The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Ancient Astronauts ~ Alien Influence of Mankind?

How did we get here?

For thousands of years, religions have attempted to answer the question of what we, as human beings originated from. These religions have many themes and stories in common, indicating that each one has their own piece of a much bigger puzzle. Science of course says that it was a process of millions of years of evolution, however they cannot even find the missing link that started the chain of humanity. The entire subject is open for thought and debate because so much has been lost to time. In that spirit of free thinking, some rather unusual theories have come about, one of the most controversial being paleocontact, or the “ancient astronaut” scenario.

Ancient Astronauts Sumeria

Ancient Astronauts Sumeria

This theory, in essence, says that humankind was either created by extraterrestrials who came to Earth or they descended from them. The proponents of this belief point to such things as ancient artifacts that appear out of place or time, as well as the many structures throughout the world that have no apparent explanation as to their use and little evidence remaining of how they were built. There are also the many historical gaps that archeology has not been able to provide data for, leaving some to speculate that the gaps are due to extraterrestrial technology that was taken with them when these beings left the planet. What is even more interesting than what hasn’t been found is what has… structures and artifacts from thousands of years ago that indicate at the very least a belief in life outside Earth.

Gobekli Tepe Megaliths

Gobekli Tepe Megaliths

One of these structures that has garnered much speculation of the ancient astronaut theory is Gobekli Tepe in Southeastern Turkey. Hidden under the ground for centuries, it came to light when a Kurdish shepherd happened to stumble upon part of the ancient stones sticking up from the ground. From there, a German archaeologist named Klaus Schmidt was called to the area, and has been overseeing the excavation of the site since 1994. The massive structure is not just a collection of random stones, but indeed sculpted and shaped into points that seem to reach for the sky. They are in a circular pattern and contain carvings of animals, both known and unknown. There is writing on them, although it is speculated that the cuneiform script found there was actually written on the stones at a later date than its construction. Carbon dating has attempted to debunk many of the ancient megaliths as being built more recently than once believed. However, with Gobekli Tepe, carbon dating actually backs up the theory that the structure is more than ten thousand years old. In nearby Mesopotamia (Sumer), the Sumerians had legends of people from the sky known as the Annunaki, according to the late Zechariah Sitchin. If his translations were correct (and it is important to note that most of the scientific community disagrees with his findings), the Annunaki created human beings to mine the resources of the planet. Could this structure, built before the dawn of the Sumerian civilization, be a part of that beginning?

Puma Punku

Puma Punku

Another site that proponents of the ancient astronaut theory believe points to evidence of extraterrestrials is Puma Punku in the Bolivian Andes mountains. This location is part of the ruined city of Tihuanacu, which was theorized for many years by Professor Arthur Posnansky to have been built more than 12000 years ago. The theories surrounding this structure garner much more criticism from the scientific side than usual because of the carbon dating tests that show the structure to be no more than 1500 years old. Those who hold fast to paleocontact say that there is a margin of error in carbon dating because there is no way to carbon date the stones themselves… merely the organic matter surrounding them. What is noteworthy about Puma Punku is the precision in which the structure is made. The links are completely perfect and designed in stone that is one of the hardest of the earth, diorite. What was used to cut these stones so precisely and more important… where are the construction materials? It does appear that the city of Tihuanacu had some cataclysmic geological disturbance that crashed through the city, leaving behind ruins. Was the true evidence of its beginnings wiped away in this disturbance?

The Dogon

The Dogon

Along with the structures that ask more questions than they answer, there are also people who adhere to the ways of their elders in certain tribal communities. This is certainly evident in the Dogon people of Mali, Africa. The Dogon villages are built along an escarpment (cliffside) in Bandiagara from people who most likely came from different areas, escaping Islamic control. Here on this escarpment, they could live and practice their beliefs freely. The culture was studied by two French anthropologists named Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen. Griaule spent the most time with them and claimed to have gained the trust of the Dogon elders. The secrets they shared with him included an ancient belief in the Nommo, a race of extraterrestrials from star Sirius. Griaule wrote of his experiences with the Dogon elders in his book “Conversations with Ogotemmeli” (published 1948). In this book he stated that the elders told him of two stars that were companions of Sirius. He even claimed that housing structures were set up in conjunction with Sirius and the two companion stars (not visible) and correlating them to the men and women of the home. The theory of Sirius being a part of a binary star system was not unheard of, even at that time. It was however not until the 1970’s that one of the stars (now known as Sirius B) was actually photographed. Did the Dogon carry this knowledge from ancient contact with possible “ancient astronauts”, or had they simply come up with their own theories? They did have exposure to Western culture as far back as the early 20th century. Griaule said that the carvings and writings going back 400 years depicted the stars alignments. At the very least, could the Dogon have theorized this themselves and then incorporated into their creation story?

Mysterious Nazca lines in Peru

Mysterious Nazca lines in Peru

There are many of these structures and stories throughout the world that seem to indicate there has at least been the thought of life on other planets for thousands of years. Structures such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid, along with the mysterious Nazca lines in Peru are filled with questions and yield very little answers as to how they were built, or even for what purpose. The belief in the “ancient astronaut theory” is constantly being discredited by the scientific community at large, and that is when they bother to comment on it at all. However, it is not just science fiction writers and controversial proponents of the extraterrestrial creation theory that have considered the possibility. The highly respected astrophysicists Carl Sagan and I.S. Scklovski wrote in their 1966 collaboration “Intelligent Life in the Universe” that there should certainly be consideration given to the theory of previous visits to earth from extraterrestrials, pointing to the writings found of the ancient Sumerians. They did stress that it was indeed only a theory and there was no real way of proving it. When other researchers have brought forth their own theories, that part of the book is often referred to as evidence, when in reality it is merely speculation.”

All of this brings back the original question… how did we get here? The answer, if not in the stars, may be connected to them somehow. It is possible that someday we will have that answer. The important thing is to never stop looking.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2011

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  1. Yes, we read up on years of research done on these ancient sites which is documented in books for us to ponder and debate yet, the ‘real difinitive truth’ evades us. I think it’s probably because what’s relevant is ‘the now and the tomorrow’, what has been is past and gone forever, it’s like flogging a dead horse attempting to arrive at the truth of the ancient past.

  2. Have always believed we are decendants of alien life forms rather than just all part of the same goo that supposedly created all life. One day we will find that missing link, the proof that shows our true origins. Until then, all we can do is stick to our beliefs and not be cowed by those who are convinved anyone who believes in alternative theories are whackos and not to be taken seriously.

    • It’s perfectly obvious mankind’s DNA and genes have been manipulated by some ‘super beings’ in the past and, probably is still being tampered with presently. One only has to look at certain races/nations to see the distinct differences and, what’s even more telling is the fact these different races are placed in specific locations on the Earth to thrive. ie. The Chinese in China, the Indians in India, the Scandinavians in the lapland region and Africans in Africa. Look at the distinct external physical features perculiar to their race yet they are all human and sexually compatible as a member of the human race.

  3. Let’s not forget the Creation Theory that there is a Divine Being that created the Heavens and the Earth and our DNA of course. The one binding nucliotide in all this is that each theory demands a great deal of faith to hold on to. Just like the Bible which lays out just how God went about creating the Heavens and the Earth, without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, I wold find it hard to believe my self, but no harder to believe than the big bang theory of life coming from a single celled organism with no ability to reproduce and not just one missing link but missing link between every species on the earth. Then you stretch that out into some space alien creating us for goodness knows why, I would have to say this one would take the most lengthy leap of faith to believe because we don’t even know what form and dimension that they even exist in or if they really exsist at all. So if I am going to put my faith in something it will be something that I am reletively sure is about love and goodness and kindness and helping others than any of the other theories. Just m opinion of course.

    • Actually, so much of creation relating to this mysterious universe makes no sense at all from a human point of view if, in the end, all tangible matter -- that is all the stars, planets with their inhabitants, black holes, asteroids meteorites etc. etc. are destined to die naturally and disintergrate to nothing, leaving the infinite universe an empty, dark and cold space. (this is according to Professor Brian Cox on how the development of mankind and the history of the universe are inter-twined) in a documentary entitled “Wonders of the Universe”. Is this life and everything in the Universe an illusion -- perhaps a very long film to entertain the ‘invisible power/s that be’. Certainly, the biblical god, angels, demons et all are an illusion intertwined with mankind and the rest of the physical world of matter. If so -- ‘What an elaborate and sophisticated form of entertainment’!!

    • before giorg speaks the egipytan ideas were interesting. the only thing that makes me wonder is the fact that is you study evolution the shift of our collective marco-culture, you will see that it is very likely that humans will evolve to have bigger eyes, bigger heads, smaller bodies. As technology expands at an exponential rate the need to use our bodies will greatly diminsh over the next hundered years just has it has over the past few hundred. The need to use our brains eyes will rise.

  4. There Here And Jesus Christ Is Part Of It! There Is A God Or Some Kind Of Super Intelligence Who Is Behind All OF The Good And The Bad On This Planet! Its The Master Plan The Whole Ball Of Wax The Big Picture!

  5. The Teachings Of Jesus Christ Is True The Heart Of Mankind!

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