The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Experiences With Something I Can Only Imagine Were Aliens

I have had two experiences with something I can only imagine were aliens. I thought maybe there was another explanation until I saw a woman on TV describe the same experience to a physic.

Although I can’t find anything about it on the Internet. She told her it wasn’t ghosts and that they hadn’t hurt anyone, ….yet! That they need physical space to stand. They won’t be partly in a dresser for example. They look like people with old fashioned clothes, two men, a woman and a female child held by the woman’s arm against the front of her body. They appeared twice when I was waking up. Once standing right next to me while I was sleeping on my couch. The other time at the foot of my bed. Where they usually appear to other people. So I wake up, see them, I’m completely terrified! I can’t move anything except my eyes. For some reason I keep blinking, then I shut my eyes, for what seemed like 4-5  seconds. Then I open my eyes and they are gone and I didn’t feel terrified like I know I should.

They stood completely still, didn’t  move a muscle and just stared at me with such cold, concentrated intensity with dead pan eyes. As if they are devoid of feelings. Finding them at the foot of my bed versus right next to me on the couch gave a small measure of less fear. But the overwhelming fear of them gave me the impression they had done something to me or taken me somewhere that I didn’t remember. Waking up and seeing them would be scary enough. But I was left with the impression that they had done something more to me, to make me be so scared, other than just looking at me. It’s been years now, and they haven’t come back.

I don’t think we should be surprised by the concept of aliens. We know there are other planets, we travel to other planets. It stands to reason life forms have developed on other planets as well. Look at all the new planets we have discovered with our ever improving technology. The theory that the govt has a deal with them wouldn’t surprise me. They only tell us what they want to, and if they can appear, disappear, and scan our bodies or control us with there minds. What choice would our govt have?

Having my experiences validated, knowing I wasn’t the only one, was very comforting. So even though our experiences are different I want to tell you I believe you. Hope it doesn’t happen again. Praying is a good idea, the power of our minds seems to be the answer.

One other thing, I don’t know if it’s related, It happened prior to the two visits. I was driving home late at night on snowy roads up in the mountains. I was almost home, driving on pretty deserted roads. I saw a flying vessel with white lights, flying next to me keeping pace, then it zoomed ahead and stopped at the end of the road and just hovered like it was waiting for me. I couldn’t see it with the lights, but it seemed to be round. My turn off, a dead end road was befor the end of the road where the vessel was hovering. I made the turn and I couldn’t make it up the hill. I tryed several times. This is where it gets fuzzy. I think I lost an hour of time. I ended up abandoning  my truck and hiking the rest of the way home. It’s the only time I couldn’t make the hill since I lived here. The roads weren’t that bad and the next morning I had no trouble getting up the hill.


  1. Mm sounds as though ‘they’ did form a connection with you for whatever reason. I’m two-minded really about whether they should be regarded as ‘aliens’, as in beings/people who come from another planet or galaxy, because they are both physical and spiritual beings who are able to pass through walls. Unless they are so advanced in quantam physics and are able to reduce their physical mass so they don’t bounce against solid objects but can penetrate solid walls as do phantoms.

  2. sounds like a sleep paralysis to me..

  3. The first encounter you detail sounds a bit like sleep paralysis to me, but we can’t be sure. I know that aliens can shape shift (say, into the beings you described at the foot of your bed), and that they are able to paralyze you, and even make you feel intense feelings of fear.
    Or, perhaps, you saw ghosts… who knows.
    But, your second story… I do believe firmly that you were abducted that night. I highly suggest that you look into hypnosis, so that you may remember what happened.

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