The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

Is God an Alien?

This is just some ideas that went out of my head and onto a note pad not sure if it makes and sense to any one but it seems to be ok to my standards hope it might make you think for a brief moment on what more might be out there and what more we may have to look forward to more then we could ever imagine.

Is God an Earthling or is He an Alien?

Now first off I am in no way trying to start a fight here at all this is my own thoughts and was inspired by my step daughter.

I am a religious person but not to the point where I get mad over things like this. I have my beliefs on this as well. And in no way am I trying to change any ones minds. There is to much evidence to show that our God or your God may be Alien but that is not proof for if it was then no one could question it at all.

What is an alien? For a simple term it means outsider as in any one outside of Earth.

You are either one of two things you are from Earth or you are not. We are as far as we all know. Most people would look at the word Alien and thinks of the greys with big heads and huge eyes that flies about the skies in a big round thing but that is not what I am meaning nor is what the word Alien means.

If God was not an Alien then he would not have been able to create the Earth nor even existed before it did.

I was told not to long ago that because it is not in the Bible that God was an Alien then I was doing blasphemy, and that opinions can be blasphemy. Well that is so true but not in the state that I am asking. The bible speaks of things like UFO’s and things of the such but no it does not say right out there that he is alien but there are all sorts of evidence that he (they) were.

The Definition of blasphemy, (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) blasphemous behavior or language 2. (Law) Also called blasphemous libel Law the crime committed if a person insults, offends, or vilifies the deity, Christ, or the Christian religion.

I do understand that many things can be blasphemy and if this is what I am doing I am sure that God knows that I do not mean it in the way others may think I do.

I had my step daughter to ask me this question how can God be an alien to his own earth.

Now that is a good question but here is another one. We could make some thing that is so grand but yet not know how to work it which would make us alienated to it this is like if thousands of people worked on it but yet did not know how it work or even what it was.

This is God’s Earth but he never lived on it nor does he now which would make him 100% alien from Earth.

There’s plenty of evidence that Aliens have been here and they are still coming here.

Some says that God is all around us and is us and so on I can not make myself believe this for yes he did make it but no he did not make it out of himself strange I know but just my thoughts. We were made in his image but not from him as the bible said we were made of dust.

Once again this is just my thoughts that I just threw out here to those who may want to read this and in no way am I trying to make no one mad nor any thing of the sort

Written by Tasha Slone, Copyright 2012

Comments Welcome!

  1. no go

  2. I happen to believe you

    • This has like many other things left the mystery wide open for those of us that feel that surely we are not the only ” things ” that have crowded the planet Earth…My personal opinion is that if there are other beings in other places, I would like to know more about it.
      As far as having the guilts about having thoughts that there could be a lot of different ways to learn about it, get aquainted with the idea and maybeif it all became reality, we shouldn’t feel bad aboujt wanting to know more…if there is anything to know, I don’t think we as humans are mentally or intellectually prepared to have a common ground or neytral place where some panicky Alien might zap some of us that would want to be there or most likely, a red neck or a good old boy would not under any circumstances leave the house without his gun… It is wats that we know more about than anything else.. Seems like there is alwas one coming or one going or one we can’t get rid of.. The Aliens could teach us that life is very fragile and it shouldn’t be treated with anger or physical attack. Let it be known that I am not contidicting or accusing anyone of or demonstrating Blasphemy.

  3. Sorry for the mis spelling and errors in writing.. I usually am more careful not to make a total fool of myself.. Towards the end of my statement, I meant to say it is WARS that we know about etc.. sorry.

  4. no he is not but alinens are really demons. I know my dad saw them.

    • So you think that God is from the Earth? The entire point of this article, I think, is to say that there are two possibilities; either one is from the Earth or they are from outside the Earth. By definition anything from outsdide the Earth is alien. So, if God is not Alien then he is an Earthling because those are the only two possibilities. Speaking of demons it is the same. Are they from the Earth or not from the Earth? If not then they are alien.

  5. I am not sure about who decided that ” anything ” outside the Earth was Alien.We also call people that are from other places ON earth and are looking for a Visa to get to America , become a citizen,, Are they also aliens ?
    before our civilization was known or history recorded, and when Archeologist find people, animals , hidden villages , tombs, strange collections of articles buried along with the Mummified people , all of that from thousands and millions of years old, my mind caresses the fact that what we think we know about Jesus is only a couple thousand years old and with that , NOT a whole lot of artifacts or discoveries of what was going on in the days that some Local men decided to write ” stories “, Tales, imaginations , hallucinating and enjoying a new skin of home made wine , a chunk of bread or for all I know a good hunk of cheese would complete what they would want when out under the stars talking to one another. The wine gets hot they start to make their story bigger and better or to scare some people into believeing whatever it was they thought should be the ” Rules and Regulations “.. Since they had no real power, They blamed it on or gave the credit to God. before Christ died on the cross for our sins, what happened to the millions of people that were born and died not even knowing about a Jesus or a God. MAybe The Gods of different sorts were omens of good and bad to keep some sort of control , if that was possible. What about the Ten Commandments ? Were all that was ever given life on earth and when it was time to go on , did they know heaven ? There were, according to old, old old findings that there were burial ceremonies but they were prepared to go off into another life…
    Did anyone ever notice that the depictions of The Biblical people, Jesus and his ” decipals” roamed the roads, had no place to live, no jobs, wore those long garments that looked like bath robes, You know the hygeine was lacking, Nobody was ever carrying ” camping ” gear, pld sandles, an after they stopped by a river to get fish and build a fire to cook it, Did they get naked and go in for a bath > Ni fruit of the Looms there..They had t o wash those robe things, , I;m sure when some of the boys went up in the bushes to get their bodily functions taken care of. Nobody shaved, nevr was there any obvious grooming. Since they wandered from place to place My mind tells me they probably had a good time talking around the camp fire… Then there was Ezekiel.. he and his buddy did some strange nasty things to prove the faith they had in God.. then as the night got underway, the wine got hotter, and whatever it was that he was smoking caused him to see a red chariot come bouncing out of the sky, described as all four sides had a face of some animals and there as a Wheel within a Wheel.. wonder where it landed ? Wonder where it went ? Wonder who was the pilot of this contraption ? Hot wine and Canabas or Space Aliens ?
    Something the size of that vehichle should be found or should have come back again ?????
    After all Ezekiel was just a man.
    This was not written to cause any kind of stir or to insult anyone’s intelligence or certainly not any blasphamy intended.
    I have many times thought the reason we don’t kn9w a lot or understand a lot about all of this is because there is really nobody to have ever given straight answers.
    Have a wonderful weekend , Keep looking at the skies..

    • Alien basically means “outsider”. The word ‘alien’ being used to describe a person from another country is not the same usage as when we are talking about beings or entities from outside the Earth… But you already knew that 🙂

      I dont think that you insulted anyone or stepped out of bounds at all. Well, Im not the one who wrote the article anyway, just another person throwin’ in my 2 cents

    • Hi Taylor,

      Lol, you certainly couldn’t upset anyone nor would you be insulting as your comments are so funny, I had a good chuckle. If I may add my two pence, I believe a large number of us in the West have an element of Christian belief system and yet we are very curious about much of the contents in the Christian bible and rightfully so -- we want answers because from what I am able to glean from Genesis, in particular, the authors have only given us a sketch, omiting so much thus leaving us hanging up to dry and totally unfulfilled knowledge-wise. Having said that, I also believe we were all kept in the dark deliberately and remained in that state until we became more knowledgable and bolder. The control which was exerted upon us by religious organisations in the past, has been loosened to a point where we are boldly questioning irreverently what was once unquestionable without fear of any reprisals. With technological advancements in leaps and bounds and knowledge oozing out of our ears, we are able to communicate with people from all over the world and exchange experiences. There are knowledgable and intelligent people who are also very interested in ancient history and have the why and the wherefore to do indepth research on the forgotten past, these people are coming up with information which is staggering and writing books of their findings. These are very exciting times -- knowledge-wise for humanity. I find the things from the bible which we didn’t understand in years gone by, are beginning to make sense.

      You say ufos are mentioned in the bible and are presently being seen, you talk about the biblical god and the creation of the Earth and mankind along with other living creatures. Was God (the biblical god) an alien? Who is or what would be considered as alien? If I were to ask you what/who was Christopher Columbus -- what would your answer be? Was he an alien to the Americas before the American continent was discovered? Were the Spanish aliens to South America before they invaded and attacked the inhabitants? Were the British aliens to the African indigenous peoples before they colonised the land? But the biggest question of all is -- are the colonises or settlers in question ‘still’ regarded as aliens? The answer is ‘not really’ in the true sense of the word -- because these former colonizes are now known to the indigenous peoples, they are not an enigma. What about the biblical god, with his companions who created man in their image and likeness? What about the sons of god who, from heaven(another planet in another solar system in the galaxy) to earth came and took upon themselves compatible earth wives (who were in the first instance created by them) and lived on this planet Earth.

      he question is this, if space travellers (advanced scientists) chanced upon this planet Earth 500000 years ago and lived on this planet and I believe this is what happened, and in the process created the human species in their image and likeness)mixing their DNA with an existing hominid creature, then after some time most of them vacate planet Earth (leaving some behind -ufos and their occupants)to keep an eye on their creations and continue on their space travels and continue to plant species with their own DNA on other planets. Are those ufo occupants aliens who pop up from time to time, bearing in mind they once lived on the Earth and were in fact part and parcel of our very existence? Is god with his companions an alien if he created mankind in the first instance whilst living on this Earth? No I don’t think so -- he said he is our father and we are his children and so are parents who live in the Antarctic for years without seeing their children and only pop over to visit after 60 years. We wouldn’t call them aliens -- would we?

      Sorry I was so long winded but find it’s the only way to get my point across. What do you think?

  6. no god is real. the devil is real also. I have seen the devil and have heard his footsteps. Jesus is real. Ufos are usually demons. my dad I think went to hell. He talked of aliens a lot. he saw them communicated with them. when he died there were a thousand whispering voices. my sister was terrified when she discovered his body and the voices whispering. I know now that aliens are demons. Jesus is supernatural and so is God. They are in the heavens. the devil sits on a throne in Hell. he has a crown. There is also a lake of fire and that burns. I have seen it. Jesus and the angels fly above us battling the evil one. I also have seen this. I lived in a haunted trailor and saw a lot of supernatural things. I also saw paranormal things.

    • Hi Carri

      One cannot dispute your claims as they are your experiences and, I believe we all have our own truths. The question was, is the biblical god an alien from another physical world?

  7. God is from another realm he is not an alien. I know from supernatural experiences. God and demons along with aliens appear from another dimension they come through portal openings.

    • If he is not from the Earth he is an alien which is the point of the article. If he is not an alien then he must be from the Earth :O) -- Remember “Alien” means from somewhere other than the planet Earth. It does not mean little green men, or grays, or whatever other preconceived notion.

      • Hi Alien UFO Truth Seeker,

        May I pose a question to you? In view of what the bible tells us (this is excluding Z. Sitchin’s findings/theories of mankind’s origins), would you regard the biblical god an alien, bearing in mind he was instrumental in our physical creation, having lived on this Earth at one time alongside the earlier humans (even though, he might have originated from another star system)? Bearing in mind, he set foot on this planet before we ever existed. It’s like asking the question, if after I gave birth to children here on Earth -- leaving them behind, and moved to planet Mars for a long period of time, then returning to visit my children on Earth -- would you regard me as an alien because I no longer reside on Earth even though my children are unable to join me on Mars?

        I feel, I can no longer label ufo occupants as aliens, because it would appear they have been around a lot longer than myself, even though they may reside in the ‘sky’??? What do you think?

        • Hello Pat. I WOULD classify God as an alien simply because I do not believe that “he” originated from this Earth. When it is said that “God is an alien” many people think of an alien as a little green man or a big eyed grey or something from a movie. I say forgot all that and just think about it this way -- there are only two choices possible; 10) You originated from the Earth and therefore you are an “Earthling” OR 2) You did not originate from the Earth and therefore are an alien. To say that God is not an alien is the same as saying God is from the Earth.

          As for the UFO occupants, they may be humans (which I think most likely) -- And of course some could be controlled without having an actual person inside.

          For the scenario above I would still call you an Earthling because that is where you were from.

          • Hi Alien UFO Truth Seeker,

            I understand your viewpoint, however, the mere fact, we were created by him/them, makes him/them an earth affiliate, because they know everything to do with our existence and they, to all intensive purposes, are a part of our very dna existence. One day in the future, we earthlings will be space travellers as well, and also colonize another unoccupied planet for a period of time and we will have left behind our seed on Earth in the way of great, great grand children. Will we also be regarded as aliens when we pop back to planet Earth to see what gives?

            I’ve changed my perception of what aliens are with all the unravelling of information recently.

  8. Listen when i was a kid my friend played with the Ouiji board and opened a portal to the spirit world. I was about 8 years old. then she was attacked her name was Tammy and she was attacked by some boys and I was thrown in a foster home for 2 years. then later my dad contacted aliens he was a engineer but lead a troubled life. like he was possessed at times. he could be violent. then later in life when I was 19 my brother died in a car accident. but my parents did a seance. then I heard paranormal activities. the demons came at me because I was close to my brother and I believed in Jesus. Now let me take you to the year 1989 I was going to college by the Stikney Mansion a known haunted location in Woodstock. the location was close to where my brother died at 17. I saw a demon walking in the woods in January. the story I wrote is a “A demon walking near the stikney Mansion.” Now I take you to 2001 I bought a haunted trailor. A woman had died there. I heard a lot of paranormal activities. this story is Trailor park of evil. I also heard the devils footsteps in this trailor. I was also suffering from epileptic seizures in this trailor. when I moved out the seizures stopped. In the home now I a saw a demon next door to my home then I heard demonic voices this story is the “The demon in the oak tree.” when my mother got sick in mental institutions at times I saw pure evil . I also saw the wind move and weather being affected by evil. Yes Jesus is real and so is the devil. if you do not believe me then try a seance yourself or go to a grave yard and call up spirits. then you will see that evil is real. and only God and Jesus can protect us. all aliens are demons.

  9. Hi Carri,

    There seems to be confusion between spiritual entities (ie. ouiji board/seance/ the spirit world and things related) and God/alien & Jesus which I’m sure are somewhat unrelated. From what I understand, there is a clear distinction between the two.

    I don’t think anybody is disputing the existence of ghosts/demons/poltergeists etc., and your experiences with these entities. The biblical god was in my opinion a physical being, an ancient astronaut/scientist who -- it seems lived on Earth some 500000 or so years ago long before the existence of mankind, he along with his companions created mankind ‘let us make man in our own image and likeness’. After creating human beings and teaching them how to survive over a period of time, he and his companions moved on -- perhaps back to their home planet or another star system. If he returned with his companions today, would we regard him as an alien, bearing in mind we were created by him and companions, using their DNA, when they lived on Earth?

  10. Hi All

    I thought I’d insert this link which is a UFO/alien incident which happened in Zimbabwe/Africa in the early 90’s. The story is accompanied by drawings made by the Arial school children who witnessed this incident and also film clips of the interviews with the children concerned.

    I knew the children had been interviewed at the time as there was much excitement in Zimbabwe about the incident (I was in Zimbabwe at the time) but, as the world wide net was not in existence then, I never thought I’d ever see any videos of the interviews, imagine my surprise to find they had been uploaded on the net recently. I would be interested to hear all your comments.

    This is the link below:

  11. Hello UFO Truth Seeker,
    What’s happened to everyone, have I chased them away?? 🙁

    • Well, I dont know 🙂 I’ve been expecting the author/writer to comment back.

      • Hi UFO Truth Seeker,
        Perhaps it doesn’t auger well to be too over-bearingly opinionated -- mea culpa.

        I think perhaps one could regard me as being too irreverent and perhaps lacking respect for the biblical god when making bold statements about his physicality -- not so, as I marvel at his/their intelligence and advanced knowledge of the universe and wonderful capabilities. Either we have been duped from the outset biblically or we have to open our minds very wide -- so we can see the wood for the trees. Whilst reading another book on the ‘very ancients’/annunaki/space travellers etc, there was mention of the biblical Book of Samuel which I read as well out of curiosity. What a revelation! It was an eureka moment for me. I thought of the TV programme ‘Big Brother’ and the Diary Room with the house mates talking to a powerful faceless individual by remote technology, who sees and knows all the goings on in the Big Brother House. The house mates take their instructions from this faceless person and if need be, a TV screen could be placed there so that BB could be observed if he wanted to be observed. It has been said by scholars, the Ark of the Covenant housed among other items, a communications device -- obviously remotely controlled by god. The sworn servant who slept in the tent beside the Ark of the Covenant always awaited instructions from the ‘speaker device’ and it was accepted and known that god was available to speak to and be spoken to only when ‘god’s red lamp’ was alight. Just think of modern technology -- CCTV etc. -- is that not what is happening today? Of course during biblical times, with a simple ignorant society , something like that would be out of this world and very impressive, mind boggling and most certainly would place much power in the hands of the unseen manipulator. Just imagine what an amusing time god had remotely controlling these people.

        The scientists in USA are able to sit in their offices here on planet Earth and monitor the computerised vehicle which they placed rather crudely on Mars. This vehicle with all its hi-tech attachments, photographs in detail the close objects and surrounding landscape. Planet Mars is millions of miles away -- what an achievement by modern humanity!! Now -- just imagine the knowledge and capablilities of the biblical god -- who created us with his companions -- manipulating their dna with the dna of an indigenous Earth species -- why wouldn’t/couldn’t they do something similar but more impressively from another distant star system. Are we not doing that with plants and animals presently. For the moment, there is opposition to manipulation of human genes or cloning -- it is called playing god and therefore unethical/unacceptable. I wonder for how much longer before this view is set aside??

        Am I staggering and shouting in the dark with people holding their hands to their ears and shutting out my voice? Or am I tittering on a very dangerous boundery with my thoughts?

        The biblical god is not an alien in the real sense of the word, he and companions created planet Earth in its present state millions of years ago when they used their moon weapons to collide with the planet -- propelling/pushing an ice covered Earth from its orbit between jupiter and Mars to where it is orbiting presently -- closer to the sun where it was able to thaw out, in the process creating the asteroid belt from remains of the planet where it once was it orbit between Mars and Jupiter. I believe these ancient scientist astraunauts do this sort of thing in the wider Universe, planet Earth in our Solar System is/was a project like many others.

        • Excellent comment Pat, I appreciate you!

          • Hi Kapakata,

            Please expand on your comment -- what are your thoughts on the topic of planet Nibiru and the annunnaki. I wonder about planet Nibiru which apparently is depicted with wings by the ancients and travels/orbits in the opposite direction from all the other planets in our solar system. What I find rather odd is, if the other planets in our solar system are orbiting our sun/star, why are they not depicted with wings as well? According to the ancient Sumerian tablets, Nibiru wasn’t always part of our solar system, they apparently at some point in time were sucked in by the gravitational pull. How is it possible for a planet to be sucked into our solar system? What was this planet doing in space in the vicinity -- especially when one acknowledges we are tucked away in the middle of nowhere in some distant corner -- smaller than a speck of dust millions of light years away from other star systems? Nibiru depicted with wings and is regarded as a rogue planet accompanied by a number of sizeable smaller moon/planets which are used to muscle Nibiru’s way around -- orbiting in the opposite direction.

            I wonder if the occupants of this planet have the knowledge and technology to propel (winged)Nibiru in and out of our solar system and into other solar systems -- colonising suitable planets for their needs and depositing their dna/creating humans and instilling in them their culture etc. in the manner they did on Earth? Isn’t that what the British (Common Wealth), French (French colonies), Portuguese and Spanish did in the early days but on a smaller scale -- confined to Earth only? The British, French, Spanish and Portuguese deposited their own people in their respective colonies leavng their languages and identities amongs the indigenous.

            Obviously, as we have been created by them (annunnaki) in their laboratories which were set up shortly after their arrival manipulating their dna with an indigenous earth creature, it follows, we would have their dna traits and presently we/scientists are engaged in similar activities but on a much smaller scale.

            What do you think?

  12. This whole topic turns into something else once planet nibiru and the annunnaki come into picture…

    • Just in minor response to your thoughts and ideas, it does not alarm, frighten, dig up ” tales ” , other thoughts and ideas that people have written about. Seems like once you get either wrapped up in it or you find your self tangled up with it, it basically has drawn the same curiosities ,. thoughts and ideas that we are all having… Past and present..
      Since so much had been ” found ” and is kept in safe places, I wish more people would begin to attempt to solve some of this big Mystery that surrounds us , dig more, artifacts
      that could pull together and make all the pieces come together.
      On The History Channel and other Channels there are very good documentaries about the Ancient Space Aliens, Egyptians, study of How Tons and Tons of stone was moved ,designed and put together
      to form and maintain soome of the oldest structures ever build.. Where did the man power come from… ??
      Look up the documentation of
      Ancient Astronaughts.. Flyng engins that look like air planes, Check out the Tools,, There are some kinds of stone and soil that appeares to be from another place.
      There are pleny of answers and the questions are not out in the open….-
      From all I have seen and of all the things I do not know, I DO KNOW that if I was a citizen of any other planet and know that they have very speedy craft to get around in… I wouldn’t want to make friends with Americans or earthlings…. they always fight…. There is always a WAR,,,.. Somebody is getting captured, Tortured, Thrown dead

      in a hole in the ground.. What is it that all these big leaders of different countries want… Nobody is going any where… We need to organize , clean it up and use all this high powered equipment and have a Hover machine in our yards that can get us to work, get our shopping done and the lawn always groomed……Wouldn’t that be a HOOT ?..
      Have a good weekend all.
      Anita Taylor

      • Hi Anita,
        It’s not really a case of our ‘creators’ making friends with their ‘creations’ Americans -- warriors etc. bearing in mind, we were created with the warring/antagonistic etc. defects -- remember the very first creations Adam & Eve and their first two children Cain and Abel. Cain killed his brother Abel in the beginning of mankind’s development. Later (Christian bible), our creator -- god, was so disappointed at the behaviour of his ‘defective’ creations (mankind) and their offspring, that he attempted to wipe them out (rather violently) by drowning them in the flood. What does that say, effectively of god?? He often displayed fits of anger, made numerous threats, bribed his chosen peoples, encouraged/assisted them in war against the other tribes in the area, displayed some form of magic from time to time to impress. Honestly!! How much more human and physical could this god be!! I believe he plucked the gentle and righteous one’s like Enoch, Alija(sic)from this Earth, and replicated them to create a society on other planets in other star systems.

        Before mankind’s recent scientific progress in the field of genetics etc., it seemed inconceivable and quite miraculous (as reported in the Old Testament), when god somehow got elderly barren Sarah (in her nineties) pregnant -- bearing son Isaac. Also, barren Rebecca was miraculously impregnated to bare a son as well. Jesus’s mother Mary too, was with child quite miraculously. However, today, we are able to artificially inseminate and also fertilize female eggs artificially in test tubes -- suddenly what god did in ancient biblical times isn’t so miraculous any more, because we have discovered how to do just that.

        How many people have died and been resuscitated by doctors in this day and age, it is no longer an enigma or a miracle (ie. Jesus having risen from the dead).

        The landing of YHWH/god on mount Sinai was quite an event. The vehicle space craft used was shielded/concealed by a cloud/steam and made a thunderous noise and, as it was radio active, the people who witnessed the landing had to keep their distance or perish. Also a loud speaker was used to address these people. Just imagine how frightening this event must have been for these ignorant and simple people. Moses ofcourse suffered death in the end, not surviving the trip to the promised land because he was exposed to the radio-activity when he went up to receive the two tablets containing the commandments.

        We know from reports from hundreds of witnesses who saw ufos which generated a cloud/steam around it to conceal the vehicle, in recent times. We know too, some of these vehicles were radio active and affected people who approached them -- causing cancer. I could go on and on with many examples in support of my views -- that in fact the Old Testament biblical god was in fact an astronaut/scientist who -- with his companions, colonised this planet Earth, creating mankind as we are known today.

        I suppose if an alien is a physical being who hails from another Star System, landed on Earth and created mankind and then moved on to continue his work elsewhere, then an alien he is. However, the violent aspect of mankind is well known to god and his companions and if they are keeping their distance, it could be because we would be competition and seeking to colonize other worlds following in their footsteps and, that’s aeon’s away especially as our life spell is restricted to approx. 120 years as compared to their ‘almost’ immortality.

        These are my thoughts -- what do you think? I invite anyone to comment and give me their thoughts.

  13. hye, i am Natalie, from malaysia, i am a muslim and i believe that alien is a god.
    i believe in extratrrestial life and i also believe that they’re the one who created us.
    the big question is, who created them? and if god do exist, who created him?
    how can a thing exist without someone create it? who creates who now?
    apart from that, did the us government, russian, and the germany knew about this all along? if they do, why didnt they tell us? why is it so important that they hide this information from us? is it because it will affect our religion? or is it because the aliens are actually bad and dangerous and it will harm us? and if the information are being spread out, the people around this world will start to panic ? honestly, i am waiting and counting to the days 21st december 2012, i really am excited,however to see what will happen. hope u’ll reply. have a good day 🙂

    • Hi Natalie,

      Not sure whether these governments mentioned have privy knowledge. If they did, just imagine what it would do for religions -- particularly the Christian religion where much of their religion is based on the Christian bible. If god was an ancient an advanced astronaut who with his companions created the first men for the purposes of enslavement to do the manual work in mines, why would people feel the need to follow the controlling ten commandments if they were passed down by this god -- this is tantemount to authorotative/dictatorial controlling governments who are keeping their countrymen in check. We have an incident in Egypt presently where the people are up in arms because the new president wishes to pass laws which cannot be challenged by the courts. Does this information make man feel good about themselves and, is there eternal life after death if our worth to this god was as a toiling slave? What do you think?

    • As regards 21 December 2012, don’t hold your breath -- what do you think will happen? We are still not able to see planet Nibiru and there are 13 days left, another case of internet hysteria. 🙁

  14. Is God an alien? In some ways yes! He Elohim was once like a human man, He won the rights and respect to become an God and have His own Universe, etc. The same thing happened to what we know as Jesus Christ. The larger God is what science call the Creative force. This Creative force is not limited like the lesser once human Gods. They have what is called after their death a glorified body that is why Jesus Christ could walk though the walls and in the Americas came out a a mountion. Some aliens have this abilities and it was rumor Hudenie I believe this is how he spelled his name he did this once on stage! Walked right through a block of bricks but the audience didn’t like this and some including males fainted. He never did this again. He was visted by what could be called a MIB male one rainy night. He told him numerous things and after this again walk though a wall. Aliens especially the gray aliens do this on a regular bases. They have learned to control the body and mind power going thought the walls. Some UFO investigators seem to think they might be using the astro-body (soul) while doing this. Might be? Who knows other then the aliens themselves! About the idea of a God remember one thing, life is too much complexed and things just do not come out of zero and make some thing! Ask those who make TV’s, watches, computer, etc! I believe strongly that in the year of 2013 we’ll know more about this alien and UFO factors! Again readers of my postings have a good Christmas, and too year of 2013! Jerry Biddle from the USA

  15. Right now in the part of the USA I’m still here! It’s December the 22nd of 2012. What do I see coming my stuff is more based on science then so-called date putters. I’m not into that date stuff. Why? Because 9 out of 10 their wrong! What I see is more tornados, and things like this. More UFO sightings and of course with this abductions. As to people getting killed in the USA by a loaner individual yes, what I strongly believe it the cause of a lot of this is: TV, movies, video games, and people think it is cool to be what we could call a bully. Is our world going to change and every body having the the so-called moral values they once had? When you look at it yes! The Black Race once in the USA and Irish others were not treated the best! Is religion the answer? Depends on what that religions values are! I get the impressions that mankind for the most is good. At’s not humans that are the reasons bad things happen. The devil? The more I studied things the more I’m starting to think the devil and bad reptilians are in fact one of the same! I know a lot of you reading this post would find this funny and make a sly remark to me for saying these thing! But repeat you really don’t know me you don’t know what I for information nor what I have seen, heard and witness first hand! I have had direct contact with aliens looking like humans, once a gray alien and THEY having direct communication with me via mind. What I want to warn all of you that read my postings are these things: Don’t believe all of those so-called date putter on/ers. Don’t fall for that guns kill all people remember the gun is made out of metal it’s the human that does the killings. Don’t believe that all UFO aliens are either all good or all bad. Like humans they have both. I can not tell you how to tell the differences I wish I had a device that I could wear like glasses and see which ones are bad, etc. Just don’t fall for things use some good judgement. Stand back and say to yourselves who is going to benefit from this him/she or me? Or both of us! Right now what I have read and heard the abductions seem to be one sided all for them not caring about the individual being abducted, etc. I strongly believe that MOST humans are good that thing that happend in the USA and 26 lost their lifes yes bad I felt horrable on this one because I like and love humans I believe again MOST are good and I shall stand by this fact! Look how many children in the USA and other countries were in school that day and went home not being victims. Again I have a good feelings towards mankind. I was once a Marshal then a regular police officer in my bed room I had two loaded guns (weapons) not once did my nephews ever come in and tried to play or bother with them! Yes, when they got older they wanted to see them after once unloading them I showed them. On my late father’s side of the family some of went into law enforcement on my late mother’s side they went to firemen. Besides other occupations. So, after reading this you have to agree on one thing Mr. Jerry Biddle in the USA was very much correct about this December the 21st thing! I would never tell any of you reading my postings things which I feel are either wrong or things I know are not true. I want to read you’re postings with the same respect to read and ponder on them this way all of us learn and the more we know the more we can deal with numerous circumstances wheather they being good or bad. Thank you in advance for reading my postings! I deeply appreciate it. Have a good year of 2013 God only knows what is store for all of US. Jerry Biddle from the USA

    • Yes Gerri -- but without the guns and bullets, the mass killings of innocent women and children is unlikely to occur. People with guns should be compelled to hand them ALL in or face prosecution by the USA courts after the necessary amendment of the law has been made. There’s no need for these weapons of mass distruction in a ‘supposed’ peaceful country during peaceful times -- unless the society concerned is prone to violence. One is able to defend oneself against an unarmed aggressor by learning karate, judo and other forms of defence other than guns.

  16. On the Coast to Coast Show the guest last night stated that the aliens called Pleiadians are coming to earth and get rid of the reptilian aliens and the others bad grays. Get rid of churches religion in general give humans free energy and this list goes on and on! In my studies of this subject of UFO/aliens, I know some might like this but I don’t buy it! (?) Why? Because this would be a huge undertaking and numerous jobs and similar situations would have to take place! You think the jobless circumstances is bad now can you just see earth with out religion, power companies, etc. Yes, I agree bad aliens I do not like them no more then you who are reading this postings. But if they the Pleiadians would take charge of earth wouldn’t this be some thing like our way or the high way! (Big Brother) keep in mind the Pleiadians for the most part do not believe in the same God/Jesus Christ/Jehovah/Elohim like humans do. Their religion would be creation rather then a Creator believing mainly in reincarnation. Remember Billy Miers? What happened to him if you remember he too was supost to have had communication with again the Pleiadians! Some even his wife for the most part doesn’t believe he does have had communication also in the upper room of his house he has models looking just like the UFO’s he has good photos of! (?) Isn’t this interesting! I’m not buying all of this stuff! Why? Look at Y2K, 2012 and end time as told by a Christian Radio Station. This list could go on and on. What do I believe? I strongly feel some thing is going down but the governments and others have a tight lid on this! Read my prior postings you’ll see what I’m getting at! Jerry Biddle USA

  17. I received another one of those Pat emails stating do I watch TV with the reptilian aliens? My answer to this question is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I don’t know what Pat is trying to prove! (?) If I was Pat knowing what I know about UFO/aliens I believe I would have a different attitude towards putting in emails about what one Jerry puts in the postings. He (Pat) has’t to remember that I have been studying the subject of UFO/aliens 66 years now! I do not like some things I have found out regarding UFO’s/aliens. But who cares what one USA Jerry thinks! It’s not going to change things! Pat indicated that he lives in England now. What Pat doesn’t know or in fact realize that for the most part of my life I was in law-enforcement. This gave me regarding UFO’s/aliens an inside knowledge point from other police officers and too FBI agents. What you need to do Pat instead of trying to tear-me-down is widen you’re scope of readings and understandings regarding UFO’s/aliens and related. Not just reading my postings rather others who have more knowledge and more information regarding the subject of UFO’s. Some of these indivdiuals were FBI, CIA, USAF, NSA and some being the guest on the nightly Coast to Coast Show. After once doing this assignment you’ll understand what I have been posting is not fiction, my ideas, my opinons etc. When I first heard and read about the reptilian aliens living under the USA and possible other countries and having children and some adults adbucted I found this real hard! Because of my religious beliefs I realized that our God/Elohim and Jesus Christ wouldn’t for the most part create an alien race that would do these things true, I realize that humans and some animals abduct and eat humans yes I know this, but to understand that aliens on earth are doing this is hard! If Pat again does some more digging into the subject he’ll realize that good aliens like the Nordic’s, Pleiadians and other they too do not like this and they are along with USA, other countries and nations waging war against these bad aliens. The question might be brought up who created these bad aliens? Keep in mind that the universes go on and on and then some! They would have if you please a lesser god like earth has Elohim/Jesus Christ and this lesser god would be their creator. If you read the book of Rev you’ll understand this more clearly. It tells about humans becoming gods this has been going on for eon of years not being able to put a number on it! If you read my postings on this sight and too other sights you’ll realize that one Jerry (USA) has had communication with mostly human looking aliens and not grays, reptilians, shape-shifters, etc. As stated before I like for the most part humans! Yes, not all humans are good! Then again not all humans are bad! I wish I had more control over some circumstances the bad aliens would of had to leave the planet earth several thousands of years ago! Now Pat as to you. This is the last time I shall answer any of you’re emailings to me directly and too postings like this. Why? Because you’re getting to the point now you’re harassing me! The FBI in the resident I reside in told me if I ever get an email that they fell is harmful to my life they would come in and do some thing about it! You seem to think you know all about one Jerry (ME) living in the USA I’ll tell you right now! YOU DON’T! YOU WOULDN’T KNOW ME IF I WAS STANDING NEXT TO YOU OR IN A PUBLIC PLACE! You don’t know what I watch on TV you don’t know what type of music I like you don’t know what policial party I belong to. You don’t know this nor do you know that because YOU DON’T KNOW ME! If you came to the USA and by some reason found me and tried to be my friend, I doubt strongly I would accept you’re friendship! Why? Again read this posting and others. This bickering has stopped right now. This is my last answering to one Pat why? Because I don’t have to justify my knowledge or researches on UFO’s/aliens to you! Why? Because I’m not getting paid for doing this! It’s not my job! I do not work for any government employment any more! I only share this information with others so they like myself may learn some thing! Soooooooooooooooo, with this I believe you know my standing on this situation! Jerry Biddle from the USA

  18. Tsa Tsa Tsa -- tut tut tut Jerry,

    Calm down dear, as an individual residing in the free world as you do, where freedom of speech is paramount, I urge you to respond in a measured manner. I merely asked if you have been viewing too many movies about reptilian aliens. If I thought a ‘tongue in cheek question’ like that would have been offensive to you, I surely would have refrained.

    By the way, I do ‘NOT’ have your e.mail address and my response to you was via this website through this means I’m doing presently. Am I not allowed to make humourous comments Jerry? 🙁

    On the question of my questionable knowledge on UFOs and aliens, it may surprise you Jerry to learn I am extremely well read on the subject. UFos/aliens have been a pet favourite subject of mine for decades and have watched scores of documentaries, have read hundreds of related books and interracted verbally with scores of serious like-minded people on the subject.

    So there you go Jerry -- Am I forgiven? 🙂

    • In the future Pat do not tease me regarding the UFO/aliens, why? Because I know too much regarding the aliens, when you thought you were make a joke about the reptilians, because I strongly dislike them along with some other aliens like the grays, etc. When I watch TV about aliens and related for the most part I find them boring! Why? Because they in an Hollywood way are making fun of this very serious situation. If you like to read and too if you can get a hold of a book by Frank Edwards Flying Saucers Serious Business 3rd Edition. In this book in case you can not obtain a copy it tells in the future (right now) the wild fires, droughts, sickness, air planes, trains, abductions, etc. He makes claim it’s the bad aliens doing this. I’m older then I believe you are. I do not look like an individual going on 72 years old. There is a reason for this, I strongly suggest that you put down this: On either or UFO alien Jerry Biddle and read some of my prior postings. You’ll understand things about me much clearer and etc. I take the subject of UFO’s/aliens very seriously why? Because of my circumstances 3 individuals have lost their lifes. One parent (male) one child, one teenager. My Church knows about this, and my Bishop and myself do not like this. I have a hard time understanding humans. With you I found this would be joke as a huge insult like I see too many TV and movies thus coming up with the idea of why I talk about reptilians. I realize that you’re a subject of England and I watch a lot of TV Productions on the PBS Channel. While watching this and really enjoying the programs, I notice that the humor and some ideas are very different then we have in the USA. My late father and I would watch again English made movies he is the one that got me started back in the early 1950’s. So much so that I started to have an English accent to my speech. A teacher brought this to my attention. I take the alien thing very, very serious, no I’m not mad at you and too I shall contenue to read you’re postings as is the case with others. I suggest to you if you have a radio that can pick up USA radio stations to listen to the Coast to Coast Show it comes on every night in USA 2400-0400 hours. I listen and this show has given me information that would of taken several years of research and numerous book readings. Once after doing this thing I suggest regarding me. No, I can not send a picture of myself. This turned out to be a bad circumstances once. The LDS Church had a going away party type of deal for our former Stake President and every body would line up against the wall at the Stake Center and they took individual photos of all who were at this going away party deal. A former friend told me that same photo turned up on the internet just by chance he had to dig and dig and bingo at that upper right hand corner was this same photo and down below had three other individuals photos. My Ward tried to do this same thing, but I told the Bishop about this circumstances in the past so I have declined to have the photo taken. A guest on the Coast to Coast Show wanted me to send him a photo of myself. But again I have declined he is a book writer and his subject is yup you guest it UFO’s/aliens. For the most part I’m highly protected by the government either the local or federal level. So, I believe after reading this it should shed some light on one Jerry Biddle USA in my community they have made believe that several Jerry Biddle’s reside, I believe this is a security situation. I can tell you some what I look like I’ll give you this much. I’m 6ft tall, weight 184lbs, blue/green color eyes or as you’d spell it colour, dark brown hair, milky white complexion, size 11 shoe size, very young looking some think 26 years old, above average looks several model agencies in the past has had an interest along with Hollywood they seen a free demo tape I made at this place and it along with the other individuals went to New York City some way Hollywood seen it. They seemed to be more interested in my physical looks then my singing. As to singing I sing and like most music. This can range from country (some) classical mostly religious materials, golden-oldies, standards that stuff one hears on the elevators, etc. I’m not into rap or heavey metal, hard rock. Yes, I like some of the Beatles music. Mostly the music of 1940’s 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80’s. I like black singers who sound like whites example: Some Motown, again the 40’s 50’s etc. No I don’t care for the so-called singers on American Idol and I do not like either in whites, blacks or others that whinny sounding voice that sounds like an outside warning siren! I buy CD’s I have an outlet that sells them at a good price Oldies. Com. So now you have a understanding of one Jerry Biddle. Because I think maybe you’re of the black race because of what you have stated you might ask do I like black people? Answer: Like all other races some yes, some no! I have several black individual who are now gone in death. It’s not the outside that counts it’s what is inside that matters. Have I ran across a black alien? Not yet any way! Most of the ones I have had contact are young white LDS missionaries. Above average looks, humor different then humans, thinking and eating is different what I mean by eating one of them had to have special food brought in to him. Elder McEnroy. I think they give them fake names by the way. One was tall again nice looking and his spelling wasn’t that good (it sucked) but I told the young members it’s because where he is from they might speak another language, etc. Sooooooooooooooooo, I hope this answered you’re questions. If you try to dig into me on the internet good luck! I have tried for several years now. Also my telephone and emailing are both tapped as I was informed by an FBI agent. Jerry Biddle USA

  19. Hello Jerry

    Your sensitive nature as regards the ufo/alien issue is very puzzling. The ufo subject with occupants is taken very seriously by me, although must admit as a natural skeptic, one is not very gullible, hence ‘the tongue in cheek’ remarks.

    Jerry dear, there is a difference between the words ‘I was born and lived in Africa most of my life’ therefore I am African, and, I am a member of the African black skinned race. There are millions of black and white people who were born in USA and Europe, therefore one should not presume the continent of your birth determines the colour of your skin. A little bit of history should not go amiss here. Large parts of Africa including the USA were once British colonies. The white British explorers settled their kith and kin in this beautiful continent Africa for over a century, there are millions of fourth and fifth generation white skinned Africans who love and consider Africa to be their natural home because their white great grand parents with fourth generation offspring have known no other home but Africa and, I happen to be one of them until recently. Born fair headed, fair skinned and covered in freckles because of the hot African sun. Africa, like the USA, have Black, white, Asian, Chinese, mixed race peoples who live side by side. The people of all races in my country in Africa follow the British educational system and English is their first language even though they converse in the vernacular in their private homes.

    So there you go Jerry, a little bit of useless information. 🙂

    • Pat: I should of read all of you’re posting before answering the first one. Yes, I know that in Africa English children very white indeed were born in Aprica because of mother and father’s job. Read my first posting. No I do not dislike the black race. I like all people if they are nice to others I would of had a very hard time living in the south many years ago when the KKK treated the black like Nazis did the Jews and Polish etc. I have a hard time with some aliens the bad ones who are either grays, reptilians and others. But then again they have some humans working for them besides whearter they are true humans I don’t know! (??????) Our governments (England included) have been doing a very good job of keeping all of this a HUGE BIG SECRET FOR MANY YEARS NOW! You’ll laugh at first but now it’s time to tell you a thing or two! I’m not totally human! I was told this back in 1985 in the summer by my late mother dad had died in 1981. I believe he came back because I heard him one night talking to my mother she was trying to talk to him also, once I woke up and dad knew this the converstation stopped sortly after this my nephew got killed in an auto accident in California then some time later she told me she didn’t know where or who I was but I love you as much as I did the real Jerry Eugene Biddle. What makes me different then human: I do not require a lot of sleep. If I get a cut wheather this being huge or small it heals in a few hours. UFO/aliens who are LDS Mormon Church missionaries have a strong interest in one Brother Biddle. If I have a medical problem and dial 911 (yours is 999 yes I know) they send out 10 different emergency vehicals for just one person (me) I described myself in the last emailing to you so you know what I look like, etc. My telephone is tappped, the emailing is tapped as told by a former FBI agent who now works for the CIA his specialities yup you guest it! UFO/aliens! I have had two different times implants coming out of down my throat one 1/2 square and a light gray rubbery one looking like a small vitiman E. Last month a little square 1/4 by 1/4 again square contacted via my mind by an Gray alien again my prior posting to you! I can do three things at once and justice for all meaning on the computer listen to TV and talking to individuals again doing three one of these days I’ll see if I can do 4. High IQ and an alien missionary told me THEY did this to make me even smarter. For what reason (???????) ! Look very young for my age! About 26 or upper 20’s. Nice looking ( I hope you don’t think vanities) but I do have mirrors and what Hollywood and New York agencies have indicated. I’m a magnet and especially young men and women are attracked to me like they are metal. A former Bishop of the Church knew this but he didn’t know the reasons. Still have hair on my legs because most 71 year olds as you might know this don’t! A huge good memory on things and can see them in photo or movies in my mind in color. I give off so I have been told a field like force that feels good to people. Can read humans minds and too project thoughts and ideas. If I get real mad only happened 2 different times can use my mind and destroy things and my eyes turn total black as I have been told by two different persons. I have a semi-glow to my body starting in the hours of 0200 until about 0400 hours. 3 different persons have lost their lifes because of trying to do harm or taken advantage of my good nature. One being a young boy! I told my current Bishop I do not like this because this is too strong for what wrong they did to me. He agrees and too yes he has been informed about my circumstances. I was once on the internet with a photo on the top right hand page my former friend told me this and I knew he was telling the truth because he described the area, etc even the camera being used and a young missionary 23 going on 25 on his mission that is old for a missionary by the way! He too knew about me and related. No my two older brothers do not know their younger brother was replaced I don’t think they would believe it and if it did soak in like some others they would go bonkers! Sooooooooooo, Pat you now know the truth. At first this is going to be hard for you but once reading it and too with numerous individuals and my Church, Government and friends telling me besides my own witnessing this it shall soak in with you! Thank you for you’re several comments. For you’re safe keeping do not post any thing on the internet about what you have read. I have seen too many depramental things happen to others! Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

      • Hi Jerry

        Being a natural skeptic, I should mull over what you have revealed so publically and, as I think I have an open mind, have not dismissed this information out of hand. Why? Because nothing is impossible in this very strange world we live in.

        Have you heard of dopplegangers or three dimensional holographic beings? Are you suggesting, your original body with it’s essence has been replaced by an alien being -- you? Mm mm mm that’s unusual and interesting! What would be the thinking behind such a switch? What do you think?

  20. To Jerry. are you serious you are an alien? I must warn you. that my father talked to aliens. contacted aliens. he worked for Nasa for a while and was an engineer. He talked about UFOs and aliens all his life. He was called the Mad Professor. My father’s name was Richard. But He also believed in God and Jesus. He did astral body projection all his life. but right before he died in 2001 he was 64 he did the out of body thing. Right before he died he stated that in his soul travels he would travel all around the world. Well he told me 2 weeks before he died that his soul would not return to his body as easy. He was afraid he told me. Well he died 2 weeks later. My sister Gina found his body on a hot July day in 2001. Upon seeing him deceased she heard whispering voices. I know one thing he may have went to Hell. My sister said there were thousands of whispering voices when he died. She could not make out what they were saying. The room he died in was cold like a meat locker. then the whispering voices terrified her. she called the coroner and never returned to the house. These facts are wrote by me in these stories. “Astral body projection and contact with aliens.” ” A thousand whispering voices the night my step father Richard died.” I am not promoting these stories, they are only a warning to all of of UfO encounters. Asral body projection or contacting spirits. All of it is evil. The enemy comes in many forms. Aliens are included. It sounds like you may need help with a priest or church Jerry. I will pray for you.

  21. Hi Jerry

    After giving some serious thought to your latest posting, I have honest questions for you.

    1. Jerry, why do suppose the CIO or FBI are keeping round the clock tabs on you?
    Do they consider you to be an alien contactee or espionage spy, passing earthly information to the aliens on a planetory scale rather than country to country? OR are they hoping to bag themselves an alien.

    2) May I enquire too, with a surname such as ‘Biddle’, are you of Jewish ancestory?

  22. Pat has brought up several issues about yup yours truly. Because I have Christian values and for the most part telling the truth 98% of the time unless I’m not allowed to tell. He ask if I’m Jewish, answer: No, I’m 3/4 German, part French and Native American the Fox Tribe. Do, I know any thing about dopple-ganger yes, in my numerous studies and too Art Bell former host of the Coast To Coast Show has had guest talking about them. In case the readers do know what this means the other you. It’s related to other dimention type of deal. Now Pat asked how do I know Pat again you need to put on either or this: UFO alien Jerry Biddle this should answer numerous questions regarding this now old information. Why am I here? The USA Government and too the LDS Mormon Church is very protective on not letting me know this. Pat brings up several issues and questions that I too would love to know. Pat in the past I have written to the CIA under the Freedom of Information Act. A police officer in my community laughed because he thought the so-called Freedom Info was a joke and too I never received any thing from them. If I was to tell you in this posting about me I might as well write a book. At one time 3 different book publishers wanted me to do this. Now, Pat you and others and myself wasn’t born yesterday, we all realize this. You can tell things about yourself with out having mommy, or daddy or any one else that things just don’t add up! Yes, I know that I’m different as to where did I come from? I heard several theories regarding this one. A not so young LDS missionary told me but they decline because they know that both the telephone and my emails are both tapped. Pat asked why would they tapped the telephone. A guest on the again Coast to Coast Show in a letter told me this is standard procedures with individuals who: Have been abducted, or some thing related to this. Pat you’re questions to me are not good questions rather excellent questions and I wished that the CIA and too the LDS Church could answer them, then Pat both you and I would be smarter on this issue. Now Pat you live in England and I’m getting the impression that you’re thinking of the questions in an English way of thinking YOU CAN’T DO THIS! USA has a huge big different way of doing things and too, of thinking. About Jews if you ask me do I like them? My answer is a huge YES, do I like the black race again a huge YES, what I don’t like is this: Canabals, people who kill other, people who lie to you (me), so-called snobby people thinking they are better then the rest of us (me), etc. Also in the aliens (ufo type) those who abduct and eat humans and maybe other good aliens for food and slave labor. Again you’re noticing Christian values in my thinking. Now just because what I have printed on the internet hasn’t happened to you Pat or others doesn’t make it untrue. My two older brothers would have a very hard time with what I’m. I get the impression that the real Jerry Eugene Biddle was abducted and because those underground and etc, as I have heard are 25 thousand years more advanced then upper earth people (us you and me) they can do this: Abduct transfer the real you into another body and too the soul yes you’re reading this right the soul they lay the real one on a table and the new one on another using both infra-red and microwave, computer they transfer all of this into the new you (in this case me). If you looked at me you’d realize some thing isn’t right! Why? Several reasons: I look way, way too young, do not require any sleep I have to use sleeping aids to get to sleep every 2 hours usually. I buy these sleeping aids like they are candy. My thinking is different then humans this would take several hours to write all of this down. Again this information is on other sights including this one. Pat you need to again put down on the internet what I have suggested. Now, this is the last time I’m going to answer any thing related to these types of questions with this statement which should be THE HUGE ANSWER TO EVERY ONE READING THIS: Just because one Jerry Biddle doesn’t understand all of this related to him or just because one Pat doesn’t understand this these are the facts: IT DOESN’T MATTER BECAUSE WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME AND STILL GOING ON AS I’M POSTING THIS SIGHT DOESN’T MATTER. Do you really think both the USA, UFO/Aliens and others care what one Jerry Biddle the victim or what Pat thinks because he isn’t 25 thousand years advanced to you think this is going to change things? I believe you along with others and myself know the answer to this one! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now, I hope this answered some of the questions that you have brought up. I strongly suggest to you Pat for the most part to drop you’re current thinking about again Jerry Biddle living in the USA why? Because of several reasons one you’re going to spin you’re thinking wheels and still after the spinning is completed you’re back on base one again. Why? Did it done it tried it! What I really think is going on with my type it has some thing to do with some thing that’s coming in the near future. THEY gave me a complexed idea as stated before a million times about wild fires, floods and drought etc. Then THEY stated if you know that big two letter word I F IF they listen then we’ll give you instructions on how to stop tornados. I have noticed one thing as I have tried to answer these questions, if that word again if you’re you are having a hard time soaking all of this in the main reasons are these: Your religion because for the most part they are not geared for this, secondly you’re Government not only the USA but all of them. Also you don’t learn this type of thinking or circumstances in either school or college. Then where do you learn these paranormal things? This sight and the postings, books, the Coast to Coast Show, some real talk shows dealing with these things, etc. Knowing these things and understanding them is the playing with the devil one might ask? Answer: No, because you’ll have a better understanding on God Himself, in the book of Moses He tells about other earths, some of which had to be completly destroyed because of wickness. Also some UFO/aliens know more about God then humans why? Because they the aliens we’re alive long before earth was not even thought about yet! So, Pat I hate to break the news to you, but this is going to be the last time I shall answer any questions pertaining to Jerry (me) because you’re putting yourself wheater you realize this or not in judgement seat. I know you don’t mean this and I realize (maybe) you don’t think of yourself doing this but you’re presenting yourself as prove it to me one Pat or I won’t believe you! JERRY DOESN’T HAVE TO PROVE ANY THING, I WISH I KNEW SEVERAL OF THE THINGS YOU HAVE BROUGHT UP ALSO! Then I too would understand things better! But those I have mentioned in this posting deem to think not now Jerry Eugene Biddle in the USA also regardinig this Biddle name Pat it’s used in German and you’re country England. Oh by the way Pat I think those programs on PBS are outstanding I love watching them! Good productions, real, not phony, etc. Also Pat I don’t like things like Nazi’s, KKK, groups who my way or else (death). Some books are trying to say Jesus Christ faked his death! Here we go again for the most part I don’t believe this more then I believe in the tooth fairy! Several reasons but this is not a religious view point sight for one Jerry’s opinion on Jesus Christ, I still like Him (Jesus Christ) I still like what He stands for and and did even if He did fake his death, I would still like Him for His personality, His way of thinking etc. So, read and think and hope you’re understand my position on this subject. Jerry Biddle USA

  23. Hi again. I am not a trying to mislead people here. I have opened portals to the other side. I have seen things that many haven’t. This relates to Ufo’s, aliens and all. They are the same. There is another world out there. sometimes UFO’s come from outer space. but they also come from another dimension, through portal openings. However, some openings are in Northern Wisconsin where there are may UFO sighting. One of the places is Gordon Wisconsin. a remote area. Remote areas are known for sightings of UFO’s. Also. I am also Cherokee Indian and white. Now to change the subject. In haunted houses there are portal openings which many people cannot see. like a house with domestic violence, murder or rapes. These extreme acts of violence cause portals to open to the other side. this is where demons emerge. This is where you may see paranormal activities. I have seen the devil. I have seen demons. I was in an extremely haunted house. The aliens are another way the enemy disguise himself and his demons. they come as aliens and UfOs’ they are coming through portal openings for some reason I do not know. but I do know for a fact they come from another dimension.
    Now with this subject astral body projection also emerges. through mediation or sleep we can do that but it is not advised. Big foot has also been sighted in Northern Wisconsin. My point is that these things or beings are coming here through some kind of portal openings. either through a haunted house or in space. Jesus is real and so is the enemy.

  24. This is my last time I shall answer this patcular sight regarding UFO/aliens. Yes, some aliens are maybe demon but NOT ALL OF THEM! Some humans become ghost but NOT ALL HUMANS ARE GHOST! You’re putting you’re sights to one thing like some so-called religionsk, for respect of the others I shall not put down these religions, because NOT ALL OF THEM THINK DEMON THIS AND DEMON THAT! Now I’m going to have you grow up fast like: I don’t know how old you are, but I have been studying the subject of UFO’S (then called flying saucers) I have had telephone conversations all of those eariler contacted individuals some of them are gone in death. Because I was young at the time, they we’re older, etc. So, again I’m going to post this but don’t expect any other answers about demons, UFO’s, etc. Because you’re going to read and this is it! Because of several factors I have been given several answers about UFO’s/aliens. I have seen them up-close, and talked to aliens who look and act very much human. Now let us do a little grown up story because I think this is the only way you’re going to get away from that tree and BINGO YOU’LL SEE A FOREST! Yes, you’re right some of the aliens do come from other dimentions, some of these aliens are good and like humans some of them are bad not having humans best interest in mind. Now I’m going to give you a grown-up examples some thing to think about. An alien comes to earth and doesn’t know any thing about humans. He we’ll say it is a he, he landed his craft in Germany during World War II and HE sees how the Germans but not all of course treat other humans, (Jews,etc) HE thinks wow is this how humans think and do to each other? (!) Then they say I’ll give them another chance so as not to send out a bad report, keeping in mind this was soon be 70 some years ago. Now they go to South America and then to China what do they see! (?) Humans dead, getting ready for the making of food! Now that did it so they get into the craft and fly away on their planet they give all of what they seen! Give the report to their Governmnet! But, repeat but they didn’t come to the other countries and seen the real humans how they should act: Jews, Christians and Muslim, Hindus, Mormons, etc. How they are for the most part loving and treat others with respect, etc. So, you can see what I’m getting at. Yes, you’re very much correct SOME ALIENS are from another dimention, bad little gray things, some of them are from our future, some of them from the hollow earth, some of them from here some from there, etc. Now because of this complex situation you can understand why the Governments do not tell people the real truth regarding UFO’s/aliens, etc. Why? Way way too complexed subject. People like you telling about going into different dimentions which I feel you’re telling the truth but again not ALL ALIENS ARE COMING FROM OTHER DIMENTIONS! Some aliens those I have had direct contact are as human looking as you and other humans. What about me? Again what makes me different then a regular human are several factors, again this is my last postings on this! I’m very young looking for my age, I do not get a sun-tan milky white, when I get hurt and the skin is broken in a few hours it’s healed! I think different then humans, this is so broad I shall not put down these numerous things! The human looking aliens like me and they seem to know about me. A friend he told me some time ago that he thought both him and myself were in astro-projection, the two of us we’re walking towards three gray aliens, they seen me and out of fear they ran! Because they we’re afraid of me! My friend stated that I had some type of semi-glow on my body my head hands, etc. I geathered we we’re both wearing close. He lives in an town several miles away from my area. It is reported that MIB’s are even mentioned in the Bible but it does not refer them as demons rather another thing and too they do not say this: Oh Jesus Christ and myself we’re walking down this path and we seen some MIB’s and Jesus looked at me and said: These are demons! NOOOOOOOOOOO, it doesn’t say this! You have a one track mind, demon this, demon that, all of them are demons! The trouble with this thinking you’re a car stuck in either snow or mud and the wheels are spining you can’t go forword nor backword rather stuck in the one postition! Again, not all aliens are bad. Just like all humans are bad, not all animals are bad not all Angels are bad only 1/3 of them we all know that Bible story which I believe by the way! Sooooooooooo, if you’re going to send me information stating that you did this, you did that and I know this and I know that I know every thing about every thing, then you should maybe work for the CIA, NSA, FBI but I don’t think they would be interested in you because of several reasons. Now this is how it’s going to be. You can send me all the ideas, information you have and I’ll out of respect read them and then this shall be my reply:
    ===================================================================! Because enough is enough! They had in the USA on the Coast to Coast Show several guest in the past telling all of us the same stuff you’re telling me! I like the idea of you trying to express you’re ideas and what has happen to you but on the other hand with or with out knowing it you’re trying to say this: Jerry I know every thing about you! I know every thing about you’re contact with aliens, I know why the government is showing interest in you and too Jerry I know much more about not only UFO/aliens but too I’m a better Christian then you my religion and my Church is so much better then yours or the other people that read my postings. Me to you: Grow up! No more replies to you’re postings this is it! I strongly suggest you’d never send me a bad posting about killing me or related because the USA FBI and CIA would arrest you or worse. So, IF YOU HAVE SOME THING TO SHARE WITH THE REST OF THE Postings and informative rather say the same old stuff again I shall read it and hopefully I too might learn some thing new! Jerry Biddle USA

  25. I believe this would be directed towards Pat, but others might find it interesting. I do get a kick out of some of you! (humor) First off a small Bible that one carries couldn’t be the size or same lettering and message that a HUGH BIG BIBLE WOULD HAVE unless that SMALL BIBLE is micro-film or a computer chip! Now let us get into the Noah’s arh deal. The program was called long ago, in Search of with former Star Trak Leonard Nemoy. They had several expects knowing more about the Arh then either Pat or myself. They should photos of them. I’ll give you two locations keep in mind this was several years ago. One being in Turkey on a mountion covered yes with SOME ICE. Pat was correct on this one. The other was in Florida I don’t remember the other five. I found it kinda interesting at the time. Do I believe it? It’s up for grabs! It would make sence of course because of the huge amount of population and animals, humans six more would speed up things of course. Before you comment on my postings in the future do several things stop and think! A dictionary that one can carry in ones pocket sure isn’t going to be the size of those huge big ones like the libraries have. Common math would indicate this. Why all of the Bible contridictions one might ask? Simple religions in general! They (the religions) want the Bible to fit them! I’ll give you an example: The Watchtower Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus Christ died on a stake or a pole! But is this correct! History and some expert would say NOOOOOOOO, WHY? Because those who do long research on things like the Romna Government and others would know better! In the JW’s Bible that green colored one they say again for cross Tree yes a cross is made from a tree yes. When you get into the subject of religion boy every body has their own opinions yes! I’m a Freemasonic Lodge member and boy those things they say happened in the Lodge I must of been asleep during the Lodge time! Now about the Mormons again one of them for several years now! The stuff I hear about what goes on in the Temple again did they give me some type of micky (sleeping pill?)I sure do not remember any of this for example getting children and putting them on the Alter and killing them and drinking the blood! Yes you’re reading my statements correct. When a person doesn’t know the truth or has bad feelings regarding religions, lodges and etc because they are not members and believe it is a hugh big secret thing or has had their feelings hurt they come up with many, many things. One if a member of the LDS Mormon Church gets made and leaves the Church they’ll say Mormons never read the Bible only the Book of Mormon! Again gee when they wanted me to read the King James Bible outloud I must of been hypnosised at the time maybe? This is how it’s going to be! I’ll post things I have heard and read and better yet know first hand! I know this computer sight and of course this speak for myself this is not going to be a picking sight and I have to defend every thing because it is not going to be happening! I’ll tell you what I know for sure and what I have read or seen. Look it up on the computer! I have told you prior it’s not going to happen! This sight is for information right or wrong in ones own thinking this is not going to happen. If I post some thing use you’re computer look up pasted programs like In Search of etc. Go to you’re library and look at a huge dictionary and see if you can put it in you’re pocket! Enough Pat enough is enough do you’re home work! I read you’re postings along with others if I find them not what I was taught to believe I do research and I sure do not write to that perons and say I KNOW EVERY THING AND I DON’T AGREE WITH YOU! WHY? Because I do not know every thing! Jerry Biddle from the USA

  26. Hi Jerry

    LOL, let’s agree to disagree. It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black, don’t you agree?

    • Hi Jerry

      Perhaps you should get off your high horse and allow others to think for themselves. Perhaps adopt the philosophy live and let live. Understand, most thinking people have a problem believing supernatural events, however, they cannot dispute it if they themselves have had the experience.

      There’s a saying -- “Each one to his own and God for all”.

      I hope this isn’t a whine :-).

  27. For all concern! My postings I put could all be true! Then again if the information I receive and I do not have any way of investigating this information, then that makes two of us it’s up for grabs. What I have posted about my personal situations and I KNOW THEY ARE TRUE! You might not agree and too have some thoughts of could this be true? Is this real? I can understand! I too have a hard time with numerous things I have been seeing in the last few years! Do these things make it look like God is a fairy tale? If you heard things from people that are in the know! And you don’t jump right in and make you’re so-called I’m a religious person and I know all about the Bible and what God is thinking! I believe you’re automacally on the wrong track! Hearing things that might break you’re little bubble! Then I suggest that you do as I have being doing now for years! My reading more research! I would agree fully hardily if you have view points saying this can’t be true! But the sad thing is it doesn’t always go the way we think or feel it should go! Right? WRONG! Then we have the cop out answers it must be from demons! Folks I have read the Bible for several years now my opinion of demons is very low! They think and act like a 8 year old! No, we can not post every thing on demons! So, the what is the answer? God numerous years ago eon of years let souls have free agencies and because some souls went way way too far on this! This is why we have what we could call monisters,reptilian aliens, zombies, werewolfs and the like! Keep in mind too that we have science in the paranormal who have a degree in things higher in education then me for starters and even YOU! They have in the USA shown programs non-fiction type investigating these weird things! I believe these weird things have been going on long before earth was not in the making! Do I believe every thing I see and hear on TV? Up for grabs again! But I sure don’t block them out of my mind! If I was to block then forget to every having the truth given to me (YOU). Just make a spot in the memory mind part of brain. Maybe some time in the near or distance future some thing might be said from another individual then what you heard prior it might make more sence to you! I do want to thank all of you for reading my view points and postings and too this sight for sharing my view points! So, folks this is how it’s going to be! Once I post some thing and you disagree with it and you conjesture you’re ideas with out any backing from those mentioned in the above I don’t care to hear you! Why? Because after reading this sight for several months now I believe this sight is for sharing information and not a HUGE DEBATING TOOL FOR ONE OR TWO OF YOU! I’m past this dabatng stage because first off I don’t get paid for debating secondly I don’t want he her about you’re whinny little religious thinkings! I study religions also! Third it doesn’t prove any thing! I find myself looking back on my research and my thinking abilities and answering you’re little whinny ideas that I have myself been through long ago! Some religions believe all of US ARE GOING TO HELL? OR THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES GOING TO BE SAVED OR GO TO HEAVEN! Boy if you make this claim you better have some thing strong to convince me and and others! You know what I have geathered from these religions sooner or later they prove themselves a flase religion! Why? Because they things they have stated doesn’t come true! Back in the Old Testiment they would of taken them out of the city (village) and stone them to death! False prophets! So, if I state some thing and you disagree and whinny answers given to me! Don’t expect me to repy! If you ask in a cencer questions on when did you hear this? Did you read this or seen it on TV or you heard this from that national radio show Coast to Coast Show. Or did an alien tell you this in person? So, this is the way it is going to be! When I read you’re postings and it is a shock to me! (rare) I do my own investigations on this subject or person. I’ll give you one for an example: Billy Miere he makes claim that the Pleiadian aliens have direct contact with him only! Okay this is cool but: Other persons have made the same claim! Then in his addic he has models of the same UFO’s he has photos of? Oh did they give him these for remembering his friends? His wife laughs at him and she doesn’t even believe him! This has been brought out numerous times on programs like 60 minutes, 20/20 for you living in other countries you might now have these programs airing in you’re country. So, you put in 60 minutes on you’re computer and then again do research on this subject! So, I’m about to end this mini book and say don’t expect me to give you a bickering circumstances. Thank you for reading this long postings! Jerry Biddle USA

  28. Pat I don’t know you and maybe this doesn’t fit, but what I have read and heard from you I’ll tell you what you remind me of. You’re like a government agent who tries to discredit others by putting in sly remarks and debunking them. I wonder what do you do for a living! I can tell you all about me! I’m retired for now. I have been most of my life in law-enforcement. Also a security supervisor. Prior to that telecommunicatios install long distance telephone equipment, then other telecommunication equipment. A prior pre-medical student. Now music and I have a contract with a major label in Nashville TN. I haven’t signed nor put to use the contract which is still valid. I don’t know if you have a chip on you’re shoulders or what! But every time not only me but others you have to put you’re non-investigated remarks in! I know England nor Africa has taught you this! I have in so many ways told you how I’m going to answer you’re ideas and so-called thoughts! This is how============================================= and================================ I have had enough of YOU to last me a 1000 years! If you would down load on sight like this one besides other sights and really read them I believe you’re statements with me and others we’d take you more serious but right now this is how I feel========================================= Jerry Biddle from the USA

    • Ouch! Jerry,

      I seem to have done it again, must be that skewed, cynical, opinionated personality which I should try to keep in check.

      Well Jerry, you want a serious and honest response from me. Here goes -- it is virtually impossible for me and probably other posters to respond to your maundering about Plaedian and Reptilian aliens -- the goody’s and the baddy’s. The Reptilians who feed on thousands of human children. Have you sat at the table with these reptiles and observed them consume children? It boggles the mind!

      Then there’s the issue of the FBI and CIA and Mormons who seem to be taking an unhealthy interest in you and your activities?? And then, the revelation that you are part alien as the real Jerry was swarped in your infancy with this part alien -- you. That there is a visible glow in your aura from time to time depicting your alien origin and worse still, the change in your eyes balls when you are angry to totally black like the ‘black eyed’ alien people (we have been reading about) who seem to have invaded the USA. Then you seem to have the answer to internal youth which we are all seeking -- Lo and Behold! You ressemble a 25 year old when in fact you are 71 years old.

      You seem to stress the fact you were a law enforcement police officer in your youth -- why? So that we can take your verbose seriously. Jerry dear, give over! please try to empathize with one ‘doubting Thomas’ in the light of what I have said.

  29. well then if god is not of this earth, then clearly he is an extraterrestrial by definition. If he created the earth the he could not be a terrestrial being. So if UFO’s are daemons why are the talked about in several books of the bible. Genesis, Luke, Ezekiel, and Enoch all talk about extraterrestrial encounters. They are painted in biblical photos, but yet you deny their existence. so you must also deny the existence of any other supreme being. you have never saw such a being, but only have one book that tells stories of such a being. but there is sightings and encounters with extraterrestrials long before written language. yes, there are several sightings and encounters that are hoaxes. Just like anything else the story changes the longer its told. also they only want to tell one side of the story.

  30. God is an alien, When the universe became conscious it became an eternal organism

    But with eternal consciousness comes a price of solitude so that alien sought to
    Create a replicate of himself to share his pain. Out of ego since being powerful as God but without meaning is truly pain.

    When the Bible says God made us in his image it means that God is light and darkness, undefinable chaos, so the 2 side of the coin is merely the idea of the duality of life, since God is a he and a she, man is depicted as darkness while the women is light.

    The greatest mistake he ever did was to create you miscreants, whom will eventually lead him to be trapped in this planet forever.

    Humans are disgusting creatures, I wish I had never created you in the first place

  31. I just found this sight! Oh no that Pat guy again! He use to make remarks about my posting several years ago! I have by his postings figured out a lot about him. I use to be in law enforcement and you sure learn a lot about people in general. What I have noted about this Pat guy I sure wouldn’t want him for a friend that’s for sure. He loves to make false claims regarding UFO’s, the aliens and related factors. He’ll never meet a real alien they are not interested in his type more ways then one. I think you get the idea of this remark. Pat Pat when are you ever going to grow up. Are you trying in a bad way trying to say you’re either a CIA or MIB agent? Or do you because of what you really are try to make remarks so people won’t figure you out like I dis several years ago!

  32. “He Elohim was once like a human man, He won the rights and respect to become an God and have His own Universe, etc”.
    Show me in the Bible or science where it is stated that God was once like a human.
    You can’t so I don’t expect a reply.

  33. I believe Yahweh (God) is an alien as he descended on a chariot of fire (sounds like a vehicle of some sort). He sent his son Yohashua (Jesus) to earth to represent him in the flesh. Celestial beings etc..
    My thoughts.

  34. For the heck of it read in the Urantia Book paper 11 the first 6 paragraphs. See what you think about it. Use the keywords in any search engine or You Tube Urantia Book paper 11.

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