The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

UFO Dreams

For many years I have suffered with very vivid dreams of UFOS. In all of my dreams of these things there is always an eerie weird/type feeling to the dream as a whole. Most of my dreams involving UFOS are the type in which I am viewing them from the ground, looking up, as they hover, or glide over my head.

Sometimes I am being chased by them, and one time, in one of my dreams, one of them actually touched my shoulder. I could feel the coldness of it, very strange feeling. Another time, I was actually on board a craft, tied down, [or held down], and I remember a girl, being on board with me, somebody who I had never met or seen before in my life, who was also, tied, or held down.

Other times, I have seen swarms of the crafts zooming around the sky, very vivid. I have dreamt of all shapes sizes and colours of UFOs. It has gotten to the point where I actually think that I am being watched by them, somehow.

I have seen these things in real life too, along with my son, and wife, who has also seen them. My Father had experienced them too, and also he had experienced ‘missing time’.

I am very wary of them as they unsettle me and I have been wondering if they are trying to give me some sort of message? Whatever the reason for seeing and dreaming about them, they unsettle me a lot and make me feel very uncomfortable.

Sent in by Wayne Leon Learmond, Copyright 2009

  1. i don’t think that what you are experiencing as dreams are not dreams. i have a history of contact with these so called E.Ts and they are not who they say they are. i was decieved and there was consequences. this is dangerous business!

  2. yes lynne dickie it is very serious business. but wat i think is that UFO’s arent going to hurt us like Wanye said in his dream. but i think is that they are watching over us. Wanye is dreaming of wat he thinks wat could happen. but i no that they just want to help. i have no dream experience but i did do alot of research and i think i did it all in my mind (which i usually dont do often 😛 🙂 ) ofcourse they want to help hummans. and in 2012 wont be the end of the world, it could be that, that is the day E.T’s will come to earth and land. but then again, thats just my opinon. :). but yes it is very serious business and i dont no why the government wont let the public no about things they already no. and i hate it when the airbrush things out. but i can still make a good clearing of what the object is. sooo yea. sorry if its too long 😛 i kinda get carried away with these sorta things 😛 its y i stay

  3. hello everyone, my opinion is that aliens are not going to hurt this world,until and unless we harm them. what i think is that we mankind are very bad people and sure we are going to interfere in the life of aliens. i think we

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