The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Observances About UFOs After Years of Research

I believe that these other life forms were already here, before man, for a very long time. Many paintings depict flying objects, some appeared to be fighting with others. None of them were man made. I’ve read enough stories, had a few experiences with the supernatural growing up.

There are USOs (Unidentified Submersible Objects UFO in the Pacific Ocean and USOS Update At Catalina Island ) reported frequently coming and going. In one instance, a scuba diver saw two UFO/USOs underwater. There was an alien or two trying to get help for their ship that was apparently crashed.

There have been numerous reports within the military US and UK, seen by soldiers, and in one case one officer touched the Triangular UFO, said it felt like glass, very smooth, and warm. It had glyphs down the side of the craft. The craft sat a while, but ultimately left the area.

There was another episode where three armed Military personnel were abducted for a short time, all three were dumped from the craft, two were stripped of all clothing and weapons, and they were beaten, bloody and dead. The third man was in the same condition, except he was no longer right in his mind. He has been put into a psychiatric hospital. So, looks like some of the occupants of UFOs don’t care for mankind very much. Who knows? Maybe these three started shooting, and subsequently forfeited their lives. If they started the incident, I’m sure they were very afraid. It is the only time I’ve ever read of people being killed by UFOs.

I have no idea how many stories I’ve read and mentioned here, but I guarantee you I’ve read at least several hundred stories in books and online. I don’t call research getting information strictly from the internet. How many years has the internet as we know it existed? Books have been around for ages upon ages… it isn’t all on the internet! I could sit and write fake UFO sightings very easily. For that matter, even ghost stories. After a long while of reading, one begins to recognize patterns in the flow of information.

Oh, I just recalled another recent sighting of a UFO that landed. One officer was circling the UFO when suddenly he felt something very wrong, perhaps even evil. One other military personnel was already bowed on his knee repeatedly saying the Lord’s prayer. The “saucer” immediately left. Hmmm? I guess even aliens are aware of God’s existence. How is that for a spin on the old UFO stories? A lot of people don’t pray much regularly, but many will pray quickly when disaster is upon them.

All of this is just food for thought. If artists in the 1400s AD painted UFOs in conflict, I guess it could happen again, don’t you? ( Aliens and Spacecraft in Classic Paintings ) Parting thought, countries have been or they are in the process of releasing information about UFO sightings and activity. Unfortunately I believe the USA is still dragging its heels. We’ll know soon enough. Read some books! All of it is not on the Internet!

Written by Gregory Brown, Copyright 2010

  1. Thanks Gregory, that is interesting stuff there. I also have quite a few books about UFOs and have read everything I could find about the subject when I was a kid in school.

  2. Excellent article, Gregory! And I totally agree about reading the books…and you have presented some really good information here. It was just mentioned recently on the Talk Paranormal forum about an Extraterrestrial ballot initiative that is being prepared for the Denver election.

  3. I guess I agree too. The more I think about it though the more questions it raises. Which makes me doubt some of the reported sightings or what happened during the sightings. I believe that there must be other life out there somewhere, as to where exactly? I doubt there is any person with reliable info alive today although there are many disturbed individuals who think they do. If there is then it would only stand to reason that they if they had decided to check us out then they probably did at the dawn of mankind or even while the earth was cooling since their obvious advancement would give them methods of abservation at great distances that would leave many nowdays groveling on their knees or building shrines to them. Being this advanced I’d have to ask why they would be taking the eyes out of cattle, or beating the crap out of a couple of a couple of soldiers and then dumping them back here. besides who’s to say that the original race that built them is even still around and they aren’t more than gloryfied androids which would be the reason they would have no feeling towards us or our conscerns. They would be soul-less, and worship no God. Which is not to say that they would not recognize that there is a force above and beyond them and what his name is to us. The possibilites are endless. This is all very interesting, but I’ll never say that I know the truth

  4. I’d like to see something in writing about Denver and the Extraterrestrial ballot initiative. Politicians debating the existence of UFOs can sink their career in 15 minutes of fame. I’ve actually seen some older politicians and some young politicians debate, usually it turns into “one guy making the other look like a fool.” Some former high ranking military types, former astronauts, and other public servants discuss their beliefs, while the audience was a little disoriented. Wasn’t there a woman in Denver trying to get her story out to the public? Initally her peers offered her no support, and I think she lost her job because of her persistence. I’d like to know the outcome on this issue. Could you let us all know?
    If I can find her name in any of my notes, I’ll let everyone here know how she was treated.

  5. Who defines “disturbed?” I’m guessing it would be the professionals working in a psychiatric hospital.

    Depression is a form of mental illness, so is being Manic. Does this automatically mean people diagnosed as bi-polar are disturbed?

    Some people experiencing the “manic” side of manic/depression have the ability to be unusually creative, or perform high above what is considered normal.

    I believe that Abraham Lincoln suffered with depression for some years. I believe that decent people can be manic/depressive…, that doesn’t make them disturbed.

    Are witnesses of the paranormal disturbed? Will the whole world be distrubed when UFOs land for the purpose of making contact?

    Oh, one of the three military personnel abducted survived. He wasn’t in his right mind, even though he survived. He’s in a psychiatric hospital I belive. I’m guessing he may be disturbed…, by the truth.

  6. Excellent information. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.I enjoy reading information such as yours, though just for a laugh, I do delve into the stupid, just to see what else id floating around out there. again, thank you very much.

  7. I have a couple of questions, for anyone who can provide an answer and some proof to back it up. I don’t sit around worried who or what is carving up cattle. It would be interesting to hear what some Crime Scene Investigators could tell us…, but who wants to walk around dead cattle collecting evidence. If it was a human victim, that might make it in the news, but it doesn’t make some aliens guilty of the crime.

    The account about the military officer who actually touched one of the triangular UFOs saying it was smooth like glass and warm. You’re not laughing at me, you are laughing at real military personnel that were stationed at US military stations in the UK, one at Rendelsham and the other at Bentwaters(not very far from each other). The videos I watched are posted on YouTube, there were re-enactments, and interviews with the real officers. And the story was done by more than just one company.

    The lady serving as a public servant in Denver was real enough to be interviewed by one of the local newspapers. I will make a sincere effort to dig up the story with a little work if you like.

    If you bother to make an effort to dig a little, you’ll see the names and faces of some well known people telling their stories. Coincidentally, there are already several other countries making a full or partial disclosure for some specific periods of time.

    Either everyone I’ve read about on the Internet is lying, or some people are working hard to make it look that way. I like to believe most people are good, and sincere, or I might become cynical.

    There was a governor in Arizona I think, that made a public announcement about UFOs. He seemed excited and a bit agitated, but adamant that he was telling the truth. The next day or so he makes a 180 degree “about face” and has someone in a stupid looking costume come on stage for laughs. You think I would go so far? That kind of behavior is by far stranger than anything I’ve written here.

    Check out some of the UFO stories being reported in other countries. Seems that “weird” is no stranger in other parts of the world.

    I just recalled there was a young man some years ago making his first solo training flight over open sea (near Australia I think) staying in contact with personnel at the airport. He reports a massive UFO, and shortly after he and his aircraft were gone. I have two sons. I can’t imagine the horror of losing either one of them. I would never use the memory of a lost loved one for the sake of making up a story for my amusement.

    Off topic for a second. Do you know the sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris?” The episode where Chris is running for eighth grade class president, the last scene is a parody of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. I was a child when Kennedy was murdered. I have vivid memories of all that. Everything is not suitable for entertainment. I don’t stoop that low to make a good story.

    Ghost Monk, I appreciate your honest opinion. I was laughing with you as I read it. Really. Anyway, check out the disclosure being made in the UK, and Canada. I’ll be watching for it. They aren’t the only ones making disclosure.

    In closing, in 1952 President Truman was cornered by the Press and Television News, to make a statement about the UFOs that were buzzing Washington D.C. Were all the citizens who witnessed this disturbed? The newspaper “The Washington Post” interviewed one of the jet pilots who attempted to engage the UFOs, not once but twice. I don’t think that was a prank. Stories about President Eisenhower showed he was much more discreet than Truman…, although I can’t say much because I’m still digging.

    I’ve got one better than Roswell in 1947. I think some years after a (not sure he was as senator) senator died, one of his daughters revealed to a couple of other political servants that their father had been concealing a crashed UFO for years, it was in Washington D.C. in 1938…, if any family members are still around today, I’d like to hear from them.

    Ghost Monk, keep writing. I can laugh at myself at least as well as you.

  8. I’ve never seen a UFO (that is the disc shaped, cylinder type aereal vessels which have unearthly occupants etc.) but as am interested in anything paranormal and unusual, I’ve read hundreds of books on the subject of UFOs including personal stories. Gregory Brown is right when he says after reading a few books, one sees a pattern and can quite easily see if things are exaggerated or made up. The UFO phenomenon goes back thousands of years and has always intrigued mankind, I believe it’s because the occupants of these vehicles for some reason or another, prefer not to engage totally with humans. Those which have engaged with humans do so briefly or under cover having played with the persons’ mind so that confusion or ammnesia sets in, that’s why some people who claim to have had an encounter of the ‘1st kind’ are regarded as disturbed. I do believe some are ‘disturbed’, a condition of depression is a disturbance of the mind and we all know people who suffer with chronic depression aren’t taken seriously -- that is a fact. Whether rightly or wrongly this is the society we live in. There are however, accounts of UFO occupants contact with earthlings which are so blatent, that they cannot be discounted. A Story which comes to mind is the one in 1959 in Papua New Guinea about a very sceptical Australian Anglican priest-Father William Booth along with 38 other people at the mission who all watched transfixed at the display of approx. 60 UFOs over a number of days. One UFO in particular obviously had technical problems and whilst the occupants were making adjustments, two of the men were looking down at the missionaries. The missionaries waved at them and they responded by waving back. The story is quite intriguing and clearly factual. Another true story is that of ‘The Janos People’, if you google it you will be able to read the whole story as the book is published on the net for every one to read.

  9. I know that I read an account about those three military personnel that were abducted, stripped of weapons and clothes, badly beaten and bleeding, and upon returning these men, two were dead and the third survived, but has been in some kind of special hospital. I can’t find where I read that account. I don’t make this stuff up, as that would only cause confusion. I apologize for failing to post the source of that story. It’s the only story I’ve read where some people were killed, which really makes this story stand out among so many others.

    • That’s very odd, I’ve never read anything remotely similar. Were these men abducted by earthlings (you don’t say) or by occupants of an alien UFO? Why were these three military personnel stripped of weapons and clothes and badly beaten? Surely this source of the account you mention would have described the culprits. It sounds like an earthly story and the perpetrators could have been aliens as in someone from another country.

  10. This isn’t the first time I’ve made this apology, but I still have not been able to find the source of the story.
    I can’t rule out the possibility that these aliens were just human beings, serving in their military…, that would make the story a lot easier to accept, and it would explain why I haven’t been able to find what I rerecall as extraterrestrials killing 2 soldiers and really messing up the third person to near death.

    If I ever find it again, this site will be at the top of my list. Incidentally. Consider the possibility that some aliens in a UFO really did abduct armed soldiers. The soldiers panic and start shooting…, making theirselves enemies, subsequently drawing fire from the aliens. I think it is plausible, but still lacks verification. Incidentally, I captured a story about a civilian working at a military construction site, shot and killed an alien that was getting hostile on work related issues. Presumably, the site that the military and aliens were working on were very deep and large tunnels far from the surface. Oh, this particular story came to light in this Press Release was specifically aimed at credible witnesses each reciting their experience. Anybody that wants more details should post a reply to address this again for more details.


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