The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Alien Presence Helped Me Choose Life Over Suicide

Here are my 2 stories, 1 that I have shared on ParanormalQA. I think about the 2nd story almost everyday, hoping one day whoever or whatever was in that UFO would see me face to face for me to give them a big thank you.

So here’s the story:

I’m a kid in elementary school and I just took an interest in ESP, the paranormal basically, and aliens. One night, I watched a show about aliens that we rented from a video tape renter. I began feeling this weird, mean, being watched feeling from my room. In my mind, it was as if there were about two people or aliens outside my room watching from outside but they made me feel uncomfortable. I went to sleep anyways.

In the middle of the night, I woke up, which was highly unusual at the time for me. I could somehow “feel”, or sense, if that makes sense, again 2 people or aliens behind me near the window. My back was facing the window. I decided I should turn around and see who was there, even if I was scared, and right when I was about to move (or I moved a little, it’s been a while) to turn an see who it was, I felt a needle stab me right into my neck on the top bone of it or close to it. I tried moving again to get away but I felt this gooey stuff rush through my body whenever I tried moving that would paralyze me. In my mind the gooey stuff looked green in my body. Soon enough I was stuck in one position and then everything turned to black.

Then I began having a dream that I was running around my neighborhood barefoot chasing after a grey alien. The grey alien and I got to the point where we switched who’s chasing who for a few short seconds, then I was chasing it again, then it slowed down and thought and said, “Wait, what? What am I doing? Why am I doing this?” so it stopped running around, gave me the “whatever” hand motion and then after that, it disappeared somehow (I kinda forgot how but I want to say it hid in some bushes and it was gone after that. That’s where my dream ended.

After that, I woke up in the morning on the same side that I was left paralyzed at night. The blankets were moved slightly “off” from how they were when I was asleep but everything looked almost the same. I had this big feeling and knowing I got left with a mark on myself by something so I checked my left hand that I was on my left thumb I found a mark. It was a purple triangle with the tip facing my nail and it was almost perfect. It slightly hurt when I touched it, but after the first few touches, it didn’t hurt anymore. I was scared. I tried rubbing the mark off and it wouldn’t come off. I told my mom and showed her the mom and she said it was a bruise, but I said it didn’t really hurt much. She said I must have had a nightmare and hurt myself.

I went to school and showed my friends the mark on my thumb and told them mt story and they were like “no way!” and they tried rubbing off the mark but it wouldn’t come off. I asked them to check the back of my neck for any markings and one friend said I had a small marking on my neck but it was faint I think. The mark on my thumb lasted for about 3 months or so and I didn’t do anything to it, I just left it alone. Eventually, it was gone.

After that, I was very scared of aliens and did not get into alien stuff until the last few years. I forgot to mention, my family and I saw a UFO in the mountains during the Perseid meteor shower before I got that marking I believe. That’s when I tried talking telepathically to whoever was in the UFO and that’s when the UFO began following us in the car while we were driving away. After that, my brother and I would ask in our heads for UFOs to pop out in the middle of the day and we would see something. It was pretty cool.

So what happened that night with the triangle marking? Was it sleep paralysis plus a nightmare? And one more thing to note, recently, after almost my whole life of my thumb being normal, that same thumb that had a mark is tingling at random times.

For this second story, I had just had a fight with someone and that person ended our friendship which meant so much to me. I had asked “good” aliens from Sirius to protect me while I walked in the middle of the night. I got home and and was so angry and depressed that I was crying into my pillow in my bed. I became suicidal and had asked Archangel Michael to take me into Heaven (healing) as soon as I died in my sleep that night. I really didn’t want to live anymore.

Suddenly, with my eyes closed and facing away from the window, there was this bright light shining in. I knew at that moment, inside, it was the aliens I had asked for help to walk with me and that they were back to save me from my path I was choosing. But, I had anger inside saying “no, it’s not true, it’s not aliens, why would it be?” I kept hearing people crying in my head and people calling my name in my head and saying “Please…Please..”. At first I thought they said, “Please leave Chris” but that seemed to make no sense to me and seemed kind of mean, I mean they were crying for Christ’s sake, and then I decided to dump the skepticism and turned around to see the bright light outside my window. And there it was. A huge, bright ball of light that looked like a literal star outside of my window!

In my head at that same moment I saw it, I had the biggest and loudest yell and an image of 4 people/aliens inside the UFO in the very front, looking like angels in some photos I have seen before, but like regular people, no wings. They yelled out to me, “Please don’t leave!” Then, as soon as I felt scared of the whole situation, the UFO zoomed upwards and left in high speed.

After that, of course, I chose life over suicide. I feel those aliens care about me, they made me feel like I am here, alive for a reason. I felt loved when I needed it most, even if it was a scary time. I am grateful for that experience.

Thank you for reading,

  1. I am glad you choice life over suicide. You may have tapped into another realm by watching the UFO movie. and seeing it. try to pray . be careful. These Aliens can possess you.

  2. Hi Carri,

    Yes, thank you, I am happy of that choice as well. I will be careful with alien stuff.

  3. I have seen things like you have. I usually pray and become frightened.

  4. Hi Carri,

    I have “prayed” (it’s more like asking and talking to God, Archangel Michael, and my other angels) for signs, which included a UFO as a sign, and got it! 🙂 I think we are all well taken care of 😀

  5. Good the angels will watch over you. be careful UFO can be demons. look at their faces then look at a demons face. they look alike. the UFO are false angels of light. Be careful the devil is really tricky.

  6. Thank you Carri.

  7. I’m not poo pooing your experience Micle as it’s most certainly your experience. Could those images have been perhaps cunjured up in dreams especially as you were rather caught up with UFOs and aliens after watching those ufo tapes?

    Also, how does one distiguish between alien faces and that of an angels?

  8. All you have to do is say this. to determine angel or demons. angels do not come in space ships. all you have to do is say this. “Be gone unclean spirit in the blood of Jesus Christ, I comnad you. Shout this out several times. it they leave then they are demonic.

  9. I really believe what you are seeing. my father saw these creatures and asked me what they were. I did not know at the time. I know now to just shout out prayers. The prayer will tell you what this alien is. “Begone unclean spirit in the blood of Jesus Christ, I command you.

  10. Hi Pat,

    Yes, there is a chance that the movies I saw and books I read about aliens and UFO’s put the images in my mind which made me dream of aliens.
    Angel’s are beings of unconditional love, they will leave you with feelings of love, happiness, joy, peace, positive things. Nothing negative. They will not scare you. Angels can turn into physical form I think, if they want to or if the situation asks for it, but they are mainly energy beings I believe. The aliens I had outside my window I think were physical. Maybe that can help somehow.

    • Hello Micle,

      Before making any further comment about your experience, can I state I do in fact believe people are having real paranormal experiences relating to what we label ufo/alien visitations.

      Your comments verbatum -- ‘Angel’s are beings of unconditional love, they will leave you with feelings of love, happiness, joy, peace, positive things. Nothing negative. They will not scare you. Angels can turn into physical form I think, if they want to or if the situation asks for it, but they are mainly energy beings I believe. The aliens I had outside my window I think were physical. Maybe that can help somehow’.

      Beings called angels visited various biblical characters -- if I recall in the Old Testament.
      Mary (mother of Jesus) informing her of her forthcoming pregnancy etc; the mother of biblical Isaac also had a visitation informimg her of her forthcomimg pregnancy; Lot -- living outside Sodom and Gomorra also had visitations by three men who were called angels, these men behaved like human beings when they needed rest, cleaned themselves up and ate a meal given to them by their host -- Lot. And there are many other stories in that vain.

      I’ve always questioned the ‘angel’ aspect because my understanding of angels is -- they are spiritual beings and surely wouldn’t have any use for food even though they seemed to have powers which would’ve be regarded as supernatural in those days. Nowadays, we have developed weapons of mass destruction, laser beams, tasers which could zap you down in a second -- which is what could’ve happened to those men from Sodom and Gomorra who demanded the release of those angels/men (visitors of Lot) and threatened with sodomy. What sort of angels were they who ate food, rested, cleaned themselves up and were so human that they could’ve been subject to sodomy.

      I think they were in fact -- so called ‘aliens’ from another world who occupied planet Earth at one time. If you read the book ‘Lost Book of Enki’ by Z. Sitchin it will give you some idea about what I’m talking about.

      There seems to be a spiritual yet human element to these modern day sightings and experiences of UFOs.
      These are thoughts I have and am opened to any challenges and critism and other ideas.

  11. Micle, In addition -- these angels, didn’t project the feelings which you claim angels should project -love, happpiness, joy, peace ect etc. They always scared the living daylights out of the individual they visited, so much so -- that they always had to tell the chosen person ‘Do not be afraid’.

  12. Hi Pat,

    I don’t know much about angels written in religions, except that they are sometimes mention in several religions. I don’t believe angels are religious beings. In my mind, I categorize them as “paranormal” along with UFO’s and aliens.
    I also believe many people are having real experiences that they sometimes do not have all the answers and explanations for.

    Sometimes people have experiences with beings that they don’t know what exactly they are. They conclude they must be something else based on their own knowledge, which isn’t always a bad thing. Maybe that’s why there are stories of people who came from the sky in ancient times, and they referred to them as “God’s” when they were really just regular living humanoids from other planets.

  13. Hi Micle,
    Yes, from my point of view there is certainly a difference between (a)’Angels’ which ressemble human beings and can be subjected to physical harm or abuse, and indulge in sensual physical activities like and with human beings -- ie. eating, cleaning/washing one’s tired physical body, resting over night, wrestling with a human being, even asking where someone is etc etc., or most puzzling of all is taking upon oneself -- a human wife because she is attractive and sensually appealing, and, residing with and bearing children with the woman on Earth, as opposed to (b)’spiritual light beings’ and in no way physical, which, under no circumstances are able to interact with and partake in activities of a sensual nature with human beings. These are two very distinct beings. Perhaps catergory (a) are really ‘angels’ in biblical terms, whereas (b) are most definitely something else -- ‘spiritual LIGHT beings’ from a spiritual GODLY realm.

    The Old Testament contains many

  14. Thank you for your perspective 🙂

    I don’t know what to think of anymore about those aliens that were outside my window with what I thought I telepathically heard…either I heard “Please leave Chris” or “Please don’t leave”. I tried believing they cared about me but so far…I don’t think any alien cares about me living or dying. _____’

  15. Well, I believe they said “Please don’t leave now”. I had another recent experience while star gazing and a star “exploded” and then went dim to nothingness and then reappeared after I sent a thought out towards that area…so I think someone is listening telepathically out there in outer space, and they aren’t anything to be afraid of.

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