Triangular Shaped UFO with Multi Colored Lights

It was August 17 2007. It was like1:36 am and I was fast asleep. My alarm went off . I had to get up and go in for a blood test at the Toledo hospital. My mom was getting ready and got her jacket. I woke up and got ready.

As we got on the highway, the sign said “one way”. We took a right turn to a field. I took a look on the field and saw two deer look at the sky and run away. So I took a look at the sky and saw a bright light.

I said, “mom look!” She looked and we saw it. It was a triangular shaped object hovering above the field. It had multi colored lights. The lights were red, white, blue, green, and yellow. It stayed in the air for maybe 5 – 10 minutes. And took off at a speed of 35 – 45 miles per hour. We drove on wondering what it was.

In 2009, we heard in the local papers that it was called a UFO. That’s my story.

I forgot to add one more fact about what we saw the object was gray and was probably estimated to weigh 5 – 7 tons.

Sent in by Isaac Flores, Copyright 2011

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