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UFO Sightings At Air Force Bomb Scoring Detachment Near Hastings Nebraska

I was in the Air Force stationed at a Bomb Scoring Detachment near Hastings, NE. I was at my girlfriend’s house listening to KOMA radio.

It was in the summer of 1965. At about 7:30 PM the station broke into the music program to report on a UFO sighting near Oklahoma City. A few minutes later another UFO report came in.

By about 8:00 PM the music stopped and the station was taking calls from people all over the area seeing UFOs. The station reported that someone at Tinker AFB had seen a UFO near the base. They called the base and talked to someone, probably an information officer who confirmed the sighting. He then said a UFO had landed at the end of a runway and Jets were being scrambled to go after it.

At this point my attention was fully on what they were reporting. Calls were coming in from other areas and looking at a map it looked that they might be headed toward our area in South central Nebraska.

We called some friends and told them to meet out at lake Hastings to see if we could spot anything. The lake area had a good view of most of the sky from horizon to horizon. There were about 10 of us waiting. It was a clear night with no moon.

At around 10:30 PM we saw many bright objects coming over the horizon. some were alone while others were in a diamond formation. some varied in brightness, fading on and off, while others remained at constant luminescence level. Those in diamond formations also faded on and off with all four objects synchronized in brightness change. They made no sound. There must have been at least 50 individual lights taking about 90 seconds to cross the sky. The color of the lights was a blue-white like many stars with a peak luminescence about like Sirius on a clear night but not a bright as Jupiter or Venus at peak brightness.

It was an amazing thing to watch. I never saw any followup in any newspapers.

Sent in by Jon

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