What is the truth about Aliens and UFOs? Do extraterrestrial creatures exist out there? If Aliens do exist are they more technologically advanced than us and are they visiting other planets such as Earth?

Since ancient times mankind has looked to the stars and wondered. Extraterrestrials, visitors from the heavens or the stars, have been represented in artwork and in the mythologies of cultures around the world. Were all of these tales, traditions and beliefs mere imagination and fiction? Or were they based upon some bit of truth perhaps long forgotten?

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One very interesting idea, most often referred to as the Ancient Alien Theory, is that extraterrestrials not only visited the Earth in ancient times but they interacted with human beings, perhaps even genetically engineering them. Alien beings taught our ancestors about the stars, math, science and more.

Aliens and Spacecraft in Classic Paintings

For centuries, artists have looked beyond what is written and painted their interpretations of historical events. The classic paintings of the Renaissance period have given us vivid images of times long ago. Pictures have spoken louder than words in many cases. In many of these works of art, there is evidence that can be interpreted to mean that the interest in extraterrestrial life has been ongoing since before the Middle Ages. These paintings show many Biblical scenes such as the Madonna and the crucifixion of Jesus… and possibly a glimpse into the fascination of life beyond Earth.

Ancient artwork and coins show a large number of renderings of creatures that appear to be a combination of human and reptile. Many of the hieroglyphs from Sumerian mythology indicate that the human race came from the Annunaki, who were believed to be superior beings from the planet Nibiru. Petroglyphs from all over the world have shown symbols …