The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

UFO Encounter on Upstate New York Interstate

It wasn’t yet dusk on this weekday evening around 8:30 in June 2001. I was driving back to my rural town after visiting a neighboring rural town for a haircut. I had travelled this stretch of interstate in Upstate NY many times and it wasn’t uncommon for there to be little or no traffic depending on the time of day. I had two small children at home with my husband, and getting out on my own, even if it was just for a haircut, was a welcome break after caring for my kids all day.

It was a pleasant evening and I had my window on the driver’s side open as well as the moon roof of my vehicle. I was half way between the town I was leaving and home when I noticed movement out of the corner of my left eye. Reflexively, I glanced in that direction and was astonished to see something that was totally unexpected!

Instead of seeing a car travelling along beside me, I saw an object keeping pace with me (that was probably going about 65 or 70 mph) that was approximately 15 or 20 feet off of the ground and was like nothing I’ve ever seen then or since! A rectangular silver object that was hovering vertically over the ground with flashing red and green and yellow lights kept pace with me for a few seconds. I remember that it was far enough away that I could see it clearly out of my car window, but close enough that not only was I totally shocked by what I was seeing, but I was equally shocked as to it’s very close proximity to me! Also, I noticed that there was no sound whatsoever coming from this craft as it kept pace with me.

While I was still in shock from what I was witnessing, the craft shot very far straight up into the sky. It wasn’t so far that I couldn’t see it, but it did go maybe 100 or so fee in the air. Just as quickly as it jetted up into the sky, it totally changed direction and travelled east (which was right from where I was sitting). If I thought the craft shot up into the air quickly, then what it did when it changed direction was almost as amazing as seeing the UFO itself. It seemed like the craft suddenly accelerated and blasted across the sky at a rate of speed that seemed totally unbelievable! I watched it as it disappeared into the horizon in a matter of a blink of the eye. I was on the top of a hill and I could actually follow the craft for a long ways until it disappeared. I had one thought as I watched it go away… it was travelling directly towards my house.

I’ve never seen anything like this again, but I do occasionally tell my story because I am not the type of person someone would necessarily expect to hear tell a story such as this. I don’t know what it was that I saw, but I am 100% positive that I saw what I’ve described here. It is unexplainable and unverifiable because not only was I the only one in my car… but the interstate was strangely empty at the time I saw the craft. Also, the sighting was in daylight and at close range so I can tell you with certainty that I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else.

The only part I regret is that the encounter lasted for only about 10 or 15 seconds. I would have loved to have pulled over and really examined what I was seeing or even better, to have taken a picture.

Stephanie Borrelli

  1. It really bothers me that so many people have these encounters, and I’m sure some are fake or misleading but with such a high volume of sightings, stories, pictures, film of evidence why are all of the governments across the world so reluctant to disclose a fraction of truth. I find it very hard to believe that all 200 + countries are willing to agree on this one matter but will go to war and steal so many other secrets without a thought.

    It just seems a bit odd that they will actually agree, with so much world violence occurring.

    I know this is a bit off topic, my apologies.

    • Hi Dan,
      I do believe Stephanie saw what she claims. On the question of governments not acknowledging publicly the existence of UFOs, I wonder sometimes if some of them know and are privy to information which we are denied OR if, like the scientists and disbelieving general public, they need to see tangible proof or be a witness themselves before they will come on board.

  2. I too had an encounter when I lived in Rural Kansas. I was 29 and my oldest son who was 8 years old, experienced it with me. I had long forgotten about it until he brought it up a few years ago and then everything came flooding back. My farm house and land were brilliant white, which woke us up. We both remember two beings standing in front of our bed. I don’t remember anything after that and neither does my son. Sounds kooky, but let me tell you it was totally real. I am wondering if its because I have 0 RH negative blood. I do know there is a list somewhere that keeps tabs on the 0 RH negative population.

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