire and the smoke asended like that in the smoke of a furnace and when Moses spake God answered. I believe this to be an encounter with an alien being that was passing moral codes to the people of earth and how they should live. The fire and smoke were from a spacecraft as it landed. I also believe The chariot of fire took him into space “And there it were I saw the whole round of the earth and the vast altitudes of heaven. The only thing ancient people could compare to this object was a chariot. Witch meant it could move thought the sky and had a firery apperence.

    • Hi Anonymous,
      Obviously -- there is no doubt in my mind, these were beings/people from outer space or another world. If you read Zecharia Sitchin’s book titled ‘There Were Giants Upon The Earth’ along with others -- see right side of this page, it’s quite an eye-opener. These beings/people were regarded as gods, sons and daughters of the gods who came from the heavens/sky/space in space vehicles and most certainly were instrumental in the creation of mankind/the Adam as we know it and their further development. They created demi-gods when they procreated with their creations ‘daughters of man’.

      From what one gathers, being on this planet Earth -- aged and shortened their lives, that’s probably why they prefer to keep their distance. If you read Genesus (bible), the offspring of these beings/space people had a less watered down genetic make up to modern man and therefore lived for hundreds of Earth years, they were also physically larger than modern man.

      • God cast Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels with him and cast them to the earth. Angels are very large giant size beings that God created. There is only one God…..

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