The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Reddish Orange Orb Like Lights in the Sky

I first saw these reddish orange orb like lights in the sky that I thought were odd, but they were high in the sky. But then a falling star came down in between those orbs and they immediately moved out of the way horizontally.

My next sighting was this vertical, slanting craft that had red and green lights that appeared as if the lights were crisscrossed like some X’s. I stopped in my tracks when I saw this and when it left my view moving over my apartment building, I went inside to report the sightings to some of the local newspapers. I went back out again on the balcony, and then suddenly this craft that might have been a military stealth craft, came right over my head moving in the opposite direction from the other craft I saw. But it was moving rather slowly and I didn’t think planes could slow down like that.

That night, I started in with having migraines. I watched outside my balcony until i could not anymore because of my emerging migraine. I went to sit down on my couch where I sat down Indian Style, and the next thing I knew it was 6 hours later and I “awoke” still sitting upright and Indian style on my couch.

I saw the red orbs again another night, and again, started to get a migraine so I had to stop looking.

The last thing I saw was a week before I moved away from Arizona, but this time it was still fairly light out as it was only around 6pm. I saw this star like object come down from out of nowhere, and it suddenly stops in front of me ( about 1/2 mile away or less ) and the object starts illuminating and illuminating until it became this beautiful geometric shape that was all yellow lights. I remember looking at the nearby interstate and thinking, My God, don’t they see this? And then comes another, and then another one, each time stopping in front of me and illuminating. It was so beautiful!

I remember being like, Oh my… Oh my God! As it would get larger and larger and more beautiful. I had the instinctive feeling as though they were communicating with me, or perhaps saying goodbye (now that I think of it in retrospect).

That night, I went to sleep and when I awoke, my hair was this tangled mess like I’ve never seen my hair like that before, as if someone had been messing around with my hair all night long or something. But i guess i only thought of that lightly, tossing it off for some restless sleep. But my hair is fine and straight and never gets all tangled up like that. It was kind of weird.

But that was it. Until I had that dream in my post, that was all that i had experienced. I remember being so swept away by these encounters though. The illuminating lights were the most incredible thing I have ever seen before. There was a total of 3 of them, all coming out from nowhere and fading off into nowhere.

I feel honored to have witnessed what i had seen, and still do. I wouldn’t take that time away from me. It took my breath away!

Sent in by Anonymous, Copyright 2011

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  1. Pretty neat. I think there a lot of sightings in Arizona.

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