The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Is There a Connection Between Extraterrestrials and O Negative Blood?

I guess there are several reasons that I feel compelled to enter my remarks. Since some of the comments have been made a while back, it’s possible that what I have to say may never be seen.

I have always been more curious than interested in the possibility that surely as vast as the Universe is, can’t make sense that “just us” are the only thing happening. I have a mind that does not doubt the stories of abductions, sightings and other strange revelations from others and from what now is almost common knowledge that there is evidence through archeology and significant signs that are only visible from very high flying to see some of the land markings in South America and of course what the American Astronauts have seen, professional pilots have witnessed very high speed vehicles of some sort, come very close to their aircraft… and whiz by and disappear… no noise just a lot of lights.

I will never understand why there has been such a silence about it, the “aliens” don’t seem to hurt anything or take anything and according to those that have the nerve to talk about their experience of being abducted are then labeled as a “nut case” or told not to talk about it. The condition and situation that we as a country are in at the moment should welcome anything/anyone that is that smart to give us some pointers on how war destroys people, things and stuff..

About 20 years ago or so, I lived in St. Petersburg, Florida. My home was very near water on a quiet street not far from the Beach. I went to bed maybe 11 pm and the weather was nice, my bedroom windows had Jalousies and of course they were tilted open. As I lay there almost asleep, I saw a huge bright white light shine in the window from the sky but didn’t think too much about it because we had Helicopter Police and seeing a bright light shine in your windows at night was the cops looking for somebody. Off to sleep I went.

I don’t know what time it was but it was very dark and I sensed that my feet and ankles and slowly going up my legs was a strong vacuum type or squeezing feeling. I think I was almost startled thinking at first someone had got in my house. In just seconds that notion went away but the squeezing continued up my legs. I didn’t open my eyes, I didn’t try to jump up to see what was going on, all I could think was “Breathe, Breathe, get air in your lungs, get air in your lungs” but I was laying flat on my back straight and rigid. Seems like I didn’t try to fight it off, I knew it was getting closer to my vital organs and I thought it would squeeze the life out of my body. I got the picture like I was a piece of meat in a vacuum pack. Once I got a couple deep breaths, I felt if I breath that will keep me conscious. Finally the pressures released and I couldn’t move for awhile, then I went back to sleep.

I told my mom to come to my house, I wanted to talk to her and she did. When I told her about the huge white light flash in my window and what had happened to me, she looked at me with a blank expression and said, “Nita, they don’t have the Helicopter Police anymore. The new Mayor had discontinued them to save money.” Neither one of us ever talked about it anymore and this is the second or third time I have told this.

I am not illiterate, don’t drink, take dope or smoke pot… so I was not on any kind of “trip.” I knew it was happening. I don’t know why I didn’t try to see or kick or throw my arms about, I remember just laying there. I wasn’t afraid.

Do you guys know of any of these people that contribute their experiences in this or any other forum that has RH O Negative Blood? That is a whole topic in itself and quite enlightening. I am O Neg. and nobody knows it’s origin. Could have come from space people thousands of years ago. Maybe y mutations. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

Have a Happy New Year Everyone, Good Luck.

In case you are curious, Google, RH O Neg Blood and the illnesses and “characteristics” as a result of having that blood. Just 15% world wide have it… Now from being curious, I have become Interested.

Sent in by F.A. Taylor, Copyright 2012

  1. That is a very interesting thought. I knew that RH O Neg Blood was more rare and that there were some health concerns asociated with it.

    Looking forward to the comments that will be posted here!

  2. That sounds like a classic case of sleep paralysis -- it happens when your mind is awake but your falls asleep. Some people describe as someone laying a lead or heavy blanket over them slowly, starting at their feet moving towards their head. Very rightening when not expected!

    In fact some people use this to induce out of body experiences or astral travel. Which is another explanation for alien abduction -- the aliens are actually taking your astral/energy body not your physical body. Look into the Lucidology or saltcube lucid dream info.

    Not trying to discount your experience -- in fact I believe there is something to UFOs, not sure they’re from another planet though.

  3. You present a good theories regarding the subject of UFO’s and the aliens. I believe some are bad and some are good. Just like some humans and too animals. I have a hard time when I read about the reptilian aliens abducting and then eating humans! I have met some human good aliens. They try to act human but they give themselves away sooner or later because they do not have acting human down pat yet. I have studied this subject of UFO’s and aliens for 65 years now soon shall be 66 years. What bothers me is why does God let them do this? This as I have found out has been going on for thousands of years now. What about the humans guardian angel idea? I could list several factors pertaining to this. I hope sooner or later things shall change for the betterment of mankind. Jerry Eugene Biddle

  4. Hi JEB

    When you keep animals in captivity and induce and encourage them to reproduce, what do you do with their offspring? Watch and nurture them and try to protect them from any harm. I believe that’s what’s happening with the the occupants of ufo’s -- do you get my drift?

    • Pat: Thank you for you’re comments, you’re making the aliens look like the good guys. At one time I would of thought this also. But what I have been seeing, reading and in my personal life I do not get this. I have had conversations with aliens in person and one via-channeling who was a female making claim that her planet was on the other side of our sun. Every day mostly children and teenagers are being abducted. Some are used for slave labor, others they kill and eat them! I have a hard time with this as was the case of what Hitler Nazis did to Jews and numerous others. I have tried so hard to find out the real truth regarding not only this but too the truth about myself. You can read my postings by putting in UFO Aliens Jerry Biddle either on Yahoo or Google even MSN way way too many questions. Again thank you for reading my postings. Jerry Biddle

  5. Hi Jerry

    You claim this female alien you were in contact with said her planet is on the other side of the sun, yet our planet circles the sun over a period of 365 days, so which other side of the sun is she meaning because at some given point we are on the other side of the sun at every point?

  6. As to this female alien stating that her planet is on the other side of our sun. Some time ago on the Coast to Coast Show the guest stated that earth science found a planet on the other side of our sun. Using the sattellite they found this. This comes in a similar thing like the dark side of the moon. We still for the most part do not know what is on the other side of the dark side of the moon. Of course some who study UFO’s/aliens say that our government (USA) has been on the moon. Seen humans naked why naked I don’t know? (!) Working on the moon. Stating that they know about the dark side and the side which is bright every night. I realize you read this, you read that who knows what is for real. The stuff I tell all of you is true because it has been seen by not only me but others. If I knew the answers to the many numerous million of questions I would share them with all of you. What I have noticed the more religious a person is belonging to some religions the harder it is for them to be convienced. The answers being demons, our governmnets, you’re seeing things I just can not believe this, etc, etc. I try to keep an open mind with the subject of UFO’s/aliens, it does bring up numerous questions! I would be the first to state this! I’m at the age now that either because of knowledge or just older that I realize things for the most part are not what we think or was taught to believe in school, governments and religions, science, etc. Again this is one reason why the truth shall not be told as I have stated numerous times prior. Posting sights like this and others like this brings out things that we never knew, heard about and this list goes on and on. But, again more information given by others we’ll figure out this mystery. In the past they had this guy who found out the riddle of the Flying Saucers one night the real MIB’s came to him and said you have some truths but we’ll fill you in for the stuff you don’t know! After they (MIB’s) left he never had any interest in the subject of what we call UFO’s why? I have given very serious thought regarding this, I think it’s because of the shocking truth! Life is not what we think it is! This guy is most likely dead by now because of the years he told this. At one time I could of told you his name keep in mind he called them Flying Saucers that term has been gone for several years now! I have met as I have stated young aliens in my Churches religions but they don’t want to tell me why they are here! They say the telephone and email address is tapped which is true as I have been told by the local police and the former FBI agent who now works with the CIA his specialites yup you guest it! UFO/aliens. Numerous questions yes I know. Jerry Biddle from the USA

  7. To those who are sending me emails regarding this post sight, I have this to say, do not get into things like gun control, which religion is better, which man should I vote for and stop eating meat, etc. I’m only going to say this ONCE! This postings as I read it and greather it’s more about information on UFO/aliens and related. As to should Americans have guns? (!) Should we not take blood transfusions if we need one. Why I’m staying all this, you’re getting into an endless arguement that could go on and on! If you’re asking me some thing regarding the UFO’s/aliens and if repeat if I know the answer I shall do my best to tell and share the information on this. Yes I voted for Mitt Romney but I like Obama as a person and some things on his Presidencies. But who cares what one Jerry Biddle in USA thinks it’s not going to change things is it? I’m not starting some fan club I’m I? I would like to know more about aliens, UFO’s, God Himself, life after death and other things just like the rest of you! When you tell me things I weigh out the circumstances rather I believe it or not or maybe, could be????? So, in the future do not send me emails telling me you’re idea of guns and the like for you’re information I was a Marshal in my younger days and yes I had three guns. After getting out of law enforcement I sold the guns to other individuals on that paticular police force. I right now do not own a gun. Just because I don’t own a gun doesn’t give me the right to tell others stop buying guns! Sell you’re guns turn them over to the government and etc. I can tell you this much having a gun doesn’t stop an individual from being abducted there is a story about a police officer being abducted and shoothing a gray. But the fact is he was still abducted. I like yourselves want several answers about numerous things. One thing I can tell you some individuals think aliens are demons. I do not for the most part agree with this bcause demons do not need a flying saucer (UFO)to get around with! I do realize that some not all aliens are bad very bad! I wish these bad aliens would do this for us: Leave earth, stop coming here and leave the good humans and animals alone! But even if the bad aliens are reading this postings to you really think they are going to take my advice and leave? I don’t think so! I find this paticular postings interesting and too informative. What bothers me at times on those talk radio shows they are more interested in selling their books, making personal apperances and related. When they are cornered for truth they either say I don’t know or change the subject. They remind me of those so-called dial 900 psyic people who by the way fish for answers. Let me give you an example: I see the letter A does this mean some thing to you? Him/her oh yes my grandfather went to the hospital in an A AMBULANCE! This was the last time I seen him! Was he wearing some thing blue? Oh yes that was the hosptial gown he was wearing! See what I mean? FISHING for answers with the person furnishing the answers. Folks I have seen my late mother’s ghost Mindy the dog shook and went under the covers after seeing Mom’s ghost! I didn’t have to fish for the answers. Just like when I state I have had communication with young alien (UFO) missionaries again I don’t have to fish for an answer I can tell you: WHO, WHEN, WHERE, AND WHY? But I can not tell you the reason they are here because like I have stated in previous postings they didn’t tell me. If I knew and I was allowed to tell the rest of you I would. Thank you again for reading my postings and keep you’re political ideas to yourself again this sight is for aliens, UFO’s, abductions, communication with aliens, etc, etc. Jerry Biddle USA THANK YOU AGAIN!

  8. A good point was brought up by Pat regarding the planet with the female alien making claim that her planet was on the other side of our Sun. On the Coast to Coast Show they brought this issue up saying that by satelletes they seen this planet. Also it similar to us not seeing the dark side of the Moon. What would keep us from seeing her planet stop and think about it. The sun would be blocking her planet. What is a better question Pat should of brought up is this: It the distance from the Sun is like earth why are they the gray aliens and not looking like humans? Yes down below they make claim that both humans, grays and reptilians live down below way down below! It is said rather this is true or not, the Hitler had communication with those aliens down below. He didn’t trust them and too said they are wicked! Boy if this jerk says they are wicked WOW we must all run to the hills! Unless his idea of wicked is they didn’t go along with his ideas. (?) Now I have told you that I would share information with you. Last month on the Public Television Station PBS they had a program about earth showing it from a satellete I watched very carefully on when they showed the North Pole and too the South Pole why? Looking for the opening that some have made claim several years ago. I have a hard time with this idea! Why? Because of the ocean! Stop and think about this one! IF and I do say IF this was correct then the people down below would be seeing the sea for their sky! And too the ocean water would go into the hole and have to bend, thus they’d would have to have some type of strong gravities to keep this ocean water from filling in the ball. Yes, I use the word ball get a basket ball and put a hole in it then run water over it! You see what I’m getting at! (?) The ball would fill real quick like wouldn’t it? Getting back to that PBS I never did see a black indication nor any type of opening! Admerial Byde I believe it was him went to the North or Sout Pole looking for that opening. If there was an opening and the ocean does let the ship go into this hole boy I’d like one to explain this ONE! But I didn’t see any dark opening nor a hugh hole either! (?) Do I believe there might be aliens down below? Yes this could happen they would use old caves or related. Also, some seem to thing especially the USA Navy they see lights down below the ocean which they seem to think some UFO’s come out of the ocean. Again this could or might be true. How would they make the cities in the bottom of the ocean? When humans make briges they have large tubes and pump out the water so as to beable to work down or around the water we know this because of super highways down under the ocean etc. The aliens would or could use similar technical sciences on this one. I can buy this idea but this hole if you think you know how this might work I’d love to read you’re postings! Right now I’ll us the idea show me attitude! Again thank you for reading my postings and too thank you for you’re postings. Jerry Biddle USA

  9. I alsoHave o neg. Know 3 other people that have it. It s very important you also find people. If you need blood you can only take oneg.. If you think you have alien DNA get your skull x-rayed. The middle sucher will be missing.

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