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Three UFO Encounters in My Life

Hey there Dennis here to tell all that will see this. I have had three encounters in my life in regards to UFOs.

The first was when I was about three or four years old. I am now 51 years of age. Anyway my mom and babysitter were talking and drinking tea when all of a sudden you could hear something fly by the house and shake the house. It came from the north and was flying south. The next thing my mom, and babysitter are crying, terrified of this incident. I asked her about it and she remembers that evening.

The next incident was south of Thompson, Manitoba, Canada. At least 60 miles south, at 3 am. I’m on a greyhound bus heading back to Winnipeg, Manitoba.The bus left Thompson at about 11:45 pm. Bus arrives in Winnipeg the next day at 9 am. Well this object was bright orange, and I mean orange. This thing I saw was a perfect cylinder type of UFO. You could see this thing through the heavy timber.

From Thompson to Grand Rapids is at least around 100 to 200 or so miles of timber. I just about made the driver lose control of the bus, as I was seated behind him and you were able to smoke on the bus at that time.

The last time I saw what strongly thing was an UFO was back in 2004. This was on the Long Plains Ojibwa Reserve, located west of Portage, La Prairie, Manitoba. This thing looked like a sausage type of craft. I just caught the tail end of it. This was seen by my neighbors later on.

Sent in by Dennis Cameron, Copyright 2010

  1. It isn’t difficult to find stories about UFOs, described as a sphere or globe, color nearly always a consistent orange. Some of these make subtle changes in color like orangish red, orange changing to yellow then white, or orange changing to blue, it seems to have something to do with what the craft is doing at the moment. There are many reports of orange spheres flying in formation.

    Off topic for a moment, I was noticing a DVD reflecting sun light as it lay on my bed. I picked up the disc and slowly tilted it to observe the light reflected making specific sequences of color, which I had seen in some UFO reports. It was visually pleasing. Specifically, the color orange was very rich.

    Some UFOs seem to change shape as well as changing color. That’s my two cents worth.

  2. I believe your story. My dad lived in Duluth Minn. He saw a lot of ufos. I think they are active in that area by Duluth and Dairyland Wisc. its a remote area. wish I could camp out and see one. Carri

  3. i belive that story once i saw a ufo shouting at another ufo in the pas mb canada then i saw one last year when i was hanging out with my friends then someing told me to look up in the sky (it was at night) so i looked up and i saw another ufo spining and i looked like it hit the moon and then when i was spining i saw an other one that shout a light and made the ufo stop and then they were gone

    • LOL, Are you having a laugh? 🙂 How did one UFO shout at another and what did it say?

    • Kewl you should come up with that. Exelclnet!

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