What is the truth about Aliens and UFOs? Do extraterrestrial creatures exist out there? If Aliens do exist are they more technologically advanced than us and are they visiting other planets such as Earth?

Since ancient times mankind has looked to the stars and wondered. Extraterrestrials, visitors from the heavens or the stars, have been represented in artwork and in the mythologies of cultures around the world. Were all of these tales, traditions and beliefs mere imagination and fiction? Or were they based upon some bit of truth perhaps long forgotten?

AlienUFOTruth is here for the sharing and discussing personal experiences, thoughts and ideas about the age old question, "Are we being visited by entities from outer space?"

One very interesting idea, most often referred to as the Ancient Alien Theory, is that extraterrestrials not only visited the Earth in ancient times but they interacted with human beings, perhaps even genetically engineering them. Alien beings taught our ancestors about the stars, math, science and more.

With the scientific "discovery" of planets circling other stars, there has become a greater mainstream acceptance of the possibility that there could be other living creatures and civilizations besides our own. While our current technology could only launch a sub-lightspeed craft into space, new developments could radically change that limiting parameter. It was only a hundred years ago that humanity developed functional aircraft, yet have advanced to the point of making several manned trips to the moon and back. **

If there are alien presences on our planet, how long have they really been visiting and possibly interacting with our species? Throughout history, artwork and writings have described beings and phenomena which parallel reports of modern sightings and encounters. The ancient Sumerian culture wrote of their "gods" as having been physically among them with devices to travel through both the sky and back and forth from "the heavens". Were these "gods" actually alien visitors taking advantage of a primitive culture for their own mysterious purposes? Was Ezekiel's "wheel within a wheel" in actual fact the running lights of a "flying saucer"? Did Jacob have a "close encounter" when he saw "angels" traveling up and down the "Ladder to Heaven"?

With the huge amount of data available, one should view this topic objectively. There is more evidence to the possibility that there is a deeper truth to extraterrestrial existence than can be mustered to discount the possibility out of hand. It is of great importance to our species advancement that we fully investigate the Alien UFO Truth.

Antigravity Transportation

Is Antigravity Transportation really possible?

Conventional debunkers claim that we cannot be visited by beings from other stars for the same reason we cannot go there ourselves. They state that at even if the speed of light could be attained Einsteinian Physics shows that time would distort around the craft to the point that, while the journey may seem like only three years to the crew aboard, back at the launch site possibly three hundred years would have passed. This, they say, would make the process impractical to any mortal species.

However, there have been many advancements in the study of physics since Albert’s time and one of the key methods that have been discovered that can bypass this roadblock to interstellar travel is the use of gravitation as a power source. Gravity is a natural aspect of mass but can also be manipulated and created with electro-magnetic energy. It has been shown mathematically that time itself is distorted in a strong magnetic field. A power source strong enough to enclose a craft in a highly electro-magnetic bubble will literally Read the rest

Through The Wormhole: Theology

Through The Wormhole

There’s been a lot of excellent science shows on television, many available on DVD and/or on YouTube. Carl Sagan’s Cosmos immediately comes to mind and MythBusters while highly entertaining has a lot of solid science content too.

However, IMHO, the cream of the crop, the best of the best, has been the Through the Wormhole series hosted by actor Morgan Freeman. Each of the episodes examines one of those nebulous Big Questions.

Here are the questions asked on topics associated with theology, and my personal opinions on each.

Through The Wormhole Season 1: Is There A Creator?

If by that one means an infallible supernatural deity or deities and a creator of so-called Intelligent Design, the answer is “No”, IMHO. However, if we exist in a Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe, then that had to have been created, but a creation by a fallible flesh-and-blood entity who didn’t quite dot all of the “I’s” and cross all of the “T’s”, thus leaving us with a rather anomalous cosmos (quantum physics anyone?).

A mortal that’s all too human (or … Read the rest

Project Blue Book ~ The Official Story

Project Blue Book was formed by the United States Air Force.

There are quite a few civilian groups that are dedicated to researching and investigating the possible extraterrestrial connection involved in sightings of unidentifiable objects flying in our sky. The Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network (MUFON) is probably the largest group of people networking their knowledge and experience on this topic. However, to date, there has been very little “official” government research that we as “outsiders” have been privy to. Of the few groups that have publicly acknowledged their interest in this mystery, “Project Blue Book” formed by the United States Air Force, is the most well known if not forthcoming with the information they obtained.

The Air Force’s previous UFO investigations were less than satisfactory. “Project Sign” which was in operation through 1948 concluded that the craft were not of USA or Russian make, but went no further in explaining. “Project Grudge” soon followed but was mandated as a debunking program. Their official stance was that all UFO sightings were misinterpretations of natural phenomena although 23% of their reports … Read the rest

Ancient Aliens: A Reasonable Hypothesis Supported By Facts

Here’s my outline of why the concept of ‘ancient aliens’ or ‘ancient astronauts’ isn’t one that should be readily dismissed by scholars and academics without due consideration to the following.

REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS: There exist technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations well in advance of human civilization with the ways and means to boldly go. Whether it is ten or ten thousand such ET civilizations is of no consequence for the scenario that follows.

FACT: There is nothing in the laws, principles and relationships of physics that could prevent boldly going interstellar space travel.

FACT: The time it would take any one technologically advanced ET civilization to explore, even colonize, the Milky Way Galaxy (our galaxy) at subluminal velocities is but a small fraction of the age of our galaxy.

REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS: Artificially intelligent probes can be the trail-blazers reporting back to their biological masters (assuming the biological ET entities are in fact still the masters and not the post-biological evolution handover to AI).

REASONABLE HYPOTHESIS: It is far easier to boldly go if you are a mind-in-the-machine than if you have to … Read the rest

Alien Artifacts And Writing Discovered?

Alien artifacts could prove once and for all that extraterrestrial life forms existed in the distant past.

If intelligent aliens existed on Earth long ago it would be reasonable to assume that they are still here.

Unfortunately, no one has yet been able to prove that any specific artifact was in fact from an alien. There certainly is evidence to consider, and the idea of finding something physical that was created, or directly inspired by living extraterrestrials is an intriguing one to most of us. What if our own writing was in the beginning inspired by extraterrestrials?

Today I present a piece written by a good friend and fellow seeker of the truth:

Alien Artifacts And Writing Discovered?

Although it was a fictional television show, a line delivered by one of the characters from “The X-Files”, when asked if there really were aliens among us, stated “Oh, they’ve been here for a long time”. While strange flying craft have been witnessed for millennium, these are still just sightings; they offer no concrete proof or even an artifact to speculate upon. … Read the rest

Unidentified Submersible Object USO in the Pacific Ocean

An Unidentified Submersible Object, or USO is a sort of UFO that is more like a submarine. When I started researching about Unidentified Submersible Object experiences and sightings I was very surprised to find how many such encounters have been reported from all around the world.

With something so deep, wide and unknown as the Earth’s oceans its no wonder that mankind would envision sea monsters and alien creatures residing within it’s depths. On the other hand, perhaps there really is something to this. What if there really are alien life forms living and working deep within the oceans? Or what if  human beings with secret technology are responsible for these sightings?

This is something we recieved awhile back. Some of you may recall seeing it before:

During my stint in the Navy I was on an ammunition ship (USS Kilauea) in the Indian Ocean somewhere near Vietnam around early 1974.

Myself and two friends were out on the Fox hull (bow of the ship), it was dark, around 9 pm probably. There was little or no moon but millions

Read the rest

Flat Rectangular UFO On Kentucky Interstate

Rectangular UFO in Kentucky?

I was driving south-bound on I-75 near Richmond, Kentucky. It seemed to get really cloudy. I mean to say it was a fairly sunny day and suddenly it seemed over-cast. Then I noticed some sort of shape up in the sky above the highway. It looked like a huge flat rectangular shaped ‘thing’ was just sliding across the sky. I couldn’t tell how big it was exactly but it appeared to be much wider than the Interstate, which is 6 lanes in that area. Traffic was fairly heavy too so there had to be a lot of other people who saw it!

It stayed in that position, going south-bound over top our heads, for a few minutes. I cant really say how long it was but it wasn’t any more than 3 or 4 minutes. Anyway, it appeared to rise a little higher and then it turned and went off toward the east.

It wasn’t until after it had gone that I thought about my camera. It never occurred to me at the time to use

Read the rest

Alien Creature Found In Chile?

In October, 2002 a group of people, who were on vacation in Chile found a very strange looking creature. Is it possible that this creature is a dead alien? There are some interesting questions to be raised here. Do you think this is just some wild animal fetus? That may be a possibility, but if so then why could it not have been easily identified? Why were there no genetic/DNA tests or at least examinations by professionals in the field?

If a baby alien creature was found then where are the ‘parents’? How would an alien baby find it’s way among a group of tourists in Chile in the first place? It seems to be a strange situation whether the thing is from Earth or not. OK, enough of that, let’s just look at the thing.

The creature is just over 7 centimeters long and humanoid in shape having a large head, two arms and legs and distinct fingers.

Rodrigo Ugarte interviewed the Carreño family and was told that one of the young children had found the creature in a … Read the rest

Should We Try To Contact Extraterrestrial Life?

Should we be trying to contact extraterrestrial life? What would happen if we did make contact with an intelligent life from out there is space?

Which of the following would be more likely?

  1. Contact is made with a beautiful, benevolent extraterrestrial life form. Everyone will be great friends and soon aliens will be working on TV sitcoms and helping out on the front line at McDonald’s.
  2. Contact is made and the extraterrestrials invade the Earth. They loot and pillage and strip the Earth like we would a forest or a coal field. Those who survive will be slaves or food.

There are other possible scenarios. But basically I am saying will they be friendly or will they not?

There has been a lot of “talk” about the discovery of an Earth-like planet 560 light years away. I have read a few articles around the web about it. So far all I have really seen that could be remotely compared to Earth is in reference to its weight, “17 times the weight of Earth”. I didn’t read, as I had expected, … Read the rest

Close Encounter Of The FIFTH Kind

This is a story of an astonishing true account of a which a man named Richard R. Giroux, experienced on October 12, 1994 on the rim canal of Lake Okeechobee, Florida.  The contact was deliberate and the communication profound.

The visitors shared in detail their true nature, their mission, and the reason for their connection with Earth since before the dawn of antiquity.  The details of what they shared were not provided through conversation, but via a direct implant of knowledge. They also shared numerous and detailed future sequential events that will verify their message.

The Visit:

This is a completely true but amazing experience, and I strongly feel it will interest you.  It’s another strange thing that’s going on with some people, a twist of things happening in recent years, worldwide.

It was Wednesday, October 12 1994.  In what follows a name is changed withholding a man’s identity. Everything else is exactly as it happened. That day around 9:00 p.m. we arrived at Okeechobee from our day’s work in Boca Raton. Okeechobee is a Seminole Indian name meaning Big … Read the rest

Black Helicopter And Strange Craft Appearing As A Blue Light

We just received a report about an event that happened yesterday. It was sent in by ‘Kevin’ who didn’t say where he was located. It seems that a black helicopter may have been pursuing (or accompanying) a strange craft which appeared to be a blue light and could travel very fast.

Hopefully Kevin will reply here with more information and particularly where this occurred. I understand that since it happened above his house he wouldn’t want to give the exact location but it would be good to know at least the area in case there are others “out there” who may have seen something similar.

Anyway, here is what Kevin wrote:

Black helicopter running full tilt directly over house shook house like an earthquake.

Ran outside to view — but was distracted by blue light traveling east to wsw at extremely high rate of speed.

Chopper was deafening, but blue spot was silent, and much faster.

Total episode lasted maybe 10 seconds.

Dec 7, 2013 (about 8:55pm)


Read the rest

They Say They Are Masters Of Light But They Lie

I was abducted in 1987 in Gulf Breeze Florida. Ed Walters was telling the truth. Look him up. It is an interesting story.

Right after that I stated seeing 3 consecutive numbers everywhere. I had an out of body experience and left Florida for north Georgia. I thought I was special and was called by some aliens to do some mission. Well that’s not what happened. My life turned to hell. They are controlling and on an ego trip.

I left north Georgia and tried to regain my life and live normal but that did not happen. They have hounded me ever since.

They say they are masters of light and they say they are Jesus and a few other characters. Now I think they are liars.

Recently I was fired from my job and they set it all up. They kept saying my soul has come here to do some higher purpose. It’s all crap. I’m not my brothers keeper.

I do believe I have an implant in my nose and maybe my ear. The implants are tracking devices … Read the rest

I Know The Real Truth About Alien Visits And Us

The UFOs our planet has covered up for years is for a reason. I know that reason and how long it will be before we all know that reason.

One reason is that the technologies they have hidden would change time itself on our planet.

Our minds are telepathic and I am in contact with many generations of the UFOs. I came in contact with these UFOs in June 2013. I was telepathic in 12-23-12. I came in contact with other planets that have never seen UFOs like we have.

The main reason for people being taken and messages put in our minds are to protect us from the planets that I first was in contact with. These people that I was first in contact with opened up my message from our UFOs and it said that the mind wars stop here and its on like Donkey Kong… something we all can relate to. Yes a video game, Donkey Kong. Even people in their late 80’s would know that term.. To want to know more please comment.

My body will … Read the rest

Is It Possible That Alien Hybrids Forget Their Origins?

Is It Possible That Alien Hybrids Forget Their Origins?

They say there are alien hybrids that are half human half alien but my question is this:

Children Of The Greys

Children Of The Greys

They say these alien hybrids can look just like a human. But say they were here to play a role to watch and live like one of us because their race was dieing or for whatever reason.

Could it go so far as to an alien hybrid that is so deep in the role they are playing that they lost all memory that they’re part alien?

Could a ‘human’ be a hybrid and not know it because they were born into that role?

The Starchild Skull

The Starchild Skull

If so how would you tell them apart from real humans and how would that hybrid be able to remember where there really from, what they really are, and what they are really here for?

Asked by Chris Muffitt

More about Alien Hybrids:

Children Of The Greys

The Starchild Skull — Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid? The Starchild Skull chronicles eight-years of scientific testing … Read the rest

Where Are The Aliens Coming From?

I have heard several times not only on the Coast to Coast Show but other sources that the UFO/alien say they are either from the planet Mars or Venus yet our Science on earth states these two planets can not sustain life. Some people think that aliens are coming from another dimension. I want to share some thoughts with you those who read my postings.

“I’m from Mars,” said the aliens to the human! I’m not saying for sure but here might be an answer to this:



If the aliens have the abilities to time travel and yes eons of years ago their planet Mars, Venus did have life then this statement would be true they once lived on either Mars or Venus. I have read that when they say “I live on Mars and Venus” again they might be telling the truth. How can this be? Simple like earth which by the way in the following states USA they live under keep this in mind under. Where are these unders?

Western regions of the USA and too the … Read the rest

What Is The Truth About The Pleiadians?

I have been reading mostly and doing some research on a group of aliens called Pleiadians. I have some issues I’m going to share them with you those who read my postings.

The Pleiadians for the most part believe in creation without a God!(?) Then when I dig into this more how do they think the planets got started this is what I get = wow! I sure learned a lot on that one avoiding the subject! Then if this isn’t bad enough! They make claims they come from another Universe so many light years away! Then you read they come from another dimension! What? Let us keep our stories in order here!

Billy Miere

Billy Meier

If you ask you or me I could tell you these things: I live on earth! I’m from this dimension! I believe in a Creator! I talk to other people besides postings these sights like this one! Then the Pleiadians tell Billy Meier that he is the only one they talk to correct? No, other people tell that they talk to Pleiadians also! Then good … Read the rest

Are Some Illnesses Connected To Alien Contact?

The other night on the Coast to Coast Show they had a guest who investigates some thing he seems to think is new! Children who come to an individuals door and knocks not using the door bell rather a knocking. Then the person of the house comes to the door and they see these children some times children what makes them different? Huge big black eyes! And the huge big black eyed children and some times teenagers want into your house.

Needless to say the house-holder doesn’t let them inside and if you have direct contact with them as was the case with a human boy it left him with several illnesses! He finally got well! I have in my numerous studies read about people having contact with aliens and again having illnesses! So, this isn’t any thing new!

Let us bring this down to earth! When Columbus and the others started having direct contact with the Native Americans look what happened to the what was called Indians! White mans disease killed them! This happens in the USA currently.

I … Read the rest

UFO/Aliens Discussions Sooner Or Later Turn To Religion

I have noticed that every time one talks about UFO/aliens sooner or later the subject of religion comes into play. Is there a connection? I want to share some insights with all of you! Yes religion is very important and I would be the first to state this. I want you to read my weird yet truthful comments.

A lot of you are too young and you don’t remember Russia after World War II (2). They didn’t like religion for the most part of any kind. This would take a long time telling this but I believe for the most part you might know this in you’re history lessons, etc. For fun yet being serious let me post this and it might shed some idea on the religious issue:

A UFO/alien lands in Russia and the alien talks to a Russian leader:

Do you earth people believe in God?

Russian: Of course not!

Do you think other parts of the World believe in God?

The Russian leader: I don’t know? I’m not allowed to leave Russia because we have an … Read the rest

A UFO in Spain

The following true story was written by Terry David Burgoyne, alias Lonecat

Whenever somebody asks me if I have ever seen a U.F.O. I’m never really quite sure how to answer. I did once have an experience in Spain which, viewed with hindsight, I tend to rationalize almost to the point of dismissing it entirely from my mind. And yet… And yet, one thing that I must admit is that the incident taught me an a important lesson.

One fine day I was standing at the bar of one of Madrid’s ubiquitous “Mesónes” enjoying a fine wine with an American friend of mine from New York, Tony Lugano, (not his real name) and our conversation turned to getting out of Madrid for a weekend. Tony was writing a “trilogy” at the time and he felt he wanted to give it a rest for a bit and I hadn’t been out of the city for months anyway. We both felt that a good walk somewhere out in the country was what we needed where we could breathe some fresh air after … Read the rest

Is God an Alien?

This is just some ideas that went out of my head and onto a note pad not sure if it makes and sense to any one but it seems to be ok to my standards hope it might make you think for a brief moment on what more might be out there and what more we may have to look forward to more then we could ever imagine.

Is God an Earthling or is He an Alien?

Now first off I am in no way trying to start a fight here at all this is my own thoughts and was inspired by my step daughter.

I am a religious person but not to the point where I get mad over things like this. I have my beliefs on this as well. And in no way am I trying to change any ones minds. There is to much evidence to show that our God or your God may be Alien but that is not proof for if it was then no one could question it at all.

What is an alien? … Read the rest

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