The Search for Man-kinds Connection With The Aliens

One of My Alien Abduction Experiences

Hello Friends, I am an abductee, here is one of my abductions.

It must have been about a year ago not sure date, 2010 but I went to the city to visit my brother. Around 2 am I left his house and walked to a longtime friend who also lived in the city. It is only about 10 minute walk. When walking the next thing I can remember was having my eyes closed and hearing this calm, relaxing, soothing almost hypnotizing in a females voice saying. Kevin… Kevin… its ok Kevin… were here to help, it’s ok, were not going to harm you, its okay. We’re going to make you feel better.

Then my eyes opened up and at first there was a blinding light but then it went away and I could see the room and in the room were 2 Grey aliens very tall. I remember the room there was 2 different colors in the room 1 on the top of the wall and one at the bottom almost like a trim around a room the top color was purple and the bottom color was blue, it was a thin line of theses colors trimming the room as light, light was coming from them.

I asked the alien if they aren’t going to harm me what they are going to do to me. They replied back “we are going to help you and fix you.” I know my mouth wasn’t moving when talking to them. Because when I would get scared then I could tell I was using my mouth.

The next thing I remember was each Grey on each side of me they then put me up against a cold metal thing and it was moving with each of them on my sides they brought me to a hall to the left of the white room, the hall was dark cloudy or misty like fog, the hall ways must have been 50 ft. 40 ft., long it took about 30 to 50 to get me down hall I can remember that, so about maybe 40 ft. 50 ft., before I got to the next room I could see to the right in the room a huddled circle formation of at least 7 to 8 Greys in a huddled formation they were tall.

There was an exit to another room next to them with a hall way same as the white room. To the left in the room was a smaller group about 5. The room itself was dark round there was a fog or a mist in the room but at time it seemed to go away, also a dim light because I could see across the room. The walls of the room were indented almost like a V shape indent in the wall or this } so the walls were not flat like ours. When entering the room I could smell a chemical like smell something like Bleach or Peroxide or Ammonia. They brought me into center of the room. I remember one of them was so tall he had to like bend a little to look me in the eyes. What’s weird at this point was I wasn’t really scared and it seemed hard for me to see their face at times others I could see them.

I was still standing up against that thing they put me against in the white room. Then, one of them put there hand on my nose and another one put this small black tube up my nose, it made this noise. The alien Greys had long fingers very tall had a little mouth that moved up and down motion like a fish mouth but nothing was coming out. I remember screaming after they did that. All the time I could hear the voice saying it’s going to be ok we are here to help, in a soft calm voice as if they was trying to relax me, but I was scared.

The next thing I remember was the thing I was standing up against slammed down making this loud noise it slammed down like a table, so I was now lying down. They then brought me towards the left side of the room so it seemed. I began to get hostile and remember cocking my left leg back and kicking the alien to my lower left, he went against wall and fell down. I clearly remember doing it and watching the Grey fly against the wall and sliding down. The other Greys quickly backed off.

From then on the next thing I remember was on the side of the road again. Right after I realized what had happened still dazed and confused, tired, lost feeling. There was this cop who drove real slow right next to me and I asked him where a street was and he looked at me for a few minutes, he didn’t say a word just pointed and stared with this nasty look, blank see through me look almost, I had lost 3 or 4 hours of time it was nearly 6 in morning when I got to my friend’s house.

I remember the smells in the craft; they were like bleach, ammonia, or peroxide smell, the greys were at least 7 ft. or 8 ft. tall, long fingers, slips for mouths n smaller black eyes

I was talking to them telepathic

I use to have a crooked nose but since the alien stuck that small black tube up my nose it’s straight again

I remember the colors of inside the craft white, purple, blue,

I remember some of there tech, such as a thin about 7inch black tube, the thing I was standing against moves on its own and is capable at fast speed slamming down like a table or bed.

There are other accounts but this one stick outs in my head the most… Please I need help in this matter ever since it has happened it has consumed my thinking completely and is all I can think about, it took me almost a year to go outside at night I was so petrified. Since every night before I go to bed I just have to stare or forced to look up in the sky at nothing my eyes wide open with tears pouring down my face and my jaw wide open. I’ll be standing like that for at least 10 minutes if not longer. Almost in a drown fashion.

I am desperately looking for help and do not know where to look I am branching out to you in hopes you may be able to point me in right way in helping me on this matter I thank you very much for reading my email and you time thank you again.

Sent in by Kevin

  1. were you drunk?

  2. Somehow Kevin’s encounter was far too lucid and detailed to be recounted by a person under the influence of alcohol. And the mere fact he describes the greys as 7ft+ is a deviation from the approx. 4ft observed by other abductees/witnesses which makes it even more believable.

    Gosh! It’s difficult to know what to say especially after Kevin was left with a straight nose after the encounter -- how did that happen -- if only by some strange experience with aliens!!

  3. Try to learn astral projection.

  4. Hi my name is Shinu, I am here to help.

    Look ill be honest. Your story sounds ludicrous and strange… yet i believe you. These kinds of thing are common once you encounter alien existence(lack of interest due to terror, frightened at night). Though there is something I can help you with. The setting you described was of vaporized Mercury. You see before I ended up in this site i was watching some other “alien” related sites. Have you ever heard of The Die Glocke(The bell)? It is rumored and it is a fact, that the Nazi scientist created such a device that they claim it was helped created by aliens. This device, other than thorium 223, was fueled with mercury. when this mercury vaporized(this will interest u a little) was converted into a rotating doughnut of a Violet-blue neon light. Just like in your encounter. Also i want to ask you something. By any chance, did the aliens face resemble anything similar to the face of a white owl? Maybe you’ve heard this before but in the movie “the fourth kind”(which by the way is a movie based on a true story) the aliens are said to look like white owls, and just with a little shadowing it can easily look gray. Not just that…

    But Ive done a little research myself… and there is an infamous painting, which name I don’t remember, that is divided into 3 parts that has Jesus with Adam and Eve at the left; random people and stuff at the middle; and what looks like the apocalypse at the end… In this painting there are numerous flying devices and a lot and when i mean a lot i mean like 10 white owls… oh and by the way… If you’ve seen the movie “the fourth kind” listen to this… In that Painting there is like people in the middle that are in “horses” circling around and if you look really closely you can see a man bleeding and dead… and a woman next to him pointing at the sky… if u take a ruler u can actually see her finger pointing at some being in the sky.

    Well I sorry I kinda monologue to myself. Ive been holding this for months now. Oh and if you think I’m this wise man then here’s a shocker. I’m 14 with an IQ of 130… though it seems kinda low for me, don’t you think?

    -Shinu Mitarashi
    Hey and if you want to know more ill be happy to talk to you.

    • Hi Shinu

      Ofcourse, if you have more to share with us, please do, I’m very interested in what you know or have to say.

      • Shinu

        Well there is something else. The smell he describes is a smell similar to bleach. There could be a relation between the smell of bleach and the extra terrestrial. Kevin said that the aliens were gray, bleach tends to whiten or gray clothes or objects. My conclusion is that if they bleached themselves that could make them blurry since the color don’t contrast with the background which was violet-blue. if they bleached there bodies to look blurry then there real colors would be a color close to violet blue. The reason: if they were hidden in the dark Kevin would have been more scared than he already was. But there could be another possibility. they could have bleached themselves for the purpose for Kevin to see them and be more scared, see them, and finally tell people what he saw.

        The bad thing about alien encounters is that, besides the fact that you’ll be scared for life, is that no one will ever believe them ever again. If aliens are intelligent enough to do all the stuff there famous for, then they will know that they can do what they did to Kevin without getting hurt because no one believe in extraterrestrial. People like Chloe and KingD don’t know how to think outside the box and stay trapped in this world. I wish Kevin the best of luck… and if the Extraterrestrials are by some chance stalking Kevin, and if by some chance they are reading what I’m about to say then ill say this clearly:

        November 3, 2011. Puerto Rico, Guaynabo. You know were to find me, You know how. Take me at 3:00am and return me at 9:00pm so i can see the dawn of November 3… Do whatever you want with me. In fact, why don’t you just do what you did to Kevin to me? I dare you, cowards. If you come you just wanna prove me wrong…or are you proving me right? If you don’t come then you must be mentally retarded. You know what I’m talking about.

    • Hi Shinu,

      This infamous picture you allude to depicting flying ufos, Jesus, Adam and Eve, could be a clue to the connection between them all and that could be -- the ufo occupants were responsible for the creation of these individuals through artificial insemination using tampered homonid eggs with a spray of the ufos’ occupants dna in the instance of Adam & Eve and a straight forward artificial insemination much later on, implanting the seed directly into *Mary’s womb. (*an already civilized human being as a result of continued offspring from Adam and Eve).

      What do you think?

      • Well, I think you might be very close to the truth there.

        • Hi ‘Alien UFO Truth Seeker’,

          Ta for your remarks.

          For many years and as far back as my Christian/Catholic boarding student days, I pondered over and questioned bits and pieces -- mainly to do with genesis and other biblical stories in the old and new testaments along with other associated biblical writings and was told I was a ‘doubting Thomas’ and always -- ‘blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe’.
          We were advised/told never to read books which would cause us to deviate from the truth, basically we were not to question but accept ‘their’ truth lest we are condemned to eternal/everlasting fires of hell. Gosh! what else was there to do but tow the line.

          Well, years on, I fearlessly searched every nook and cranny for information on the ‘forbidden’ fruit -- knowledge, reading and digesting all sorts of interesting books with well researched information. This road along with my personal experiences and those of other credible witnesses lead me to the paranormal which included UFOs and associated topics.

          I believe I am closer to the truth than ever before and truely believe the biblical stories were a distortion of the truth or more to the point, there is no clarity. When the science of artificial insemination was made public some years back, I thought BINGO! that was probably the method used to impregnate the elderly biblical woman (can’t remember her name) when she was visited by an emissary/angel/ufo occupant and told she would be with child. And like-wise BINGO! that was how virgin Mary was with child -- Jesus and was/is called the son of ‘god’ more like -- the son of an alien of high birth. When I read the books ‘There were Giants Upon the Earth‘ and ‘The Lost Book of Enki‘ by the late Zecharia Sitchin, I felt my thoughts were vindicated.

          Perhaps, in the not too distant future more evidence in other forms will emerge and they (the ufo occupants), will be more open with their activities and not act in a clandestine manner.

  5. To Kevin you should be afraid of these things. Put on a cross for protection.
    A Thousand Whispering Voices The Night My Step Father Richard Died is a story I wrote with these events witnessing. and Astral body projection and contact with aliens. These encounters are dangerous. That is why I am posting a warning. These are of a demonic nature. pray to Jesus and read these stories. my Stepfather was a German engineer for Nasa and General Motors. He had these alien encounters where he was abducted. These aliens gave him secret information about fuel cells. He also had numerous drawing of these crafts with math calculations in Calculus. I am no way promoting these stories. I am just heading a warning these things are evil in nature.

    • Carri… I am a Christian just like you(I suppose you are). But a cross wont have any effect if he doesn’t have any faith.
      Faith: to believe in something that you cannot see.
      For Kevin this would be easier since he already believes in something that he probably has never seen before. I wish you my best of luck.

      And please for the others who saw and read my previous comment I would like you to read what I am about write:

      Today is Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 at 12:01 AM. 1 minute has passed and that means that in approximately 27 hours, from 3:00am to 9:00am i will be abducted. If my body is found please notify the police about what could have happened, and notify them about this chat box. Do NOT let them make this site canceled and most important: Do not let Kevin take the blame. This was my decision, and only mine. For my fellow Abductors i say this: Do what you want to me, if you want to kill me then fine. But please if you know of any knowledge, give them to the people of Earth. If not by you guys then by me.

      …Shinu Mitarashi
      Nakan Vargas

      • 🙂 🙂 Hi Shinu,

        Please don’t forget to fill us in on your experience with the abductors on your return -- that is if they are gracious enough to take you back from whence you were taken. 🙂

        • Shinu

          Thanks for remembering me pat…but unfortunately it did not happen. I would do it again but this past week i have been so scared and with a lot of stress in my mind that I don’t think if I would dare to say it(I’m not just talking about the abduction). They did not take me but that day i left a paper in my cupboard saying this:
          “For the aliens/extra-terrestrials/abductors: There is are pencils next to the computer for you to write on them. There is also a drawing of me (in-completed) in this paper. Finish the drawing if you want, ill leave a pencil inside this paper [the paper was folded in half so I could put the pencil inside]. Write any information for the humans on this planet. Because, as you may have noticed, the human species is stupid including myself if I’m included”

          I left this paper the day after (Nov. 2 at 12:00am). I woke up, it was intact. I had no infections, no tattoos, no markings, no disfigurements; nothing. then today (Nov. 4 at about 7 am) i saw a rugged paper i swear i have not seen before next to my letter and above my closed lap top(computer i mentioned in the letter, the one I’m using right now). when i opened i was clueless and sort of spaced out. in the paper there was a, what in Spanish we call “grabado”, which is basically when u make a drawing in wood and scratch off the lines drawn. After that you just take paint and brush it in the wood, put a paper on top of it, and then you take the paper out and voila! You have a “monocromatico or grabado monocromatico”(I think the word is monochromatic).

          The monochromatic in the paper was about a 4x4 inch square with:

          1. a one equals on the bottom which kinda looked like a happy face 1= or =)
          2. a big X at the right of the face X
          3. a cross on the left of the face +
          4. an M and a Y which looked like lightning bolts at the north-west of the face
          5. another X and another + on the north-east(top-left) of the monochromatic
          7. a simple line and arrow pointing north above the the big X
          8. and a distinct and faded bullet/submarine shaped objects with some lines similar to the neck of a guitar including the horizontal lines, going completely down reaching the face.

          I have come to somewhat of a conclusion. the smile does look kind of like a forced smile and the lines like a beam. I for years have been obligated to produce fake smiles and I even fake my own happiness and self-esteem. maybe they did take me…maybe its just my complete imagination. But before I see if this paper is from something else, i need to confirm that no one in my art class might have made this and I have placed it there by accident.

          By the way pat. you’re theory sounds amazing and excellent, heck even the main Admin from this site commented on your post. I will inform you when i get more information, of course that is if you are interested.

          …Shinu Mitarashi

          • Hi Shinu,

            Firstly, the human species isn’t all stupid, although one could place a question mark against the behaviour of some of us. Remember, we were created in *their (*ufo occupant’s) image and likeness when they had colonised this planet Earth thousands of years ago. They endowed us with their looks,dna and taught our ancestors how to farm -- both agriculturally and tending life-stock along with mining and the use of minerals etc etc. as some of them lived side by side with their human creations. We have evolved with their sneaking assistance -- so don’t knock the human race.

            What about this ‘rugged/scrunched up’ piece of paper with different tones of one colour, what type of material is this paper made of? Spookie!! 🙂 , could it have been thrown through the window from their space ship?? and ‘they’ or ‘someone’ gave you an algebraic puzzle to decipher. 1=X+ bullets/rockets -- MY -- X+ -- X -- 1= -- + clock-wise. Phew!! I would leave another note asking them to clarify this puzzle -- remember you told them humans are stupid.

            Are you having me on Shinu? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. *note: also I forgot something. If you may have noticed I did an error on the first sentence of the letter I maid. Since the first sentence didn’t make any sense, they probably decided to just leave information or to draw something. That may be the reason why This paper doesn’t make much sense…

  7. I guess there are several reasons that I feel compelled to enter my remarks. Since some of the comments have been made a while back,it’s possible that what I have to say may never be seen.

    F.A. Taylor’s comment has been pubished as its own entry at

  8. I have read the above postings, I find them interesting. I have noticed in my numerous years of studying the subject of UFO/Aliens. They always come up with these statements: We’re here to help you! You’re some thing special! This lists goes on and on! Then let us not foret we’re here to help you because in a few years the earth is coming to an end. Keep in mind this few years on some account have been 20,30 or even 40 years or more! Wow! They either lie a lot or their clocks are different then humans (mankind). I have heard it all! In postings, my personal research radio and TV programs in the past they aliens are like an old round black phonograph record for those who remember them before cassette tapes and now CD’s some times the record would stick and you’d hear that same part of the song over and over and over! Yup! This sounds like the so-called aliens! What I want to hear from the grays is this: When are you and the reptilian aliens going to stop abduct and eating children and some adults? Why does the word for the most part Jesus Christ (not the cross by the way) make them run away in fear! (?) If they know about Jesus Christ and believe in Him like the rest of us, then they would love and like this name JESUS CHRIST! But for the most part I’m not finding them do this! Those chemical smells are describe in other abductions by other humans! What is this? A huge vat with human and some animal parts inside these vats with those chemicals you’ve described in the above postings! Then they see the gray aliens jump into those vats like a human would do in a small swiming pool or a bath tub! This is how they eat! Now do you call these gray aliens you’re friends? I sure wouldn’t want friends like this! I have read that not all alien grays eat humans. The tall white aliens living in the western regions of the USA when you mention the grays they tell you they are evil! And they do not want them around the regions they have made their homes on earth to the point of killing them! The cross is a Christian thing which is one way of telling other individuals you’re a Christian. Good, but for you’re information things like vampirers, werewolfs, etc, etc. Asked about the cross what do they say? Soooooo! This doesn’t stop them from doing the bad things they do to others (humans and good aliens)! This is too much of a Hollywood things! Numerous times on the nightly program starting 2400-to-0400 called Coast to Coast Show has had vampire investigators and even a vampire, the host eithe in those days Art Bell and now George Noory asked about this wearing a cross! They replied yeah right like this is going to stop us from drinking you’re blood etc. I have stated this numerous times before the governments shall never tell the truth regarding UFO’s/aliens. Why? Because this subject has too many different things surrounding it! Not just a flying saucer and aliens (UFO’s/aliens) it’s related to ghost, time travel, different dimentions, demons, good and evil aliens, etc, etc, etc. So, you can understand why the governments try and make you believe they are not interested in you’re abduction stories. Y E S they are very much interested and they’ll tap you’re telephone and emailing to see what you have to say about all of this! I know, I have been told by a former FBI agent now working for the CIA and a local police detective about this regarding my phone, etc. I really like this post and I hope it is still here in 2013. So, do I think the aliens are going to take over earth? Why? THEY have been running earth long before any of us were on earth! I knew a week before the election that Obama was going to get elected! House speaker Gingwich told this on the internet! I told my friends this but we all decided to vote any way! After all this is our rights even though it didn’t make any difference! Do I like President Obama? Yes I have told him this in the past in a letter which I did get a reply. I feel sorry for him like I feel sorry for all of you that put posting about you’re encounters of UFO’s/aliens! Keep in mind you didn’t ask for it! I even feel sorry for myself! Why? Because of my circumstances that I’m involved into not by my askings. I hope the year of 2013 is good for all of you! Again, thank you for the people causing this postings and those of you that put postings. Oh Pat even though I might not show it I do like you! Again I hope you’ll find the answers you’re hoping to find! Good luck on that one! I have been trying for several years now! Coming close but not a bingo! Close but close doesn’t make you the grand prize winner of the lotteries or Power-Ball! Keep sharing information! I learn from all of you! I hope this is mutual and you’re learning from me! Keep in mind that I have contact with UFO/aliens in the past. Read my prior posting regarding this. Also you can put in UFO alien Jerry Biddle using either or and even Again have a good 2013! Jerry Biddle from the USA

  9. Kevin: I have read you’re posting on your abuction. I have read several related stories similar to the details information you have given us who read these postings. First off thank you for sharing you’re information. I have information to give you, you may not like some of the information I’m going to share but keep in mind when it comes to this subject seeings that I have studied it for 60 some odd years now. Let’s start with we’re here to help you. This is their old line and the angel of the Most High has stated that they mean nothing to us, they are sheer evil. This angel helped kill three of the grays. The peroxide smell bad news on this one! They have a huge big vat and in this vat they have cattle and humans bodies parts, they take a bath in this vat this is how they get their food eck yes I know! They try and tell humans they are here for our own good, yet the Pleiadians, Nordics and other human looking aliens do not agree with the idea of them being good. Some individuals in the USA Government work with them maybe trying to find their weakness or who knows! (?) They too agree they are not for humans best interest! A friend of mine told me a strange story one day about what had happened that last night he informed me that we both we’re walking down this field and three gray aliens came towards the two of us and seen us both he informed me that I started to glow and the three gray aliens turned around and ran and started to scream out loud! I told my friend good! I hope I can make more of them scream and run. This abduction so they have stated been going on for some time now. I’m not sure if I buy this story I believe it started in the 1937 or more so 1947 time period after Roswell incident. What I have geathered on their planet they several thousands of years ago got a dumb brain idea of killing all animals because these animals would kill them and we need a safe planet to live in! WRONG! All animals have a place or they wouldn’t be here they all have a part to play. I believe you can understand this. So what happened on their planet it became disolated void and now they are coming to earth they want earth because they destroyed their planet just look at the photos of Mars the NSA has shown! As I have stated numerous times in the past, there is a war going on right now as I have posted this too you.
    Again thank you for sharing you’re information with the rest of us! Jerry Biddle USA

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