The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

UFO Sighting in Puerto Rico

My story takes place in Puerto Rico back in 1979 or 80. At the time I was 11 years old.

I was sitting at the entrance of my uncles house near by his mail box close to the street. That’s where I went at night to get away from my cousins. I like solitude and besides the stars out there are breath taking along with the beautiful sound of the qoqui’s.

Anyway, this particular night I was admiring the stars as usual when I noticed something quite different in front of me. It was glowing more than any other star and moving at a steady pace then it just stopped. As I watched in amazement and quite scared at the same time, to my left came another one moving fast then it stopped next to the first one then it just took off.

After a few seconds the first one that I saw took off right after the second one. That was my first encounter with a UFO.

After seeing that for the first time I was wondering if it could happen again, and it did. Not in the same exact spot like the first time but yes they are definitely out there. And I can only speak for Puerto Rico though. Never seen one out here in the US.

Sent in by Luna, Copyright 2011

  1. my step dad saw ufo activity in the 1940s and late 1950s it was in Gordon Wisconsin and Dairy Land Wisconsin. These two towns are in a remote area. There have been other ufos sightings in Wisconsin. I believe your story. Most UfO sightings are in remote locations. my story was Astral body projection and communication with Aliens. This story was about contact with Aliens and Ufos in Gordon Wisconsin.

  2. I got here just because I saw Puerto Rico written! I live in PR and i myself saw one right through the windows of my church…. it scared me for life.

  3. wow you saw a ufo through a window at your church. I really do believe you. can you describe what you saw.

  4. Well the church was just starting and i was all kinda sleepy. My church starts at 5:00 pm (its starts kinda late). Anyways the church (like most) has an altar in the end of the room and in the wall there is a huge mosaic (painted window made of glass). anyways the sun was kinda down, sort of like an eclipse and suddenly y could see through the window a huge Saturn-oval orange shape aura behind the mosaic. behind the mosaic there is a, not to big-not to small, area with small buildings.

    it was all just so strange, and then when it suddenly disappeared the area behind the mosaic turned light blue and then into twilight again. ill never forget that.

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