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Alien Abduction in Arizona

Hello. I used to live in Phoenix, Arizona a few years back and had at least 4 episodes of seeing UFO’s. One episode followed missing time for about 6 hours, and another time I awoke with my hair a huge tangled mess like I’ve never seen my fine hair before or since.

It has been 2 years now since I have seen anything in the sky or had any events. I moved to Maine 2 years ago, and unfortunately, nothing. Nothing until last night when I had the most intense dream of all my life.

I dreamed that I was back in Arizona and was 9 with a number of other people) taken away after a whirlwind and me running to hide in the closet where I was praying as if it were the end of the world or my life. And I am an atheist

Anyway, I was taken to this intermediate station where I was being evaluated by some aliens that looked liked human sized embryo’s in suits. They had something attached to my mouth for breathing. They asked me if I smoked cigarettes and proceeded to have me smoke on through this ectoplasm like attachment to my mouth. They were also evaluating my body and seemed to be communicated something about my foot.

Now, I have an infection in my right great toe ever since I slammed my foot in a door many years ago. I will either have to remove my nail or be stuck with this nasty fungal infection for life.

Moving on, I was brought to what appeared to be a different galaxy. There were millions of people there. I felt my body was very heavy and I was quite cold.

Arizona has been a UFO hotspot for more than 100 years. This first-time comprehensive history of extraterrestrial encounters in the Grand Canyon State includes 81 locations

UFOs Over Arizona

They first greeted me by showing me this hand signal that my hands could not replicate. I kept on asking questions about God and the afterlife, and if I would ever see my family again, etc.. They told me the Biblical God was not true. They asked me if they could pick up my mother the following day, but I explained to them that my mother was a religious woman, and would be frightened by the experience.
They gave me something to drink, but I apparently drank too much of it and they had to keep me longer for observation. I looked at my hands and they looked frostbit.

I walked around this new galaxy which seemed to have housing installations that were similar to our own, yet they had a sort of flexibility about them that I can not explain. And everything was moving very fast. I was taken back to the original examining room where I asked them when they would be back, and they said in 2007.

I awoke feeling like I had just emerged from anesthesia, and my whole body was tingling. I kept feeling the skin on my face because my skin seemed to be absent in space or just felt different. I can’t explain it.

I quickly reasoned that 2007 was backward in time, and convinced myself this was just a very, very intense dream. I was quite shaken up by it and looked and saw that my window was open in the dead of winter!

I don’t know what to make of all of this. I used to have contact with UFO’s in Arizona as I had said before. But this is the first time in Maine that anything like this has happened.

A dream vs virtual reality? I don’t know. It really shook me up.

Jennifer Cuddy, Copyright 2011

National UFO Reporting Center State Report Index For AZ ~Β

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On November 5, 1975, after a long day of tree thinning, a group of loggers returning home to Snowflake, Arizona, noticed a strange glow in the sky.

Curious, author Walton stepped out of the truck and walked toward the light.

Suddenly a beam appeared, and Walton was forced to the ground as his panicked co-workers fled the scene.

With Walton missing for five days, his co-workers were suspected of homicide, and a search was conducted for the body. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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In 1975 Travis Walton was working in the Sitgreaves National Forest near Snowflake, Arizona. One day his crew ran into a saucer shaped object hovering over the ground.

The craft was a little more than 100 feet away and was making a high pitched buzzing noise.

According to Walton, he walked toward the UFO when he was struck by a beam of light from the object. He was knocked to the ground unconscious.

He woke up in a room that he said appeared to be a hospital room. He described seeing three short and bald beings. He was escorted to another room where he blacked out.

When he awoke again he was on the highway watching the UFO disappear above him.

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  1. I always find it interesting how the aliens or entities say God doesn’t exist. And then let me add that athiests’ do not want to believe in God but can believe or be skeptical about alien existence over God, the bible, angles and the supernatural. This intrigues me and I am not here to argue or try and convince anyone of any thing they don’t want to believe.

    Jennifer, dreams and visions are just as real as things actually happening and I am of no doubt that these beings move through dimensions that our technology has yet to reach. I am aware they are trying. I’ve watched and read about many accounts that the Alien Disclosure groups have been diligently working to bring information to the public because the people deserve to know. Yet the “powers that be” feel that they determine what is best for the people of the world.

    Let me just say, that God is so great and awesome that he gave us the ability to chose to serve him and believe in Him of our free will. These fallen beings rebelled and now deceive the world, even the very elect and righteous. No one is without exception to their measure of lies, but if you know the truth and God and follow him you will be protected. I’ve dealt head on with them and they won’t and don’t mess with me. They know who really believes and who the pretenders are as far as God’s servants go. God’s own get put to the test at times.

    Your mother would have told these beings that they have no power over her if she were a real believer in Christ. She would also command them to leave you alone. But if you seem to like ruses beings and what they do to you then you are only drawing them back to you. Lucifer is a liar and he has many scientists believing that these diffenrent ranks of entities have good and bad, but the truth is they are plotting against us and your real weapon is prayer, which merely mirrors God’s Word (his truth) so that we can render them powerless over us.

    Again, let me reiterate something, if you want them to be messing with you and coming to see you, they will come back. They will even empower you (or so you will think) for a time until you are all used up.

    Many women and even men talk about eggs or semen being taken from them and seeing their hybrid offspring years later on a different visitation. If you read the book of Enoch and the bible then you would understand these are the Last days…the End Times and fallen beings have bred and produced offspring otherwise known as the Nephilim….”Supernatural hybrids”.
    They will get you to believe whatever they can and deceive you, as long as you never come to the Truth that God loves you and has a plan. They will say God doesn’t exist and all for the stealing of your soul and whatever they can take from your physical body. If you want links, I can hopefully post them here for you to view. I will try if youbwould like but I’m not going to send you material you wouldn’t be interested in.


    • These beings are not evil. They did discuss with me that there is a sort of amorality in life, however. In the past, my experiences with them were very pleasant and fascinating. However, this is the first time that I’ve ever had any dream like recall of any experiences. It was just the most intense dream I have ever had. I guess what bothers me is the open window and of the logical sequences of events, such as: being brought to some examining room that seemed to be an isolation room first, and being brought back to that room in the end. It bothers me that my whole body was tingling for about an hour after the event. And that I kept wanting to touch the skin on my face when I awoke.If any part of this was real, I would have to say it would have been the examining room and the conversations and maybe the hand signal that I could not replicate. I think everything else came out from my subconscious mind. Yet, the UFO’s I had seen in Arizona were certainly real. I was wide awke when I saw them. The last time I had seen anything was these 3 star like objects that would come down about 1 mile away from the ground or so, and they would expand and expand to become the most beautiful things or geometric glistening shapes that I had ever seen. I was utterly fascinated and couldn’t understand how the passing cars on the nearby highway could NOT have seen these things. I felt elated watching them.

      • Hi Jennifer, your experience is fascinating, we know for sure that contact between these entities and humans is in the main, dream-like. I honestly believe that is the method of interaction and communication as we are tangible and in the physical and they are either in another dimension or beings who can materialize and de-materialize. I mentioned in another post, that they seem to choose their contacts specifically and as such they will make themselves visible to the chosen one -- all evidence points to that.

    • Roxy, I have fully studied the Bible, along with Ist Century Judaism, Hebrew, Ist Century Christianity, Ancient history and Mythology; along with Biology, Physics, Geology, Anthropology, Evolution, etc..and have come to the conclusion that the Bible is a myth.

      • Talk about close minded. Hoiw qould you expect a demonic manifestation to respond to a question about God or the Bible. You could read the Bible a million times and unless you are truly seeking the Truth, the Holy Spirit is not going to reveal it to an aetheist that is just trying to disprove it. It only takes one small statement during an alien encounter or abduction to prove what they are. I don’t think it matters what you believe, if you say “God rebuke you in the name of Jesus, you will immediately find yourself righ there in your bed, right where you have been the whole and the whole time you experienced any other trip. It is just an illusion caused by the demonic to deceive you into believing what they want you to believe. Guess what, when they are done with you and you die, you don’t get to join them, they are non-human spirits, humans they use just go to, well you know where. It is one thing to be hard headed, it is completely another case to be stupid. If you experience these things, say God rebuke you in Jesus name. If nothing else it will end the encounter and you will know that they are evil. There is no other place in the universe for them, they have their place, God made them and they chose their place. They are already defeated and know it, just trying to take as many of God’s potential with them. When will you realize this. The battle is not for my soul or any other Christian soul. This mighty chataclysmic struggle is for your soul so that you are not deceived. Look at how chesy their bodies are and some of their technology, they are not God, they cannot create like God nor procreated like God’s children. That is why they hate us because we are God’s children and Jesus died so that we would not have to. These evil beings had free will and made the wrong choice. Their only goal is to convince you to make the same wrong choice that they did. Misery loves company and this time it is eternal.

        • May I ask you what you are even doing on this site?? I’m open minded alright, or I would have attributed my multiple experiences all to my subconscious mind. I believed once upon a time ago. That is, before I actually studied it. I mean no offense. I’m just saying, that I’ve studied it hard, and can find absolutely no proof or reliability in the Bible. It was a long hard struggle for me to take, but I can not believe in nonsense that has emerged from nearly identicle myths in ancient history. Nor in something which has resulted in the most horrendous evil in the world as well: Religion.

          • Actually Jennifer, I believe JK has every right to be on this site because all these discussions fall in the category of paranormal phenomenon -- religion, ufos, aliens etc. Many people have their beliefs and their judgements are tainted by their beliefs -- that’s why I find this site very interesting, lively, stimulating and provocative. Lol keep your ideas rolling!

          • Jennifer, I am not here to preach or to argue. I am here to tell the truth. I was a bit agetated at you irresponsible and broad statement that the Bible is a myth. This horus and borus crap was created by satan for no other reason than to discredit the real Messiah. Now please hear me out. I know that you think that Christianity is a myth, you cannot prove that it is a myth. The apostles books were recorded long before it could have been labled myth or legend. I am not going to try to prove to you or anyone else that Christ is who He says He is and has done and does what He says He will do. I have that proof along with hundreds of millions of other Christians. We are talking about aliens here. Before you had your encounter or dream, did you believe in aliens? Or did you just think they might be out there? Now that you have had this encounter, do you believe more in the possibility of aliens? I do, I do believe that therre are aliens and I do believe that you have had contact with them because everything in your dream is consistant to what I know about them. But that is not all that I know about them. I know more about God and Heaven and angels and also about fallen angels, why God flooded the earth and all that. I knew all those things before I even heard about UFO’s. I do believe that all aliens are fallen angels. They are the angels that excercised their God given free will to worship God or not. They chose to serve themselves and were cast down to inhabit earth. They are 100% spirit and were not created in God’s image as we were and they do not have a structure or body per se themselves. We as Christians are God’s hands and feet here on earth to carry out His work. Like wise spirit possession, demonization and oppression has been the evil sides way of carrying out the evil work here on earth. We as humans are extremely unreliable because God gave us the emotions of love, joy, admiriation, and praise. We just don’t possess that well and of course we wear out fast. What the evidence I have seen shows me is that these fallen angels have spent the last who knows how many thousands of years and the foreknowledge of all the technology now and in the future that the world will ever know, to create their own life form that they can possess just like a person, animal or object that can interact on this earth just as God only intended man to do. Now these 100% spirit beings that have been here since God created them have found ways to operate physically in and around our world without the aid of the old unreliable hell bound human body. This evil also knows that as Christians, we never die and God will give us glorified bodies in His image that angels can only dream about and they know that it is going to be pretty tough going against them in the future. What the aliens or demoinic spirits can do is possess one of the many forms and species of alien bodies until it wears out and then they just slip over into a new one, works pretty good for them. I would imagine that each high level entity has a full wardrobe of short grays, reptiles, nordics and so on in his closet plugged up to some sort of plasma or protein machine to keep it running until it needs it. It hops in and possesses whatever body shell it intends to use and off it goes to abduct someone or meet with a head of state somewhere and so on. One key thing that you must remember is that they are not, have never been and will never be human like me or you. They cannot feel emmotion that we feel, they cannot give their hearts and souls to Christ and become a child of God. They are cold, mimicing, calculated, intelligent, observant and patient but they do not look at other human beings like you and I do. They do not understand loyalty or love or compassion. They can mimic it, they can put on elaborate hallucinations that more than one person can witness. They can generate the most glorious and beautiful music and light that you have ever seen because God created them to worship Him. They were created to reflect God’s beauty and majesty back onto Him in the highest form of praise. When they chose evil now they reflect nothing, they reflect darkness and evil everywhere that they are present. One of the biggest reasons that they came up with this alien deception was to hide their utter hatred, evil, and darkness to deceive a world that just does not know any better. Their main job is to indoctrinate anyone that they can that God is not real, that Christ is not real because they want you and as many like you to suffer in utter darkness for eternity with them and seperated from your loving God who has made this information clear to you and you have rejected it like so many others. I see it clearly as a Christian. It fits together perfectly with no seams. All I ask you to do is look at it from all views. God loves you and it is His wish that none no one perrish. I have heard so many times people say how can a loving god condemn good people to hell, and to that I say that God has never sent anyone to hell. He gave us free will to choose to love Him or not and He will not encroach on that free will. So people send themselves to hell, not God. Continue your research but I implore you to google websites like alien resistance and unholy communion and make sure that you underrstand them all.

          • Dont know how you can say the “horus and boris” stuff was created to discredit….. That stuff is ancient and those who “created” it knew nothing of a Jesus.

        • Ok. You have no evidence for what you are saying. I didn’t come here to be preached to. I’m out of here.

          • Sorry jennifer you are the one who is way off !! i can say this because my experences started with god as a child ! and yes as a child we meaning my brothers and mother did see u.f.o.’s what i saw and learned from my close encounter lead me to christ as a person and to seek answer’s from these aliens. i later saw highly advanced systems of electromagnetics. all of a sudden i knew how the craft flew and how god created the world into being and what is life and how it is substained..
            i know this is wierd but true,i later found a man who the spirit led me so happened this man was the greatest scientific mind of all time.. nikola telsa..

            i started reading about him and was shocked that i knew what he was talking about in some of his inventions. i to saw them appear to me at night as i closed my this day all this seems like a dream that happened many years ago.i still can’t really grasp all the things i see!! i see new ways of flight and how to create the systems to fly them.. i see sickness being a thing of the past,knowing how different waves of magnatism can create or destroy a lifes cell.

    • Loved your response to the dreamer! All life in the universe exists because of God. The truth can stand up to any deceipt!


      • Gosh! Dale,

        I’m rather envious of the likes of you who seen what you have seen. I often wonder what my reaction would be if I was faced with such a spectacle.

        • I just knew as a child i always wanted to know if god existed,I had a hunger in my soul to seek him. One thing that influnced me was a 1940″s picture of jesus holding a wounded lamb in his arms with other lambs by his feet looking up at him.
          I just knew i was different in someway. My grandfather as i learned later had simular supernatural experences in his life over the years.I came from a family of 7 kids ! I’m the only one who has these gifts.I have personally never meet someone like me face to face. I did find someone who has told ME amazing stories similar to mine..would like to meet more people who has these kind of gifts! I want to know more of what i have been given and how i can use it to help others…


          • Hi Dale, i have just read your report, i have to go out now but i will be in touch with you tomorrow (its 9PM saturday 5th in the UK), i would like to ask you a couple of questions thanks Col*

          • Col that would be OK Ask what you will and I will answer them to the best of my knowledge

            Thanks Dale

            Note from admin -- I retyped this for you instead of removing it but I dont really have time to do that. Please do not type in all caps.

          • Hi Dale, how does the spirit world form the physical world? I’m sure many of us would like to know what you say you saw.

    • Roxy i have to tell you every word you spoke was so right and i do agree with you cause i come to belive that aliens are not of God and their here to deceive us i just wish everyone would understand what you told Jennifer. Thank you Rebecca

    • just in defense of most people nowadays: if you’re still religious keep your God, Him, Satan comments off the Alien, UFO, Science sites….

      • Torox or whoever you are, this thread has already been sewn up. It is rediculous to think that you can seperate anything spiritual from Judeo-Christian belief or God’s Word. It is all right there in the Book, these little aliens and what they really are, why they are trying to pull the same old schemes, pursecution from people like you, and on and on and on. The story has already been written and it is accelerating towards a boiling point, just as it was in the days of Noah. Guess what, we already know what the end is, it is in the Book. It is all there, every prophesy has come true so far, why would anyone believe different when there are only a few left to come to pass. Just take one out of becoming a hundreds foretold in the Bible like Israel becoming a nation again. That one is pretty hard to deny. The technology is all in place for everyone to witness Christ return now. Never before have we had the satellite smart phones and the like so that everyone can witness his return. Oh yes and also so everyone can witness thae day that official contact is made. See there are really only 2 sides, good and evil. If you try to sit on the fence you are choosing evil, there is no conscientious observer in this war. Christ said Himself that you are either for Him or against Him. This is not only relevent to my little spiritual world, Christ is the Prince of Peace and the King of Kings over the Heavens and the earth. Wake up and smell the coffee, read the Bible and you will have all the answers.

        • Jk, I think you took what I said WRONG. I am totally in agreement with you on the deception that these aliens are demonic. I know very well that these entities are from fallen angels, the sons of God who rebelled and that their offspring are the nephilim. This isn’t a debate either. I am merely sharing that the Native American Indians have the same knowledge referencing to their evil plan. Reread what I read before shooting friendly fire. Roxy

      • Obviously, I have hit a nerve. If you do your research, you will find that Jesus was there from the very beginning, and time is not relevant to God the creator. I’m far from “religious” and I walk as a very vibrant, non-religious, spiritual believer in Christ, plus understand what my Native American ancestors taught.

        Honestly, there is much to be said on the information that even Native Americans know and kept over hundreds of years regarding the “star people” and alien entities. But closed minded people, religious stereo-types, and scifi atheist finatics can’t even grasp the greatness of God and all his creation which is even far greater than this universe.

        To shut out God and think that this is merely other races on a ‘Star Trek’ level or out of the episodes ‘V’ or ‘The Event’ is inherently foolish. If you think for one moment that Hollywood is just making movies and series to entertain it’s audiences then you are really misconceived indeed. Hollywood has it’s ‘gods’ and their occultish hidden messages imbedded in all that they produces. The word occult means “hidden”, it’s a dark secret THEY conceal.

        Is it so hard for you to ask God to reveal these things? Sounds like pride in the way and blocking your understanding. When you do this….you open yourself up to more deception and you can not understand what you do not see. I’ll grant you this, I will challenge the entities/spirits that seem to entertain you and steer you into lies and unbelief. For some believing the lies is all they know and if your afraid of becoming “religious”….you should be!! To follow Christ is a spiritual walk and journey. I don’t belong to an organized church. In fact, my own awakening to the concept of a heaven and hell did not happen in a church or with someone leading me in a prayer. I died by an accidental overdose and was being taken to dark bottomless realm with hooded dark beings so I know from my own encounter with these entities exist--I was terrified. This was not a dream state I experienced and leaving the body upon your last breath is a sure event! Where you go all depends on steps you take here on earth. I scare the stereo type ‘christians’ because they don’t know how to respond to what I know and what I can prove from the Bible that they read. I can connect the dots for people to “get it”. Puffed up intelligent people and religious people can not open eyes to see. If you want to see, it’s simple……Ask the Father of all Creation to show you and you will see that Christ is the Truth and not just a man. He came in a humbled state of being to earth. In His glorified state, to see him you would be terrified because he is “Holy” and unclean humans would not be able to bear it. Alien entities are crafty deceptive fallen beings and although they have powers they can only usurp your power and energy IF you allow them. If you are being visited by them, then ask them about Jesus….they cant lie. Seriously…..test them! Then write me. I’ll respond.
        Hope you find the right path on your journey because I am sure you would be able to help many in their struggles. In the mean while, I pray you have eyes to see and ears to hear….whether you agree or not.
        Serving Him,

        • You go Roxy, you nailed and back on the Arizona debacle Dale mentioned the same thing. We cannot expect people that do not have the indwelling Holy Spirit to be able to discern what is actually going on, or we cannot expect them to connect the dots. Is it not amazing when God puts it out there in a way that makes it all fall into place perfectly. It is impossible for someone to discern and understand things like this minus the Holy Spirit. We must keep trying to tell people the truth but we must also realize that some people God has already turned over to their own devices. We can continue to pray that people will come to the truth until then they will continue to question and grasp at straws until they find out for themselves that they have been chasing rabbits. Just remember that not all will be saved. thank God for Jesus and thank God for His mighty armour that we can put on and stand and let Almighty God fight our battles for us.

      • You wouldn’t know a UFO if it landed on your face. These subject have a great deal more to do with God than they do science.

        • Jesus Taught that being humble and meek was the way to go. I wonder what he would think about your insulting a person because they don’t believe the way that you do? Do you think that you are saving the “poor lost souls” who visit this website? I think it much more likely that you are alienating them and turning them away from the very thing that you are trying to shove down their necks.

          Oh and if there is in fact a God that God would NOT and COULD NOT be separate from Science. If he created this world then he is responsible for mathematics, astronomy, physics… the whole nine yards.

          • Hi Catherine

            Is there any possibility that you could give us an account of your experiences on this website? I’m bursting to hear.

            This is a very strange and mysterious world we live in. What made you think a couple of these entities were angels or even spectres? What did they look like and what did they do? Please expand.

          • Hi Pat,

            I’m going to do a sketch of the two ghosts that visited me. Both times, I woke myself up screaming. It was when I opened my eyes and stopped screaming that I saw them…two separate times, two weeks inbetween. One was a woman and the other was a man. They looked to be from the 70s. The woman looked mid-western, small townish and the man was corporate dressed but without a jacket or tye. He was blonde and when I opened my eyes from sleep, he leaped away from my bedside in an animated almost playful way…sort of as if to say, “Damn lady! You’re scaring me more than I’m scaring you!” The lady was kindly and concerned about something. She had been leaning over the side of my bed probably whispering something to me. My sister was in the next bedroom and she said I’d been screaming and arguing with someone on the phone for hours at a time the past week. I told her I wasn’t on the phone with anyone. I thought I was coming down with strep throat because now I realize my throat was raw from arguing and screaming. I want to know what the hell she was saying to me that was so terrifying. Obviously, she couldn’t have been all that kind and caring if she was trying to get me to do something I didn’t want to do..or that went against my value system.
            When I woke up and saw her, she stood up and put her palms in front of her as if to tell me to try and calm down…she wasn’t going to hurt me. Then she backed slowly up and disappeared into the sliding mirrored closet door. She was wearing a blue, cotton, handmade gingham dress with an elastic waistband and little brown wooden buttons. She was in her early 30s and had brown med. length hair with a layered makeup.

            I tried hypnosis years earlier with no success…I can’t let go around strangers. I wonder if she wasn’t a link to the abduction/missing time after passing through Blythe in 1983.

            It is such a huge mystery. The man ghost appeared in my hotel room at a Wine event I attended in San Francisco. I screamed so loud before waking that when I did awaken and see him, I could also hear people on both sides of my hotel room walls yelling “call the police!!”

    • Adventures with my Guardian AngelI’m getting ready to add a chapter in my book, “Adventures with my Guardian Angel” (Amazon Kindle version) about a possible UFO abduction experience I had in 1983. I lost 5-1/2 hours and went from being in Blythe to Casa Grande without ever passing through Phoenix. I’m working on the chapter now and a couple days ago I googled “Blythe UFOs” and I found a site where people list all their sightings. I found a sighting where several people pulled over to watch what they thought was a comet but ended up being an orange fireball that split in two and made sounds and came right down to the ground on I-17 just East of Blythe..the exact location where I was chased by two orange orbs and then what seemed like seconds later, I was in Casa Grande but it was 5-1/2 hours later. The incident has haunted me for 30 years. In my eBook, I write about 30 close calls and coincidences I’ve had that I believe an angel was involved in..but I left stories out that are true unexplained phenomena. I have two incredible ghost stories too…and I’ll be adding these stories to my eBook hopefully in the next two days if this rain will stop so I can stop digging my horses out of the mud. My point is…it’s ok to be open minded and believe in God, angels, aliens, ghosts….and I can attest to the fact that it’s very hard to know which come with good intentions and which have bad ones. My ghosts didn’t not look scary but what they did to me was terrifying and I’m lucky I didn’t die of heart failure.

  2. Sounds like something contacted you. My stepfather used to see aliens in Gordon Wisconsin and ufos flying around. He also was an engineer for Nasa and General Motors. my step father used to also do astral body flight. I think that is what you experience. My step father was big on Ufos and astral body projection. He is a link to my story. my story is Astral Body projection and communication with aliens. I myself believe differently. I am christian. I believe that these things are evil. I only wish before my step father Richard died I could have told him about my beliefs of these creatures.

    • Hi Jennifer, try the link again, if it doesnt work there must be a problem. Hope this works, Col:

      • I think the links are fine, in fact they were just approved moments ago so Jennifer hasnt seen them yet.

      • I only see the serpo link. Was there something else?

    • To anon: i cant find a link either, did you forget to add it?

  3. Hi Jen, interesting, im not so sure this was just a dream, i agree with Anonymous, this sounds very much like Astral projection. Have you considered hypnotic regression? Just food for thought. Have you read ‘Serpo’? Heres the link:

  4. Hmm..thanks for the serpo info. No, I did not know that, but do find it to be quite hard to believe. I did see what looked like very good looking human beings there too. But those parts I attribute to my subconscious mind. But the examination room alien looked like a human sized embryo. I believe the communication was all telepathic because I had something attached to my mouth for breathing. But the whole thing could certainly have just been a very, very intense lucid dream. I just do not know.

  5. Funny thing about the time question. I remember they did seems to have some trouble answering the question of when they would return. My impression was that they meant “in 2 years time” but said 2007. Or atleast, in 2 years was my understanding, as if 2007 was somehow 2 years into the future.

    • Hi Jen, i understand Serpo is hard to digest. Theres something about it though that just feels real. Your story is intriguing to say the least. Ive actually photographed a UFO above my house!! You may have already seen the pic, it looks like a fast moving kite, but believe me its not!
      Did you read page 11 of Serpo? The astronaughts ‘log’,
      Nice speaking to you, take care

      • I’ve seen Spielberg’s many films on ET’s, and would love to believe there is some truth in them. I just do not know. I can not say either way.

        • Jen ,did you know that when president Reagan first watched close encounters (sitting next to Speilberg), Reagan leaned over and, commenting on the UFO landing in the desert (Area 51) said to Speilberg ”Steve…you really dont know how factual this film is!! Basically Reagan hinted that the alien/human rendevous was a real event and the movie was closely based on facts!!

  6. OMG! Scroll down this link and look at the aliens. Those are very, very similar to what I saw, or were exactly as I saw them I’ve never seen a picture of an alien that looked like what I saw the other night ( in my dream) that looked closer to them than those. Very weird! freaked me out when I saw these photos. That was what I saw, almost exactly!

  7. Oh, I meant the sculpted heads and not the single alien photograph. They did not have big eyes like that one. Their heads were oddly shaped just like those sculptures, with smaller eyes…look more like embryos.

  8. Hi JK: That was a very interesting read. Thanks for taking the time and effort. I do believe there could be a God. You have to understand though that humanity has and always will need clear proof to believe in the unseen/unknown and supernatural. Plus there is SO SO many disinfo artists telling us lie after lie, how are we supposed to know who to believe? We dont know which way to turn.

    • JK, Can you explain how the Jesus’ story is nearly identicle to various ancients myths, including Mithra, etc..And I mean, nearly identicle, even so far as the 12 disciples, the ressurection on the third day, healing the sick, raising the dead, and the virgin birth? My money is on you saying that they were created by Satan to fool mankind. Here is an article I wrote regarding my doubts. If you can answer any of these questions, do not hesitate.

      • Jennifer, I think that you would really enjoy reading Lee Strobels books, start with “A case For Christ“. He asked the very same questions that you did and he was a big time world renowned investigative reporter. Lee finds answers to most of your questions and any that may pop up as a result of your questions. I also suggest you take a look at “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell, and of course there are apologist like Ravi Zaccarious? that have answered your questions from many different angles. The first two authors I have mentioned were people just like you are now. They wanted to know what the big deal was about, they thought that this Jesus stuff is just a crutch for weak minded people. Their analytical minds could not grasp the powers of love, grace and mercy until they launched their own investigations into the birth, life ministry, death, resurrection, and the coming of the Holy spirit. They looked at it objectively, subjectively and from all angles including the forensic, historical, and artifactual evidence of Christ. At the end of their journeys the evidence did demand a verdit and these hard nose agnostics and aetheist had know other choice than to believe that He is who He says He is. All I ask is that you too take the time to read this two books and anyone else following this thread. I would suggest that you suggest it to the readers of your blog if you truly seek the truth in these questions. No need for me to answer these queswtions when they have spent so much of their valuable time answering them just as the facts were placed before them. These guys did not know each other before they wrote the books but came up with the very same conclusion. You will see the same questions that you asked in your article plus many may more asked by the leading thought leaders in their fields and decide for yourself.

        • OK, I can understand that religion was brought up but this is NOT about religion and I will not allow the topic to be changed into a religious discussion. Any further comments such as the one above will not be approved. Find a different website or talk about the topic at hand please.

          • Hey I know that it is your website but you cannot seperate the two and expect to have any sort continuity on the subject. I appreciate the website and I am not going to argue here but to deny what many people truly believe to be true a forrum to help the many people that come to this sight desperately looking for the truth who are being mentally, physically and most importantly spiritually attacked by these things. It is not just a few that claim that aliens are demonic manifestations and demonic beings. Besides the facts, it is the only hypothesis that evenly remotely makes since, oh if you believe in God.

          • I am NOT separating the two. You have had your say about religion already. I am just telling you that I will not allow this to turn into your pulpit. YES, I do believe in God but that is irrelevant to my decision on the matter. Just because I tell you that I will not allow you to change this into a religious discussion that does not mean that I do not believe in God.

            It is fine, as I have said to mention religion but I have seen your comments on another website and you seem to want to keep saying the same things over and over. We have your comment above so there is no need to repeat it or to completely change the topic of this page. This is not your pulpit.

          • Just so that you will know I would like to tell you that I am a firm believer in Christ and God. I was raised in a Pentecostal family (non denominational) and am an avid student of the Bible.

            I do believe that there is a connection between the “fallen angels” and extraterrestrials and that they may be one and the same. Yes, it is a possibility. I also think it possible that “God” and “Angels” etc are simply misunderstood extraterrestrials. (If we say they did not originate on Earth then they are by definition ETs)

            My job is to moderate an alien UFO website. I cant allow the entire topic to become nothing more than prayers and preaching and religion. It is fine for it to be mentioned but it cant become the focus. My task is to keep the focus of the site on Aliens and UFOs.

            I hope that you understand my position and that you understand that I mean you no ill will at all.

    • @ Col, I just want to say thank you for posting the Serpo link. My understanding from my sources indicate that here are so many various hybrids out there now that we can’t put a number on the species.

      Because of my own past encounters I do not get upset or angry, nor do I cut people off from communicating with them because I do not see eye to eye.
      In fact, I can only hope that many others will see the bigger picture and the dangers of trusting the aliens, Ufo’s or orbs. I always say, test them.

  9. I will simply say…

    I would rather live my life as if there is a God, and die finding out He isn’t….Than to live my life as if there is no God, and die only to find out that there is.

    • Interesting philosophy Bonnie, im having to think about that one. I have no proof that theres a God but i pray to God every night.

      • @ Col, I’m sure you will discover some very exciting things ahead of you. You are open minded. I was never close minded, but back then when my own encounters took place I had no clue what was reality, I just existed and was being used up. Now with understanding and the spiritual awakening I was granted I feel empowered and grateful to know what I know. Keep seeking….its a much bigger picture. Again, thanks for the serpo link! Roxy

        • Hi Roxanne, have you related some of your accounts? I don’t recall reading about your experiences.

  10. Bonnie, that is fine. But I don’t believe in a God who would use emotional blackmail in order for people to believe in Him/Her/It. Just the fact that God is thought always to be a “He” begs the question, ” Who created the creator?” I believe that if you are a good person in this life, then in death, you should be received into some sort of heavenly sphere.
    I’m more apt to believe that some sort of advanced intelligent beings brought life to this Earth billions of years ago, and have been periodically ‘checking in” on us. Besides, who’d to say that the real God is not the God of Islam?

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I believe the true ‘Universal God’ is exactly that, the God of Islam, the God of the Jews, the God of true Christianity, the God of Jehova’s witnesses etc. etc. however, God is separate from fallen angels (Christian bible) or ‘the sons of the gods’ who had children with earth women (Christian bible -- genesis). It’s obvious for those who have their eyes opened and who have read much on the subject and, in view of where we (mankind) are, now, presently, that the biblical ‘fallen angels’ or ‘sons of the gods’, were and are what modern man perceive to be aliens, space travellers call them what you will. Therefore, biblical (religious) interpretations are synonymous with present day ufos and alien abductions, except the aliens (almond shaped eyes) are of a different sort -- that’s why I place (christian biblical) religion in the paranormal catergory. There’s little difference between the Greecian, Hindu, Egyptian ,South American etc. mythical stories about the various gods who came down from the heavens and mingled with man (in every sense of the word).

      • Hello Pat, personally I agree with you!

        There is a LOT in the Bible that sounds like descriptions of aliens or UFOs. I have often called God and all the Angels etc aliens because they are not from this Earth -- the definition of an extraterrestrial correct? Raised plenty of eyebrows among family and friends with that…

    • Hi Jenn, that is a very close theme to what i believe, in pictures of God we only see a painting of a man with flowing long hair and sometimes a sphere over his head. Maybe God was ET and the sphere was breathing aparatus. I have learned from good sources that anciet intelligent, advanved beings from another world ”seeded” the Earth, not once but 7 times. They were not satisfied with the 6 creations and destroyed them, wiped them out! We are the 7th seeded creation, and if we dont stop our violent tendencies, destroying each other and ‘their’ planet Earth they will wipe us out and ”start again” in the attempt to create a more spiritual Earth race!! We need to learn fast or suffer the consequences. Relax though, i believe we will pull through :o)

  11. Hi Col*,

    The Serpo report is very very very long and it will take me some time to read all the pages but, read them all -- I SHALL. The first 5 pages outlined the gist of the report which blew my mind. I can’t remember a story on the subject of ufos/aliens which had such a profound effect on me (excitement), but when I calmed down, many questions came to mind. The Serpo report first reared its head around 2005/6 according to the article, how is it that such a ground-breaking story on ET eluded me -- especially as I read any news related to the subject. Something like this should have had some mention in the press here in the U.K. and I’ve seen nothing at all and neither have friends of mine who are interested in the subject.

    I’m keeping an open mind on this report as many elements including technical aspects on alien equipment etc. in this story are believable yet, I can’t help wondering if it could have been ideas for a book. Who is this ‘Anonymous’ and why has he not released these 16 books of photgraphs of planet Serpo and its inhabitants the ‘Ebens’. I did see 7 photos which are purported to have been taken on this planet -- none of them were convincing except that of the dual suns -- one being smaller than the other and, even then, photographic technology these days could produce something like this.

    ‘Anonymous’ -- (Sylvester McCoglin?) who released this report, it seems has flown the coup and left us all hanging out to dry. LOL -- It isn’t ‘Anonymous’ on this forum???? LOL

    • Hey Pat, sorry its taken me so long to reply, christmas and my birthday (early Feb.) have kept me very busy. I have just read what you wrote about ‘how could something as big as Serpo’ ellude you ,your friends or/and the media. We all know the shadow government(s) control the media, thats why we never see any groundbreaking UFO photos or footage on mainstream TV news!! My friend in the navy told me that our ”friends” from the stars have given the G’vments of the world an ultimatum… ”tell the people of Earth of our existence, or we WILL show ourselves!” so now the leading world powers i.e China,Russia, UK, USA am in a desperate situation…do they call ETs bluff or come clean on the biggest story in human history, and be the first nation to officially disclose the phenomenon, thus gaining worldwide trust from all nations. Food for thought Col*

      • Col,
        That is exactly why I believe ET life will be revealed ( if anything at all occurs ) on 12/21/2012. First of all, why is it that we are all just now being told about 2012 within the last few years if we have known about these predictions for some time now ( which, I do not doubt)?

        • Not sure what you mean by “we are all just now being told” told by whom? I mean this has been known about, written abo9ut and talked about for decades.

          • I meant the mainstream. Perhaps if you’ve been a student of Mayan history and mythology, you would have known about it. But the other 95% of the world didn’t know.

          • Hmmm, Well there has been stuff on TV about it for a long time. I was watching a program about it back in 1999 (I remember the year because of how old my daughter was at the time).

          • On the topic of the Mayan calendar and the hysterical stories circulating the internet about planet Nibiru headed in this direction to cause devastation on planet Earth on 21/12/2012, I was listening to a discussion on the BBC radio only yesterday between Andrew Marr a leading journalist/interviewer here in the UK and a female astrophysicist.

            Well Jennifer and everyone else who swallowed the doomsday story on 21/12/2012, I hate to burst your bubble but, according to this scientist ‘IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN’ πŸ™‚ . She mentioned the cyclic calendars of the Mayans, Sumerians and Babylonians and was impressed by the synchronicity of the end of their calendar cycles on the above date, however, she claims this only meant the end of their 5000 year calendar cycle and obviously no one chartered a further 5000 year calendar because they no longer exist. However, modern day man now have an annual cycle calendar rather than a 5000 year cycle calendar.

            She went on to say, astrophysicist scientists are to blame for these outrageous rumours because they haven’t taken the time to explain to the general public the present planetary system as regards planet Nibiru.

            Apparently, this planet is (7x the distance of Pluto) away from planet earth, its size is much larger than our sun, hence its visibility even though its distance is ‘unimaginable’. Presently, this planet is positioned behind our sun so is not visible at all, however, when it does make an appearance, it won’t suddenly accelerate/dash towards Earth and crush our planet or cause destruction (that’s an impossibility) its distance away is to great to have such an effect ever.

            She claims the human mind seems to be attracted to spectacular stories of doom and destruction where rationality cannot penetrate until that particular date has come and gone without incident. Another factor is many authors are climbing on the band wagon and have written over 400 books on the subject and placed them on sale on Amazon.

            The doomsday story for 21/12/2021 is a combination of facts, fiction and hysteria.

          • “The doomsday story for 21/12/2021 is a combination of facts, fiction and hysteria.”

            Absolutely true. From my understanding of all I have read and heard they Mayans did not “say” that the “world would end” on the day. They believed that a new age (or something like that) would begin.

            My FIRM belief is that 21/12/2021 will come and go much like 01-01-2000 did, in other words just another day.

        • Alien UFO Truth,
          I was not aware of any programs on TV covering 2012 until a few years ago. I’d never heard anyone discussing it until a few years ago as well. I guess if you saw it, then there were. I knew nothing about it. I don’t think I know anyone who knew about it until just recently as well. But I don’t really think there is some conspiracy going on. That was just a thought putting 2 and 2 together. But I certainly would not be surprised if the “life changing event” that is thought to occur according to the Mayans, might very well be a world wide exchange of knowledge and global contact with an alien civilization.

          • Well, I have been an avid reader of anything I could find on stuff like this ever since I was in grade school. I always read about aliens, UFOs, ghosts, ancient mysteries and stuff like that. Also, as an interest, I have been a student of comparative religions since I was really young. So perhaps what seemed plain and out there to me wasn’t necessarily so for everyone.

          • According to the Serpo report, if one is to believe this, exchange of knowledge is already taking place between ETs and us πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ , it won’t suddenly happen on or after 21/12/2012, all this smacks of the Raja Yoga beliefs and the different quarterly ages spanning 5000 years per age. I think -- (the bronze, Iron, silver and Golden ages).

        • So much for that prediction, keep guessing it won ‘t be too much longer

      • Hi Col*, your friend in the navy who claims the ETs gave the Earth Governments an ultimatum to either divulge their existence to the general populace or risk doing it themselves, what an odd threat!! They are already flaunting themselves here there and everywhere if we are to believe accounts from various quarters and, why would they make such a ridiculous threat, they do as they want without due consideration. I would question this navy fellow a little closely -- he may be telling porkies.

  12. JK,

    First off, I never thought Christianity was for weak minded people, and I do understand such things as love, mercy and kindness. You can find these attributes within most all of the world’s Great Religions. Lee Strobel was actually a lawyer, not an investigative reporter. I’ve seen his documentaries but have not read his books. I will, however, check out the latter suggestion. I have another book called ” The Handbook of Christian Apologetics” by Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli. I also have that Apologetic Bible.

    I just do not believe that the alien encounters that I had were evil nor that they were Satanic hallucinations. The shimmering lights I saw that enlarged into these beautiful geometric shapes took my breath away, they were so beautiful and unexpected. It was like they were saying good bye to me, as I saw them within the last few days that I lived in Arizona.
    If anyone has ever had anything like my encounters, please do speak up. Especially those who had episodes of missing time. That happened to me the first night that I saw something unusual in the sky. I got a terrible migraine and had to stop watching them. I then sat down on my couch, Indian style, and the next thing I knew it was 6 hours later ( roughly 4am ) and I was still sitting upright on my couch, sitting Indian style. The next time, I also got another migraine, but went to bed at my usual time. However, the next morning I awoke with my hair such a tangled mess like I’ve never had before or since. My hair is very fine and straight, so to awake like that is extremely unusual.

  13. Yeah for Alien UFO Truth!! For a while there I was starting to believe that this was some kind of evangelical sight in disguise. I totally agree with you. Let’s keep to the suject matter please: Aliens and UFO encounters. The Judeo Christian God, in my opinion, has nothing to do with that. I’m not interested in discussing the religious ramifications of this. That is a whole other discussion most suited to a religious website. I’m ONLY interested in other people who have had these kinds of experiences, and absolutely NOT in their Christian interpretations of said experiences. OK?? Is that too much to ask?

  14. Jennifer, No one is trying to turn this site into an evangelical site there are plenty of those out there telling the truth now, but if you want to talk truthfully about so called ET’s then it is automatically an ‘angelical site’. If you refuse to look at the the connection between fallen angels and ET’s then your are spinning your cosmic wheels just like ET’s bike wheels flying through the air. The answer is out there and it is easy to find. I think that you know it is out there but you are still holding out hope for another answer that I am pretty sure is not coming.

  15. JK, No, I seriously do not believe that ET’s are “fallen angels”. That’s just silliness to me.

    • But what if the “fallen Angels”, or all angels for that matter, were actually aliens and that was just how the people of the time interpreted their origin? Perhaps they were aliens and when the people saw them they automatically assumed that they were Angels. Just one possibility among many.

  16. I agee it is possible that Jesus ( or whomever was the man behind all of the many ancient myths that map out Jesus’s life like an identicle timeline) was an alien. I agree it is possible. But I don’t believe in the “fallen angels” or “Nephalims” to be aliens. The word nephalim in Aramaic means great men of old, or warrior type heroes. And that is what I believe they meant by them.

  17. To your answer to Alien UFOP Truth concerning Mayan hstory and mythology, is there any difference in Mayan history and Mayan mythology. You don’t believe in Jesus when He is mentioned by Jocephus or any other historians why would you believe anything from the Mayan culture just because someone thinks that they interpreted scratches on a rock, you think it is truth or history. Not a crticism, just an observation, it appear that what you believe is historical is nothing more than what you want history to be. That is not how it works with history. Most of what you right is based in mythology (ie myth). I know that you will probably say that Jesus was a myth but it is hard for anyone to call the historical evidence of someone that had contact with thousands of people at the time on multiple occasions all liars, even after He was crucified and buried, thousands are documented to have seen Him and touched Him in person. Some of the same people that saw Him die not long before, it is what our courts call eye witness testimony. You talk a lot about how much reading and research you have done but many of us see some pretty important gaps in your philosophy of the future based on what you seem to know about the past.

    • Scratches on a rock? Are you serious? That is funny I think.

    • Slightly off the beaten track, if we are to talk about history, if my memory serves me well, Josephus who was a writer/journalist/ historian in the region and, by my calculation, lived during the time when Jesus and his followers roamed the area. Josephus talks about Jesus being a political agitator (exploiting the innermost feelings of the underclass against their Roman masters) and therefore a thorn in the side of the Roman authorities. He claims Jesus stirred up the locals who behaved in a riotous manner and disappeared with his disciples when the authorities turned up to quell the riots and make arrests.

    • JK, If you do not know the difference between “History” and “Mythology” I suggest you look both words up in an online dictionary. No wonder you are such a fervant believer in the Bible. But why do you insist upon arguing pro your religious beliefs into this conversation? There is nothing you can say to me to persuade me. And I highly doubt there is anything you can tell me about the Judeo Christian God or the history of Christianity or Judaism that I do not already know. So will you please drop the evangelism??

  18. I can absolutely say with full confidence that God is/was an alien and according to the Bible so was the Holy Spirit/ghost and Jesus himself. What is an alien? An entity that does not originate from this Earth. Did Jesus or God originate from the Earth? The only other option is that they are aliens. Alien doesnt have to mean a martian or a big headed monster, it simply means from outside the Earth

    • I think, Alien UFO Truth, we have to establish what we individually and personally understand by the word ‘GOD’ and ‘god/s’, because I get a distinct impression we have different concepts and, as such we would be talking at cross purposes with each other. In my opinion ‘god/s’ would fall in the category of aliens, possibly from other physical worlds or dimensions in this vast universe. However, my understanding of the UNIVERSAL ‘GOD’ is something else -- perhaps we should all clear the cobwebs in our minds and make this distinction as it is very important in this discussion.

      • Hello Pat, so glad to have you here and I always enjoy your comments. When I said that it could mean any God or god whatsoever that is supposed to be “up there” or in heaven or anywhere. It doesn’t matter what ‘god’ we are talking about if they aren’t from the Earth then they are alien. There are only the two options the way I see it.

        • Hello there Alien UFO Truth,
          as you’ve clarified your stance on the ‘GOD’/’god’ issue, sadly I have to disagree with you. πŸ™ But that’s very healthy as we are independent minded people and our views and beliefs are tainted by our experiences and up-bringing. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

          • Really? I am curious as to how one can disagree with the stance that either an entity is from the earth or is an alien. That is the very definition of alien “from outside the Earth” So you are saying that God is from the Earth then?

            Also -- that isn’t MY stance on the God issue.

          • GOD is and always was. GOD is the reason for the existence of ‘the all’ and ‘the nothing’ which includes all the universes both supernatural and physical, matter and unseen energy. GOD is the reason we and the spirit world exists. In essence, GOD is alive in the ‘all’ and we are part and parcel of the ‘all’.

          • Pat you are right he is all in all!! For you to understand this you have had to known the spirit of the lord!! Bless you my friend!!

          • πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ We shouldn’t personalize GOD as He/She because that gives GOD a human form which is the reason why people are confused.

  19. I am in agreement with you in using the term alien, 100% as long as the definition for alien that you are using for alien is “does not originate from earth”. I would not agree in the same respect with the use of the synonym for aliens, ET. The reason being is that I have seen no evidence that other planets or stars or galaxies having anything to do with any definition of the word alien, whether you are describing a little green man with a big head or Jesus. The majority of the real evidence out there and available, unless you choose to ignore it, is that all of the above are interdimensional and not extraterrestrial. They appear and they disappear in the air, on the ground, or in your bedroom. The so called ET’s don’t travel at 14,000 miles per hour, they appear in one spot, disappear and re-appear in another spot. Even most of the abduction evidence is now proving to be easily cooberated that the victoms have never left where they became entranced or fell asleep. I agree that people are seeing these intities, I believe that the entities were made by God, and I think that they would not waste one second traveling to another planet or galaxy, when their one and only mission is here on earth. I believe that they are in, I am guessing, the 4th dimension, could be another, and that they move from their dimension to ours at will and that time is not a factor and there is no distance. They step in, do a little light show, maybe continue an episode on a few of their so called abductions, and slip right back in to their dimension. I believe that their dimension is a spiritual or the spiritual dimension and that they use the powers of light, persuasion, vivid imagery, and all the other powers that God created in them to use for good and they use them to deceive and misguide people on who they are and what thei real mission is.r

    • It matters not whether they be from a different dimension or a different planet -- if they are not from the Earth they are an alien.

    • Spot on jk, they do seem to flit in and out of our world at the blink of an eye, they materialize and de-materialize according the numerous reports. I was watching some film clips taken in space the other day and was fascinated by these light sphere-shaped objects intelligently milling about -- materializing and de-materializing and creating formations in vast numbers. In one of the film clips one of the spheres suddenly stops and makes an instant right turn -- shooting in another direction and within a mini second, a laser beam type light is targeted at the spot where the sphere had been. Some of the spheres were very large and almost transparent.In one clip you can hear the persons filming these objects having a discussion about these entities who they claim are deliberately and for the viewers benefit, putting on a display to show how clever they were I got to thinking, were these alien space vessels or are they USA’s inventions and therefore exercises in their space war shield project. Fascinating!!

      Another film clip shows the trial launch of a dummy missile from Earth into space and at a certain point out of the blue -- a light sphere attacks the missile several times from different positions knocking the missile out and incapacitating it. The gentlemen involved in this missile launch appear to be taken aback by what had happened and claim it was the actions of aliens ETs. What are we to make of this.

  20. Pat and JK, you people are so way off about these beings..It’s like you are in denial because the thought of there being advanced life forms from other planets and galaxies conflict with your religious worldview. Therefore, you make them out to be demons instead. They have nothing to do with our man made God. That is strictly an earth thing. Aliens that are so advanced as to reach the Earth, communicate with us, study us, guide us via beautiful crop circles, and routinely warn us that we are self destructing, are beyond any of our campfire mythologies. You can go on believing what you want, but I guarentee you that you will go nowhere with your religious theories.

    • πŸ™‚ Hi Jennifer, even with my background of religious indoctrination in my youth, I’m far from religious in my views -- as a matter of fact -- quite the opposite. I’ve never at any stage labelled these illusive beings as demons and neither have I promoted the Christian faith. They must be having a field day reading our opinions on this forum. If I were to be very frank as regards these experiences which you and others claim to have had with them, I’m enclined to categorize it as paranormal and therefore cannot comment further as they are perculiar to the individual. I detect an obsession on your part with these beings and I thank God I’m not plagued with these visions as they would frighten the living daylights out of me.

      • Pat, I’m not obsessed or plagued. In fact, this place is really the only place where I even talk about it. I consider it an honor to have seen what I have seen, and would love to see them or have experiences with them again if I could.
        See ” The Phoenix Lights“.
        p.s. I have never heard of anyone referring to aliens as being demons except on this site. I think that notion is just flat out ridiculous and totally false.

        • If you did some further research you would find that the idea of the “aliens” being “demons” is not an uncommon one and has been discussed and written about many times. It is also an idea that is taught in many different churches.

          • Then, I’m sorry, but those people are wacko’s and religious fanatics.

          • I am not trying to argue in favor of or against the idea or the people. My only intent was to show that the idea that aliens and angels are connected is not a new or isolated one.

          • jennifer, i’m sorry you missed the boat about god and creation,even about ufo’ goes hand in hand with the other. you will never understand unless the spirit of the lord lets you. just that plain and simply!!! if you donot understand the spiritual realm first then all is lost to understanding it all.

  21. Nice to hear from everyone who has had their own experence with this kind of phemona. hope to see more people come on board.
    I have more to share later,like i said enjoying all the other stories.


    • You have no idea how brainwashed you sound, do you?

  22. God calls Himself our Heavenly Father and Jesus calls Him Father and God calls us His children. He also said come ley Us make man in our own image. He wa not talkig to angels when He said this, we are not created in an angels image, are we? Of course if youmay be talking about some other God. My God has always been presented in the masculine sense. Angels whether fallen or not were create as pure spirit beings that can take on various appearances. God did not create them in His image. I am not following you on that particular post.

  23. You know, you guys are kind of scary…I take it you use this site to evangelize people into believing your nonsense about Aliens being from Satan. You people are an embarrassment to science.

    • Jennifer -- every one is able to post their own opinions and thoughts about the subject, including you. As long as no one uses insults or profanity they are free to express their own views about aliens, UFOs and the articles here. If you have a differing view than some one else then go ahead and let us know. The comments, and even the articles, are written by different people so please keep that in mind.

      • Seeker is right. Also please just consider what possible benefit to you,there are in these experiences. If none, you can always reject them as best you can when one starts happening. You have free will. I think someone already posted that your true wish to be part of it is sensed. If you truly reject them, they will not keep returning.

    • Nice to see you are back Jennifer πŸ™‚

  24. Excuse me, but I have formally studies Judaism, Hebrew, Christianity, and !st Century Christianity and Judaism. And I can sincerely tell you that you are reading the Bible in a twisted way if you think that it points to aliens. You obviously no nothing about Jewish literature, allegory, and Jewish idioms.

    • Who are you asking this question of? There are a lot of different people here and with many different opinions about it

      • I was speaking to all of the commenters here who keep on insisting that aliens are from Satan and that there is some kind of conspiracy going on. My experiences have all been fascinating. I felt nothing but awe and wonder about them. My last “experience” was the illuminating lights that were breathtakingly beautiful. What I was describing here was most likely just a very intense dream.

  25. I got an email saying there was a new comment from Roxanne that I am not seeing here. To answer her question, “Is it so hard for me to ask God, etc…” Yes. It is. You want me to ask an invisible giant man in the sky, who sees everything I do, is male specific…a question? I’m an atheist. You sound like a nut to me with your preaching. And I don’t mean that to be condenscending.

  26. Hey Jennifer, I received your note saying that I am brainwashed. I just want to make a distinction on terms here. I am not nor have I ever been brainwashed but I will whole heartedly admit that I am heartwashed and soul cleansed. I am free, is the best way to describe my spiritual condition. I would like to speak with some of your proffessors concerning all the formal theological education that you have because I think in terms of understanding what you studied, you obviously fail. ou cannot fully understand the essance of God’s word with out the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It is absolutely the only difference between how you and I perceive God. Because of what Christ did for all of us, I am set free from chasing rainbows or pretty lights in the sky or little green men that tell me what I want to hear. They tell everyone what they want to here, it is called deception. I will not call you brainwashed but I will simply say that you are deceived, hook line and sinker. These beings are masters of deception and have many times used humankind’s own intelligence to insnare them in their own pride and arrogance. They are fallen from God, no chance of redemption. That is why we can never be like them and they hate us because we can be redeemed by Christ blood. They are eternal but soulless and they made the choice from their own pride and envy to be like God that it cost them everything, so why not take as many of these miserable human souls with us as we can. Let’s confuse them and falsely pump up their intelligence, make them frrl like they can take care of themselves or that we can take care of them because they are like us. Signs and lying wonders. It is all there in the Bible. There is 100% eternal spirit beings (call them what you want) and there is us (humans). Everything that we know points towards this. I don’t want to argue with you, it is just extremely painful for me to watch someone not only be deceived but to vehemntly defend the deceiver’s. Its like the old “I told you so”. The only difference here is that in our current state I am convinced that I will not be able to say I told you so because we will be in 2 diametrically opposed places for eternity where you will say time after time, J.K. told me so. I know what you think about being a Christian, that it is boring, sounds like no fun, not exciting, too stuffy, it insults your intelligence, its too easy to be true, its for the lower of the socio-economic levels of humanity to give them hope or to control them. Being a Christian is awesomely exciting because we do know that we know. You wonder where these beings come from, we have a pretty good idea where they come from. You wonder, Oh, what could they want? We have a pretty good feeling about what they want and to a Christian it makes perfect sense, it allows us to confidently connect the dots. You don’t like it because you don’t know what we know, but you will not commit to the things that you need to in order to know to understand. Again, I am not arguing, I am telling you this because my God said to love you as I love myself. My God tells me not to keep His awesomeness for myself but to tell everyone about it. You had an experience that you think is with ET’s, we know that it is a deception that will cost you your eternity, we are not guessing, we know that for you to follow the path that you are on is a road to destruction and because we allow the awesome love of Christ to work through us, we must tell you and hope that they Holy Spirit compels you to Give God another look.

  27. By the way, I am formally trained in the Science most notebly molecular biology and cell morphology. I am not formally trained in any religion. I was saved from myself by God’s infinate mercy and grace. Saved from eing self reliant, saved from needing to always be right, saved from an inherent sin nature to do bad things and try to hide it. Intelligent people are bored with everyday life so many will go out and create there own entertainment, put our hopes in the unknow, bet our eternity on nothing and whateve is done no matter where we go will will still be empty and thirsty because nothing can fill the God sized hole that God himself built into us by design, until we surrender our will to His.

  28. If you can only feel free through being devout, then that’s fine for you. I feel free. I’m a good person and don’t feel that an eternity spent in Hell and damnation is even reasonable punishment, just because I don’t believe in the Biblical God. I may be more moral than you. And yes, I do believe that the Bible has brainwashed you into believing in it. Under scrutiny, the Bible falls apart. If I’m going to believe that something is true and worship it, then it’d better not have glaring inconsistencies in it.

    • I, I, I, you have made my point exactly. Count how many times you said “I” in that one short paragraph. You must come to reason and understand that everything is really about Him and that the world does not revolve around you. That is what satan’s work is all about, making people believe that it is all about I, me, and my. God has never sent anyone to hell, if you went to hell it would be by your own choice. You by your own admission know the Gospel, and the Way to salvation and staying out of hell and you arrogantly reject His awesome gift of love, mercy, and grace, why, because you think “I” don’t need His sacrifice, “I” am too smart to fall for that fairy tale and it is the “I” that you have been blinded by just like so very many others before you, a weapon that very few people know of and it is one of satan’s favorite. You can study all that you want but you will not have the proof of Christ until you place all of your faith in Him. You don;t like the way it works, you cannot have the awesome knowledge of Christ in order to have faith in Him, you must have faith in Him first in order to know Him personally. That is why we know the Truth. We cannot show you the physical Truth but we know it for certain because the Truth is in us. Devout is not a word that I have ever used to describe my personal relationship with Christ. I never knew real freedom until I gave up I and me and made it all about Him. His two major directives are to love Him with all your heart and soul and to love your neighbor as thyself.

      • jk -- I believe you have good intentions but I think that you are the one who is not understanding something -- and that is the fact that not everyone believes the same way that you do. Not only that but you seem to think that you are the only one who is right about any of this stuff. Oh and how many times someone says “I” has no connection to whether or not you are the one who is right or not. I can say I all I want to I I I but that doesnt mean you are right and I am wrong πŸ™‚

  29. “I” as a scientist, know that the Bible is not true. And if it can’t be right from the very beginning, how could I believe any of it? There are so many inconsistencies and contradictions in the Bible, it’s a wonder anyone believes it. Ask any Evolutionary Biologist.

  30. What is your hope for the future? Who do you put your trust in? Let me ask you this question, I would like your opinion on it. There are thousands of current testimonies, from non-Christian people, who have attested to have similar experiences to yours. Almost identical and some much more involved such as major abductions and with the major exception that their experience was very negative or they were very frightened by it. They sought help in ending these and found that there was much evidence that calling out the name of Jesus would abruptly end the encounter, vision, whatever. Now because of this success there are major networks of Christian former alien abductees that are out there helping others that do not want these types of visitations and abduction and they are showing people with great success how Jesus name has great power over these beings. Why do you think these people testify to these facts, whether you believe or don’t believe, there is enough eyewitness accounts and documentations that not once in a while, not 50% of the time, but everytime someone has called out the name Jesus (believers and non-believers) during a UFO siting, alien encounter, abductions, the encounter immediately ceases, gone, over, back in bed like nothing had ever happened. The information is easy to find. Why would these other worldly beings react in every case exactly like and evil spirit reacts to the name of Jesus. If you read these accounts these so called aliens act just like the demonic when confronted with Jesus by getting out of Dodge. They get angry with the ex-victom and also continue to harass the victoms until they know that the victom has received Christ or they wait and if the person does not seek a daily relationship with Christ in reaction to the awesome deliverance from evil. If the now liberated person does not seek Christ the aliens return and even bring friends. I really think that you are a unique case. You say that you are not a Christian but you have an academic awareness of the Gospel. You may have had your alien experience because of your openness and once they realized that you had the knowledge and ability to cast them into the abyss if they were to mistreat you and decided not to pursue you because of that. We Christians don’t see many ufo’s or aliens, ever wonder why? Because they know. They also know that many signs are occuring and prophesies fulfilled and they know that their time is drawing nye to when they will no longer rule the Air. They are after low hanging fruit right now and you were not as low hanging as they thought. If you have no particular faith right now, why not call out to Him and just say Lord, if You are real please show me. Help me to believe. Seek Him and ye shall find. It will be the greatest thing that you will ever do for you and for your family.

  31. Ok, I’m ought’ta here.

    • πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Surely Jennifer there’s more fight in you, looks like jk won this round!! Or did she?

  32. Jennifer, come on, don’t go. We need our evolutionary biologist.

  33. Why should I keep on repeating myself? I can’t debate people like these. They are too brainwashed. And they deny Evolution. I don’t waste my time on foolishness.
    I didn’t come on here to debate whether or not aliens are really Satanic angels trying to fool us. I didn’t come on here to debate religion, period. In my mind, the two have nothing to do with each other.
    Say whatever you want. But I’m done with this place. I came here to discuss aliens and UFO’s. But this site is infested with psycho religious people who are using this site to proselytize.

    • I am growing tired of it too Jennifer. In my opinion we cannot discuss things like the paranormal and UFOs without religious matters coming into it but big long posts that seem to do nothing more than preach with little or no relevance whatsoever to the topic at hand are not welcome here

  34. i’m a contactee and have been from a child,i have been up close and personal with a ufo a ship and it’s people say you are sick of talk about god being involved in the matter of ufo’s!! guess what it all ties in together.
    they call christ their creator and they know he died for all humanity… people will never know all the facts till it is revealed by these beings.
    i think i’m done with this site,sorry people you are not in the know and it is getting stupid responding to such stupidy…..

    • Why do people cry “I am done with this site” when others dont agree with them or see everything eye to eye? You know what? Go on then get out of here and go somewhere else where everyone will agree with you if you can find such a place.

      • Spot on.

      • I say I’m done with this site not because people disagree with me. It’s because of the relentless proselytizing. And I happen to think that these annoying people are absolutely nutso. I do not waste my time arguing with these kinds of people.

        • Hello Jennifer. I can certainly understand that. I am getting quite tired of it myself. People like JK come to sites like this and keep saying the same things over and over. If it doesnt stop I will start deleting every comment I see from these people (JK is not the only one).

          For anyone who may read this comment -- this website is for the discussion of the possibility of extraterrestrials and what they may be. I can understand that the subject of religion might come up and I can understand that the possible connection between “God and angels” and UFOs and aliens may come up in the discussion. But any further “preaching” and religion shoving will not be tolerated. I am much too busy to have to edit and pander to these people.

          jk -- since I mentioned you I should at least direct a message to you here. I have tried to be patient and have even let you have more leeway than I feel that I should have with your preaching. Enough already! You have provided your message about your religious beliefs so be done with it already and stop shoving your message here. I personally believe in God and I do believe that Jesus was the son of God BUT that is NOT the subject of this website.

          • I agree with that! But this story above was just a dream. The reference to “Is there a God?” is a natural question to ask aliens, and I had been debating that issue at the time of this dream. My real experiences with aliens had nothing to do with God. I think JK is so obsessed with the notion that aliens are demons because alien life challenges the belief in the biblical God, and she is threatened by that. That is why she is so desparately holding on to the idea that aliens MUST be demons. I think and always will think, that that is just a bunch of rubbish.

            As for aliens performing abductions and studying us, well, of course they would! We would do the EXACT same thing to them if the situation were reversed.

        • Once again divergence of opinions and belief systems play a part -- we are human beings after all and if the question was posed to a cross section of a hundred people ‘What/who do you think these beings are who dip in and out of our world in vehicles which we have labelled UFOs’? What do you think the answers will be? I would guess 1) aliens from other worlds; 2) biblical fallen angels; 3) demons; 4) possibly advanced technology ie. USA, Russian, Chinese etc.

          It follows therefore one’s belief systems come into play when discussing/debating the issue and, as some people are quite passionate in their beliefs, religion (Christian bible) features very highly because of numerous references of angels/aliens/ gods/demons etc and, equally those who have no religious belief systems become irritated by the relentless and dogmatic utterances thus.

    • Surely by now Dale, they would know what our belief systems are and if they are deceivers as some seem to think they are, they would adopt our belief system to win us over. It’s just a thought. Which brings me to this little poem:

      You are driving us crazy, we can’t figure it out,
      We know you are there and what you are about.
      We hear what you say, we know what you’ve done,
      But are you quite serious, or is it for fun?

      You are scaring the people and affecting our lives
      Some men are abducted (but mostly their wives!)
      So won’t you come clean and tell us for real
      What are you after and how do you feel?

      And if, after all, you don’t mean to harm,
      Then tell us in truth that you mean us no harm!

  35. Alien Truth, I did not come on this site to preach. If you go back to the beginning on any entry I post on, I say that many or some researchers believe that aliens are actually spiritual or interdimentional rather than ET. I did not say anyone else was wrong. I say that this is what I believe and why I believe and even that my world view is from a Christian perspective. I never closed my eyes to aliens being ET until I realized how it fell into place from a spritual perspective. I care very much about other people and want them to know that there is help. All I have seen in this thread is how intelligent, educated, and smart some people are only to find out that they actually belive that evolution is true and an actual science. I almost fell out of my chair when Jennifer said she was shocked that we did not believe in evolution. How do you believe in evolution when Darwin himself said that it was his theory. People get mad when you debunk what they hang their hat on. I or one feel that it would be irresponsible to let anyone go unchallenged when theyu claim evolution as truth and science when it is only one of several theories. Like I said, it takes more faith to believe in evolution than to believe the Bible. I know that evolution is not the main subject here but that is what this thread has led to.

    • Evolution is a fact -- the problem is that when I say that too many people hear something else. I am not saying that we evolved from single cells and I am not saying that I believe all life originated from those cells out of nothing.

      Evolution is the process by which animals and plants change and that IS a fact that can be shown and proven over and over. To be honest I am amazed at someone who says that evolution does not occur. How then do you explain all the different varieties of dogs, cats, horses, green beans, water melons, strawberries etc. ? It is evolution -- that is the process that enables all of that. Saying that you do not believe in evolution is akin to saying that you don’t believe in gravity.

      If you believe that God created the life on this world then why not accept the idea that he created these things with the ability to survive and adapt to changes?

      • Well Alien Truth Seeker,

        There is cross-breeding of dogs on a very large scale. Also like canines, human beings and fish for instance are the same species but look very different. So the dog analogy is inadequate. Evolution obviously did occur and still occurs and is compatible with intelligent creation.

        • human beings and fish for instance are the same species? Not true at all πŸ˜‰

        • Hi πŸ™‚ :-),

          My apologies, I meant to say like human beings, fish, dogs etc, humans come in all shapes, sizes, colours etc, so do fish, dogs and other animals.

          • Hey Pat, no apologies needed πŸ˜‰ My point was that the variety in dog breeds we have today is NOT natural. Nearly all of them were “created” by humans through selective breeding etc. In other words humans used the mechanisms and principles of evolution to develop entirely new breeds of dogs. We have done the same with corn, soy beans and even chickens, cows…

  36. hi jennifer, I believe in you. they(earther) are brainwashed us.

  37. I believe the aliens are incredibly intelligent and psychologically evolved. I think they are incredible.

  38. I had seen an alien before in my back yard in Glendale, Az. actually my younger brother and sister seen it first. let me start from the beginning.i was young maybe about 7 years old. I had already knew that aliens were out and about. I never thought I would actually see one. One day my younger brother and sister and I were playing in our back yard. my siblings had these flash lights that they played with all day. it was getting dark but you could still see very well. i don’t remember what I was doing at the moment my sibling got my attention by saying that there was an alien at the gate. I didn’t believe them at first, but I noticed they were serious and kept looking at the gate and flashing the flash lights in that direction. to my amazement I seen it as well and was baffled. It looked like an alien you would see on t.v. The alien was short. about3 to 4 feet tall at the most. grey skin. big black eyes and a big head. I didn’t stare at him for more than 10 seconds and we quickly ran inside and locked the doors and windows and just waited for my mom to come home. we never told her til i was 23. I had other incidents where something not normal was outside by the gate shaking it hard and keeping me up at night. during those nights I would hear a humming noise that was obviously not a cat, dog, bird, or any animal that lives in the desert of phoenix, Arizona. It was humming. i could keep going on with my encounters but that just a few of them.

  39. Armando, so much has happened since I had written this that i wouldn’t know where to begin. All i can tell you is to try and not be frightened by your experiences. If they are trying to contact you, let them.

  40. Hi Jennifer, I just read 85% of the comments and they were long and its too bad you were constantly harassed but hey the world isn’t all flowers and rainbows. Would you care to explain anything new that may have happened. I’ve been recently intrigued by all things paranormal and would really like to have a good understanding of these beings. I’ll only say it once that I believe in an afterlife but hold no specific faith since they all seem vague in my opinion. I would love to have my mind spread open with any visions from these ET’s.

    Thanks for your comments and story,


  41. The question about is there a God? Usually I talk about UFO/aliens. But this subject of God is to me and I believe others much more important than any thing else. Yes, I’ll be the first to say: Jerry believes in God. Keep in mind, even though you personally don’t know me and maybe for the most part you’ll never know me in person. This is not the issue. Why I brought this up, I’m the type of person unless I see it for myself or I can understand it I have huge questions and doubts. In the Bible doubtful Tom his remarks about the resurected Jesus we all know that story about unless I can see his wounds etc. I think Thomas and me would get along very well in those days! Now back to the main point: Why I believe in God? One of the main reasons I believe in God it’s simple not by faith this is getting into an emotional thing science would not dig this idea! So, let us speak in terms that every one could understand. This too me is the main reason: How can you create some thing out of zero! Nothing! This would really take a lot of faith let us look at the eyes do you realize how complexed the eye is and yet non-believers want us to be billions and another million on top of this out of evolution created this complexed thing called eyes. Now getting away from animal life we go to things like the Sun! Earth is in the right area or position not too close not to far either way the Sun wouldn’t be working as we know. We’d be either too hot or too cold. Again this Sun had to have a creator knowing this. Then we have another thing kinda modern called NDE’s Near Death Experiences. Again millions now have went and came back! Did they say oh on the other side (Heaven) the spirt guides said set down dude we have to tell you some thing: Him: What is this? Them: There is no God! No this doesn’t happened rather God is depicted by several things on this other side: Bright light, some times a human man form. Then this light tells them it’s not you’re time so you have to go back. We’ve all either read this or we’ve heard thess storie on radio or at times TV. Some aliens called Pleiadians think humans are weird! Why? Because for the most part we believe in a God a Creator. They think this is stupid and they believe in what we would call the creation. They also are strong believers in reincarnation. I’m not going to get into this subject of reincarnation because this is not the primary subject right now! Now some one might argue well if advanced aliens don’t believe in a God like the Pleiadians this must be true! Is it? I have done a lot of research on the Pleiadians and when I put down how do they believe things got started? One semi-reptilian alien said it’s always been here! The Pleiadians the subject is voided and skipped like what? Oh? Next subject! Please! Remember just because a race of humans or aliens do not believe in a Creator God/Jesus Christ etc, this doesn’t make it true! Why? Because they might be smart on science and how to fly a craft from here to there bending space by the way. But this doesn’t make all of their thinking correct. Let me give you an example when I was younger in what we called then Junior High School (now called middle school) our social studies teacher a lady said the FBI is an Investigation agency only they do not have arrest powers and we do not have a Federal Police! I was a young snot at the time but I didn’t buy into her remarks. Now years later after high school I went to college this time instead of telecommunications (and advanced electronics) I took law enforcement and I became a Marshal in those days not a Federal Marshall rather other type. I learned even before this that the FBI does have arrest powers and they are wheather the late teacher believe it or not Federal Police Powers! As those who have rob a bank or have been involved in a kidnaping circumstances etc, etc. So,the so-called teacher who thought she knew more then the students was WRONG! WRONG! AND WRONG AGAIN. So what is my point? She went to college years ago she was our teacher yet she didn’t understand some thing that was indeed not true from her stand-point! So, we could adapt this to aliens (UFO) types. I have met aliens you can read this in prior postings they believe in God and too they believe in the same religion as I believe and belong too. I have another one to give you in case you’re too young to remember this one: A long time ago a Lutherian Church Minister was visited by yup you guested it the devil himself. He the devil asked him can I tell you a true story? Minister: I guest? I went to Heaven and Jesus Christ and the angels we’re all acting weird (funny) and walking back and forth! They looked at me with a puzzled look as if to say this can’t be! (?) I then said to all of them no it can’t be! (?) Don’t tell me (NOW HERE WE GO INTO THE GOD IS DEAD IDEA) is God dead? They all said yes! I asked if I could go to his bedroom and see His dead body? (!) They let me! Sure enough He was lying on the bed very much dead! Then Jesus Christ and the angels and those in Heaven said to me (the devil) if He dies then we’re all going to die! Earth shall be gone! Other planets are going to be gone! Etc, etc. The minister took on this story hook line and sinker! Would you? My answer is a strong NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now if you really studied the Bible which I have for several years now I have been the Presbyterian Church member Catholic Church member and now LDS Mormon Church member now let us think strongly what is wrong with this story? Simple: The devil is not allowed back in Heaven they had a huge big fight and 1/3 left Heaven was trown to earth! So little wonder boy devil and his story to the minister was corect and my attitude towards this minister you better reread the Bible again dude! So, what is my point? Just because some one or some ones say this or that regarding God doesn’t make it correct! Oh by the way in the NDE’s God is very much alive! If any one is going to die it would be the devil himself! Why would the devil say this same reason some UFO aliens say this stuff! (?) Is it to make us believe that we should listen to them? Maybe? Is it because they themselves don’t believe? Could be? Is there another reason we haven’t figured out yet? Could be! What really gets me folks it this an athiest had NDE and he came back even though he was shown Heaven talked about a Creator and related he said back on earth I still don’t believe in God! (?) Wow! I think foolish pride might be the answer on this one! So, I have given all of you a long story yes I know! So, the reason I did this just believe in God you’re own way! Don’t believe just because they are so-called smarter then you this makes it right! Remember that Jr High School teacher? Was she right? WRONG! As those in Federal Prison about the FBI oh they didn’t arrest me! Yeah sure! Thank you for reading this long posting! I enjoy reading yours also. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

  42. Are aliens as stated above increditable? Yes! Some of them are I want to share some information as I have promisted in the past regarding aliens. For the most part I have given you negative information about aliens. Now for the good stuff! What! I do have good things about them so I’ll share this with you! How do I know this would become a book believe me! So here we go! Remember those bases in the State of Virginia on top is an old electric plant but down below relible sources numoures individuals have been there and too told me:

    They are 25,000 years advanced then above, on other things only 565 years. They can do these things: Make themselves invisable (some) time travel they can go back in time or present or into the future! They have a cure for cancer these pills have been described as white little pills about the size of Aspirin and the human was instructed to take one every day for I believe 5 or 7 days. Then the cancer was totally gone! They can so a transfer of humans an older body into a younger body the younger body has his/her memories and soul.When first reading this stuff you’re say how can this be? Especially you know who would say this! (?) But look back in the year of 1870’s in the either USA or other countries like England, Germany, Canada etc. A person from the future goes to the local telegraph office and he tells them do you know in the 21st Century they’ll have fiber optics a little plastic thing looking like a fish line and they’ll transmitte telephone and TV and data information on these little plastic fiber deals oh thousands of converstations and TV and computer and this and that! Now how do you think that telegraphic operator would think or feel about this weird conversation? (!) Now with this in mind then the aliens into the future doesn’t sound so weird after all! I don’t know if I told any of you I have met in real time some of these aliens that are way,way more advanced then the USA,other countries world wide.

    What really gets me is this! Why are they here? Is it to protect humans from bad aliens? Is it to scout and then report to take over some time either in the near or distant future? Or just what? I have tried to ask in a round about way but they we’re afraid of the telephone line knowing it is tapped and too my emailing address. Any body who has been abducted or knows a lot about UFO’s the USA any way tappes the line one of the guest on the Coast to Coast Show who I have had snail mail contact told me this. I have been told by a former FBI agent who went over to the CIA he told this friend of mind and his and warned him to tell me that be careful what you say because Jerry’s telephone is tapped. I know he was right because of several other incidents that has happened in the past. Again, the more modern societies or Goverments that are advanced have been included on the way huge advanced science! So,I hope this information has give some extra insight on the complexed subject of UFO’s/aliens.

    Jerry Biddle from the USA

  43. People, people please read! Every time a human can not understand things which are either out of the human’s idea of things humans put a label on it! It must be demon! Now folks let us be real okay! Studying the Bible you’ll see and read into it that demons were once angels! They angels do not require a flying craft! (UFO) nor does a human when they are in the sleep stage when they leave the body rather in the astro-stage they just go where ever. They don’t need assistances, nor a huge big UFO to do these things! Now if an alien who didn’t know better back in World War II went to Germany he would say: That Hitler is the devil himself! But even though we know better because Hitler was once a little boy we’d disagree with that alien. No, he is a human but he has his self interest in mind! When the demons in the tree jumped down upon those young new Christians they didn’t need again a flying craft to do this. So, what does all of this add up too? First off some of you above have made claim that abductions take place when the human is asleep! Yes some times this is the case but repeat but not always! Some of them are during the day time hours and the human being abducted is NOT ASLEEP! SO, what could all of this really be then? I’ll try the best to help all of you understand: Think in terms of millions of years ago! Don’t think 6000 years ago or try and put a human label on it! What I have geather is a long time ago the aliens got a bright idea which really back fired on them: The brain storm idea: Let us kill all animal life on our planet because they might attack us and kill us! So this they did! Not realizing that ever thing regardless of the size or nature of them has a HUGE BIG PURPOSE! So for several years that planet only had them (the aliens) things worked out for awhile repeat awhile! Then bad things started to happen! The trees didn’t have bees, the flowers and other things needed them so what else could the plant life do but die away! Now the planet is like what they have seen on the planet Mars once a life form but now a land of zero================ with dust dust devils (small tornados) etc. So the aliens think to themselves we really blow this one didn’ we? (!) What can we do? I know we’re millions of years advanced let us go to different planets and see which one was like we had eon of years ago! They came back and said: Earth! They have green grass they have animals they have trees! So now what do we do? Simple slowly we take over the planet not by force rather by secret control and cause things like train accidents, wild fires, drought and make sure the humans kill each other off because of land, religion and other reasons! Then just when they are almost gone take over! But once we take over let us not repeat the same mistakes we did eon of years ago! Let us have those huge big snakes, those lions, the wild dogs and tame ones even if they turn against us it is worth it because this new idea of taking over earth is are only answer to our huge mistakes and our very lifes! About demons: Again read in the Bible 1/3 of them left Heaven why? Because they wanted again to have control on earth their way right or wrong! Remember this: Aliens can be killed by guns! Try and kill a demon by using a gun! Sure right you bet! Only thing that can kill a demon is either God or His Son Jesus Christ and too again in the Bible where do you read about God and Jesus killing a demon you don’t! Yes when the time comes into the future or like They shall kill the demons but wait this again has some thing about it! It makes claim the earth shall be at peace for 1000 years then the devil and again his demons try and kill God’s people then it states fire comes from Heaven and kills them! We can not put a date on this when is this going to be? I know, you don’t have to tell me some religions put a date on it example 1975 with the saying of stay alive for 75! Do you realize how many years ago this was? Then let us not forget that self rightous individual living in California saying don’t go to Church any more God doesn’t want you too and listen to my radio station instead and foolish ones turn you’re retirement funds into Bill Boards and waste over 700,000 dollars! What happened yup you guest it! I’m still here typing information on this sight! So, what’s my point? Stand back read research and do some thing which is THINK! Jerry Biddle from the USA

  44. Wow Jennifer very interesting experience. I am not clear why Christians are showing up on this site and using your narrative as an opportunity to push their religious agendas. The fact is, there are times when all of us need to agree to disagree on religious matters. Religion and spirituality are very personal experiences and I don’t believe that any of us has the right to say that someone else’s beliefs and convictions are wrong or invalid.

    But, back to Jennifer. Have you had any subsequent sightings? Any long-lasting physical effects? Very interesting about the ‘dreamlike’ state which may be the best way to translate some of these experiences into human consciousness. I would be very interested to hear about your other UFO experiences, and in particular the one where you lost six hours of time. Take care and best wishes to you!!

  45. I am an alien my father was from another world and I look just human and I am gifted and 60. I know that I am unique and different and believe there are other worlds and know that they are not all friendly but all from God. I live in Kingman Arizona for ten years and know that we are not being told the truth by our government.

  46. People that argue religion is not from Jesus

  47. Everyone has the right to their opinions, fundamental or scientific. I have no right to judge or critcize. My beliefs may differ from others. Doesn’t make me right or wrong, just different. And acceptance of another’s beliefs doesn’t mean that I agree. That being said, I’m often baffled by the proclivity, throughout mankind’s history, to evoke the supernatural to explain phenomenon not yet scientifically understood. Even today, with our advanced technology, advances in physics, biology and chemistry, people still believe in man made myths and monsters to explain things we don’t yet understand. The very idea of an all powerful mystical omnipotent deity ruling or judging each individual’s moral choices goes against all scientific proven facts. While religious doctrine has been called the “opiate of the masses”, it has also been the greatest cause of war, genocide, prejudice and hatred. I am not an atheist, however. I simply have not found any scientifc proof of a “god” to aliviate my doubts. And I do not understand why the awesome beauty and magnitude of the natural world, the granduer of our universe isn’t enough. “How can it fail to hold our attention and reverance that we have to diminish it with archaic beliefs?

  48. I do not believe that UFO’s, ET’s and other, as yet, not understood phenomenon, are “God”, or “angels”, or “demons”. The very idea seems ludicrous. I do believe that we, as a species, have not evolved enough to understand all the complexities of our universe. I am not religious, although I was raised Catholic. I simply do not know whether there is a “God” or not. The very idea goes against all scientific proof. And I do not fear being sent to hell for believing in mythical archaic religious doctorine created to instill fear as a way to control the uneducated masses. (vis-a-vi: physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics). But I do not know all that exists within our universe or dimension. And considering the immensity of space-time, how can we deny the possibility of alien life? Whether alien entities visit us or not (I believe that they have for thousands of years and continue to do so) doesn’t make them gods, simply far more advanced in their technology.

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