Is It Possible That Alien Hybrids Forget Their Origins?

Is It Possible That Alien Hybrids Forget Their Origins?

They say there are alien hybrids that are half human half alien but my question is this:

Children Of The Greys

Children Of The Greys

They say these alien hybrids can look just like a human. But say they were here to play a role to watch and live like one of us because their race was dieing or for whatever reason.

Could it go so far as to an alien hybrid that is so deep in the role they are playing that they lost all memory that they’re part alien?

Could a ‘human’ be a hybrid and not know it because they were born into that role?

The Starchild Skull

The Starchild Skull

If so how would you tell them apart from real humans and how would that hybrid be able to remember where there really from, what they really are, and what they are really here for?

Asked by Chris Muffitt

More about Alien Hybrids:

Children Of The Greys

The Starchild Skull — Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid? The Starchild Skull chronicles eight-years of scientific testing of a highly unusual human-like skull. Collectively, that testing strongly indicates the skull is not entirely human. This is one of the most important stories in the world right now, literally history in the making.

Also of interest is this instant video available at

Alien-Human Hybrids And The ‘Children Of Now’




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  • pat says:

    That’s an excellent question which would provoke many other questions.
    For instance:

    * Are we talking about recent hybrids -- that is if they do in fact exist?
    * If they do exist -- what is/was the reason for depositing an alien/human hybrid amongst the older humans, surely the depositors would make sure their hybrids serve the purpose of their creation.
    * Many of us do in fact believe we are hybrids from the outset of our creation. The manipulation of genes is usually to improve on the original creation, therefore one would assume, if there was need to deposit hybrids on this planet more recently, it would be to enhance/improve and add to the imperfect existing human.
    * One reason could be that in order for this human species to continue to survive, we need to be able to tackle the many problems and the exciting prospects which lie ahead. Could the aliens be attempting to fast-forward our evolution. ie. manipulating our genes to be able to withstand/survive extreme changes in temperature of our immediate environment and the ‘G’ forces encountered -- in preparation for our space excursions in seeking possible other worlds for colonisation and settlement.
    * Do we need to be less physical/material/tangable and more spiritual to embark on this journey?
    * The original recent (last centuries) hybrids probably have already and are serving a purpose by the genes which have catapulted a group of leading scientists in various fields thus bringing us rapidly into a sci-fi siber-space world. The progress into this virtual world is expanding so rapidly and all this has unfolded a few years ago and is developing rapidly, heaven knows where it will lead mankind. Perhaps these hybrids are responsible for this rapid move which is preparation for their as yet hidden agenda.

    These are some of my thoughts on the subject.

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