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Ancient Rockets Alien Influence

In the ancient cuneiform writings of the Sumerian culture were tales of the ‘Heaven/Earth bond” that the gods used to travel back to their origins in the sky. Instructions in their plans for constructing the houses of the gods on earth included an open roofed section to house the craft used for this purpose.

While the primitive culture that existed in cohabitation with their “gods” did not understand the underlying technology of space travel, they did make representations of the objects they saw.

This coin illustrates one of the houses of the gods and shows the “thundering bird” which was used to return to their sky home.

heliopolis-obeliskFrom these ancient times came the practice of raising obelisks. These massive stone structures were created as a symbolic link to the heavens and the gods that reside there.

Realize that the artists who created these works of art were interpreting what they saw to the best of their ability to understand.

In the “Epic of Gilgamesh” there is the tale of the hero’s journey to the “place of the shem (rockets)” in an attempt to travel directly to heaven to place a request with the god Anu. The story describes the physical effects of the raising of these “Heaven/Earth bonds”. There was a great rumbling and fire filled the sky. The description sounds remarkably similar to the modern events around Cape Kennedy in Florida when our own rockets launch towards space.


Does This Coin Show an Ancient Rocket?

Does This Coin Show an Ancient Rocket?

Now compare these ancient representations in stone to this anomalous object our Apollo 20 astronauts filmed on the surface of the moon during their prelanding flyover of our neighboring satellite.

Alien Spaceship On The Moon

Apollo Flyover Is That A Rocket?

Apollo Flyover Is That A Rocket?

Now we turn our attention to an anomalous object that was first spotted in photographs taken in 1971 by the Apollo 15 astronauts on revolution 38 at an altitude over the lunar surface of about 70 miles as they passed over the back side of the moon.

This image is from the official Lunar and Planetary Institute’s Apollo Image Atlas AS15-P-9625. You will see it as you scroll to the right of the huge crater in the center of the photo. At a distance this photograph does not show great detail but stands out from the natural formations around it.

We shall further detail this mystery with another one. When the last Apollo missions were formally cancelled, there were still several Saturn V rockets in various states of completion with at least two complete. While Kennedy Space Center was the popular publicly known launch site for the moon missions, the military also had the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California which houses its own spaceport. As this is where both military and commercial rockets are launched as well as tests for intercontinental ballistic missiles, it would not be difficult to launch a “secret” military mission to the moon.

In 2007 information was released that this in fact had happened. At 77 years of age, a man who identified himself as Commander William Rutledge USAF ret. posted footage on YouTube that he says he took while the mission commander of this secret flight out of Vandenberg. Because of the nature of their search the crew was of an international nature as the Russian cosmonaut Aleksei A. Leonov served as the lunar module pilot with Leona Marietta Snyder of the USAF as command module pilot.

What they had been sent to investigate was what appeared to be not only an ancient rocket but a derelict city-sized complex nearby.

There are, of course, those who quickly decry “hoax”, however all attempts at proving the footage false have been unable to do so. That NASA is officially unaware of these missions is no surprise as they are the CIVILIAN space agency and would not necessarily be informed of what the MILITARY does.

Which brings us back to the original point. This supposed rocket bears a striking resemblance to the ancient “shem” of the Sumerian’s Annunaki gods. In close-up there can even be seen the forward “cockpit” area and along its length the stylized ornamentation that was so prevalent in that ancient culture.

The meteor damage that shows on the object’s surface seems to indicate that it has been resting there for a very long time. Could this be the proof we need to realize that there have been extraterrestrial visitors to our solar system and planet since before humanity even made its appearance?

(slide show images of craft)


From this video can be clearly seen that whatever this object is, it is not a natural formation of the lunar surface. It shows a hauntingly familiar similarity to the ancient pictures of the craft of the gods. The meteor damage that shows on its surface seems to indicate that it has been resting there for a very long time. Could this be the proof we need to realize that there have been extraterrestrial visitors to our planet and solar system since before humanity even made its appearance on this planet?

Written by Wm. Douglas Mefford

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  1. Whilst the object in the video most certainly has a rocket type shape. So many photos have been doctored and can be doctored these days to produce something of that nature (an ancient rocket-type space vehicle) to catch the interest of the ever suspicious and gullible public. This object, which I gather is over three miles long, could be a rock or a natural ground formation. Sometimes, we want/need to formulate/imagine something incredible to feed our exciting inner belief.

    Perhaps this object is man-made or made by an ancient bio-physical extraterrestrial race which visited this neck of the woods thousands of years ago. We will only know when we land on the moon and take close-up photos and film this object.

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