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USOS Update At Catalina Island

The ocean was strange that day, beginning about 12 miles out to sea, unaccountable ripples with no consistency and large patches of water so smooth you would think you were in a bathtub. And then the large waves of undetermined origin would appear seemingly out of nowhere, some starting from beside the boat and some as far in the distance as two miles. They caved and cavorted. And then everything was smooth again.

I am a seasoned traveler to Catalina Island and this was clearly strange behavior for the sea. Very strange indeed. Word was out once again in the media this February day in 2009, reported strange UFO’s in the ocean around Catalina Island, something that crops up every now and then. The rumors had been flying for years. Of course I had heard them, even been on productive investigations in New York, New Jersey and the everglades for just such phenomena. But I had never experienced the phenomena spoken about between Dana Point or Long Beach, (the mainland where most folks board a ferry or boat to the island), and Catalina, 26 miles out to sea.

Everyone has heard of UFO’s, but sadly there is not as much coverage or information out there that addresses the fact that the sea holds secrets considered Unidentified Submersible Objects. Thoughts of this phenomena go to two camps ~ one is that the U.S. government has strange experimental aircraft that goes effortless into the sea, and the other is that UFO’S from other planets, strange and unknown yet so much more advanced than our own technology, not only invade our air space but our sea as well. Some research suggests that many airborne UFO aircraft, when detected, make a quick retreat into the ocean. There are of course a number of other theories and scenarios, but these are the most common. And they appear to be most prevalent in the U.S. along the shores of New York and New Jersey and in Southern California. One such place that has gotten our attention for such activity since the early 1960s is Catalina Island. As a seasoned paranormal investigator with Gold Rush Ghosts and host of the television show Investigatiog The Unknown With Gold Rush Ghosts Paranormal Investigations my cackles go up with such stories, and now heightened with these strange happenings at sea.

Each year our family makes at least 3 trips to the island, one for personal family pleasure and relaxation. Another is to take along paranormal and psychic students to teach, acquaint, and have them experience island spirits, and once a year so that my husband, brother and son can dive with the Catalina Conservancy to clean up the bay around the island. Our goal is to keep the ocean there pristine. It remains effortless water, clean and beautiful as far as the eye can see. And it was on just such a trip this February that we encountered what can only be described as UUSO activity.

Catalina Island (Avalon), one of California’s seven Channel Islands, is (as the song goes) 26 miles across the sea from the Southern California mainland. You can embark from several locations, we prefer the ferry ride from Dana Point even though it is a bit longer than the 26 miles from other stations because our organization is offered the “Captain’s Cabin lounge” on the ferry. It is here we can enjoy the ride in our own little space, a closed in room close to the captain. Catalina is little changed since William Wrigley Jr. of the chewing gum fame bought the island in 1919. The few changes are monitored well by the Catalina Conservancy, and it remains small and unchanged, laid back and friendly. Catalina is considered a geographic anomaly unlike the other Channel Islands however, which broke away from the mainland, which may account for the many USSO sightings. Geologists tell us Catalina Island was formed by the upward heave of tectonic plates. Catalina is primarily composed of two rock units, the Catalina Schist from the Cretaceous and volcanic rocks from the tertiary period. Could this be why it is felt that there is more USSO activity around Catalina than the other Channel Islands? The most inhabited side of Catalina Island is Avalon, around the corner Two Harbors is the smaller of the islands population centers. We are headed for Avalon. Of course for history buffs there is plenty at Catalina. It was once occupied by Indian tribes, and there are stories of Indian massacres in at least 2 of the Channel Islands. Around Catalina there is reported history ‘way back when’, of pirates and there are several sunken ships off her shores. Many movie stars and celebrities have been known to visit the island, Ronald Reagan, Frank Sinatra among many. Marilyn Monroe lived on the island for a stretch when married to her first husband in the 1940s a military man. And of course, who could forget that Natalie Wood drown just off the Catalina shore while vacationing on her husband Robert Wagner’s yacht in 1981. And then there is the true story of Lisa Marie Presley being angry with her then fiancé Nicolas Cage and throwing her $500,000 diamond engagement ring overboard. No one has ever admitted to finding it.

Dolphins and Strange Object Going Into The Sea

Dolphins and Strange Object Going Into The Sea

Halfway out to sea on this trip, after reuniting with the crew and passengers and enjoying a mimosa or two, the steward brought something to our attention. “There” he said, “Starboard. Look at those dolphins. We see them from time to time and there sure are a lot of them out there today!” He quickly went in to talk to the captain, leaving us to observe from our vantage point, the best on the boat. We looked out the window and fumbling for our cameras, wanting to take as many pictures and video shots as we could. Strange for this water indeed, dolphins as far as the eye could see, in groups of hundreds, jumping out of the water, seemingly trying to get away from something. We wondered if it could be difficult navigating the ferry to get out of their way, wondering if there would be impact. And then they were gone. Certainly we had seen dolphins in this water, even a whale or two, but never in these numbers, and never interplaying with such strange and frantic activity. A few miles closer to our destination we again experienced the same dolphin activity, large numbers, moving fast, jumping over the water and diving hard. We made notes as well of this phenomena, clearly something not experienced before. And then the highlight of our trip occurred. A large object, white, almost not detectable from the clouds in the sky, hovered. We watched as it swayed from side to side, and after about a half minute, it made a beeline disappearing into the sea. I was lucky to get a quick shot of it. Greatly encouraged, I stayed at my perch, camera in hand, while the rest of our crew left the confines of our Captain’s Cabin to go the other side of the boat and make conversation with the locals coming back to their island from the mainland, many, seasoned islanders, preferring seats that allowed them the wind in their faces. Our crew inquired of stories about UUSOs and strange dolphin activity which they told us generally precedes a sighting. In fact, just this week it had been reported that people had sighted yet more UUSO going into the water just about where we were on our seaward journey.

Back in the Captains Cabin we could see the Island coming up on us now. The water smoothed. Folks from the island told us that national television newscasters had been there asking questions. Interesting indeed.

We docked and thanked our captain and crew as always, grabbed our luggage and gear and made our way to our favorite hotel. It is beautiful, the water just a few steps from our door. After settling in, we walked to the local restaurant for a bite and to discuss what we had seen. Several of the ‘locals’ who overheard our conversation asked to join us at our table anxious to relate their own stories. “Late at night we see lights going into the bay about a mile out” one gentleman told us, others shaking their heads in agreement. The waitress chimed in, “One night there was a naval ship just off shore patrolling. This is not uncommon. But what I saw that was strange was what went on behind them. Large scale triangle objects, three of them, crafts, floating above the ship. And then, after circling, they made a quick retreat into the sea. I noticed several small boats showing up shortly after this event with lights around it making circles in the area, looking for what had happened. It is all so strange.” A man who has lived most of his life on the island told us “Generally they are white those crafts,” he said. “And when they hit the water they turn a light blue. I know because they are florescent and you can see them for a short time going down into the water.” It was suggested that the most USSO sightings are on this side of the island, Avalon. GOOD!

We intended to do our own diving for UUSO information, but the next day was hectic, there were upward of 500 divers all getting ready to go into the water with the Catalina Conservancy with the mission to clean up the bay. Too many people around to make paranormal progress, it would have to wait until tonight or tomorrow. We temporarily put USSO thoughts away.

Divers Got More Than Anticipated

Divers Got More Than Anticipated

I don’t dive. I have no desire to have fish touching my body or to see an eel or octopus. I have a lot of energy and I am considered fearless. I have met many a challenge head strong and winning, but diving among the deep is not ever going to be one of my strong suits. So on this day I took my lookout from the second story of the hotel’s outdoor balcony. The sun was just right and my thought was to curl up on one of the lounges with a book. But the dedicated divers, though I had seen them before, caught my attention and I watched as they all went into the water, two at a time. The buddy system is the safe system when diving. And as I watched them, my eyes were drawn further out into the bay, behind the boats moored in the open ocean. Something was amiss again. Strange ocean patterns appeared. There were circular motions in the sea just about where the islanders had told me they saw activity. It went on for quite a time, and then died down as the divers came forward with their bounty of garbage the uncaring left behind, an old motor, plastic bottles and other refuge. One man found a wallet with $200 in it. Luckily the owners name was still visible on a credit card and he would be notified of the find. The heart goes out to those that care about cleaning up our planet. We all benefit. After the clean-up I asked around if any of the divers saw or felt anything strange. One man stated he kept loosing sight of where he was to dive. He said he continuously got off course, something that had not happened to him before. Several divers remarked that their navigation equipment was somehow off, their compasses were acting strangely.

And so as day went into night and all the activities died down, we got dressed to go to dinner, and afterward walked the strip near the water, taking in the sights. Nope, nothing of consequence happened in or around the water that night on our watch. DRAT!

The ride back to the mainland was uneventful. We are energized that we have at last the proof of much activity in the water between the mainland and Catalina from this trip. We will be coming back in May with a larger paranormal crew, more experts and better equipment. Will keep you posted. For now we know one thing. There ARE USSOS around Catalina Island. What they are all about we are determined to find out.

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  1. very cool and yes do keep us informed! good luck and be safe!

  2. The craft going into the sea doesn’t appear to be very big compared to the dolphins in the distance. Or is it a trick of photography? I do believe in alien spacecraft, so I really enjoyed your story.

  3. wow so the thing you saw really went in the sea.

  4. Dirk wrote a very interesting piece here -- it was published as it’s own separate entry at My Own Extraterrestrial Life Form Sighting

  5. Uhhh so I go to Catalina often and I always see a bunch of dolphins, hundreds of them. They are common dolphins. The common dolphin pods can grow up to 300 dolphin, and they do not run away from anything, they were most likely chasing a bait ball and the pod was going crazy for it. As for the water, there is a current between the mainland and island, wind could also be in play as to why the water was standing still, I was there 2 days ago and water was like you described, it is not uncommon.

  6. This could be the space ships that the military are/were planning since the 80’s for the planet x (comet) comming in 2012 and there is an underground tunnel showing comming out near Catalina island getting ready to leave earth and the rest of us to die ….. ? Just something I am looking into myself. You should investigate this …!

  7. Some news mentioning a missile launched from the general area:

  8. There is a thousands of extraterrestrials here on earth! #TheAlienFactor

  9. Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, we were sailboat people and divers, shuttling up and down the coast of So Cal and out to sea,including a number of trips to Catalina. We also experienced the phenomenon of huge numbers of fleeing dolphins and strange waves and currents. On another occasion our compass was so far off that we wound up in Oceanside instead of Dana Point. I suppose a “natural” explanation is possible for all those, but two experiences just aren’t explained in my mind. In 2003 on a trip to Mexico, the sea was so calm that no wind stirred my sails and I was slowly motoring near the Mexican border but north of the seal island that is the first Mexican landmark in the sea.Out of nowhere, I saw a large wave about to hit me broadside, coming out of an otherwise calm sea. I managed to turn into it just in time but there was another just behind it and a third smaller one. The second was so large that when I was surfing down the back of it I could see my running lights on the bow of my boat reflecting in the water. Our 38 foot sailboat was a tiny object on the back of this wave. I could hear everything that I thought was secured in the boat crashing to the floor inside and I suddenly realized that my husband who was asleep in the v berth up front must be standing nearly on his head. I strongly feared that I was actually losing the boat. In fact it is the closest we ever were to losing it. After navigating the smaller third wave, I rushed to check on my husband who had in fact been knocked unconscious. We thought we surely had experienced a tsunami or something but apparently nothing of the sort had occurred leaving us unsure what had to disturbed the water in that way.

    The second event occurred on land as I was going to work, between Dana Point and Laguna Beach. This was about 2001, it was summer, at 6:20 pm or so. A friend and I were carpooling to the nightshift at the hospital in Laguna Beach on the Pacific Coast Hwy. We could see the ocean quite clearly since the sun was not yet setting. My friend was driving so I saw it first. I thought it was a meteor coming in, an intensely bright light with a trail, and so fast I kept waiting for a sonic boom. It straked across the sky above the ocean. We slowed down to watch it, and then we realized IT had slowed down as well. It went into the sea without any sound at all. We kept waiting for an explosion or tsunamis or something since it was absolutely huge! Nothing happened and though I checked and checked never heard any other reports. It’s hard to explain but my friend was so frightened by it that he told me he did not want to discuss it EVER, and he didn’t. Bottom line it was very weird,(one had a strange feeling that it was like nothing else I was ever going to see), and with all the recent sightings there by the military and others I am convinced that I watched the mothership come in. Sorry this is so long, just wanted to tell my stories SOMEWHERE!

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