The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

My Own Extraterrestrial Life Form Sighting

My own mental experience and the real sighting event. I made that day a trip to Koblenz is the memory on my motorcycle in front of me then, as today or now.

It is true at night and cloudy on May 30, 1993 Time 23:15 Location of sighting Dedenborn in the Eifel in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany and found myself being on his way home alone on a country road with my bike heading to my home town of Aachen and took a detour through as mentioned site.

As it happened, something almost incomprehensible outside of the village. I saw what to me very quickly send a car or something familiar as some people think book now, but from the west a flying pulsating triangular black object with four lights and recognizable anomaly in the sky, I could not even assign classified as a human being or, and the size to. It went incredibly true to the said time and time I put true in the moment and simply overwhelmed Salober and my car over but I came to standstill. It flew silently about 20 meters directly over my head I felt a kind of gravitational my pulse and I got goose bumps and it flew further east to a forest clearing, and disappeared.

I did not then include the possibility the object by camera, unfortunately, and no witnesses, but had every possible detail impressed me.

1) Side length of the object 35-50 meters

2) 4 yellow lights beaming Weis three of them in the corners and a light yellow, red, violet in the middle (center) as a Strong Magnetic Aura exposure to heat development and rotation.

3) Fantastic Metallic and objects floating in the area no gravity had more contact with the ground or the street.

4) Metallic black and visible object in a split second Breathtaking, simply put Spectacular flight maneuvers.

5) Burns my person on my left hand back the first degree.

6) A kind of anomaly (distortion) around the object around.

7) Inmates presumption to see weak but recognizable.

Since this incident I began to find and wanted to know more about this unknown phenomenon and walking on the ground to Heute Durch my research of the sightings have the world in recent years I have come to the insightful some of the same events or incidents, such as videos and reports encountered ‘m dealing with my case is the same or a related and quite identify.

Some examples:

1) The sighting of the UFO wave of 1989 in Belgium

2) Military bases in England, Rendlesham Forest UFO

3) One of the most notable events took place in March 1993: More than 70 witnesses, including army personnel and police officers watched in the counties of Devon, Cornwall, Shropshire and south Wales, a large, low flying object.

This was a buzzing sound. A total of 30 sightings took place over a period of six hours – but on the radar images, there was no trace of the object.



Evidence confirming the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials are, but strong evidence for those who can believe that they exist. A skeptic, however, will find, as always, to the detriment of his own arguments, to reject it.

“Like any other UFO researchers or organization, we need to deal with skeptics. And we are quite willing to accept criticism”

“We know that there are people who hold the tray for nonsense. But we can only refer to the numerous books and facts on the subject. ”

I think the researchers want to each other and are not explicitly described as someone who believes in UFOs. “This argument assumes that it is purely a matter of faith. But that’s not true, we have lots of evidence.”

Good UFOs are not an issue to deal with the serious media. They belong in the “Sauregurkenzeit”, their existence is considered about as probable as that of the monster of Loch Ness. Reasonable citizens turn away in disgust or amusement, when discussing “flying saucers” and think that ufologists have not all the saucers in the cupboard. Real, however, the documents trace the UFOs since World War II when U.S. military and intelligence agencies have left. On several thousand pages is documented that the apparently “ridiculous” theme was taken from official sources seems to be very serious. High-ranking military officials were confident in the 50 years that UFOs are real, many feared that they might be Soviet secret weapons, some suspected that they are controlled by aliens.

It is a fact and hereby affirm now rock solid, I’ve been a real eye-witness sighting of an extraterrestrial life form.

The Based and my UFO research and its research, mainly on the specific Falls Classic UFO-like classes, for example, correspond to the metallic objects in the sky and the Light or anomalies, etc., and the World sightings and reports of other witnesses. The cause me and also to have led to research this further strengthened to get to the bottom and fail to encourage it or not doubt we see a truth contrary to and control since centuries among us. As for my other hand, private research is simply not important or more precisely as an individual but is always also significant for the whole of humanity is, and is as far as the sightings and disclosure of documents and records in the archives and the medium of the Internet world that prove we are not Utopia subject. And say for evidence of NASA astronauts, military and government for pilots.

We must look facts in the face that we believe we have enormous mistake that there are real phenomena and manifestations of this nature and diversity may not be in our minds. For the first contact alien species has taken place long ago on the ground without shaking hands and greeting to my mind and of humanity.

Let us not forget the SETI

Project has placed perhaps soft already and the message sent into space unconsciously your destination without the knowledge of SETI scientists the foreign intelligent life achieved, even if the SETI project skepticism brought forward and controversial.

The UFO research in some countries, governments have integrated and accepted scientific views, why not also in Germany and Global and in the future manifests itself.

As for the dimensions and distances in the universe to us strange beings from other worlds visit different and are also able to travel this stretch large and galaxies is increasingly likely, and is subject to a logic you have not achieved and we can implement but I am convinced that the potential of humanity is made in the near future in terms of human development and evolution to complete.

Written by Dirk Poque, Copyright 2010
Dirk Para-UFO-researcher UFOSETI AACHEN /Germany,

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  1. I suspect one of the reasons there is no official recognition of this phenomenon is the lack of hard tangible evidence. I’m certain, if one of these illusive objects was grounded with its occupants and unable to take off, only then will the whole world, (including scientists) accept their existence. The problem is the versatility of these phenomenon, they appear and disappear at a blink of an eye, they change shape, they behave super intelligently, the occupents are obviously utilising and manipulating energies which we are presently unaware of.

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