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Hello everybody I would like to share my experiences, I’ll start from the beginning.

Currently I’m 24 years old but this happened when I was 8 or 9 years old, me and my older brother we’re playing on the stairs, we had a small mattress that we used as surfboard so we could glide to the bottom of the stairs, we took turns and it was my time to go up the stairs so I could glide down, as I went up I could see my bedroom and in my bedroom near our bunk bed I saw an old man’s spirit completely in gray looking towards me (I cant remember if he looked straight at me) I got scared and ran to my father he calmed me down and did not believe me. Recently me and a friend of mine talked and I told him this story he finished my sentence when I described how the ghost looked like he then told me that he saw the same ghost in our attic when he was of similar age.

Time passed and I was 15 years old, my older brother and I were downstairs watching t.v. at 02:45 we went to our separate bedrooms (everyone else in the house was already sleeping), so I entered my bedroom and I started to workout in the mirror with my dumbbells like I always do, after my little workout I placed my dumbbells next to each other and then I took some brand new clothes out of my bag put them in the closet and turned the lights off and went to bed turned my body to the wall so couldn’t see the rest of my room only a wall, few minutes later I felt this dark heavy energy surrounding me and every second the energy became heavier and I was getting scared so I pulled myself together and turned my body real fast and screamed calling my father and mother, the moment I turned my body and screamed I heard a sound like something heavy felt down on the ground in my room, my father and mother rushed to my bedroom opened the lights and helped me relax (of course they didn’t believe). I looked in my room and say that my dumbbells were not at the same place I left them one was under my bed and the other a cross the room, the clothing I put in the closet were all on the ground.

I must say in that time I was constantly training my body to get stronger because I wanted to become a strong fighter, I had read many books about internal energy (chi/Ki) and I was practicing TaiChi and I think that’s why that evil spirit wanted to attack me with my dumbbells.

Years later this time I was 20-21 years old, the time was 23:00 or so. I was in my bedroom with my older brother we were just talking about some shit and we kept hearing noise coming from our garage it was like someone trying break into our garage, I looked trough the window into the garden and I saw nothing but I kept hearing that noise (in the meantime my brother left) so then I started to motivate myself to go outside and kick some ass while laying on my bed. before I knew it BAMM my soul left my body and I had full control of it, I looked with my soul trough the window and what I saw in our garden was a man with a long brown leather jacket and cowboy hat (maybe he also had a beard I don’t really remember) and he had a BIG wizard book in his hands, the book was already open and he was holding it with two hands and he was reading from that book while looking at me !! BAMM my soul went straight back to my body and I stood up and look trough the window and I saw the garden door closing !

This time I was 23 years old, we already moved to a different house, the time was around 9 pm and everybody was awake in our house. I went to my room to relax and I laid in bed suddenly I hear someone trying to open my door so I did like was sleeping cause I thought it was my younger brother trying to disrupt me. Before I knew it I couldn’t move my body and my entire body was vibrating like crazy! It felt like a someone or something was scanning my body from head to toe and while it happened I heard a buzzing sound and what’s even more strange is that I automatically while getting scanned kept saying these words “THIS IS A BLESSING” over and over again. I kept trying to move my fingers and toe’s and suddenly my eyes weren’t so blurry anymore and I saw one alien near my feet, he was kinda small, big eyes, big head, grey coloured.

What I don’t understand is that I found a couple of people who had this exact same alien encounter as I did on the internet what does this mean?

Please comment I want to hear all your thought about these things that happened to me.

Sent in by KingD, Copyright 2011

  1. This alien was a demon. trying to lie to you and say he was helping you. Practicing the Tai Chi possibly broke into another dimension or world. Any meditation or Tai Chi or false religions channel the paranormal. I know because stuff like that has happened to me and my family members. try. this story I wrote. it may help you.
    “Astral Body Projection and Communication with Aliens.” also try this story another person wrote. I think she tells the truth about alien events. “Disguised as Angels of God.” These story may help you understand what you are experiencing.

  2. Thank you verry much for replying, I’m gonna start reading those articels.

  3. Hi KingD
    Very interesting experiences! This dark energy you describe is imprenetrable, malevolent, oppressive, threatening, evil and instils fear into one. I experienced it twice in my life -- at age 12 and later on as a young adult. My husband was present the second time and, we clasped our hands firmly together so it couldn’t harm us both. We kept our eyes firmly shut as it generated intense darkness and waited until it left the room. Even with my eyes shut, I was aware it was dissipating through the walls. I’m of the opinion it was an evil entity or perhaps an evil demon but why it visited me is a mystery.

  4. Isn’t there a way to fight these evil creatures ? I am 24 years old now and I practice MuayThai my body is in top condition and I have had alot of fights, but I still have the feeling that I can’t beat these demons with physical strength, there must be a way to fight them…

    And i’m still wondering why this cowboy wizard dude was reading from a book while looking at me…

    • LOL, 🙂 🙂 of course KingD, your physical strength is immaterial when dealing with these spiritual entities. Some contributors on this forum have suggested invoking the name of Jesus Christ to deal with these beings -- why not try it.

  5. We muslims say ”bismillahirrahmanirrahim” and it really works, but i’m looking for more.. I want to kill them !
    It’s just isn’t fair that they can paralyse us and do what they like with our body’s !
    Can someone here teach me how to do astral projection ?
    If we can’t beat them with my physical body then we must be able to beat them trough astral projection.

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Theres many things especially “Otherworld” things that are beyond us. You need to calm down and realise this. I don’t mean become a victim. No Never That. I dont like to speak on religion cause religion is a personal thing and i respect everyones religion and belief systems. Now with that said, I always invoke all the forces That protect me and guide me. They are equipt to deal with these evil negative entities, You by your self can’t do this, you will always need higher help (divine). I truely wish you all the best… blessings 🙂

  6. I am currently trying to learn astral projection so i can enter the realm of the unknown, but sadly i can’t get passed the vibrational state 🙁 , my heart keeps pounding to fast when i’m vibrating…
    And i keep getting the feeling that someone or something is trying to enter my body while vibrating…

    • Try reading ‘Travels out of the body‘ by Robert Monroe. He explains how he learnt to do it, how to do it on a step by step basis which he documented as he practised the art and, the dangers associated with this activity and how to deal with them. My personal opinion and advice on this topic is -- keep your physical body intact with your spiritual consciousness on this physical plane -- that’s where you belong presently and, you will have your chance to scour the spiritual realm in the afterlife. 🙂

  7. The last paragraph sounds like you were going through something called “Sleep Paralysis”. When people experience this they cannot move and usually see a demonic or extraterrestrial being next to their bed. Did you have trouble breathing, was it like someone was pushing down on your chest?

  8. No not at all…

  9. you must be a truely wonderful man for them to want to contact you ;’) hope everything turns out fine.

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