What is the truth about Aliens and UFOs? Do extraterrestrial creatures exist out there? If Aliens do exist are they more technologically advanced than us and are they visiting other planets such as Earth?

Strange Sighting Near Moraga California

I have to ask if anyone has seen what I did? It was around 1990 and I had just finished working in Moraga, Ca. around 9pm. It was already dark for some time and I was driving down Ivy Dr. A very windy road and in Moraga there are very few street lights. It was dark as possible. None where I was.

I was in a new small pick up and myself and two others in the cab and one man riding in the back with the equipment. Right from the time we left, the man in the back began hitting my back window hard. He stopped and started again every few minutes till it got so bad the window was going to break and I had to pull over. At this time the man in back jumped out and ran into the dark. I insisted the two up front with me get out and go find him. When they got out they stood by their door staring over my roof and saying, what is that. They said for me … Read the rest

UFO Sightings And Possible Abduction Near Bishop California

On June 20th my girlfriend and I set out on a journey to Bishop, Ca so that I could take another test to get a promotion with the state. My only other option here was to go to LA so my best and quickest option was to go to Bishop!

The journey was filled with very strange things. A very strong lady friend of mine that has many abilities that most do not possess told me to start taking photos… so I did and I have!

The trip that was supposed to take only 5 hours and 19 minutes took 9 to 12 hours. I got deathly ill towards the end of the journey, got sick in the Hotel parking lot. My girlfriend and I turned on each other as if we were bitter enemies!

The pictures I took in those valleys proceeding on into Bishop were filled with what looked like robes but were big crafts up in the air. They looked as if they were flying robes They were rockets going off straight up behind the mountains so … Read the rest

UFO Sighting Near Seal Beach California

When I was 9 or 10 years old some of my brothers and sisters as well as myself and my parents were going down the freeway in southern California near Seal Beach when my mother called our attention to 3 bell shaped flying saucers that were flying above the freeway fairly low.

The 3 UFOs were being pursued by a Navy Jet (we were not that far from Los Alamitos Naval Air Station) and the markings on the jet was very plain. The saucers disappeared in the distance. It seemed like half the cars on the freeway had stopped and were watching the spectacle of the UFOs.

This was the first of numerous UFO sightings I have seen, some in California, some in Texas, one in Virginia and a very memorable one in Germany that concluded later that night with an encounter with Men in Black.

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