The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Alien Artifacts And Writing Discovered?

Alien artifacts could prove once and for all that extraterrestrial life forms existed in the distant past.

If intelligent aliens existed on Earth long ago it would be reasonable to assume that they are still here.

Unfortunately, no one has yet been able to prove that any specific artifact was in fact from an alien. There certainly is evidence to consider, and the idea of finding something physical that was created, or directly inspired by living extraterrestrials is an intriguing one to most of us. What if our own writing was in the beginning inspired by extraterrestrials?

Today I present a piece written by a good friend and fellow seeker of the truth:

Alien Artifacts And Writing Discovered?

Although it was a fictional television show, a line delivered by one of the characters from “The X-Files”, when asked if there really were aliens among us, stated “Oh, they’ve been here for a long time”. While strange flying craft have been witnessed for millennium, these are still just sightings; they offer no concrete proof or even an artifact to speculate upon. But have there been objects found on our planet that could possibly be identified as being of an extraterrestrial nature?

Are Coins Like This Old Copper Piece Alien Artifacts

Are Coins Like This Old Copper Piece Alien Artifacts?

In the early 1920’s a copper coin-like artifact was dredged up from a well digging at Lawn Ridge, Illinois. The strata this object came from was about 114 feet underground and the Illinois State Geological Survey confirmed that the surrounding deposits were from between 200,000 to 400,000 years old. A drawing of the “coin” was made before the actual artifact was sent to the Smithsonian Institute for safekeeping. Regrettably this object, as well as many other objects that do not fit the “official” version of history, has since vanished from the Smithsonian’s care and all that is left is the drawing made of it.

Depicted on the coin was the design of a large two legged figure with what appears to be a feathered headdress like attachment on its head holding a club of some sort over a prostrate figure at its feet. Around the edges were a number of markings that might pass for an alphabet of sorts. It is this “lettering” we wish to pay attention to.

Are Writing Like What Appears On This Old Copper Piece Alien Artifacts

Are Writing Like What Appears On This Old Copper Piece Alien Artifacts?

Now we look at an incident from November of 1967 in which around 11:30 p.m. a pulsing light was seen to descend onto the Riverside Municipal Golf Course of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The witness to the event stated that he saw this from his residence about 1,500 feet from the golf course. He watched as the light descended and resolved itself into a “squashed globe”. The object at first radiated a reddish light but that the lights changed to a soft violet color and he heard it giving off a buzzing sound like an electrical transformer. He witnessed the craft fly over the Saskatchewan River and land. Then the lights from the craft went out and he saw that it shone a silverish color in the moonlight. After about five minutes the lights came back on and the craft leapt into the sky and was gone.

The next day, the gentleman went over to the course to see if he could find where the craft had landed. After a brief search he discovered a circle of mashed down grass in a circle about fifteen foot across. About 6 foot out from the circle of mashed grass were a number of holes about 4 inches in diameter each. As he was looking over the area he caught a glint of light off an object that, when he picked it up, was a piece of copper colored metal about 7 inches by 5 inches along the sides and about 1 millimeter thick.

Strange Craft Reported in Kentucky

Strange Craft Reported in Kentucky

On one side of this metallic plate were etched a number of lines of unidentifiable characters and a drawing that could be interpreted as possibly a small topographical map. A number of the symbols on this copper plate match some of the symbols on the coin unearthed in Illinois.

The third piece of this written puzzle comes from recent sightings of some extraordinarily bizarre shaped craft that have been spotted over the Appalachian hills.

Are These Characters Alien Artifacts

Are These Characters Alien Artifacts?

While there are not a lot of the characters that show in the photographs of this floating anomaly that are large enough to make out, all those that do show in this photograph of one of the “wings” can be identified as matching characters found on the ancient coin and the mysterious metal plate as well.

If this truly is the same script, written by the same beings in the same language, then these “extraterrestrials” have most definitely been here for a long, long time.

Written by Wm. Douglas Mefford

Douglas writes for The Greenwoods Village

  1. How did writing develop in the first place?

    I have always felt that writing had to have been introduced to early man from some outside source. Perhaps some of the human creatures were required to write ledger entries of sorts for the Annunaki as part of their “slave” work. I don’t know, just a strong idea I have

  2. Interesting indeed!

    **The writing on the alleged ancient copper coin is rather flimsy, wishy washy and somehow not what one would expect from an advanced being.
    **The supposed ‘floating anomoly’ which ressembles a tower of some sort or probably an object placed in a horizontal position, could have been held in place by unseen wires/strings. The characters on this object could have been endorsed by the faker to match the ancient copper coin. Sorry if I sound cynical, but an object of this nature, if alien to this Earth, would have been publicised loud and clearly for the world to see on and other forms of public media. I honestly believe this is a fake.

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