The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Alien Dreams?

Hi, for about half a year now, every few times a month I am having this exact very vivid dream paralysis.

After I go to into my bed I feel my body actually floating upwards, then floating around a bit. It’s so real and vivid to me.

Then after a bit I would come back down to my bed and would experience what feels like my body being examined over by aliens. But I am not sure what or who because I am so scared I can’t open my eyes – never.

Is this really happening to me or is this a quick dream?

How is it possible for something to get into my alarmed 11th floor apartment? Or is it?

Would a religious item placed in my bedroom help rid this?

Thanks very much all.

Sent in by Charlie

  1. Hey Charlie,
    sWhat you are experiencing ounds very similar to what many of us have experienced over the years. As to not wanting to see anyone or thing that may be there, thats entirely natural. I have opened my eyes only rarely and i honestly believe ‘they’ can make themselves appear to look how they want. When i last ‘saw’ them, it was a very human looking male, dressed in a black BDU and talking to someone out of my sight, i heard them say several things then as he was turning back to me i closed my eyes so he wouldnt see i was awake, and thats all she wrote. Try to open your eyes, try to see what you can, as that way it usually imprints enough for you to remember in the morning.
    As for the religious item… look, if it makes you feel better, do it, but as to being able to ‘scare’ away an actual being, if it is indeed that, then no, that doesnt work any more than having a cross above your bed will scare away a home invader or murderer. The only time an item MAY help is if the intruders are spiritual/from another plane, so to speak, then it certainly can’t hurt.
    But again, if it makes YOU feel stronger and more able to deal with whats going on, then do what you need to. Its still scary, but it may help you through the ordeal. just my opinion after a lifetime of dealing with visitations etc.

  2. Yes, a put on a cross or religious article. It will help some.

    • I wonder Carri, many years ago my crusifix was violently wrenched from a picture it was attached to and thrown under my bed by an invisible force. -- Very frightening indeed.

  3. what scares away murderers? traps! design or buy your very own booby traps. also here is something that can help that i reference from “Death Note”. if u have mechanical pencils then you must have some charcoal sticks in the mechanical pencil. take the charcoal stick and make it go in the metal thingys(idk there names) that hold your door together. if the door opens it will break, if it doesn’t it’ll stay intact. so if its someone teasing you then you’ll probably see the broken charcoal stick in the floor. if u don’t… then there is a possibility that someone is doing stuff to u, and not just a someone…. the someone.

    if u don’t know how to put the charcoal stick in the metal thingy in your door then i suggest you watch Death note. or just a video of death note. in the case of booby traps just put lemon juice (literally lemon’s juice) on the floor and then check with a lighter for footprints. be creative.

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