The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Encounter with Bright Triangle Completely Illuminated

I was a young boy and lived in the South California region of the US. It was summer time and the year was 1963 or 1964. I was outside after sunset, the sky was full of stars.

While playing outside in that area it was safe, especially on a dead end street. Night time was the best during the summer, during the day temperatures would hit over 100 degrees.

While walking in the street I was playing a ghost game with my

It was 1963 or 64 me and a friend were outside at dark during the hot summer. I was in 2nd or 3rd grade going to the next grade. You know when you are young anything will amuse you.

All of a sudden I looked straight up and told my friend. We saw a completely Illuminated Triangle cross the sky, I cant tell how large it was because there was nothing to reference it to, but to get an idea hold out your hand with your fingers closed and that would be the size of the object.

We did not hear a sound, I was in total awe, however my friend became upset, and really wouldn’t talk about it any further.

To a young child all I could reference this object to was a piece of a star had broken off, I didn’t know that the stars way out there were round, I was young enough to think they were the five pointed ones.

Well after that I had bizarre lucid images while trying to sleep, the images were completely distorted and out of place with the physics we know today. One image kept going on and it was two revolvers pointing at each other, I would see the flash of the shell and the bullet come out of the barrel in super slow motion, while the other pistol did the same. Then the two bullets hit each other head on. This was accompanied by two other lucid images that plagued me for 27 years. While I was awake. I never understood what it was until I saw the movie called the “Shadow”. That same seen was in this movie and so were the other lucid images.

I finally found out what was going on about 1993, just after the first image. It was a post hypnotic trigger, I began studying about the UFO phenomena and was completely obsessed.

I also found the correct teacher to give me the information straight on, and learned about the major disinformation campaign that was in progress, and more than I could ever imagine.

I have more but I will stop here. But this was almost like the theme from Close Encounters except my time frame took more than two hours. 27 years is a long time to get lucid images and have your eyes go into R.E.M. while the images played out. The event only lasted 15 or 20 seconds but I could not stop my eyes or even stop the images. Until I went to a hypnotist, I started to have that ill feeling in my solar plexus, and felt I was going to pass out, the Hypnotist said go ahead your on a couch if you pass out at least you wont hurt yourself.

Well the images of triangles suddenly appeared in my minds eye, they were several colors and floating around, then the triangles began to line up and I felt I was going through a chamber of colorful triangles at hyper speed. And then it stopped, so did the images. I asked the dr. what was going on and all he would say was “your experience was real, and I have had a few other people tell me the exact description about the triangles and falling through them… My guess is that he was a researcher and really did not have all of the answers. Only that the experience I had was genuine.

This story will continue if you like, I have a lot of other events that are too strange to talk about in a short time.

Please let me know if you wish me to elaborate more.

Sent in by Bob Herrgrove, Copyright 2011

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  1. Hello Bob,
    I would like you to elaborate on your experience as I’m sure I like many others would be interested to hear more.

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