The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

UFO Sightings And Possible Abduction Near Bishop California

On June 20th my girlfriend and I set out on a journey to Bishop, Ca so that I could take another test to get a promotion with the state. My only other option here was to go to LA so my best and quickest option was to go to Bishop!

The journey was filled with very strange things. A very strong lady friend of mine that has many abilities that most do not possess told me to start taking photos… so I did and I have!

The trip that was supposed to take only 5 hours and 19 minutes took 9 to 12 hours. I got deathly ill towards the end of the journey, got sick in the Hotel parking lot. My girlfriend and I turned on each other as if we were bitter enemies!

The pictures I took in those valleys proceeding on into Bishop were filled with what looked like robes but were big crafts up in the air. They looked as if they were flying robes They were rockets going off straight up behind the mountains so many rockets! I want to submit some of my pictures because it was not until I got home that I found all those extra things in the photos.

Bodie California

Bodie California

I have cylindrical (m shaped objects, saucers, what looks like a Romulan Starship with a light going on and off inside of it. I have pictures of green mist coming up from the bar stool in Bodie, yes we also went to Bodie Ghost Town on the way home. That’s a real must see but beware those who think they can steal anything from Bodie as you will be cursed until you bring it back.

Pictures of looks like rockets, plus approx. 2 hours prior to getting to the hotel I noticed a big bump getting bigger on the side of my neck that went down prior to Dr’s appt., how convenient! Looks like a scar by it or on top of it.

I have experienced abductions and spirit activity all my life and I have wanted to make contact however I am apprehensive as some do indicate that these, some of these races visiting Earth are not all good. I totally believe that as certainly not everyone is good here, that’s for sure.

I believe I was taken again. I shall be getting hypnotized today as everything is so screwed up and I seem to be quite nervous and frantic to get the word out! funny, this is the same crazy way I acted when my eyes were opened on 9/11/2008 when I looked Dead East while walking south down 11th street, downtown Sacramento approx. 4:45 am I was walking my Dog Daisy and I looked up in between a “V” in the trees where light wasn’t an issue because street lights were hidden by the leaves in the trees. I did a double take as a faint group of stars were moving counter clockwise in the sky coming into our atmosphere very quickly almost like a parted circle, like ( ) parentheses.

The one on the left straightened out and the one on the right while it was straightening out I could see metal connecting the stars that weren’t stars at all, they were lights! It floated there like as if it were floating in water, it was huge and very close in fact right above an elementary school. All of a sudden these lights started pulsating on and off up and down these 2 columns of light about 6 times maybe more. Then a red light came on the bottom right hand side like a beacon, making the right hand side look longer then the left hand side. The beacon flashed and I’m saying no, no, no, don’t leave because somehow I knew it was leaving me and my dog there. It collapsed into itself and swam into a hole in the sky.

From that moment on my eyes were once again opened. For 7 to 10 days I felt an electrical charge coursing up my body when I walked in that area again. And you know I walked there every day while I lived downtown before I bought my home in the suburbs. noticed this because my cat Sunflower would always throw himself down to get a pet and rub before proceeding on with our walk. Yes, my cats walk with me too!

Anyway, I want to find a way to submit these photos. I am involved in Sacramento MUFON. I have been taking pictures because I am following suggestions of my dear friend and Mentor Mary. If anyone needs a regression to find out what has happened to them I suggest you try Mary. She puts her thumb on your forehead and you are out baby! Then you find out what happened.

After my session today, my 3rd regression shall be quite telling and I shall get back to you. I am sure I was taken, once again. Goes to show be careful what you ask for because you might get it!

More in a bit when I find out what the heck went on during my long strange journey thru that valley. I urge anyone to go there if you want to see stuff that is totally out of this world? GO THERE!

Sent in by Devon

  1. I do believe what you are telling. alien encounters. these things are real. I would go their I have psychic abilities but kinda broke now. I have seen a ufo in Rockford Illinois I also have seen the paranormal. I heard from my dad that Gordon Wisconsin and Dairy land Wisconsin that is where ufo encounters are in the woods. those girls who stabbed their GF in the woods up their were not lying. Slenderman lives there but he really is a demon. In those woods my dad saw a demon figure and also ufo encounters. I would not mediate it channels the paranormal. try to wear a cross for protection you can get possessed.

  2. Your experience is interesting/fascinating Devon.

    I see you have submitted a photograph of Bodie Ghost Town with no hesitation, how about adding the other photos you took of air-born cylindrical and saucer shaped objects. Also robes/big crafts, rockets going up from behind the mountains and the green mists. I find these aspects of your photos most interesting and am sure other readers would be as curious and interested as myself to see these photos particularly as this would go a long way to providing us with some form of proof which is lacking in ufo/paranormal reports.

    • Hello Pat, I added the picture just to help add info/interest to the page. I, as the editor/publisher should have made that clear.

      To the author -- if you would like to send in photos of their choice they need only to reply to my email. If it was missed then use the contact link to ask me how.

  3. Hey I seen the same thing in bishop in the mountains in the back I swear me Nda friend we seen a light going up and down then it went to the tip of the mountains and stopped all of the sudden a green mist sprayed across the sky and bam it was all gone !!

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