The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Unknown Flying Object Over the Lake

In the early 90’s I lived in Oakwood Harbor and the guard at the little guard shack was a rather attractive tall slim woman and I happened to pass by on several occasions late at night on her over night shift.

One night, don’t remember what day but it was a week day in the summer time, this car came flying in off the highway (I-40) and a guy jumped out and was all panicky and saying to call the police or someone, something was out by the bridge. ”…which ran across Eufaula Lake just west of lottawatta road on I-40.”

I went with her because he really had me curious and we went the 1/4 of a mile to the bridge and there were several cars parked on the side of the road. The people had gotten out of their cars and were just standing on the shoulder looking up in an eerie weird sort of way. We got out and looked at them, each other and then up. It took so long to look up because there was no noise or anything until you did look up and then you could tell that there was a black total void a good 100 yards across or more hanging in the sky.

The stars were all around it and the moon was bright enough to light up the shore line as far as the eye could see but in that large spot there was nothing, less than nothing. You could just tell. I was horrified in a way that I couldn’t recognize and still don’t understand now. I don’t know how long we stood there but the next thing I knew it moved, slowly started to lift and drift some and then just took off at an unbelievable speed.

Everyone came out of the trance like thing we were in and just got back into their cars and left. When we got back to the Guard shack I just walked back home (which was very close) and went to bed.

We never talked about that and as a matter of fact I don’t recall if I ever spoke to her again since she left for another state soon there after. I started believing it was a dream. Now I’m not so sure. But I’d like to know.

Sent in by Tony Lemons, Copyright 2009

  1. I have since spoken to someone while waiting to sing karaoke who told me that his brother in law lives beside the lake overlooking the area and told him of seeing something similar in the same general time period.

  2. where is this lake at? is it up North. A lot of parnormal stuff happens in the North.

  3. No. it’s in eastern oklahoma

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