The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

The StarChild Human Or Alien?

Some 70 years ago an American family decided to take a trip to Mexico because their daughter had Mexican heritage so they wanted her to see some of her heritage and relatives but was told not to go exploring into the caves and tunnels and mines. But her being a teenager she went against what was told to her and she found something very strange to her. While she was exploring she found a human skeleton lying just on the surface. The skull of the skeleton was very strange and she could tell that is must have been a small child. She continued to dig and found another human skeleton just a little beneath the surface of the dirt. It seemed to be a full grown person. She kept these remains for the rest of her long life then after her death these remains were passed down to an American man. He kept these with in his possession for about five years then gave them to the American couple that owns them today. They were the ones that started to research on the child and they had given it the name of The Starchild because it looked so strange and alien like.

The Starchild skull that was found in the 1930s in a little small rural village that is about 100 miles southwest of Chihuahua, Mexico is said to be over 900 years old, but no one can figure out if it was just a deformity or perhaps an alien of some sort that was left behind and died until many tests were done on it to see what it might be. There have been many elongated skulls found all over the globe, a lot of them were found in Mexico and Peru.

The Starchild Skull

The Starchild Skull in Different Views. His Skull is 200 CC Larger than an Adults.

Beside this abnormal skull was a normal human body just laying on the main surface next to The Starchild. The body that was found next to The Starchild was not related to the child as far as they can tell but this could be untrue.

DNA has been taken from The Starchild and shows that it is human but they will have to take DNA testing further to be sure this true. Scientist are saying today that our genes are of the aliens that they altered us in some way. So it might be normal for it to show that it was human. This child was somewhere between 4 and 5 years old and was a male.

Hutchinson-Gilford progeria Syndrome

This is what we are told that the Starchild had, Hutchinson-Gilford progeria, a disease which has no known treatment, and produces similar skull deformations to hydrocephaly. In progeria patients, the cell nucleus has dramatically aberrant morphology (bottom, right) rather than the uniform shape typically found in healthy individuals (top, right)

The skull measured 1600 cubic centimeters which would be much larger than an adults head size. The back of the skull was flat and smooth. Test were done to see if some type of binding had been done to make the skull this way, but nothing of the sort was done from what they could see.

It appeared from a cat scan that the child’s skull grew this way on its own with no other help from false binding. The neck of the child was about 1/2 to 1/3 of a normal humans neck. So the neck would be that much smaller than the average human necks and such descriptions of the alien types known as the Grays are said to have these types of thin necks and large heads that seems to be much larger then ours. The nose more closer to the eyes just as seen in drawings and descriptions about the grays as well as the Grays-human hybrids. Which will be explained in bit.

The human remains are thought to be Indians from north or south America. Perhaps there was a larger group of people together that was trying to escape from some thing or some one and maybe they got separated and was was stranded without food or water and both died together. Perhaps the child died first and the woman buried him but why leave a hand out? It would very interesting to find out the story there of just what happen to them.

There are legends of what are called the Star Beings

It has been said for more then 2000 years that Aliens would come from the stars and mate with a woman that they thought would carry their child. They visit places that are not very populated and sort of secluded from the world. After the woman carries to full term and then has the Alien Hybrid, she will raise the child up to about five or six years of age then the Aliens will come back to take the child.

They take them to another place (the legend doesn’t explain where this place may be but it would be in the heavens somewhere) where they perform experiments and see how to improve the genes and DNA. They have what is called a gene pool. So they use us as experiments. This is just a legend but there are and have been many people who have claimed that they have been abducted and seem to remember things that were done to them in great detail. Things like this have been told from the beginning of Mankind. So surly not everyone could be wrong now could they?

Could this be what might have happened to the Starchild? Maybe it really is an alien hybrid of some sort or a full blown alien then again it could just be one messed child. But we really can not be sure until a nuclear DNA test is done on it.

All that is needed to do such of a test is there. They mainly need the pulp that is within the teeth. The only thing that is stopping that from happening is the money and the time. There are very few of these laboratories that can do such a test as this. Just as soon the money is there The Starchild will undergo a nuclear DNA test to see if it is in fact 100% human or if is a Alien Hybrid or 100% alien.

One of the stories about The Starchild that has been around for awhile tells that the body that lay next to the child was his mother. That she was impregnated by an alien and learned that the aliens were coming to take her child away and fled from the village. She went as far as she could and came upon this hidden mine tunnel. There it is said that she killed the child and buried him in a very shallow grave and left his hand above the ground so she could hold on to it while she drank poison to kill herself just to keep her child from being taken from her.

Stages of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria

Stages of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria

Until further tests are done and more details for now we are told that The Starchild is just a human that had a disease that is called Hutchinson-Gilford progeria. There is no known cure for this type of disease. This disease causes such skull deformities. Those who have this do not live very long. This is a disease that causes rapid aging in a child. The average life span of one who has this is about 13 years but some die at a much younger age and some have been known to live past 20 years.

Looking at some of the pictures of children who have this, it is very sad but they do sort of look like an alien the way their face is structured.

The Starchild skull is still amazing to scientists today. But why, is there some thing that is not being told to us? It has already been proven that it is human with just a deformity and not alien then why are they still studying it? Why are the ones that are so interested in UFOs still trying to understand it?

Why do they want to have a nuclear DNA test done on it? So many questions. I would love to keep following this and see if there is some thing to this remain. Could we have remains of an alien? It would be great if we did but this would open up more questions and thoughts. We might be getting closer to what we are more and more every day.

Written by Tasha Slone, Copyright 2010. Tasha also writes for Best Of All Topics!

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  3. Science does all sorts of tests for various reasons. They work on deseased bones, blood etc. and can gather lots of info for future cures.

  4. Wow, as soon as I saw those skull’s I immediately thought it was Progeria, then I scrolled down and noticed that it could be!

  5. The skull does not resemble the head of the children suffering from Progeria, not even close. They obviously gave an answer to appease the minds of those who wonder what this skull is and I don’t believe it is completely human.

  6. This child is suffering from progeria.

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