The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

The Anunnaki – Ancient Aliens Debunked?

The Anunnaki debunked?

Is it possible to completely debunk everything ancient alien theorists have said about the Anunnaki?

Millions of people are intrigued by the idea that extraterrestrials, specifically the Anunnaki, came to Earth in the ancient past. This is evidenced by the success of shows like Ancient Aliens and by websites like this.

Did the Anunnaki come down from the “heavens”? Many people believe they did. Theories range from the Anunnaki guiding and teaching mankind to the Anunnaki creating human beings, perhaps by modifying indigenous early humanoids with their own DNA.

One can find many references to the Anunnaki being Reptilian aliens. There also seems to be a lot of people who believe there is some connection with the Anunnaki to Atlantis.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos said, referring to the Ancient Sumerian texts,

“It says word for word that these beings descended in flying vehicles from the sky.”

Chris White

Chris White

Chris White says that is pure fiction and nothing even similar to those words can be found anywhere. He has challenged anyone to show anywhere this is written in the Sumerian texts.


Tsoukalos said, “The term Anunnaki means ‘those who from the Heavens came’.” And of course he says it in a very melodramatic way.

White says this is incorrect and that the word means ‘Princely seed, or princely blood’.

What or Who Are The Anunnaki?

The Anunnaki (also transcribed as: Anunaki, Anunna, Anunnaku, Ananaki,Annaki and other variations) are a group of deities in ancient Mesopotamian cultures (i.e. Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian). The name is variously written “da-nuna”, “da-nuna-ke4-ne”, or “da-nun-na”, meaning “princely offspring” or “offspring of Anu”.

The Oxford Companion to World Mythology
The Anunnaki are the Sumerian deities of the old primordial line; they are chthonic deities of fertility, associated eventually with the underworld, where they became judges. They take their name from the old sky god An (Anu).

According to later Assyrian and Babylonian myth, the Anunnaki were the children of Anu and Ki, brother and sister gods, themselves the children of Anshar and Kishar (Skypivot and Earthpivot, the Celestial poles), who in turn were the children of Lahamu and Lahmu (“the muddy ones”), names given to the gatekeepers of the Abzu (House of Far Waters) temple at Eridu, the site at which the creation was thought to have occurred. Finally, Lahamu and Lahmu were the children of Tiamat (Goddess of the Ocean) and Abzu (God of Fresh Water).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin translated the name “Anunnaki ” a bit differently. It is from his translations that we get, “Those who from the Heavens came.” Was Sitchin wrong?

Established scientists and academics have rejected Sitchin’s interpretations. They say he was unqualified and ignorant of basic principles. In fact, according to White, Sitchin had no education or certification in anything other than journalism.

How did a man with no formal education in the field attain such a unique position? How did he become an expert on Sumerian cuneiform writing? How did an entire, successful TV series get national acclaim based almost entirely on what Sitchin has written?

Anunnaki – Ancient Aliens Debunked



Here is the video I referred to. If you are seriously interested in the Anunnaki I recommend watching this.

Now, this is still new to me and I dont have all the facts and knowledge but there is a lot here that makes sense. I look forward to comments that people will make here. I have often found the comments to be even more interesting than the actual blogs.

I am very interested to see if anyone may provide good reason to refute anything that is talked about in the video. Can anyone debunk the debunkers?

By Wayne “Chip” Ratliff


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  1. Zecharia Sitchin spent 30 years+ studying the ancient cuneiform Sumerian writing, he devoted much serious time and was devoted to his research in this area. Whilst it is obvious, he had filled in some areas to spice up his theories which had been thoroughly researched, if I were to bet my last £ on either Sitchin’s or Chris White’s research and knowledge in this area, my money would go on Sitchin’s works. And I have this to say to the debunker, if I was as devoted as Sitchin and had studied another language ie. Chinese for over 30 years, I’m sure I would be quite an expert as an interpreter and every other aspect which goes with these types of languages. Time will tell, although we would have long gone from this earth.

    What about one of Sitchin’s last wishes before his death. Does anyone know if an attempt was made to carry out a DNA test on the 4500+ years corpse of Sumerian queen Puabi which was un-earthed. He believed she was a demi-god, possibly having had very close dna/genes of the Annunakai, or could he be mistaken?

  2. You can study anything for 30 years and still come away with a boatload of misconceptions -- time studying in a vaccuum would not make you an expert, because if you rely too heavily on one source or another, your data set will be skewed. Example -- I want to be an expert on Ancient Civilizations, but I don’t want a rounded (i.e., schooled) education, so I pick a couple ancient texts and spend my adult life studying the King James Version of the modern Bible, and an old copy of “Histories” by Herodotus. I *guarantee* that with 30 years of study, I will have an enormous amount of completely useless stories that do not come close to telling the story of Ancient near-east history. I bet I could even write a decent book about what I had “learned.”

  3. re: comments to refocus this as a “discussion based on facts”, proven data, proven research
    and as tested by logic and the “r” razor theory which states “that the simplest explanation
    will proved more accurate or more correct than a more complex explanation which contains
    speculations and contains “beliefs based upon some articles of faith in a christian or
    non christian belief system which cause a person to seek to ‘prove the unproven and
    challenging others to face a faith based belief which can never be proven “.

    As Petrie the famous egyptologist stated in his books and in his published journals
    covering all known pyramids and key ancient sites from the Nile Delta to Aswan,
    ( I paraphrase) his comment ” …it serves no purpose nor any benefit to respond
    to those with alternate theories on how the pyramids constructions were possible
    by “lost advanced technologies and by the interventions of aliens who are alleged,
    without factual proofs, without artifacts and even without any substantial support
    in the form of writings, carvings, papyrus . And ,when such meager documentation
    has been located, analyzed by experts , these facts are simply ignored and given
    a new “spin” which causes these speculations to be misread by the uninformed
    public as “facts and as fully tested theories”.

    With the current Bosnian pyramids events to this year, 2017, and with the advent
    of substantial “geo polymers” discovered on site, in situ, and with the
    scientific papers published on the internet from German engineers and
    from geo polymer experts both as academics and as practical hands on
    applications to make “stones, stone blocks” with extra ordinary physical
    characteristics as ” acting to provide a real, practical process and products
    which now and for earlier , ancient civilizations, would have provided to
    them a practical , applied technology which was not “high tech in nature
    and which did not need to be given to them from ‘aliens’ , then,
    all of this debunking and counter debunking arguments, are dead ends
    and non productive in addressing the real issues ,here.”

    Now, those who seek income from writing books and articles must use the “Barum
    Principle”: to claim the bizarre, the strange, the unexplained has occurred,
    to create freak show of oddities , all to make a buck. And if the public
    wishes such fictions, wishes such soap operas of emotion and speculation ,
    well, business is business”

    However, Barum himself acknowledged in his journals and in interviews taken
    , that he realiZed that “fooling the public with publicity stunts and with
    shocking exhibitions of the deformed , crippled and caged people and
    animals, then, one must understand that fools make excellent customers
    and those not fooled, still produce a ‘one time payment and profit’

    As a person who has both a wide background in the trades as contractor
    and with multiple advanced academic degrees across many disciplines
    and with state level licenses across many related trades in building
    and in the historic preservation of structures, I would like this
    bickering and debunking to be modified over to the follow format
    and would like to see these parties, reframe their responses
    to debunker as described below.

    For example, the standing arguments about alleged “alien crafts shown
    and flying in art of the Middle Ages and Renassiance” has been
    exhaustively analyzed by experts in Art History, in Christianith (Catholicism
    of these two periods) and all images of “alien crafts” have been explained
    fully as “iconological or religious images which have been modified
    by the artists producing the work, simplified , reduced and altered
    from the original religious images of the Catholic Church and reflect
    , also, a natural outcome in “how images will change, be altered and
    will lose their original forms and iconoclastic meanings of a religion
    over time…And, when those who see such images, will as humans
    try to make some sense, any sense , to explain what they could not
    understand due to the passage of time and lack of investigative
    and academic research skills…and , when faced with an image that
    is ‘strange or different, a human subconsciously feels a threat
    from this unknown image and will either reframe in their mind an
    image which is more sensible to them , now, and/or will remake
    that image in a “devil” or “mysterious form”.”

    All of the alleged images in those paintings and frescos, have been
    fully reseached, and reconfirmed as “images which are based
    on the historic times and the religious beliefs of that period” AND
    “there is no mystery here, no alien crafts , no person seated
    in a cockpit operating physical controls for an alien craft
    and , also, no alien crafts flying, floating, above since
    the iconoclast images reflect the artists attempt to create
    a visually interesting scene and for the artists to ‘take
    creative license’ in remaking, modifying the known
    cliched church scantioned images, of the Trinity as 3 entities
    and of god or of angles, and ‘image new forms to express
    these beliefs ‘.

    In art, the great artists will reference earlier works, images and beliefs
    but will challenge the viewer with new or modified images to cause
    them to “think about their beliefs or to feel new or renewed emotions
    to bring them closer to god or to another (higher) spiritual plane.

    Let me propose the following and challenge these parties to refocus their past
    comments, arguments or opinions in a directly stated comments which cite proven
    scientific research from “experts” in their particular fields of academia
    or in the case of Dunn, “experts based upon applied trade experiences directly
    related to working materials, such as stone and moving heavy weights.”

    • To dr. jack clemes,
      Here we go again! What about the numerous sightings of unexplained UFOs more recently. Once again, ‘scientific research’ by supposed experts (who it seems have never experienced anything paranormal), is meant to give us all the truthful and definitive answers.

      I would very much like to put serious questions to Dr. Jack Clemes if I may, he can put the questions to ‘scientific research’ by those supposed experts. His answers will determine for me, whether he can be taken seriously.

      1) Does Dr. Jack Clemes and his scientific research experts believe in the paranormal (as is presently understood)?
      2) Do they believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ or is it a fairy tale?
      3) Do they believe in supernatural demonic spirits?
      4) Do they believe in supernatural visitations to this material Earth/world of ‘brilliant light beings’?
      5) Do they believe in prayer (interaction between mankind and the unseen supernatural beings)?

      These questions are very serious questions.

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