What is the truth about Aliens and UFOs? Do extraterrestrial creatures exist out there? If Aliens do exist are they more technologically advanced than us and are they visiting other planets such as Earth?

Crop Circles ~ Hoax or Alien Art

While the interest in crop circles did not gain popularity with the general public until 1989, there have been occasional academic reports of this phenomena made as far back as the eighteenth century. Reports of circles and simple designs made by an area of flattened plants in the middle of a field have been made from twenty nine countries thus far although the greatest concentration of these enigmatic designs have occurred in the English countryside.

Admittedly, some of the designs have been created by human agencies using guide ropes and wooden planks. There have been professional hoaxers who will create a “circle” pattern to specifications. However, why have hoaxers if there was not an existing idea for them to mimic?

Plant stalks from crop circle

Plant stalks from crop circle

Extensive research into these patterns have demonstrated some unique properties in the “genuine” crop circles that cannot be duplicated by the hand of man. The hoaxer’s plank will break the stalks of the plant it pushes down and cause irreparable damage to the crop. The trampled plants will appear mashed together “like uncombed hair” as … Read the rest

Crop Circles and UFOs?

I am always interested to see what the latest crop circles look like, if for nothing more than the artistic and very technical details.

We’ve seen people take credit for creating crop circles, and there have even been competitions where college students tried creating the most complex formations.

I’ve heard reports saying that small white spheres were seen during the formation of a crop circle.

And, even if there was a UFO making crop circles, I must admit that these “aliens” have chosen a very difficult way to communicate with humans.

The other thing that bothers me is, why would anyone intelligent go to so much trouble to get here, and then leave crop circles as some form of communication. I suppose they have never heard of the KISS principal: Keep It Simple Stupid.

Instead of establishing a clear line of communication, about all they have done is proven they are pretty good at creating crop circles. I’m not really that impressed with their achievement as far as communication is concerned. I’ve seen ancient cave paintings that have clearer meaning.… Read the rest