The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

I Channeled Star Beings, Fallen Angels, and Watchers

I channeled these star beings. The New Age and spiritualists alike have already made contact. They already work through us, have possession over aspects of our mind/body/soul/spirit. I was saved and delivered in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yashuah Ha’Machiach.

These aliens are fallen angles, aka Watchers. I’ve dealt with them and their offspring Nephilim (giants and demons).

Jesus says, “a thief comes to kill, steal and destroy but I have come to give you life and give you life more abundantly.” (this isn’t financial abundance people, lets not get this twisted but freedom from bondage and various forms of true abundance from Holy Spirit). These fallen angels (aliens) and demons (their offspring) all have judgement coming and are using/abusing people to escape what is coming to them.

It is a war for our souls and IF you don’t have Yahuah then you automatically side with Satan (and false light). If this offends you, sorry but its truth. I have walked the talk and talk the walk. Been there. Don’t think you can play that “sacred neutral perspective” and connect with the “Galactic Sun”. The only way to our Father is through Yashuah (Jesus Christ). He is the way, the truth and the life and he is the ONLY way to the Father. I was fooled by these disgusting beings as I searched for answers to this matrix and prison planet.

Many Different Races of Aliens and They’re Not Here To Help Us

There are many different races and they are not here to help us. ALIENS ARE DEMONS. Invite them in and see what happens and I’m sure your curiosity and interest already opened the door. Most people have demons, even Christians have demons and half of Jesus ministry was casting out of demons. Satan can’t cast out Satan. Try it because it don’t work.

When I worked as a healer, I was a natural shaman and I thought I was removing entities from people. The helping spirits lie and they remove lower energies and principalities to put higher demons in its place. I literally put serpents inside of people (unknowingly). I thought they were here to help me, they fake feelings of peace/love and light that is other worldly (and they can do this because they were good angels before they fell). I had an antichrist fake Jesus (Sananda) encounter (well it was my spirit guide) who was really a reptilian demons Draco Annunaki (I initially saw it as Jesus because it would show itself to me as Jesus while also projecting amazing love upon me as well as FALSE memories). Did you hear that? False memories.

These beings can/will program your DNA as well as mind and the legal rights they have to your being is written and encoded in your DNA. We need to wash and cleanse ourselves in the blood of Jesus. Praise Yahuah for giving me His spiritual eyes to see as this being (well all the beings, guides, masters and loved ones) tricked me. They not only tricked and deceived me but me fellow co-workers, intuitive/healers, alike. Once I told them that it is NOT Jesus, NO one believed me and still tried to work with this demon because of the love it projected. It was only at the point when I was getting both physically and psychically attacked (like a beehive and swarm of entities and demons attacking me and kept calling out to Jesus that God opened up my eyes). It didn’t just happen until I said Jesus you come into my heart and you be the Lord of my life. That’s when Yahuah said, “ok” now you can see what is really going on.

A side note: Egypt is evil. The beings used to tell me to remember what I did in Egypt. I had a fascination with Egypt as a child and this was because of my bloodline, ancestral sin and the demons that had legal rights to my bloodline. It’s all wicked and the Bible is true.

You need to have the Holy Spirit (not kundalini) to read the Bible with Yahuah’s spirit. Yah (I AM) Huah (to breath into existence) who saves through Yashuah Ha’Machian (Yashuah is salvation). I thought the Bible was a fictional and honestly dumb book UNTIL I got possessed and read the Bible. It’s truth but you need to be Born Again to see with Yahuah’s spiritual eyes. You can’t discern the dark IF you still serve the dark.

I can go on forever but I pray that you invite Yashuah Ha’Machiach (Jesus Christ of Nazareth) into your heart and for him to show you who He is. He will change you, for the better. It’s true peace and like He said, “It is done”. Pray Yah for his mercy, love and glory!



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