The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

UFOs Over Orlando

I am not one given to beliefs in the paranormal. Despite my love of joking about a “belief” in aliens, I’ve never actually believed in UFOs, or in the idea that if there actually were aliens, that they’d waste their time with Earth. But, that’s changed somewhat.

It was early December, at the start of final exams. My honors class was out on the college science building at about 6 am, looking at the moon and stars and rings of Saturn and Venus and so forth (it was an astrology class). We had a site up which gave us the coordinates of all satellites currently in orbit as well.

Suddenly, I see a dot of light moving very quickly across the sky. I called attention to it, and the small group of us (four or five students and the professor) all paused and tried to turn the binoculars to it. Checking the site, we realized that it wasn’t a satellite (at least not one that was listed, anyway). This was confirmed when suddenly, the object switched courses, and started flying back in the opposite direction.

A moment later, two more dots joined it, circling around one another for a time. They then split off into three separate directions, and we lost track of them.

Our college is near the airport, and so, we can see the planes very well. Again, no plane that I know of flies in that pattern, nor does any satellite move in such a way. The nearest airforce base is an hour and a half away in Tampa, and from what I can learn, they had no flights that morning.

To this day, we have no idea what it is that we saw. I’m still hesitant to say UFO, but I’ve not yet come up with any alternative explanation.

Written by Emily Nickoloff, Copyright 2009

  1. I strongly believe in UFO’s. Why would us humans be the only inhabitants of this huge universe. Very interesting story!

  2. That was great that all of you should see this. I don’t know why you are so hesitant to say UFO though, why shouldn’t there be life elsewhere? i think that is more likely than not. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if there were life on other planets and there was proof of it one day.

    I once saw something with someone else, i’ll go and copy and paste my story as i’m fed up of re-typing it. Brb

  3. Late one afternoon, I went outside into my garden for a cigarette. As I was stood looking at what I thought was the sun just above the horizon (which was about the size of a ping pong ball if you cupped your hand around it)… to my amazement, it suddenly began darting from left to right. I called out for my brother-in-law to come outside.

    We both stood watching this bizarre sight. There was no way this could have been an aircraft from earth as it moved far too fast. We watched this for quite some time before it just dropped out of view. I later found out that someone else who my parents knew was doing exactly the same thing as me, having a smoke outside and witnessed the very same thing.

    As usual there was no news coverage of this. Others must have seen it, so why the cover up?

  4. years ago i witnessed a ufo it was a bright silver shiney disc moving so fast in all directions but in the same area above the end of my moblie home court, it was well above the trees. then as fast as it moved , it was gone my husband at the time got there just in time to see its irratic flight and then dissapeer out of our range of vision. i’ve never forgotten that and i know of no other thing that could move that fast! it was in ankeny ia

  5. What if UFO’s do not come from other planets, what if they came from here on earth?

  6. I believe it was exactly what you saw. There is definitley life else where. The goverment knows it, but doesn’t want to freak out the media. Can you imagine if it was confirmed to all of the world???? There’d be people that wouldn’t come out of their homes, lol. I highly believe that that’s where MIB came from, hehe….Only our “Men in black” keep it from the people. Think about it…..How is it we have ALL this NEW technology. I remember 20yrs ago playing the Atari (if you don’t know, its a game system). Times have changed, and the aliens have been spotted. It is what it is!!! LOL>:)

  7. The thought of being all alone in this universe is so selfcentered.The government is hiding something from us.I think that aliens come in their UFOs to watch over us, cuz when we were testing nuclear weapons there was alot of sightings of UFOs over the area they were testing them(I think it was area51.)Well yea, aliens are real and I personally believe in people, like humans, also live on other planets.

    Happy hunting!^-^ -tyra

  8. Most likely what you saw were UFOs because of the erratic, random movements
    I personally believe aliens watch over us because we are destroying ourselves with our misuse of technology and internal conflict.

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