The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

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Scanned By Blue Light

This happened in April 2018 in Austria where we live. I was sure that I had posted this story on here shortly after it happened but my story doesn’t seem to be on here, so I am posting it again.

I had drifted off to sleep. I fell asleep watching a movie in bed. The children were next to me, one on each side (they have their own room but they like to sleep with me most of the time). Whilst I was asleep I heard my phone beep and it woke me because I thought what if it is the guests at the holiday house or in the holiday apartment….maybe there is a problem (I own a couple of holiday properties). I fell asleep quite early, probably around 10 pm. So after the phone beeped, I lay awake thinking I had better go … Read the rest

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Fire Ball and Missing Time in Vineland New Jersey

It was August 1968 near the end of the summer and my brother Andre 9 years old, our friend Ronnie 9 years old, and myself 8, were sitting at Cunningham Elementary school in Vineland, New Jersey.

My brother Andre and I were sitting on the bike rack and Ronnie was standing facing us, I don’t remember what we were talking about, suddenly Ronnie yells out “LOOK” pointing over the back part of the school’s lunchroom area. We all saw a giant ball of fire, it looked like a comet but it was too close, we could see flames licking off the whole thing and a smoke trail as it passed by, we lost sight of it as it passed the main part of the school.

We ran about 40 to 50 feet to East ave but didn’t see it anymore, that was at 6:30 … Read the rest

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