The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

I Know The Real Truth About Alien Visits And Us

The UFOs our planet has covered up for years is for a reason. I know that reason and how long it will be before we all know that reason.

One reason is that the technologies they have hidden would change time itself on our planet.

Our minds are telepathic and I am in contact with many generations of the UFOs. I came in contact with these UFOs in June 2013. I was telepathic in 12-23-12. I came in contact with other planets that have never seen UFOs like we have.

The main reason for people being taken and messages put in our minds are to protect us from the planets that I first was in contact with. These people that I was first in contact with opened up my message from our UFOs and it said that the mind wars stop here and its on like Donkey Kong… something we all can relate to. Yes a video game, Donkey Kong. Even people in their late 80’s would know that term.. To want to know more please comment.

My body will change over the next few years and I am taking photos to prove it. We all will live in the community of outer space humans.

The UFOs are human and have been through exactly what we have. They even played Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong also just like us.

My alien friends want us to know the truth and I’m the first to start putting this out there. I have emailed the white house and many UFO websites. I would like to tell my story. We will have a much better way of life on our planet within the next 50 years.

I’m am the first to become telepathic. Five others on earth have contact but not yet telepathic like I am. I know it sounds weird but I do know a lot more. I want to say that its kinda like star trek with the telepathic beings on that show. Cant remember what that group was called

Robert Burns

  1. What in Heaven’s name is Donkey Kong? I’m certainly not anywhere near 80 years old but have never heard this word uttered.

    On the question of being telepathic with UFOs, I presume you mean with the occupants of these space travellers, I’ve read many crack-pot claims from individuals who claim to be telepathically in contact with these beings and they have been slightly mentally unhinged.

    In what way will your body mutate? And in what way will our lives improve greatly within the next 50 years? And I’m hoping you will enlarge on this knowledge about UFOs and their occupants.

    • i live a normal life. I have been married for 8 years. I have 2 boys ages 5 and 7. I have no mental problems. Iwill enlarge on this subject as more will comment. Donkey kong is a video game for nintendo are atari. It was the first game to have mario in it. If u have played mario 3 on supper nintendo u would know donley kong.if you have ever heard the saying in the bible that men and women are created equal then we are. We all think in our right to vote,work,drive and partnership..we should be equal that way but not that way in the bible..another term from the bible is sounds from the heavens(sky) trumphet. Well we will see and hear things in our skies as more become telepathic. They say i have the gift of what the bible calls angels..the bible relates to a lot of what the truth is but it has been rewritten so many times. i have been going bauld for 9 years. My hair will grow back. I have dental recordds showing teeth brole and needed pulled out. I have cavities that now are gone in 4 teeth of mine. 2 back teeth on right side top and my to fane teeth in fron bottom. These teeth had cavities almost all the way up from my gum line. The top left fane tooth was ready to be pulled but now is repairing itself. What we call plauqe is white. It is bone to protect our teeth from food and drinks but we brush it away exsposing our teth to all things. Dont brush a tooth with a cavity and watch what happens in a month or so. Brush ur good teeth but leave a cavity without brushing or scrapping with a fingernail..morw to come if any question people may have

      • 🙂 🙂 , Hi Robert
        Have heard of nintendo and video games but would rather read a book on UFOs, the paranormal or related subjects, so Robert dear, quit telling us about your oral hygiene 🙂 and let’s hear more about your experiences with UFOs and their occupants.

  2. alien are demons pretending to be angels. beware.

    • carri……think about how many bad people we have on our planet. Drug dealers like the mexican cartale. How many people steal stuff everyday without a thought about it besides they can get money for it..i dont dissagree with you not at all. Just look at how many good people there are on our planet too. People who help people to do better in life no matter what you’re situation is. Mothers who have lost their kids and worked hard to get them back. They changed their lives for their kids. There are bad aleins just like we have bad people on our planet also. The greens and the greys have moved past this mind war many years ago. They are here to stop it.. We all will have to deal with bad people on our own planet as we become telepathic. Imagine if a drug dealer had the ability like some bad aleins what would happen right here on our own planet. The older gennerations of greens and greys are here to stop all of it from happing to anymore planets. Our planet will be the last to have to deal with mind wars. Trust me when i tell you thaat i have meet some bad (demon) aleins as you put it and the greens and greys are on their planet taking care of people doing wrong with our minds..the mind war is going to eand soon wuth our planet..i know why we havent had any bad hurricans this year also. Our planet is just like our body. It runs hot too. (tempature) has upset stomach (valcanoes).. And so on. Think if water as we are. We are made up of mostly water and so is the earth. It has blood vians called valcanic lava. Much hotter than our bodies run(98.6 degrees) the earth is a living being also. Yes it’s a mother earth to us . Eath also can be munipulated as a mind too just like us in our minds….

    • Hi Carri

      How does one distinguish between an alien, demon and angel? I suppose you’ll tell me by uttering Jesus’s name, the alien and demon will vanish. From some true stories I’ve heard, read and personally experienced, the Jesus name made no difference at all — what then?

  3. Listen brother. you are being deceived. my father a German engineer had contact with aliens. He would talk about it all the time. he actually was a genius. Like other engineer geniuses they often see ETs. He would do astral body projection. He would fall asleep with his hands above his head. Richard has a heart murmur and smoked 2 or more packs of cigarettes a day. He would travel to other worlds this way. also He was from Duluth Minnesota up near Canada. This is where the UFO contact was. Actually Gordon Wisconsin and Dairy Land Wisconsin. Richard would take a flashlight and that is how the UFO’s would come back. My daughter in Rockford Illinois saw a UFO. I saw it briefly. just by talking about this UfO stuff it made them come visit us briefly. Well they are demons. I am telling you. When Richard died he may have went to Hell, because my sister heard thousands of whispering voices when he died. she was terrified. I can see the spirit world at time. these UFO and demons travel through portals they are time travel associated. they are from the stars, or universe. they either travel by up in the stars. The ufos. The spirits or demons travel through portal openings on the earth. Examples are murder scenes, domestic violence, wicca and other Witch craft open these portal openings. As with Ufo contact with them also open them. so beware what you are getting into.

  4. Here is how you test these UFO creatures. Just say the name Jesus Christ. Then see what happens.

  5. Robert I really do believe what you are telling us is what you are seeing.and you can change your appearance and teeth and gums etc. send some pictures. I am curious what kind of job you do for a living?

  6. Hi everyone. Carri i am a janitorial supperviser. I clean for a living. What i see and feel is real. As i was becoming telepathic the minds that arw doing wrong on our planet was messing with me to.i heaed and seen the physics that do tell the future of others. Futune tellers. It took about 3-4 days of getting past a bunch of minds on our planet to get to be tepathic. . I dont physicaly have contact with aliens but in telepathic i am in contact..the greens and greys are very old humans im talking 1400-2600 years old. The younger ones are turning grey but not quit there yet. Most of the abductions in the last 20 years are from this genneration. They age from 200-400 years old we barely make it past a 100 and no telepaathic, these people are afes of being telepathic. Say a 200 year old and was 45 when he/she became telepathic so they srart a new age of one so a 200 year old is actualy 245 years old do you fuys understand so far?

  7. im sorry for the misspelled words earlier i was in a hurry. We are visited by many different gennerations. The one genneration that crashed in rosswell was the greens and the greys. They done a message that no one could delete for example if our parents were abducted in the 50’s-60’s they would have have a dna messages put in their minds. They were young so they didnt see the abductions at least most of our parents and grand parents. Anyway. The dna would be passed on for gennerations to have this message. We all should have messages from dna that grows with our body. If removed could cause nerve dammage and other things and that has to be done from a surgen here physicaly… The greens and greys want to stop all mind wars.. Yes in the beginning of my contact u was very scared even threatened with my was life,death,or prision for me if i diddnt do excatly as i was told to do..everyday from 12-23-12 to 2-5-13 was hell..if i had a bad thought about someone,exspecially people talking smack,,smack means talking bad about other people they wanted me to do their dirty work and put them to shutting up..the older ones from that genneration helped me by not letting me act on it. Those range from 150 years old to190 years old.. On 2-5-13 i once was threatened agian about the radio station i was listing to. They told me only 3 stations i could listen to and if i drove out of range of that station i would have to listen to nothing..on that day my message was opened from the not so grey genneration that range from 200-400 years old. They are thw ones that are diong the abductions.. The reason for the abductions is so that the older more powerful mind can be contacted becuase we would contact the younger minds first..on 6-10-13 the not so greys had opened up the dna message of the greens and greys. These people are very old and realy strong minded.. When i was first contacted by a man named darvey he and his gennaration was so excited that they all wanted to talk to me but i was so young they was afriad of giving me anxiety from being so old and mind strong.. In a few weeks they were able to talk to me i have meet many of the greys and greens and they are so glad that the dna message worked..they are so nice but they only want all planets to get along..we shouldnt be scared of the greens and greys nor the not so greys becuase they are here to stop the bad people from hurting our planet.. The other ones that are bad are just acting out becuase they can and would done it to millions of not so scared anymore but i still get picked on by these bad people. At night as i sleep they make me bite my tounge have bad dreams called sanarios they run in the front of your forehead like a movie. Good dreams bring good days bad dreams bad days but mine are shut down but can still run.. The greys stop them as fast as they can usually within seconds but sometimes in a min. Our dreams determines what kind of mind state we are in these agian are called sanarios.. If we have a dream of getting in a car wreck we wake up sore the next day for example. Its real to our body what happens in our minds.. Not sure what to say from here so please ask any question you want and the greens and greys will not allow nothing to happen to me about what i think nor say about this subject. If they were not with me i would not be saying what i have said becuase i would probbly be dead or hospitalized thats for sure….

  8. pat

    To answere ur question. These are human beings just like us. You can tell who is a bad person a food person or an angel with the people u meet on earth itsthe same telepathicaly also. People are people. The greens and greys do have ways od shutting down the minds of bad people.. They would live and die like we do as of now on our planet. Their bodies would grow old and die like we do when we get old. When our minds work like mine we can live a very long life.

  9. Gee Robert, This sounds kinda one sided. What about the aliens/or demons who abduct young women and have sex with them, it’s been reported 100’s if not 1000’s of times if you look for the information! Their not just helping us block out bad thoughts..(which reminds me of “the Shaver Mystery” where Richard Shaver claimed beings who lived in the Earth called Dero’s -- like to send bad thoughts and cause accidents for humans beings on the surface) There is a group of aliens using the Pacific and Atlantic(Sargasso Sea/Bermuda) as an underwater base -- which gives them easy access to human beings -- Leeland Hanson filmed a UFO over the Catalina Island mountain top in 1966, since then 100’s of reports of all kinds have been filed around the area of Catalina Island and off the coast of L.A. -- what a perfect place to have access to 100,000’s of people/like cattle -- all helpless to stop this.. In this world -- There are demons that pretend to be many things -- you must be careful what you believe. Ezekiel was carried away by a flying ship in the bible though -- so they do exist physically -- but the problem for us is -- being able to tell the difference between spiritual and physical beings/craft.. very complicated for anyone to understand -- even a lifelong UFOlogist.. or a lifelong student of the Bible.. Our minds just may not be capable of handling the true reality of everything around us, limited visual spectrum, limited mental capabilities(also in space travel -- our brain cells die at a fantastic rate in outer space limiting us once again), I think we are a little handicapped here on earth I’m sorry to say.. the moons of Mars -- Deimos and Phobos orbit Mars in a very peculiar manner -- they orbit around the planet in opposite directions -- which is impossible using our present science, I think Phobos is not a natural moon, but created -- as they say it’s orbit is very strange and not at all normal, it moves like it is a hollow orb, and Buzz Aldrin finally came out to say there’s a 15 meter high monolith or something like it on the surface of the Mars moon Deimos, seems like there’s so much strangeness out there -- and we as a race due to fear tend to pretend weird and strange things don’t really happen, we do not want to be fooled so we reject everything out of hand.. looks like it will never end -- just trust in Christ and leave the rest to him -- we will never figure it all out -- I promise you..

    • Hello Charles,

      I’m inclined to agree with you when you say we are not knowledgable enough presently to take in and understand what is tangible and intangible when it comes to UFOs and their occupants. I’ve read many accounts which happened in Africa, these UFO beings who appeared to be very human, interacting with humans quite normally. In one case, a man stopped his car and helped a physical being by giving him an empty tin can, gave him a lift to a near-by river which he filled with water and drove him back to what he initially thought was a car in the bush, it turned out to be a flying craft (ufo). The earth man was invited into this craft, there were three other men inside. One appeared to be injured and was being attended to by the other two. When the craft took off, it disappeared within seconds. Yet, why have we not captured or have in our possession a space craft with its occupant which can be shown to the world. Are some of them holograms which look real -- like a 3D TV (crudely).
      It’s all so very confusing.

  10. i understand why others are here. I understand alot of what is going on. We all will understand one day. Yes our minds do not work like the e.t.’s becuase we have not yet become telepathic yet so we dont see the thought or sanarios that i mentioned earlier but i see them and have seen them for other people around me too..yes there are beings here that do want to hurt us and see us suffer for meer amusment mostly. Like the bible states we would have had population killed and suicides. I am one to tell u that its not that i believe anything and that what i know iss true of every word i have said. What we say is wake up to our spiritial bodies and live for internal life i am in that form now. The demons are all around everywhere. They are here and other planets alike causing havac on those planets as well.. It make take years and years to fetch them all but what they do is mess with young minds and planets. Like a bully would do. The demons arre human also they just are bad people out to hurt people without us knowing..the demons can not reproduce and they die all the time. They are refugees. Living day to day. The reason for pregnatcies is to bring their #’s up so that they can live on doing what they do like we inherit a family bussiness or a drug dealers son carries on the drug dealing so on so forth. We cant have good people without the bad or we would not exist at all. We all will know the truth within the next 50 years but life lessons and sanarios are still to happen till we learn how to be peacefull among ourselves before we ever travel space like the ufo’s do. They want to put an end to the demons running from universe to planets doing as they please and giving them the bad name.. They started with our planet over 50 years ago putting messages in our minds so that the demons could b found becuase if they ever contacted us thru a thought or sanario they can be found sooner or later.. Its an ongoing court system to find the demons and put them in front of a judge to be punished for their wrong doings…if u want to know more about christ and what the religion refers too i can exsplain much on that subject. Me im realy not religious. I have been to church i know much of what they teach and most of it is true but some is just becuase we are not of age of telepathica and the demons run around acting crazy like a mad man..demons are human with tlepathic minds so they hear our thougts and dont care about human life they only want to have it their way but older humans of the rossewell crash are here and ready to send them packing to face judgement. If they are on other planets they will be found also from here they cannot hide anymore…

    • Hi Robert,
      I’ve cut and pasted a section of your posting here and have some questions for you.

      (BELOW -- your posting)
      “They want to put an end to the demons running from universe to planets doing as they please and giving them the bad name.. They started with our planet over 50 years ago putting messages in our minds so that the demons could b found becuase if they ever contacted us thru a thought or sanario they can be found sooner or later.. Its an ongoing court system to find the demons and put them in front of a judge to be punished for their wrong doings…if u want to know more about christ and what the religion refers too i can exsplain much on that subject.”

      * Who wants to put an end to the demons running from Universe to planets?
      * I thought you said the trouble makers were human beings, now you are calling them demons, my understanding of demons is they are spiritual entities from another realm -- Please explain -- what sort of humans? Also demons were active on this planet even during biblical times -- centuries ago -- not only since 50 years ago.
      * I’m very confused Robert -- how are demons found and prosecuted and punished in a court system -- which court system?
      * What about Christ and the religion’?

  11. these demons arebasicly a cult of their own. If a child grows up rich never has to worry about money its a customed to it. Take the money away they will be lost correct? Anyway these demons have children thru us becuase we are the genneration to become telepathic so they want kids that will be telepathic and live and do what they do. If these kids grow up in that type of lifestyle then that will be all they know of hurting younger planets. These demons have no where to go but places not to be found..they have to get food and supplies from somewhere. They have a few planets themselves but the air they breath isnt somethhing they can bare for long periods say a few weeks at once long enough to come and go. To repair or replace parts on their ships and so on..imagine our planet traveling space like we travell the earth. Bad people like gangs and cults running around doing what they want but over time they will b found just like we do here with old rape cases and murder cases. Same concept. These demons/humans are older and more technoligy advanced than us and know that we cant stop them but older gennerations can and will stop themm from destroying our planet like the bible says. Other gods/ufo will rain down on the demons and make them leave us alone or face judgment and or death if they choose not to leave all planets alone from here…tney can b part of all in outer space or go their own way. Once they bother someone or try to dominate a planet they may die or fae judgment…

  12. ok sorry for the confussion. What i was refering to demons are human they are just the bad people of ufo’s like we have bad people here…i will refer to them as refugees from here…..demons i will explain later. For now look at it this way. Have u ever seen star many different being there are in space take that show and here is an insight to it… Their are many different types of humman beings. Human beings walk on two feet upright just as we do right! Ok from here there are many different ages (gennerations) of humans in flight in space. Leaving the bible out of this becuase i havent read it enough yet to explain on it…. Ok we are not yet in flight in outer flight i mean by flying around in space like we drive our cars on earth..take a min,p. And think about at least 1000 different gennerations in outer space for instance. We are allways visited by one genneration or another.. We have been ubducted for messages to be put in our minds..the older gennerations done it in the 40’s-50’s by d.n.a…a message that would grow with us and be passed on to the younger kids for gennerations to come. The baby boomers people in their 60’s-70′ right now that are retiring are the people who would have passed this d.n.a. Message on thru child bith and keeps going for many gennerations on our planet…the other abductions are a message inplanted not d.n.a….these messages remain untill someone opens them thru our mind…our mind is one place our bodies in another…

  13. i will sum this up very easily. Every human being in space flight look different becuase of their age. We have a body and a mind. Yes ur brain.. We only us what maybe 10% of our brain..we use the rest of it as we become telepathic and keep on growing up… We have different skin colors,different religions, different culters,and different ways from what country we live in.. As we become tekepathic and get pass all that we are customed to on earth such as wars,racist,jeolousy,and against whatour believes are we start to change. Our bodies start to change.we take flight hight abouve in the stars (outer space flight.) what we alll know is wrong from hatetrid to wars.from our medical procedures to our power grid (electucity). Every thing we do is not wrong but the opposite of what is right. We do this to learn from it but refugees start putting us thru body problems such as cancers and sickness…we still would get things like chicken pox and s.t.d.’s becuase our bodies are still young just liee a baby.. The bible states that thier would b utter destruction on earth in the end of days and because of these refugees their would be. By the d.n.a messages and inplanted messages we wont have to go thru that now. We still have many things that will occure but not i that mannar…the refugees are umong us to make sure that certian things happen so that it leads to a bigger something…the first black president lead to jobs lost becuase he was black. Many white people quit working and gave up small bussinesses becuase they didnt want to pay taxes for a black man…this will lead to other things stamps and welfare being used, gas prices going up, food and farm land no longer in service becuase of a black president. How many farmers gave up on this becuase we have a black president??i can explain many other things too but most of u have read so much info that is out there that u are confused. Watch the ufo discloser for insight on the truth about it…that is the most truethful video out.. There also is dr green he knows excatly what i know but in his own perspective and he’s pretty freaking close to what the ufo’s are here for and what they want us to acheive.. Please check out dr greer and the ufo discloser on utube it will help u alot.. Meer thought cant take us many places in space but we have to become telepathic first to understand how its done… Dr greer is on a nother site called third phase of moon also. This guy is realy close to excatly knowing what i know and i have telepathic comunication with the e,t,’s we all will soon just like me

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