What is the truth about Aliens and UFOs? Do extraterrestrial creatures exist out there? If Aliens do exist are they more technologically advanced than us and are they visiting other planets such as Earth?

Unidentified Submersible Object USO in the Pacific Ocean

An Unidentified Submersible Object, or USO is a sort of UFO that is more like a submarine. When I started researching about Unidentified Submersible Object experiences and sightings I was very surprised to find how many such encounters have been reported from all around the world.

With something so deep, wide and unknown as the Earth’s oceans its no wonder that mankind would envision sea monsters and alien creatures residing within it’s depths. On the other hand, perhaps there really is something to this. What if there really are alien life forms living and working deep within the oceans? Or what if  human beings with secret technology are responsible for these sightings?

This is something we recieved awhile back. Some of you may recall seeing it before:

During my stint in the Navy I was on an ammunition ship (USS Kilauea) in the Indian Ocean somewhere near Vietnam around early 1974.

Myself and two friends were out on the Fox hull (bow of the ship), it was dark, around 9 pm probably. There was little or no moon but millions

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