The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Horse Shoe Shaped UFO Sighting

A few years ago my cousin and I were sitting on my balcony looking at the sky and enjoying the cool night. I was facing westward and he was facing eastward. When out of nowhere this object flew across the highway at a pretty fast speed.

As I shouted to my cousin “get up get up! hurry I just saw this big spaceship fly over the highway at a northeast ward direction.” When we got to the front door we opened it and searched for the spacecraft. And there it was flying silently over the Kmart store across the street. It was huge, and it was dark absolutely no lights on it but we were still able to trace the silhouette of the craft. And I must say it was gigantic. About as big as the Kmart store.

In an instant it was gone, disappeared into the darkness. But I recall when I first saw it over the highway it resembled a horseshoe shape with lights around the edges. 7 lights to be exact.

Sent in by Nora Copyright 2010,

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