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Antigravity Transportation

Is Antigravity Transportation really possible?

Conventional debunkers claim that we cannot be visited by beings from other stars for the same reason we cannot go there ourselves. They state that at even if the speed of light could be attained Einsteinian Physics shows that time would distort around the craft to the point that, while the journey may seem like only three years to the crew aboard, back at the launch site possibly three hundred years would have passed. This, they say, would make the process impractical to any mortal species.

However, there have been many advancements in the study of physics since Albert’s time and one of the key methods that have been discovered that can bypass this roadblock to interstellar travel is the use of gravitation as a power source. Gravity is a natural aspect of mass but can also be manipulated and created with electro-magnetic energy. It has been shown mathematically that time itself is distorted in a strong magnetic field. A power source strong enough to enclose a craft in a highly electro-magnetic bubble will literally carry its own time with it. This in effect means that it can arrive at its destination, however far away, without any extension of linear time.

Antigravity Transportation – Gravitational Transportation – Electrogravitics

Thomas Townsend Brown

Thomas Townsend Brown

The “new” technology involved in this type of propulsion system is called “electrogravitics” (EG). One declassified document recently unearthed came from the London, England based “Gravity Research Group, Aviation Studies (International) Limited, Special Weapons Study Group” and was sent to the Technical Library of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. The document was dated 9 December 1955. Among a profuse amount of technical information was the discussion of how each of the several major aircraft developers were working on this technology and the projected time frame for having workable craft ready for testing.

Of the major companies mentioned, McDonnell and Rockwell Aircraft manufacturers were thought to be the most advanced in the research and development of these craft as they had been working on the project since 1946. One of the most intriguing aspects of EG technology was that the best shapes for developing a craft that could use electrostatic energy to power the effect was a revolving saucer shape with the sphere shape also being considered. The author of the report mentioned that there would have to be security on the par with the “Manhattan Project” to prevent such potentially dangerous technology from being abused as a weapon.

With the potential for such craft already being developed in the mid twentieth century is it possible that terrestrial scientists have already created vehicles that can induce the antigravity effect?

Among some of the curious facts are the one’s that have been right in our sight for over a quarter of a century. Take the case of the Nazi scientist Dr. Kurt Debus who before and during the Second World War was developing the saucer type antigravity aircraft for Hitler. The Germans had developed this idea so well that at the end of the war, the Chief of the Technical Mission to Germany, Sir Roy Feddon, stated that:

I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to realize that if they (the Germans) had managed to prolong the war some months longer, we would have been confronted with a set of entirely new and deadly developments in air warfare”

Dr. Debus was one of the “paper clipped” scientists that was brought to the United States after the war. By the time of the Apollo moon missions he was a senior administrator for NASA.

Now we must consider that even at one sixth the gravity of Earth, the thrust needed to lift the Lunar Module from the surface back into lunar orbit would be tremendous. However, this did not seem to be the case at all from the video taken by the remote cameras left on the surface to witness the launch. Watch the liftoff of the LEM for the Apollo 17 mission below.

Unlike the fiery blast from the Saturn rockets that propelled the craft out of Earth’s gravity well, all you can see from the liftoff of the LEM is the small blast from where the clamps holding the two parts of the craft together are blown loose and then in a smooth movement the crew compartment rises at a steady speed toward orbit. Just before the vehicle rises too high to be kept in clear focus there is what appears to be an orange light appear on the bottom of the craft. This type of flash before the acceleration of a “flying saucer” has been filmed many times on Earth.

So we are left to wonder; are there truly aliens on board all the UFO’s and “flying saucers” that are seen around the globe or is there a vast and well concealed secret that our own kind has repeatedly perpetrated on the rest of our planet’s inhabitants?

Written by Wm. Douglas Mefford

Douglas writes for The Greenwoods Village

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