What is the truth about Aliens and UFOs? Do extraterrestrial creatures exist out there? If Aliens do exist are they more technologically advanced than us and are they visiting other planets such as Earth?

1986 UFO Sighting Central Victoria Australia

In Late 1986 I was living in Central Victoria Australia (near Moe ) and was working on my car in the garage, in the evening. I finished up at approx 9.00 p.m. and had started walking into the house, when I noticed a strange phenomenon. A perfectly rectangular patch 0f the night sky had Zero stars in it, on a cloudless night.

I stopped to quiz myself about the concept, and realized that there was a totally black object of unknown size moving slowly, and silently from west to east.

I was a tad unnerved, so called my wife out to have a look, but she was too late to observe it properly, as it was by now moving into the distance.

I cannot determine size, as I do not know its altitude, or its speed, as I have no reference points to even roughly calculate one. but id did seem to be quite slow.

All I know is it appeared to cover approximately 25% of the sky above me, and I do not know what it was.

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UFO Sighting on Flight to Sydney Australia

Leaving LAX on a flight to Sydney Australia we first had to stop in Hawaii then we were on our way to the south.

We were in flight for sometime being we only had six hours to go before we landed. Looking out and seeing all the clouds and being partly asleep I heard the captain on the intercom telling everyone to look out at the right of the plane and you will see a unidentified object. I was on the left of the plane next to the window when I looked over and saw everybody looking out and saying ‘wow look at this’.

I decided to go and have a look and when I did I was glad I did because just lower than our plane and just above the clouds there was a saucer type looking craft just under us. It moved at the same speed as us going in the same direction traveling side ways from us toward the other side of us.

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