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Huge Sphere UFO Sighting in Southern Kentucky

Back several years ago, I was traveling on I-75 north bound between exit 25 and 29 in Kentucky. Suddenly a huge sphere like moon colored object a couple hundred feet above the tree line came flying by at a very high rate of speed traveling north bound.

There was no debris trail or exhaust and I could not hear anything. It was very large and if it would have hit ground, it surely would be known.

My great grandmother reported a similar moon object in the sky. She noticed this object shining light through her window on the side of the home where the moon was not supposed to be. She ran outside and reported that there was indeed a moon like object hovering in the sky. Suddenly the object shot into the heavens at a high rate of speed. This was in the early 1900?s… a sight she never forgot… my experience as well I will never forget… thanks.

Sent in by Rob, Copyright 2011

  1. Hi Rob, your experience along with your grandmother’s is very common. One wonders what it’s all about, it seems they are deliberately flaunting themselves to chosen people. I often ask -why not to me? I’m very eager to witness this particular phenomena.

  2. I live in northern Nevada. I have seen three of these spheres in the mid to late 1990’s. They fit this description very closely. The ones I saw were a neon green. Very fast. No noise. No exhaust. When I first saw them they were maybe a couple inches off the ground. I was startled at first and then very curious not scared. I ran towards it. It must have been aware I was coming because it quickly floated up a few feet. I stopped. Then ran towards it again. It then shot straight up out of sight with in seconds. My milk cows were. Not even scared. The next two sightings were similar. As soon as I saw them. Its almost like they sensed I saw them and they immediately took off. My mom has seen many of them as well on our ranch and has seen them for years. They show up ounce and a while.

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