The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

My Experience with UFOs in Mississippi

It was 1973, I was 8 years old at the time and we live in a small town of Weathersby, Mississippi. Now it’s just a part of Mendenhall, Mississippi. Everyone was seeing these strange objects in the sky for about 4 to 6 months. They mostly stayed in one location of the small country town. It would be anywhere from 6 to as many as 20 objects that really did look like round saucers.

I know this sounds like movie but it did happen and everyone became frightened and concerned about it. We lived on top of a hill and everyone in the community would come out at dusk and just stare and talk about what they thought it was. The adults would say it had to be military because at the time the Vietnam war was going on. We were scared.

Sometimes the objects would just hover over us but then there were times they would suddenly go way up in the sky out of sight in seconds then return back in same position. On one night my grandmother and aunt came to watch the objects and when it came time for them to go home I went with them to spend the night.

As we were driving down the gravel road it was really dark because of tall trees and narrow roads and the moon was blocked by all the tall trees. When we drove past a creek we noticed a bright light in the woods to our right. As we got closer my aunt and grandmother was curious so they came to a stop. That’s when we saw a very large round looking saucer looking object just floating above the tree tops.

As my aunt stopped and rolled down the window we could hear a humming sound with a beam of light coming from the bottom of the saucer. I was frightened and started crying saying or begging my aunt to drive. It’s was so huge.

Around the sides of the saucer were different color lights brimming from it. I know this sounds crazy but it really did happen and everyone was scared. No one ever mentioned to my knowledge that they saw any alien people but we all saw this objects.

When they finally disappeared they never came back. I remember going to church and the adults would talk about what they were seeing. No one doubted the other because it was all the community that was witnesses this.

Sent in by Bernice, Copyright 2012

  1. I do believe you. Has anyone in that area seen one since?

  2. Bernice, since you have grown up , have you tried to talk to anyone that was older at the time and remembered the objects and lights ?I’ll bet there is someone that might recall that.
    Wish I would have seen them…I look up … a lot.

  3. Hi Bernice, interesting. One thing id like to suggest is hypnotic regression, by being hypnotised you may well discover some exciting new info. That night when you stopped the car to watch the UFO its highly possible that ‘THEY’ saw you too, they most probably noticed you well before you got too close to them. You probably dont remember, but do you recall any ‘lost’ time? In most cases like this where the witness pulls over to watch the UFO activity, the witness(s) are taken aboard the craft for anywhere from 30mins to hours! You may have some secret memories to ‘unlock’. Goodluck Col

  4. Hey’ no one has see anything since 1973. I’m 47 yrs old now and yes some of the old timers do remember including my aunt. She doesn’t like to talk about it. My grandmother died 12 yrs ago and she and I used talk about it. But yes the older people who are still here will talk if ask about. Thanks for commenting and believing me.

    • I do believe you, i know how frustrating it is when something huge and unusual like happens, and no-one takes u seriously!

      Thanks for sharing. Also i hope you consider hypnotic regression, you may be very surprised at the exciting results. :o)

      • I understand, in particular, the ufo’s which disappear at the blink of an eye, could be projected holograms by the beings who seem to be keeping a close eye on us. Just think, if we at this stage in our development are able to observe our planet Earth in such minute detail from thousands of miles away, what are these beings able to do in that area bearing in mind they’ve been around for thousands of years. All those detailed Martian images of the surface of Mars millions of miles away makes one think, these beings could be sitting in a room on their planet in another star system watching the goings on on planet Earth, so why not project holograms for whatever reason, which are observed by some of us in the form of ufo’s.

    • If they are If they are appearing in the same spot every night, why not try to get cseolr to get better views of them? Why stay in the same place far off?? They should have had better preparation by now. Was this answer helpful?

  5. Bernice- I believe you. I saw an occurance similar to this last summer around the last of June through the first week of July 2011. They were hovering around the college ( we have a nuclear plant here ) then they’d be gone seemingly in a blink of an eye. I am not the only one who noticed, but there was nothing on the news so I’m almost sure what we saw were extraterrestrial.

  6. Thank you I know there others out there who see this but feel they will be shamed in mentioning such a occurrence.

  7. I believe your story because i had been abducted by aliens and then returned when i was seven years old. Nobody seems to believe me when i tell them about my experience, not even my parents. I am 28 years old now and still remember that night like it was just yesterday.

  8. My ex told me a about a sighting in Louisiana around that same time, and how she saw the same thing. When she got home, she told her mother who didn’t believe her…then the next day, on the radio, there were some people from Mississippi reporting the exact same thing. And it sounds like what you talked about, here.

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