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Three UFO Encounters in Manitoba

Hey there Dennis here to tell all that will see this. I’ve had three encounters in my life in regards to UFOs.

The first was when I was about three to four years old. I’m now 51 years of age. Anyway my mom and babysitter were talking and drinking tea when all of a sudden you could hear something fly by the house and shake the house. It came from the north and was flying south.

The next thing my mom and babysitter are crying, terrified of this incident. I asked her about it and she remembers that evening.

The next incident was south of Thompson, Manitoba, Canada. At least 60 miles south, at 3 am. I’m on a greyhound bus heading back to Winnipeg, Manitoba. The bus left Thompson at about 11:45 pm. The bus arrived in Winnipeg the next day at 9 am. Well this object was bright orange, and I mean orange. This thing I saw was a perfect cylinder type of UFO. You could see this thing through the heavy timber.

From Thompson to Grand Rapids it is at least around 100 to 200 or so miles of timber. I just about made the driver lose control of the bus, as I was seated behind him and you were able to smoke on the bus at that time.

The last time I saw what strongly thing was a UFO was back in 2004. This was on the Long Plains Ojibwa reserve, located west of Portage, La Prairie, Manitoba. This thing looked like a sausage type of craft. I just caught the tail end of it. This was seen by my neighbors later on.

Sent in by Dennis Cameron, Copyright 2009

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  1. A refresher here about my sightings of U.F.O,sAs I was saying about my sightings of U.F.O,s.the 1st was in Swan Lake 1st nation.I,m now just about 54 years old.This 1st was when I was ohh,3-4 years old.U.F.O. shoots across our house,shaking the house.the next sighting was in 1975.This sighting is about 50-60 miles south of Thompson,Man.3rd sighting was at the Long Plains 1st nation reserve,located 17 miles south-west of Portage-La-Prairie,Man. in 2003,the lsat sighting was also on the Long Plains 2009.The last sighting was when I was working my night -security job.My granddaughter,and grandson were the ones that saw this thing floating in the air above the tree line,no noise,no nothing.Then all of a sudden,it just dissappeared.My grandkids are 15,14.they continalluay……..are always bringing up the issue of seeing this U.F.O.This craft we saw was huge,with the ends of it a redish,orangse color.I thought these to be thier engines?

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