The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Was I Scanned With Some Sort Of Electric Pulse?

A few weeks ago, in 29 Palms, California, I woke up very early. It must have been about 5:30 am. I took my dog out to the fenced in yard and looked around at the amazing pink morning light over the vast desert. Then I returned to bed where my girlfriend was sleeping.

I don’t remember how long I lay in bed for but it was probably about 1 hour. During this time I heard a strange noise above the house, but it was subtle but then intensified, a kind of humming. The dog started whimpering, and he never does this. I kept thinking I should go outside and look up to see what was going on to make the dog so disturbed, but a calm voice in my head instructed me not to, this is very strange, and not at all my personality, but I didn’t question it, for all I understood it was my inner voice.

For about three to six minutes as I lay in bed I felt a kind of electric pulse, that if I was asked to visualize it I’d describe it as a 2″ thick line perpendicular to my body (head to toe). I felt this electric line scan up from my toes to my head at a uniformed speed, then it would phase out and phase back in, as if it was re-centering itself/re-focusing over me.

In my mind an inner voice, that at the time I didn’t question as any other than my own, told me to relax stay calm. I lay perfectly still, completely relaxed and at ease. This voice also explained to me that the reason the line phased in and out over me was that the UFO above the house could not remain in a static position and therefore needed to phase in and out.

Strangely, this is what Robert Lazar describes in UFO’s inability to hold a static position due to the magnetic changes and distribution in the earth. I knew about Lazar describing this before, so there is a chance I simply told myself this, but there was so much clarity in my thinking at this moment. Zero fear. It was strange. I felt almost soothed.

Anyhow, I remained totally calm and the dog continued to whimper.

I didn’t think much of it until later in the day, and now more and more each day. It was very strange and definitely not a dream.

I’m reading here that other have had similar experiences. If anyone with expert knowledge on this matter comes across this, I’d be very curious to know your thoughts.


  1. I do believe you. I saw a UFO in Rockford Illinois. They are large multicolored ufos. My daughter also has seen them. She saw one in my back yard when I was gone to work at night. well the UFO froze her in her spot. she was terrified. They have some kind of power to do that. possible also through your house. I saw one last year and have not seen one since. but see online if other ufo sighting are in your vicinity.

  2. The big question is -- Who would have expert knowledge on experiences of this nature? These are very true and honest personal experiences. Most of us who are interested in the paranormal speculate as we are trying to make sense of these extraordinary happenings.

    Who are the experts? Scientists, psychologists, Doctors, Mediums, Ufologists, Religious personel? We are all flummexed because those of us who have had these experiences are ridiculed as ‘fruit cakes’ by supposed boffins who haven’t been privileged to have had these experiences. They feel as intellectual leaders in the scientific field, they should have been contacted and not ordinary Joe Bloggs. This most fascinating!

  3. My father Richard had a similar experience in Gordon Wisconsin. He felt them talking to him and putting him in the space ship. he was not lying he was a German Scientist. He was telling me the truth. he felt an electric pulse. they communicated and gave him mathmatic and scientific secrets. Richard had drawn pictures of their alien aircraft in his note book. Richard was a leading fuel engineer for General Motors. He told me privately these aliens gave him secrets to math and science that has not yet been discovered.

  4. I have experienced the “scanning” thing several times in two different cities. I do not appreciate this type of contact. It feels like a CAT scan and you wake up only moments before the scan beam hits you.. it feels like a large magnetic craft slowly moves over your house. Yuck! Not a pleasurable feeling. I sat up this time and hand gestured them to “go away” and the scanning paused and turned the volume up… like I surprised this mechanical “thing”.
    I was very glad to know I am not alone!

  5. i think they just keep doing that for some reason well ufos are mostly seen by humans who realy wants to know more about them by the way if you saw one again just try calming your mind and ask somethibg in your head that could work 😀

    • Not always, some people who have never seen nor heard about ufos before are flummoxed when they are quite suddenly exposed to an impressive sighting. It’s often only after this experience that they seek more info on the subject.

  6. you should think about things

  7. Years ago I lived on a farm. I would typically sit outside in the dark and drink a beer when the day was done. One night I was sitting on the ground later then usual, on my phone. As I was talking a blue light (like a bar code scanner) started at my feet and went slowly to my head and my phone died. There was nothing in the sky and no noise. I called my friend back after it was over and she said that she heard static before the phone died.Ive never looked into it because it scared the hell out of me the next day (although I felt safe and fine that night.)
    I just decided to start looking into it and it is mind blowing to see others having the same experience. Are there any particular catch phrases to search this experience on the internet? This is the only site that Ive found so far but Im ready to look further now.

  8. Shannon,
    I have been searching for the “scanning” topic for a long time! Sometimes I wonder if it has to do with hypnogogia? Are the same people that see UFO craft also sensitive to … hypnogogia? Are we, experiencers of the weird, naturally paying more attention to our environment than others? Or is this some natural talent that we can feel these scans and others don’t? And is this called a type of “awakening”? Even with the internet, this is still a taboo or rare subject and definitely not discussed around the water cooler.

  9. I was scanned last night around 2:30 am. I heard the same irritating hum first (which woke me), then a pulse similar to a mild electric shock passed across the bed to my right, through my body (laying on my side), then across the bed to my left. It was not painful so much as a discomfort and then, mild fear. I wonder if it also passed through my daughter in her room adjacent to mine as her bed is in the same alignment. She sleeps like the dead, but has complained since she was much younger about these night time events.
    I was not sleep paralyzed at all. Nor was I dreaming before or after. This took less than a minute.
    I am frustrated. I’m from a family of degreed scientists and engineers. We have all experienced some type of sighting or physical meddling. My mom in grad school in upstate NY in the late 50s. My dad serving in the AF in ND in the 60s. My siblings and I around the US frequently since the 70s and all of our kids since the 90s. I used to have a very intense fear and anger over potential abduction. But now, I figure if they were going to take us, they’ve had ample opportunity. My sense currently is that my family are like lab rats that are observed, but not harmed and maybe the pulse is like an MRI.
    I have never felt an intrusive probing.

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