The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

The Extraterrestrial Answer Book

UFO’s, Alien Abductions, and the Coming ET Presence

“It is no longer a question of when will humanity interact with extraterrestrials, but rather the much more difficult question of how they have decided to interact with us!”

A few days ago I got myself a copy of a really interesting book about aliens and UFOs. I personally witnessed a “UFO” many years ago along with a large crowd of other folks. I definitely believe there is some truth to the idea that extraterrestrials are visitng the Earth and that they have been doing so for a very long time. Perhaps since the ‘beginning’.

Jim Moroney’s The Extraterrestrial Answer Book is a valuable guide for everything extraterrestrial. In it, Moroney outlines steps the government needs to take to address the presence of extraterrestrials, as well as those average people can take. Full of practical advice to help you prepare for an encounter with an extraterrestrial, The Extraterrestrial Answer Book succeeds in answering the most important question in the debate over extraterrestrials and UFOs.

From the Roswell UFO incident to astronaut sightings and claims of abductions, reports of extraterrestrial contact have increased dramatically in recent decades. Also on the rise is interest in all things extraterrestrial as evidenced by everything from ABC’s new V to discussions at the highest level of the world’s governments, not to mention the UN, acknowledging the existence of extraterrestrials.

In 1987 Jim Moroney had an extraterrestrial encounter at a small truck stop outside Manitoba, Canada that changed his life forever. He spent the next 20 years studying the phenomenon of extraterrestrials. The Extraterrestrial Answer Book provides answers to all your questions about visitors from other planets, including:

Extraterrestrial Answer Book

Extraterrestrial Answer Book

  • Why are they here?
  • When were the first recorded sightings of aliens?
  • Where do most sightings occur?
  • What kind of evidence is there for the presence of aliens?
  • How should we respond?

Excerpt from the forward:

Just about the only thing I can say with certainty about the aliens is that they come from a very different world than ours. It’s a world so fundamentally different that I’m not sure we’ll ever understand them or their purpose. Sobering as that thought may be, I’m still convinced that we must at least try to understand them and meet them halfway. Our future and the future of this planet likely depend upon it.

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  1. Hey, while you are at it, see if you can find any reference that will help detect them lying to us. We might really need that.

  2. They have been right here on earth because that is where God cast them out of heaven to. They have one agenda and one only and that is to seperate man from God and usher in the anti-christ. Don’t call me a nut yet. There is more supporting evidence that this may be the case than there is evidence that they come from other worlds and other galaxies. It is a deception by fallen angels that were cast out of heaven with satan. They have all the awesome power that God gave them when He created them but now use them to secure men’s souls for satan. What is the most astounding evidence. Hundrecds of alien abductees have written and audio taped their horrific encounters with multiple alien abductions. Each and every one of these people discovered that by calling out to Jesus ended the encounter immediately whether in the middle of a physical examination, floating out the window, or simply watching a UFO go across the sky. The name of Jesus was invoked and each and every one of these abductees found themselves back where they had originally fell asleep with everything normal. Each and every one of them whether they though they had gone to sleep or not, had gone to sleep. Once they called upon Jesus, their eyes were completely open that what they had encountered were demonic visions, so real that you could not imagine and some even suffered phusical marks, which were done to them right there where they slept. So call them what you will but in the Bible this stuff is falling perfectly together and I would advise anyone concerned to get one.

    • Each and every one of these people discovered that by calling out to Jesus ended the encounter immediately whether in the middle of a physical examination”

      WHAT? Man I am going to have to call you on that one now. Each and every one of them? No way you are going to convince anyone of that. 🙂

  3. LOl, this guy is a nutjob and a phony liar. Contact me if you would like to know the real truth.

    • LOl, Why would we need to contact you? You were here. You posted anonymously so how the hell would anyone “contact” you. You could have informed us of the real truth. You chose only to call the author a few names. Other than that you have contributed nothing to the discussion. Normally, I would have just deleted your comment. After all it was more of an insult than anything else. I am allowing your comment simply to allow me the chance to reply to it here. So laughin out loud man tell us something we don’t know.

  4. Does anyone comment in here anymore I see it’s been a while.
    J.K when you are talking as if you are giving us facts you should try giving us the source your getting information from
    Example just where are you finding information on the “astounding evidence” of each and every one of those people abduction came to a halt at the call of Jesus’s name? People might take you a little bit more seriously.

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